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Christianisation – A small backdrop

The Church functions with the sole agenda of Christianisation of the entire world. Christian Institutions of all denominations have the expertise to Christianise non-Christian nations, investing their political clout and money power for ‘harvesting’. The invasion of American, African and Australian countries, annihilating the natives, destroying their culture, planting the Cross, constructing the Church and ultimately establishing the Christian Regime are discernible chapters of world history. If this kind of invasion is one method of Christianising a nation, the other method is by gaining entry in the garb of trade and service, permeating all sectors of governance with political motives and finally achieving the main objective of Christianisation.


The Christian onslaught on India, which started with the arrival of the Portuguese, Dutch and French, attained greater heights during British rule. It would not be an exaggeration to say it has reached its zenith under the alien headed UPA government. Apart from conquering mountain ranges (tribal villages) and coastal regions (fishermen hamlets), the Church has penetrated the interior regions in the name of educational and health services and grabbed vast stretches of land, to the extent that the Church is the second largest land owner in India, next only to the government.


After attaining freedom through years of struggle and sacrifice, our modern founding fathers failed to exile Christian Missionaries and Institutions. They committed the big blunder of giving huge concessions to Christians and Muslims in the name of ‘minority’ rights while framing the Constitution. Another stupidity was the continuation of the Macaulay system of education. These three blunders have resulted in the falling of many sectors to the control of Christians. Even the governance at present!


Christianised Media


The media has long since been Christianized in India. As courses like Journalism, Media Management, Electronics & Visual Communication and Mass Communication are available mostly in Christian institutions even Hindu students are intoxicated with an over-dosage of ‘secularism’ during their studies. They come out of college as ‘secularists’ and function to the detriment of Hindu interests.


Also, media houses in India are either Christian Institutions or Christian funded Institutions or Christian managed institutions or Institutions employing more Christians (minorities), leftists and the so-called secularists. No wonder these institutions work with a mission of de-Hinduise the nation!


Present status of media in India


At present we come across news, reports, columns, debates and programs ridiculing the Hindu faith, insulting Hindu religious traditions, demeaning Hindu cultural heritage and belittling Hindu customs and rituals, in print and electronic, mainstream as well as unconventional media. All this is focused on Hindu youth with an aim to confuse them and create disbelief and hatred in their minds about their own religion and culture.


The same condition seems to prevail in public broadcasters Akashvani and Doordarshan. Here also we can discern considerable influence of minorities and Marxists, as the secular government of the day panders to both.


Actually, the ruling Dravidian racists of Tamil Nadu first started to de-Hinduise the public broadcasters. They influenced the central government not to use the words ‘Akashvani’ and ‘Doordarshan’ and changed them to ‘Akila Inthiya Vaanoli’ (All India Radio) and ‘Chennai Tholaikkaatchi Nilaiyam’ (Chennai Television Centre) in the name of opposing the imposition of Hindi/Sanskrit. Now, Chennai Television Centre is called as “Podhigai” and it is being Christianised.


Christian ‘Podhigai’


Myriad evangelical programs are shown on Podhigai in different names. Evangelisation is going on blatantly in the name of ‘Happy Living’, ‘Success in Life’, ‘Progress in Life’ and ‘Personality Development’. Going by the names, readers could mistake them for Human Resources Development or Educational programs or personality enhancement programs. The conductors of these programs are not Professors or Intellectuals, but Pastors, Padires and Evangelists indulging in tele-harvesting.


Christian Missionary Organisations have captured most of the time slots of sponsorship programs. Our sources indicate that some of the Doordarshan staff help them take ‘prime time’ slots. It is understood that they convince the Director of the Kendra that the revenue will increase if the slots are offered to evangelical organizations. At a time when private channels charge huge amounts for sponsorship program slots, these evangelical organizations easily get slots in Doordarshan for paltry sums from Rs.2500/- to Rs.5000/-, which helps them to harvest and reap more benefits at lesser investment.


Podhigai’s Christian preaching


Let us have a look at the number of evangelical programs going on in Podhigai:

5.30 am - Victory Today (Daily)

8.30 am - Santhoshamaai Vaazha (To Live Happily) – (Daily)

9.30 am - Vaarungal Munneralaam (Come Let us Progress) – (Mon, Wed and Fri)

9.00 pm - Needuzhi Vaazhga (Long Live) – (Daily)

10.30 pm - Vetriyum Vaazhvum (Victory and Life) – (Daily)

10.30 am on Sundays - Araadhanai Umakkey (Praise The Lord)

8.15 am on Saturday and Sunday - Varalaatril Vaazhvor (Heroes from History) - a program by famous Evangelist Joyce Meyers (also dubbed in Punjabi and Telugu and telecast in the respective kendras)

Also at 10.10 pm - Punithathai Nokkiye (Towards Holiness) - a recording of Sunday Mass.


The telecast timing in Podhigai is from 5.30 am to 11 pm and the programs shown between 11 pm and 5.30 am next day are re-telecasts.  


Shocking termination of Vande Mataram


The most important and outrageous aspect in the entire issue of Christianisation of Chennai Doordarshan is the shocking termination of Vande Mataram. The mandatory playing of Vande Mataram at 5.30 am has been stopped to please the evangelists. The channel straight away starts with “Yesu Bhakti” instead of “Desh Bhakti”! It means Podhigai starts with the Blessings of Jesus and viewers must either wake up by hearing the word “Sinners” or wake up to the God who forgives sinners! The channel has indirectly made the viewers sinners.


As examinations are going on in schools at present, the channel starts with a program called “Kaanbom Karpom” (Look and Learn) at 5 am without playing Vande Mataram. Sharp at 5.30 the evangelist comes. All the Doordarshan Kendras across the country are supposed to start their telecast at 5.30 am by playing the National Song Vande Mataram and the Chennai Doordarshan is the only Kendra which has stopped playing it. Instead of Vande Mataram, it starts with Yesu Mantram. Unfortunately the people of Tamil Nadu have not realized it, for they have lost their Desh Bhakti in the vicious spell of Dravidian Maya.


Impact of Christian Podhigai


The impact of the Christianisation of Podhigai is undesirable and the consequences seem to be threatening the secular fabric of the nation and its integration. It indirectly gives the government’s stamp of approval for Christian preaching, which helps pastors and evangelists to cheat the gullible masses with that dubious stamp of approval.  


Evangelists create an impression in the minds of the gullible masses as if the government authorizes the Christian way of living through their programs. The titles of these programs bear testimony for this fact.


Doordarshan’s reach and impact in rural areas is more than that of the private channels. It has gained the trust and confidence of rural people through programs such as warnings on cyclone, epidemic, weather forecasts, propagation of Family Planning and other government policies, advertisements on Health and Education and agricultural programs. As the people believe the government takes care of their welfare through Doordarshan, they easily fall prey to Christian preaching too. Evangelical organizations clearly exploit the people’s trust and confidence on Doordarshan to have a heavy harvest.


Evangelists and pastors have already started touring the villages and telling the people that Christianity is the only religion authorized and supported by the government and that they stand to gain the concessions offered by the government in various sectors apart from the money and other benefits given by Christian organizations. By this kind of an orchestrated campaign, the evangelists make a killing.            


The author is a freelancer  

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