Was the Detroit airliner a false flag - 3?
by Peter Eyre on 11 Jan 2010 0 Comment

The dust has now settled, but the mass hysteria continues as the US and UK pull in their best media experts to blind us with political spin. It is time to reflect on this so-called failed attempt to blow up Northwest/Delta Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.


Let’s revisit this false flag melodrama. First, remember that this potential bomber had already passed through many levels of security on his long complicated journey to the US. Amsterdam to Detroit was the final sector of this journey and again he would have been subjected to various levels of security i.e. passport check and – Security - Boarding Gate. He had already travelled from Lagos on KLM flight 588 to Amsterdam. 


Mr. Abdulmutallab was denied a visa to the UK in 2008, and yet the US granted him a visa for the US despite the fact he was listed on the terror watch list and that his father had warned the US authorities about his son’s apparent change and extremist views!


The actual incident aboard this aircraft has now been broadcast on almost every media outlet around the world, with particular focus on the heroic acts of one passenger. As with all good stories, this has to play a major part in diverting attention away from other issues that may be relevant as to how this happened in the first place.


We can now see how this apparent hero (Superman Mark 1) saved this flight from pending disaster and carried out actions one would only associate with a well trained SAS operative.  Schuringa found the source of the fire in the man’s open pants and yanked the bomb away from his crotch (ouch!) “I managed to put out that fire with my bare hands,” he said. “All of my fingertips are completely burned… my hands, my thumbs, my lower wrists.” The sequences of events were as follows:

1] Twenty to 30 minutes before Flight 253 lands in Detroit, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab returns from a lavatory to his seat, 19A, with a pillow covering his stomach (the ones they use in films to make one look pregnant!)


2] He uses a syringe to inject chemicals into a powder-filled condom sewn into his underwear. (I thought it was a bottle or container?)


3] Passengers hear a popping sound like a firecracker and see a glow of fire and smoke coming from Abdulmutallab’s pants (hot pants!)


4] Dutch hero passenger Jasper Schuringa, in seat 20J, jumps across the center section of seats (or perhaps he flew?)


5] Schuringa rips the explosive device from Abdulmutallab’s body and pats down the flames with his bare hands (highly inflammable substance by now!)


6] Flight attendants spray Abdulmutallab with fire extinguishers. Schuringa helps an attendant secure him with handcuffs.


7] Schuringa puts the zombie-like terrorist in a chokehold and drags him to the first row of the coach. When the flight lands, the would-be bomber is handcuffed to a stretcher and taken to a hospital.


That drama would certainly make a first rate movie.

Let’s just hold it there a minute… If such a substance was on fire, as per Schuringa account, and the fact that he said that the object was dripping and set fire to two pillows on the floor, how come Schuringa was able to wrestle this object from between Abdulmutallab’s legs and extinguish it with his right hand, resulting in just minor burns?


Schuringa said the Nigerian had a blanket on his lap. “It was smoking and there were flames coming from between his legs… he had his (trousers) open and had something strapped to his legs” (above-stated condom which then became a shampoo type bottle!)

Schuringa reached through the flames and ripped off what looked like a small plastic shampoo bottle. He yelled for water and a flight attendant arrived with a fire extinguisher. Others brought water in jugs “and yanked the bomb away from his crotch. I managed to put out that fire with my bare hands. All of my fingertips are completely burned . . . my hands, my thumbs, my lower wrists.”


He said hands when only his right hand was bandaged, and he said thumbs when none of his thumbs were burnt. One would assume that if this object had been ignited then the level of burns to Schuringa’s right hand would have been extensive.


Let’s look at the history of Abdulmutallab’s travels prior to this incident, which in itself must raise serious concerns as the authenticity of this so-called failed attempt to blow up Flight 253. This is the account as stated by his family: His parents decided to send him to study in Dubai for a post-graduate degree in business management and hoped that he would not be involved with extremists. He apparently abandoned the course before it was finished, saying he was no longer interested and had found an alternative course in Yemen. It appears this course in Yemen was going to be over a period of 7 years and was free of charge. It would also appear that his Nigerian passport would expire and that he could obtain a Yemeni one. He had told his mother not to contact him again as he had found a new life.


As you can already see, there are some deep flaws in the background story which revealed two things [1] That his passport was about to expire and that [2] He would get one from Yemen.


He would not be able to travel on his Nigerian passport, and as previous reports have shown, he appeared at the gate in Amsterdam without a passport. US officials deny this, so which passport did he carry - if at all? Did he travel with an almost-expired or an expired Nigerian Passport? Did he carry a false Yemeni passport and if he did, this would have aroused significant interest at passport control.


We learn that his father had made attempts to travel to Yemen… why didn’t he manage to get there? His father had also previously notified US authorities regarding his concerns and his son’s extreme views, etc. Apparently he had also discussed this with the Nigerian and Saudi authorities. Now we can see how this story became so complicated and certainly could not be authentic. Their son commenced his next venture to the US in the following manner: he started his mammoth trip when he left Yemen on a flight via Ethiopia to Lagos in Nigeria and then on a flight to Detroit via Amsterdam!!


How could a man listed as a possible terrorist, and without legal documents, get anywhere? How could he avoid being picked up upon arrival or departure at Yemen, when the US have been working in Yemen for some time with special forces and thus share Al Qaeda intelligence. How was he able to get into and out of Yemen with the status of his current passport? How did he transit Ethiopia, and more importantly, how did he arrive in Nigeria and leave with documents that were not acceptable? Keep in mind the fact that his father had notified the Nigerian authorities about his son’s extremism? Finally we come to his arrival in Amsterdam and his departure, which was again totally flawed and deeply suspicious.


Why and how did a man embark on such a long journey with a so called bottle strapped to his leg? If this was a terrorist attempt to blow up a US aircraft, the bomb would have been made and attached to the person at a point much closer to destination, to cut down potential detection risks. Finally, why would he wait to detonate the device when the aircraft was on final descent, when he could have done this mid Atlantic… the whole thing is a total “False Flag.”


Let’s again look at the potential volatile relationship between the US-Saudi military and the US-Yemen relationship. The Saudi Air force have been flying sorties over Northern Yemen for some time, as well as cross border incursions, in an attempt to stem (as they say) the flow of Shiites into a predominant Sunni country. During these sorties the US has been carrying out air operations without, in some cases, coordination with the Saudi Air force… this created some friction between the two as one would not know where the other was or was doing… typical of Uncle Sam’s “Iron Fist” tactics, which would have created a very unsafe environment for the Saudi Tornado aircrew (British built and trained).


Then we have the pressure being applied on the Yemen Government to take control of these so-called terrorists or as the US said, more specifically Al Qaeda. The Yemen Government has made it clear to the US that they have total control of the situation. We saw this situation in Pakistan when Obama, Clinton and our own rather confused Brown insisted that Pakistan resolve the Al Qaeda - Taliban threat in the Northwest of their country.


Ironically, the Pakistan Army had around 30,000 men positioned in one province next to the Afghan border and on two occasions asked the US and NATO to assist them and be on the other side to help trap this so-called top terrorist group. Despite these calls, the US and NATO were not on the other side and in actual fact had no troops in this area for almost three years, apart from a short visitation by a small US patrol.


My question to Brown would be - how he dare push the Pakistan Government to provide this huge force when he himself has provided only 10,000 troops in the whole of Afghanistan. We can clearly that the US, UK and NATO forces are not after Al Qaeda, but in securing the intended route for the TAPI pipeline running from near Herat via Helmand and then to Kandahar en route to Pakistan and India. This is all about oil/gas and drugs and not about fighting the notoriously small group of Al Qaeda (all 300 or so) militants. It is interesting to note that Russia has complained about this drug situation, stating that there are more drugs entering Russia from this location than ever before.


Back to Yemen… it is obvious that the US is getting itself into deep water again and needs to justify its operations in Yemen. Politically speaking, they try to avoid a singular action so as not to draw attention to their warped foreign policy and try to involve the British or if possible NATO. They have been hiding behind this umbrella for such a long time that it’s time that we in Europe got wise to their abuse of NATO, and I might add, of the United Nations which they almost totally control. We must also understand that Yemen is very rich in natural resources and that many oil and gas contracts are there for the taking…


Back to this ridiculous story of pure fantasy! This man (who managed to bypass security at so many places) eventually turns up at the departure gate in Amsterdam (escorted by a well dress Indian gentleman) to tell the airline staff that he did not have a passport but that he must board this aircraft. The gate attendant told the man that this matter would have to be taken up with the manager, and the two left the gate. Some time later, when the passengers boarded the aircraft and commenced their journey, it became apparent that this guy had managed to board the flight. They were curious how a man without a passport managed to board the aircraft and not via the normal gate entry!!!


It seems he had to sit next to the window on the Port (Left) side in order for the explosive to be effective against the hull of the aircraft… how did he manage to obtain a window seat when all window seats would have been taken?


There are many rumours about how the security company in-charge of passenger screening and associated equipment allowed this person to board this flight. It is interesting that the company concerned is an Israeli company and had been involved in the previous shoe bomb incident when an apparent British terrorist tried to blow up an aircraft bound for Florida.


Could this be a CIA-Mossad-Militant-staged operation with links with other major incidents in the US, such as the 9/11 conspiracy? It is interesting that the Yemen government announced: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said the security forces have arrested a group of alleged Islamist militants linked to Israeli intelligence. Mr. Saleh did not say what evidence had been found to show the group’s links with Israel, a regional enemy of Yemen. The arrests were connected with an attack on the US embassy in Sanaa last month which killed at least 18 people, official sources were quoted as saying. “A terrorist cell was arrested and will be referred to the judicial authorities for its links with the Israeli intelligence services,” Mr Saleh told a gathering at al-Mukalla University in Hadramawt province. “Details of the trial will be announced later. You will hear about what goes on in the proceedings,” he added.


Again we ask: was the gallant passenger who happened to be on the adjacent opposite side of the aircraft, and moved with such precision to fly from one side of the aircraft to the other in a diagonal manner to take control of the potential bomb and its operative, a CIA/Mossad agent? If the object was aflame and dripping onto the floor/pillows which then ignited (his words), how come he only had minor burns to parts of his hands different from his own story? The passenger clearly showed signs of being unsettled while answering media questions and refused to comment on some aspects!


And what happened to the guy who escorted the bomber to the gate, and what about a third man at Detroit who was sniffed by a dog and arrested in the baggage area of the airport… the authorities first denied his existence but then said he was off another flight!.... pure fantasy because in such an incident the passenger and crew would have been totally isolated from any other flight or passengers.


I will leave you to reflect on how quickly Obama and Clinton responded to this incident. Clinton actually said Yemen posses a threat to the region and the world… have you heard this before? - Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Yemen.


Isn’t it ironic that back in 2000 the USS Cole was blown up in the Port of Aden, Southern Yemen and Al Qaeda was held responsible, and yet no action took place… despite the loss of life and the seriousness of the incident? Now we see a well orchestrated charade with no deaths take centre-stage.


The US and Israel are truly hyping up the spin across a broad front. They are now saying another attack will occur on Gaza this year because Al Qaeda cells are operating in Southern Gaza - when will this madness end? By the way, the bomber’s residence in London was searched where he studied Mechanical Engineering at University College London (UCL) between 2005 and 2008. But were we not told that Abdulmutallab was denied a visa to the UK in 2008? Confused?



Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph

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