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by B R Haran on 13 Mar 2010 4 Comments

Is it not a Hindu Bhumi?

The ancient and magnificent Vedic Civilisation, which evolved along the banks of the Indus and Saraswati, was known for its Dharma, which remains eternal (sanatana). As Brahman blessed and protected them through “divine nature”, the people worshipped it in different forms as their Devas and Devis. Though different civilizations flourished in different parts of the world, the Vedic civilisation remained constant as the oldest across Akhand Bharat. Still, the Hindu nation bore the brunt of Islamic and Christian invasions and their alien cultures and lost a considerable portion of its bhumi and its natives.


At independence, this nation had Himachal in the north, Rameswaram in the south, Puri Jagannath in the east and Dwarka in the west as its spiritual boundaries. Due to the Constituent Assembly’s gratuitous magnanimity towards the undeserving minority communities, Hindus could not own this bhumi. All Islamic and Christian structures stare at the Hindus’ faces day in and day out, reminding Hindus of centuries of slavery. Even if Hindus desire to own and protect the remaining available territory, consecutive governments have been bothered only about their self interests, showing scant regard to national interests, thereby treating Hindus as ‘secondary citizens’.


In such an environment, in the name of secularism, human rights, and minority rights, encroachments by alien forces have grown to abnormal and alarming proportions. Grabbing of lands, construction of places of worship, spread of trade centres and growth of industries, have been achieved by the minorities, disproportionate to their population. They have made clever use of selfish politicians and self-centered governments to achieve their ends of increasing their numbers and territories.       


At a time when events around us question our freedom in our own land, it is sad to note that very few of us have the capacity to understand that we have not won our true freedom and are still treated as second-class citizens. A majority of us are caught in the Maya [delusion] of secularism, losing the bhumi under our own feet, without feeling or realization. 


Continuing struggles and sacrifices


While we feel proud of our forefathers who sacrificed all, including their very lives, during the freedom struggle, we simply fail to register the sacrifices being made by hundreds of our brethren for the cause of Hindu Dharma after so-called independence. Though we have supposedly liberated our nation from alien forces, we are still fighting with brothers who have been converted by those very same alien forces. Those alien forces are still active and achieve their objectives with the help of our ‘converted’ brothers, who have a Hindu ancestry. What a sad irony!


On the one hand, thousands are dying due to Jihad, and on the other, thousands are dying due to mental trauma and split families caused by conversions. Hindus don’t realize that in between, hundreds of sevaks sacrifice their lives while performing the sacred duty of securing our lands, protecting our places of worship and saving our people.


Let us look at some of the sevaks who sacrificed their lives for us:

-        30-08-1989: Vir Ganesh, Secretary, Hindu Munnani, Coimbatore, murdered by Jihadis.

-        05-09-1991: Sivakumar, Hindu Munnani official, Coimbatore, murdered just near his residence.

-        15-04-1995: Rajendran of BJP Coimbatore unit; murdered.

-        31-12-1995: Karthikeyan, Hindu Munnani worker, murdered at Mettupalayam near Coimbatore.

-        31-01-1997: Auto driver Ragupathi, murdered at Selvapuram in Coimbatore.

-        03-02-1997: Retired Teacher Krishnaswamy, murdered at Marakadai in Coimbatore.

-        01-09-1997: Mahendran, Arunachalam and Rajini Ramesh, murdered in different places in Coimbatore.

-        02-09-1997: Trikmara Ram, Murthi, Murugan and Kannan, murdered.

-        1997: Elderly Muslim, Kottai Ameer, murdered by Jihadis as he opposed their terrorist activities. The DMK government declared “Communal Amity Award” in his name.

-        1997: Coimbatore Jailer Boopalan murdered by Jihadis.

-        20-11-1997: Traffic Constable Selvaraj murdered on the spot as he attempted to book Jihadis in a traffic violation case.

-        Scores of Hindus and Muslims died in riots following protests by police after Selvaraj murder.

-        As a culmination of events, on Feb. 14, 1998, 60 persons including 46 Hindus died in a serial bomb blast by Islamic terrorist organization Al Umma. 

-        28-03-2002: RSS Pracharak Murugesan murdered by Jihadis in front of his home in Kuniyamuthur near Kovai.


Thus, as per the above, in Coimbatore alone in the last twenty years, 17 people (including one Muslim) have been murdered by Jihadis. Besides this, there are scores of people who have survived such murderous attacks:-


-        1982: BJP leaders Jana Krishnamurthi, Narayana Rao, Thirukkovilur Sundaram and T.R. Gopalan were attacked by Jihadis during a public meeting in Coimbatore, but survived.

-        1988: Narayanan, Sakthi Dasan and Swaminathan survived a murderous attack by Jihadis in Thyagi Kumaran vegetable market.

-        31-12-1995: Dr. Hariyan, supporter of Hindu Munnani, attacked in his own clinic.


Hindus have sacrificed their lives for Dharma in other districts also:-


-        28-03-1998: Prof. K.R. Paramasivam, state vice president of ABVP, murdered by Jihadis in Madurai. 

-        02-02-1999: BJP leader Dr. P.V. Sridar murdered by Jihadis in Trichy.

-        21-06-2005: R. Kalidas, state vice president, Hindu Makkal Katci, murdered in Madurai.

-        17-12-2006: Kumara Pandiyan, Hindu Munnani worker, murdered by Jihadis in Tenkasi.

-        14-08-2007: Three brothers of Kumara Pandian murdered in Tenkasi.

-        18-07-1984: Sri Ramagopalan, founder president, Hindu Munnani, survived a murderous attack by Al Umma founder Basha.     


Many Hindus sacrificed their lives in Dindigul, Tirunelvelli and Kanyakumari districts, as also in other parts of the state. These struggles and sacrifices are continuing…


Cholavaram in a spell of doom


On Feb. 25, Murthi (38), a Hindu Munnani functionary, was murdered by Jihadis in broad daylight in village Poothoor in Cholavaram near Chennai. He maintained accounts of temples in the area and steadfastly protected a Hindu Ashram. As the Muslims could not succeed in their attempt to usurp the Ashram to build a mosque, he was murdered. The background to the murder is as follows:


A Siddha Purusha, Sri Sarveswara Baba, lived in Poothoor village for many years and attained Siddhi. Smt. Gajalakshmi and her husband Sri Govindaswamy were his ardent devotees and served him till he attained Samadhi. They built a Samadhi after his departure from the world, and founded the “Sarveswara Trust” by donating their property for regular worship at the Samadhi. Their son, Sri Semadri, now runs this trust. When he was in this world, Sarveswara Baba preached the greatness of Hindu dharma and taught his devotees the sacred Mantra ‘Sarveswaraya Namah’.


Suddenly, a decade ago, Muslims in the locality staked claim to the Ashram by floating a fake theory that the saint was actually a Muslim by the name of “Shahinsha Baba”. They tried to usurp the land around the Ashram to build a Mosque. The Hindus lodged a complaint with the local police and finally the case went to the District Sessions Court. 


Sri Ponnan, a trustee of the Ashram, was the petitioner and the sessions court confirmed that the saint was a Hindu and that Sarveswara Trust was the rightful owner of the Ashram and surrounding land. When Muslims appealed in the High Court, in a show of secularism and ‘communal amity’, it gave an interim relief and permitted Muslims also to worship there!!! 



(To be concluded…)

The author is a senior journalist; he lives in Chennai 

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