Kramer Revealed
by Israel Shamir on 14 Mar 2010 1 Comment

The Jewish right-winger from Harvard, Martin Kramer caused an internet indignation wave when he called to cull Palestinian youth, and he was accused of incitement to genocide. Like the Pharaoh of the Bible, he thought too many of these guys are being born and something should be done about it. Well, this was indeed a call to genocide, according to the broad legal definition of “imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group”.


Another case of Jewish ethnic chauvinist nutcase, you’d think, on a par with Dershowitz the advocate of torture or Melanie Phillips the advocate of murder and forgery. Such behaviour is so perfectly explained by their racial background, by Talmud, by ethnic interest, or so we are being told.


But the world is too complicated than it can be explained on the basis of ethnicity. Now it appears that the revolting Kramer has lifted these mad ideas wholesale from a weird German thinker, appropriately a member of the Genocide Institute. The Aryan, the son of a Third Reich U-boat captain, actually published the same call earlier in the Wall Street Journal at the time of Israel’s attack on Gaza, which he described as “Israel’s attempt to defend itself from the rocket attacks coming from Gaza”.


The German scholar Gunnar Heinsohn, is a devoted philosemite, lover of Jews and Israel, an author of an impossibly titled essay The Holocaust: a Uniquely Unique Genocide. Not just ‘unique’, but ‘uniquely unique’! He is also for NATO, for immigration, for wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. Nasty piece of goods, this Heinsohn (sounds like “son of hate”) and another proof of my own observation:The covenant of Israel’s supporters is not an ethnic monolith. It admits Gentiles as well. To enter it is enough to disregard the poor, the weak, and the oppressed. On the other hand, every Jew can opt out of it by rejecting Israeli crimes. There is no biological guilt or virtue.”


But the buck does not stop there. From a good analysis of Heinsohn’s obnoxious views on the New Left Review we learn that Heinsohn borrowed this idea from the US Defense Intelligence Agency. In 1997, Clinton’s DIA Director, Lt-Gen Patrick Hughes, had noticed there are too many angry young men outside the Euro-American world - above all, too many Muslim young men - perceived as a ‘global threat to US interests’ and ‘historically, a key factor in instability’.


The New Left Review author, the thoughtful Swede Göran Therborn concludes: “Today we are witnessing the rehabilitation of a neo-social-darwinist discourse, a demonization of extra-European youth on a circuit that feeds from CIA and Pentagon strategy papers to Bremen research institutes, and from there into the liberal media, NATO commands and Israeli public discourse, on the eve of the Gaza attack. In Gunnar Heinsohn, his reception and his ilk, the world is experiencing a vengeful return of ideas that flourished before 1945, with the same scorn for the uncivilized, for lesser breeds, for the rights of other peoples.”


This latest development fits into the arguments of 1930s. Benito Mussolini objected to Hitler’s ban on Jewish participation in the Fascist movement. He said that Jews want to join and can be useful; there were Jewish ministers and Jewish martyrs of Fascism. With Jewish help, Fascism will win the world, he said. Hitler replied that if he would open the doors of his party to Jews, they would all queue up; but eventually they would steal the movement.


Now, seventy years later, we witness revival of fascist ideas with Jewish support and participation. Mussolini was right: with Jewish help, these ideas have more success and still may win the world. Hitler was right as well: the Jews do influence the movement they participate in. Apparently Jews have a warm spot for far-right nationalism: the self-proclaimed Jewish state is ruled by far-right nationalists whose predecessors flirted with Hitler and adored Mussolini. The bigger Jewish state, the US, has the same attitude to the Third World Mussolini had to Africa; and the state control over population exceeds that of Germany. Does it mean that the World War Two was fought just over the Jewish participation in fascist structures of power?


Daniel Luban noticed that “Gunnar Heinsohn is the head of “Raphael Lemkin Institute” at the University of Bremen, while Lemkin, of course, was the Polish-Jewish lawyer who coined the word “genocide”.  He concluded that “The fact that the head of an institute bearing Raphael Lemkin’s name is calling for these frankly fascistic population control measures against the Palestinians is among the most revealing signs of the way that the memory of the Holocaust has been abused by a particular strand of militarist and virulently racist right-wing politics.”


Luban misses the point. The Holocaust is the trademark of militarist Zionism. The concept of genocide was never intended to be applied to anybody but the Jews. Göran Therborn correctly marks: “By the standards of the Hague Tribunal on the Yugoslav wars of secession, the entire Israeli political and military leadership would be locked up for life.” Indeed, Hamas is accused of genocide for killing nine Jews; but whoever fields such an accusation against Israel, finds himself charged with hate crime and blood libel.  


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