The Myths of Global Warming – 7
by Peter Eyre on 14 Dec 2009 0 Comment

In past articles we discussed the main offenders for the state of our planet, especially the G20 countries who are currently bullying the less developed nations. We also looked at the many variables in our climate resulting from oil, mining, logging, bio fuel and palm oil plantations etc. In this final article we will look at the many systems that keep our planet ticking over and recycling some of the damage made by the above offenders.


However, some things can never be regenerated or recycled and that is the manufacturing and usage of weapons that contain uranium components. This evil ongoing act against humankind and our world eco-systems just won’t go away. The half life of Depleted Uranium for example, is 4.5 billion years, so I guess we now have to live with it. What we must do as caretakers of this beautiful planet is to make sure that such weapons are prohibited without delay and do what we can to stop further impact.


It is no good Obama saying he’s going to stop nuclear weapons when he continues to allow the manufacturing and use of these so called conventional weapons. That is not only against the military weapons export policy of the US, but clearly against the Geneva Convention. The President is ultimately responsible for giving the final signatory for any weapons that could be considered questionable, and as Commander in Chief that could implicate him in any future War Crimes investigations.


In this final part I just want to say that planet earth is truly beautiful. What is happening to our planet is perfectly natural, but we also have to accept that “The Axis of Evil” (G20 countries) are themselves the guilty party; it is they that have to change and not the under-developed countries or the man in the street. I have spent some months investigating the gross neglect of State Government, Local Government, Highway Authorities as well as commercial contractors in regard to Public Transport, Heavy Goods Vehicles and Traffic Light Sequencing. My findings revealed an unnecessary extra large carbon footprint that if fixed would save extremely huge amounts of fuel, energy, pollution and time savings. If my findings were multiplied in every Village, Town and City in the world we would have a saving beyond imagination. This would immediately start to reverse anything that we have already done to this natural cycle. The earth is in very good condition so don’t worry. 


The first system we will deal with is that of air circulation or the movement of one air mass towards another (Hot or Cold). Because of the earth spin, winds are not easy to follow as they are diverted naturally by the rotation of the earth and also they divert or draw towards other pressure systems.


Within these air masses are complex systems of High Pressure and Low Pressure areas. These actually contain the good weather, bad weather, cloud, no cloud, winds, no winds and finally rain or no rain. They can bring us perfectly calm days or hurricanes. The cycle is very complicated and is constantly changing sometimes almost every minute. Try glancing upwards on a day when its hot and watch the small clouds come and go, or watch the huge storm clouds develop… you can frequently see through binoculars the cloud rising up and curling out over the top. These storm cells are extremely powerful and if you are flying in a small aircraft you had better show great respect for them and avoid if possible.


When you look deep within a storm’s structure, you realise that the power of nature is truly wonderful. Take a look at a good cyclone or hurricane and you can see the sheer size of the problem. It’s hard to imagine that the total cloud area can span 1,000 miles.


Now look at sea currents which directly affect the Polar Regions. Up in the Arctic Sea the water column sinks and starts to move along the ocean floor in a southerly direction towards the equator. Down in the equatorial regions we have another cycle that flows close to the surface in a northerly direction towards the Arctic, and so in a way we see a similar cycle like the atmospheric winds… it remarkable to see all these forces working together.


After these sea currents have done their work locally, regionally and been to the poles and back, they also then undertake a far reaching journey around the world and in a way basically recycle themselves back to their point of origin. The same applies with upper wind air flows. As an example, a Depleted Uranium Aerosol can leave its target area and drift off into the upper atmosphere and circle round back to the point it first originated from. This can be very scary given the lethality of the aerosol. Then you again have secondary contamination as the wind picks up the dust and starts the cycle all over again.


The plate activity and volcanic activity work in close relationship with each other. Plates collide, separate, fold over and under and with tremendous force push upwards to form mountains etc. Weaknesses also occur such as ridges or fault lines and volcanic activity takes place at the weakest points. It’s all a question of pure force and pressure that releases this hidden energy.


Most of us learnt at school that at one time continents were connected (Africa and Australia etc) and this movement continues to this day. It is interesting to note that even the plates are recycled as they fold over and under each other to sink deep into the earth’s hot mantle. It was interesting to learn that up near the Arctic Circle, Ellesmere Island rose 30–35 metres above sea level several thousand years ago which proves the natural world is totally unpredictable.


Finally, we have the combination of plate activity and volcanic activity all taking place at the same time. These events are caused by many factors. One of the most interesting areas in the world is “The Ring of Fire” which stretches from the northwest tip of Indonesia round across to Papua New Guinea where it then tracks southeast deep into the Pacific. This area is one of the most dangerous for human beings with constant volcanic activity both above and below sea level and frequent tsunamis.


What has this to do with global warming or climate change? When nature really takes hold, huge volcanic eruptions can blanket the earth with devastating effects. What was once a warm bright place to live can soon become dark and extremely cold. One of the most powerful volcanic eruptions took place in 1883 when Krakatau blew its lid into a catastrophic series of explosions that totally removed the island than once existed. In the weeks following the eruption, fine fragments of volcanic dust was propelled kilometers into the stratosphere and initially formed a ring around the equator. These particles remained suspended for years, causing remarkable solar effects and atmospheric hazing. Enormous volumes of sulfur dioxide gas molecules were blasted into the atmosphere combined with water to make sulfuric acid. These acidic aerosols blocked enough sunlight to drop the Earth's temperature by several degrees for some years. This eventually spread to more that half of the Earth’s surface and for years these particles remained suspended.


So there we have it… a beautiful planet that operates its own natural cycles in every conceivable way. We should not be alarmed or panicked by our respective G20 governments because they themselves and the unscrupulous companies that rape and pillage this planet are the true polluters. If they leave the ordinary person alone and stop bullying the not so fortunate third world countries, our world would be a much better place. The earth is in a much better shape than during the Cold War, but apart from the natural global warming the only thing that is truly damaging our planet are these G20 “Axis of Evil” countries.


If the US, UK and EU Governments along with the Multi National Corporations start cleaning up their act, and if deforestation policies are changed, the planet will recover itself. Then there is the question of public sector and commercial sector transport fuel wastage and unnecessary pollution with the added frustration of traffic light sequencing that truly is totally neglected by our governments. As I said before, if one multiplies this in every village, town and city the carbon footprint is beyond imagination.


Add to this the fact that the beef industry continues to expand (thanks to the fast food industry), oil and mining industries continue to rape someone else’s natural resources, and the Bio Fuel Company’s clear vast tracts of native vegetation, all in the name of economic greed.


We would all be surprised to learn that really there is no shortage of oil or gas in this world. The problem is where it is and how we use it. If the G20 countries (or should I say the G8) closed down their bases on Islamic soil and more importantly, stopped bullying the Middle East and Iran, the world would be a much better place with peaceful trading of goods for oil etc. This act alone would reduce terrorism that was initially caused by our continued occupation of someone else’s land. Stop being aggressive! Stop the spin on climate change and start being sincere and transparent… Is that too much to ask?




Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph

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