The Myths of Global Warming – 1
by Peter Eyre on 08 Dec 2009 4 Comments

-          Do you think they are lying?

-          Of course they are!

-          Are we serious about greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint?

-          What is behind global warming?      

-          Could global warming be a natural phenomenon?  

-          Is there some other hidden agenda behind this urgent push?        


Does it mean aggressive economic growth for the exclusive developed and developing nations and more economic suffering and extremes of poverty for the Underdeveloped? I will let readers be the jury and decide who is telling the truth, the scaremongers who apply all the pressure but do little to make drastic reductions themselves, or those that have no choice to do what they do in order to survive.


Does anyone consider that natural occurrences can have a significant impact on the world’s environment? Do normal people fully understand who has made a major contribution to the world’s environmental pollution and what they have done to cause dramatic changes in both temperature and dew point in our atmosphere? Could it be that the G20 are the ruthless culprits and want others to pay stealth taxes or dramatically alter their own means of energy? Are they forcing them to buy the west’s technology such as nuclear power etc, and in doing so cause them to fall into extremes of debt and in turn make them less competitive?


We see an unprecedented push by Obama and Brown to rush this through, whilst many experts are challenging their views and others have grave doubt as to the authenticity of the data provided. So let’s look at this aggressive push and then look into the history of our environment and its climate. We will also look into the damage already done to our planet by many of those G20 countries who continue to do so.


Alistair Darling has urged the world’s top finance officials to reach an agreement on bearing the cost of fighting climate change before a UN summit on global warming next month. Addressing finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 rich and developing nations, namely Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United States and the rotating EU presidency on Saturday [28 Nov], Darling said that tackling climate change is an ‘urgent problem.’


Darling wants officials to agree on a finance package to help poorer nations develop green industries and adapt to climate change. The EU has already agreed to a euro100 billion annual package of public and private finance by 2020 and is urging the US to lay out its position.


The G-20 finance officials are also discussing ways to secure future global economic growth.

It is important for all of us to focus and fully understand the underlined comment above and realize that behind every bold statement lies some sinister global plan of economic greed and global control. We should all take a step backward and not let such people as Obama and Brown bulldoze this in Copenhagen. We should not let David Miliband and his brother Ed Miliband use scaremonger tactics to rush this along. Headlines last month read: “David Miliband sets out to shock on global warming tour”… Has he taken over his little brother’s role as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change?


Al Gore (the eternal saviour), who blinds us with propaganda whilst making himself incredibly rich, is at the head of this pack of lies. Of course we are abusing our planet earth, but there are many other measures that can be taken without punishing countries less fortunate than ourselves. I could give so many examples of abuse by G20 countries and also examples on how to drastically reduce this so called carbon footprint and at the same time save us much money. It would take a totally different mindset by our leaders, government (both national and regional) in order to improve our respective footprints.


If they are truly sincere, they alone could really make a difference. I will give one very good example in another article of this series just to highlight the magnitude of our respective governments neglect. It will prove that this is a totally false façade and what we are going through is a natural cycle amplified by some of our own government’s policy. So let’s turn the clock back and investigate ourselves what is really happening in this wonderful world.


During the Viking period we saw incredible seafarers embark on extremely long and dangerous sea journeys. It is believed they travelled from Scandinavia, through the Arctic Circle and then via the North West Passage into the Pacific. Between 800 and 1100 CE a warmer climate prevailed. The Vikings established a colony in Greenland and for the first century or so they and their descendants enjoyed a good life. Around 1000 AD the climate was in an extraordinarily warm phase. Some 350 years later the climate cooled considerably but was still perfectly habitable. Ivar Bardson wrote, “On the mountains and lower down grow the best of fruits, as big as apples and good to eat. There also grows the best wheat that exists. Life in Greenland was hardly the rough outpost existence we might expect.”


However by 1200, climatic change allowed the arctic ice pack to creep farther southward, making navigation in Greenland waters increasingly hazardous - even in summer. The colonies’ decline accelerated. As the twelfth century ended, the climate reversed. Ice crept southward; all over Europe snow fell lower on the mountain slopes, upland trees died. Pack-ice cluttered the coasts of Greenland, and then tightened an Arctic noose to strangle movement.


Now we start to see the truth in relation to earth natural cycles; evidence will show how these cycles bottomed out into the Little Ice Age, now again starting the next cycle. We have to understand that despite all the geniuses and computer whiz kids, the earth and its environment cannot be programmed and so called computer models are only pure estimates. It is a fact that during the transitional period fluctuations can occur in either direction, as we will see.


During the onset of this Ice Age, we were still able to penetrate the North West Passage and even with this onset people still lived in the area. The deteriorating climate gave a clear indication when the ocean temperature fell 1-3 deg. C and the Arctic summer front retreated 4-5 deg. of latitude. Sea ice stayed all year in sheltered Bathurst Inlet and East Coronation Gulf, inevitably disrupting sea-mammals and their hunters, but with little effect on caribou.


Sailing vessel activity continued attempts to transit the passage and fluctuations in conditions resulted in some success from time to time. We have to understand that the ice conditions in this region are all based on many factors:

The Earths own cover of vegetation i.e. jungle/forest – desert – water and the polar ice caps themselves. The sun’s heat energy and the level of that heat arriving on the surface of the earth is subject to the condition of the atmosphere above it.  


The earth is like one big washing machine and has the ability to cleanse itself in many ways. The seas/oceans circulate hot and cold currents, the air masses circulate hot and cold air masses and over a very long period of time the earth’s crust also circulates when “Teutonic Plates” collide. Some fold down under the other and enter the earths Mantle, when it again is circulated and others ride over. The plates themselves are fully mobile and move very slow over millions of years making deserts turn into tropical climates, and vegetated land turn into deserts, and huge mountains can be forced upwards. Volcanoes form above land and below seas/oceans all of which add to changes in temperature both below the sea and the earth’s atmosphere. Volcanic ash can become a serious problem for planet earth. Such major events in the past have caused major climate changes as the energy of the sun is reduced by airborne particles.


Global Warming is a natural phenomenon and we can certainly all help to ease the onset, but our leaders are creating a panic scenario for purely commercial gains and with their economic greed the poor of the world will not only end up paying the price by way of stealth taxes, but also create more poverty in the underdeveloped world.


Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph

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