The Myths of Global Warming – 3
by Peter Eyre on 10 Dec 2009 0 Comment

As previously discussed, the earth’s land, sea, and air, is like one big washing machine that continue to recycle itself. Although climate change is a natural phenomenon, man does put pressures on the natural eco-systems. The commercialization of vast tracts of land however, is the main issue, because this is carried out on a huge scale with the involvement of central and local governments, large transnational corporations, oil companies, mining companies, logging companies, bio fuel companies and the beef industry.


To put things into perspective, the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere in Brazil (from burning off for example) has in the past equalled the total pollution from all modes of transport in the world. It is also a fact that more pollution comes from cattle (methane) than from all the vehicles in the world. Let’s look at another example that occurred some years ago. The OK Tedi mine (in Papua New Guinea) had installed tailing dams to take highly toxic waste from the gold and copper processing plant. The deluge of rainfall in this area can be very devastating. At one stage excessive rains caused the water to spill over and enter the Fly River.


This river flows from the high country down to the sea and is relatively fast flowing. The river is the lifeline for the many primitive native villages that run along its length, especially for the fish it yields. This accident caused highly toxic waste (Cyanide) to flow down the entire Fly River and enter into the sea adjacent to one of the worlds listed national parks, The Great Barrier Reef. This simple act of neglect caused the entire Fly River to be almost void of fish resulting in the loss of vital nutrition for river dwellers. What as all this got to do with the various natural cycles? Simply the fact that large corporate companies (including their Wall Street and London City Bankers) continue to damage our world unrestricted. Those less fortunate are blamed and have to pay a stealth tax.


Let’s take a few examples of some G20 countries that want to exploit the rest of the world under scaremonger tactics called “Global Warming.” Can one possibly imagine the financial and economic gains that can be achieved if this lie is successful in Copenhagen? Can we imagine their pitch as they tell us we are running out of time and that we have to take action now? Can we imagine a third world country being forced to take some G20 technology such as nuclear power stations or a huge commitment to the World Bank (G20 Bank!) or the IMF with a forced lowering of trade barriers? Can we imagine a poor country (that can survive without any of this) being forced to become indebted to the G20 world of bankers? This is the truth behind this “Global Warming Façade” It is to force underdeveloped countries to buy G20 technology, go deeper into debt and become less competitive with its newly acquired higher cost infrastructure.


The G20 countries are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and the European Union. Let’s take Argentina, retail beef sales totalled close to $8 billion resulting in the loss of huge tracts of land. Foreign investors are actively purchasing agricultural land in Argentina because prices are low compared with other industrialized countries; local slaughterhouses are also being purchased by foreign investors. Key players are John Deere and Massey Ferguson, Monsanto-Cargill and Dow, Digital Angel and Allflex to name a few.


The government undertook a modernization plan for Argentina’s beef industry, with funding support from international financial institutions. Total cattle stocks in Argentina are currently over 55 million head and their major market is the EU. Between 1992 and 2002, export taxes on grains and other agricultural products were removed. Further, reductions in import taxes on key inputs promoted a high use of fertilizers, agrochemicals and other modern inputs in the main annual crops. Increased productivity and revenues per hectare during this period resulted in the expansion of crops, particularly soybeans.


With the US and EU push for Bio Fuels even more tracts of land are being consumed. This entails the removal of prime natural forest and replaced with Palm Oil Plantations that really do nothing for the environment. The gain in such ventures is for extremely large Transnational corporations (TNC’s) to secure their economic growth at whatever the cost (our eco-systems!).


Can you imagine the methane value from 55 million head of cattle? Can you imagine the chemical value from Monsanto? Now you see the true picture… massive international banking and corporate sector investment and ownership with World Bank or the IMF sitting in the middle. This same story can be repeated on a bigger scale in Brazil with huge tracts of land lost to Oil – Gas – Mining - Cattle – Bio Fuel – Timber etc.


Environmentally speaking the loss of the Amazon has severe repercussions on the world’s environment and weather. The region is considered to be the world’s “lungs” for its capacity to absorb carbon emissions. Another very important factor is that jungles and forests create moisture or transpiration (rain). The loss of this valuable asset is beyond words and if we multiply this environmental damage in many other areas of the world we can see that although the natural cycle of the world is taking place, the Governments, International Trans National Corporations (TNC’s), Oil and Mining Companies, World Bank/IMF and those notorious Wall Street and London Banking sectors are at the helm of this damage.


This propaganda machine is well oiled!… in the build up to Copenhagen our media bombarded us with many issue such as car exhaust and our own carbon footprint, on the other hand putting strong emphasis on underdeveloped countries being the main instigators of pollution. This spin is absolutely incorrect…it is hiding the true polluters - The G20 countries and all those listed above.


What’s really happening in such places as Brazil. Major Oil and Mining Companies are just a few examples of what’s going on. They cut burn and clear to set up their huge opencast mining venture. They bleed the earth of all of its natural resources and leave behind total devastation. Environmentally this has severe implications on not only the general areas’ weather, but also its ability to cause major problems in other areas of the world such as the ice caps. Let’s just stay with this example and show what happens when such development goes unchecked.   


The sun’s energy is absorbed in the Amazon which has its own unique weather pattern. This very humid – steamy environment is full of so much energy as its releases its oxygen and moisture into the atmosphere and takes back in CO2.


By midday the storm clouds begin to form and by the afternoon torrential downpours take place and the whole cycle starts again.

When such areas are void of the jungle the landscape is basically a desert full of the leftovers from the mining industry, such as toxic waste in the soil and a totally collapsed eco-system. The sun’s energy is now absorbed directly into the soil with a considerable amount being reflected off the earth and back into the environment. Now we see a totally different atmosphere in the region of hot and arid conditions with higher temperatures and dust particles etc. These air masses are extremely powerful and carry with them the dust from the region to far away places. Those particles have the ability to not only blanket the earth and thus reduce inbound energy from the sun, but also to deposit themselves on the vegetation or food crops below. If the mine is an opencast uranium mine, one can expect such particles to be radioactive. Now we can see many variables at work such as airborne pollution, radiation contamination and rising temperatures if void of dust or drop in temperature in the sun is filtered by particles. This creates dramatic changes in wind speed as both hot and cold air masses collide etc.


When this occurs up in the polar regions the winds or storms can have dramatic effects on the polar ice caps and when mixed with other cycles such as sea currents which are doing almost the same thing and other natural phenomena, we can better understand why dramatic changes in the region occur. Obviously when the ice is reduced its ability to interact with the world’s atmosphere is severely hampered. The exchange of temperature or control of temperature changes, and sea levels rise.


It is very clear that the earth itself has continuous cycles of natural events which we cannot model on a computer. On the other hand the main issue that adds to this natural cycle is such things as the G20 countries own fast moving economic greed. They are the biggest users of fuel and energy, they are the biggest polluters which results in this “Global Warming Propaganda” that we endure to this day.


Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph

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