Bangla rape, abductions & forceful conversions: a tool to expel Minorities
by Sitangshu Guha on 30 Jan 2011 15 Comments

Our recording of some cases of rape, abduction and persecution of minor girls in Bangladesh, through the year 2010, all religious minorities and that too mainly Hindu, reflect a pattern which may throw light on the root cause of the problem.


Most of the girls raped and abducted are minors; most will never be rescued; most will be converted to Islam forcibly; almost all will be lost forever. From these instances it will be clear that the administration is not willing to take action; to take up the cases or arrest the perpetrators; rather they sided with the perpetrators. Looking deep, we can understand that society also supports the perpetrators; they believe that if they can convert a Non-Muslim to Islam, all of them will go to Heaven!


The religious minorities are losing their girls every day and there is no cure. When such an atrocity happens in a village, the victim’s family can’t live there anymore because of the loss dignity, the shame, and the sheer fear that the next sibling may be lost in the same way. One fine morning the whole family just flees the village and takes shelter to a big city where no one knows them, or illegally migrates to India.


Rape, Abduction and Forceful Conversion is a tool of minority persecution; an old but effective tool. On the one hand the conversion of a minor girls brings the promise of jannat (heaven), and on the material plane, the driving out of a minority family brings the gift of its land! This started from 1947 itself, and continues unabated; everybody knows about it and no one does anything to stop it. We have collected incidents rape, molestation, abduction and other forms of aggression against minority girls/women that came to our notice in 2010:-


-        Rubi Rani Sarkar, 15, a dumb Hindu girl of Netrokona Dariya Nayapara, was gang raped by Muslim perpetrators on 3 Dec 2010 while returning from a religious function. They abducted her for two days and raped repeatedly. A case has been registered, but police have not arrested anyone (The Daily Amar Desh, 7 Dec 2010)


-        Nipa Banarjee, 17, a Hindu schoolgirl, was kidnapped on 1 Dec 2010 in broad daylight from Fulbari Upazila, Dinajpur district, by Mohammad Sumon, 26; Mohammad Shafiqul Islam Bakul, 40; Mohammad Selim, 27; and Md. Siddique Gaznabi. An FIR was filed at Fulbari police station, Dinajpur (case No. 05. dated 6 Dec 2010), but so far there has been no recovery and no arrest (Bangladesh Minority Watch, BDMW)


-        Rina Rani, 32, village Debottar Ramnathpur, P.S., Govindagonj, district Gaibandha, was cooking food in her home on 14 Oct 2010 when around 7.05 p.m. Mohammad Sabuj Meah rushed in and poured inflammable liquid acid over her head and body and fled. Several dailies published the news, but no arrest has been made. 


-        Moni Mala Biswas, 30, w/o Prakash Biswas, was kidnapped by Mohammad Zamal Gazi, 39, of Sonali, P.S. Tala, district Satkhira, with the help of others. A case was filed at Tala P.S. (case No.25 dated 21 April 2010 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003). The abductors forcefully converted Moni Mala to Islam on 9 June 2010 and renamed her Fatema Begum. She was forced to marry the perpetrator, even though he had another wife. Police neither recovered the women nor arrested the culprits till her murder. Mohammad Zamal Gazi put immense mental and physical pressure on Moni Mala Biswas to withdraw abduction case, and finally she was murdered by beating. A case was filed under section 11(ka)/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003 (Case No. 15 dated 28 Oct 2010), but no arrests were made. Moni Mala (Fatema Begum) were buried as per Muslim custom (dailies: “Taitha” 29 Oct 2010; “Spandan” 30 Oct 2010; “Purbanchal” 29 Oct 2010 & “Gramer Kagoj” 29 Oct 2010)


-        Soumita Sarkar, 13, a student of grade VII, was regularly harassed by Zahangir son of Sattar of village Kashimari, Shynagar Upazila, Satkhira district, on the way to school. As a result, she stopped going to school. On 27 Oct 2010, in the dead of night, Zahangir went to kidnap Soumita, but her mother Anima Rani woke up in time. Zahangir then physically assaulted Soumita and Anima and fled. The mother and daughter were admitted to Shynagar Health Complex. Case number 02/2010 was registered against the perpetrator, but no arrests were made (Daily Aparadhkantha, 5 Nov 2010)


-        Shika Rani Roy (15) a Hindu schoolgirl of Durgapur, Palashbari Upazila, Gaibandha district, kidnapped on 25 Oct 2010 and an FIR filed at Palashbari police station (case No.39 dated 29 Oct 2010 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003) against Mohammad Azam Meah, Mohammad Abdur Rahim Meah, Mohammad Abdul Mannan, and 4-5 unknown perpetrators (BDMW).


-        Bulbuli Rani, 14, a student of class VI, was gang raped at Sadullahpur Upazila, Gaibandha district on 1 Oct 2010, by Mohammad Azahar, 35, and Md. Mitu Meah, 30. a case was registered the same day under section 9(1)/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, but no arrests have yet been made (BDMW).


-        Shila Mullick went to the office of Superintendent of Police, Madaripur, to seek justice in connection with a case she had filed against some criminals - Rajoir P.S. case No. 08 dated 20 Aug 2010 under section 148/323/379/307/326/386/114 of the Penal Code. She was allowed to enter the chamber of Mr. Sardar Tomizuddin Ahmed, S.P. after being made to wait an hour, and then taken to a solitary room for interrogation during which she was physically tortured and pressured to withdraw her case from the court; Shila refused (dailies - Jugantor 18 Oct 2010, Janakantha 18 Oct 2010, Janata 20 Oct 2010)


-        A 15-year old Christian girl was raped, abused and subjected to extra judicial punishment when villagers discovered that the girl and her tutor had a sexual relationship. The girl was beaten and abused by her tutor’s family. Her tutor proposed marriage and promised to provide her with a job in Dhaka, to which her parents agreed and sent her with her tutor on 4 June 2010. but the tutor and two accomplishes locked the girl in a house in Dhaka and raped her repeatedly for six days and threatened to kill her. On 10 June, she was thrown out on the street in an unconscious state. A case was filed and the tutor arrested on 27 August.


-        Shresta Dey, 16, a schoolgirl, was kidnapped by Muslim perpetrators on 10 Oct 2010 in the morning on gunpoint while on her way to Bidyamoyee Girls School, Mymensingh district. The perpetrators intercepted by the private van in which she was travelling and took her to an unknown destination. Police rescued the victim on 13 Oct and arrested two suspects, Jewel and Rokon (Daily Bangladesh Somoy)


-        Pratima Rani, 34, an Adibashi (Adivasi, tribal) woman, was raped at midnight of 13 July 2010 by Mohammad Zahurul Islam, 28, who unlawfully entered into her house in North Sadishpur village, Badalgachi Upazila, Nowgaon district. Her husband, Budhu, 40, was away at the time. The tried raised a hue and cry, and a neighbor came out and witnessed the assault. The victim felt so humiliated that she took poison; she was taken to the nearest hospital at Joypurhat but breathed her last on 14 July 2010. Police registered a case of murder against those responsible for the rape and compelling the victim to take poison (Janata 19 July 2010)


-        Jui Talukdar, 14, of Baraiunda, Barkapan, Kalmakanda, Netrokona, was kidnapped on 17 July 2010 on her way to Kalmakanda Pilot High School. Her father registered a case against Khairul Khan, Md. Asadul Islam, Golam Sarwar, Mahabub Alam, Sahed Khan, Bacchu Khan & Mahatab Khan on 18 July 2010 (Bangladesh Minority Watch)


-        Purnima Samaddar, 14, schoolgirl of class VIII, was killed after being gang-raped on 4 Aug 2010 at village Ghoshial, Sreepur Upazila, Magura district. Police said when Purnima was returning home from school, some 5-7 unruly miscreants kidnapped her and took her to a jute field, raped her, strangulated her and abandoned her in the field. Police arrested Zillur, 25, son of Rostom Ali Zoardar; Yousuf Zoardar, 26, son of Abul Zoardar; Akkas Hossain Sheikh, 25, son of Mohammad Ali Sheikh of Ghosial (Bangladesh Somoy 5 Aug 2010)


-        Anjana, 34, housewife, was tortured to death by Md. Zafar Pramanik, 28, and Mosharaf Ali, 30, of Sadullahpur, Gaibandha, on 19 Aug 2010. Anjana, an NGO worker, had gone to Dhaperhat for collecting loan money on behalf of ASHA, and did not return. A GD was filed on 20 Aug (No. 697) by Tarani Kanti Mondal, her sister in law. The same day, her dead body was found in a ditch under a culvert by local people. Her husband, Madhusudhan Sarkar lodged an FIR against two suspects (Case No. 31 on 20 Aug 2010 under section 341/302/201/379/34 of Bangladesh Penal code). Police arrested Zafar Pramanik who confessed to the murder (Bangladesh Minority Watch & newspapers)


-        Tithi Rani Sarkar, 19, was raped by her college Vice Principal, Assistant Professor of Bengali department of Shahid Abul Kashem College at Lalmonirhat district. The culprit, ABM Faruk Siddique son of Abu Bakkar Siddique, is reportedly an activist of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). As the victim disclosed the name of the perpetrator, he along with 10 to 12 hoodlums attacked her house, dragged her out and abducted her on 24 June 2010 for forceful conversion. But she managed to escape with serious injuries. Two criminal cases have been filed (Daily Star 26 June 2010; Sangbad 26 June 2010; Manab Jameen 2 July 2010; weekly Rangpur Chitra 26 June 2010)


-        On 18 June 2010, a dispute arose between two communities regarding the participation of Muslim men in a Hindu ceremony at a Hindu Dalit temple. In the evening about 10-15 Muslim men armed with various weapons attacked the house and temple. Several women were physically attacked, requiring hospital treatment, including one whose clothes were torn with the alleged intention of sexual assault. A number of Hindu Dalits, including children, were injured in the attack and were treated at Monirampur Health Complex. Mr. Jibon Kumar Das filed an FIR on behalf of the Hindu Dalit Community at Monirampur police station on 18 May 2010. The suspects were granted bail, and proceeded to threaten the Hindu Dalit community. Requests for protection have not been met by the police. On 21 May 2010, the victims wrote to their local Member of Parliament for assistance in the matter, but nothing was done and no action has been taken against the alleged culprits, nor have any protective measures been put in place.


-        Two Awami League leaders allegedly harassed a Hindu school teacher at the Child Academy of Moralgonj Upazila and drove her to commit suicide. They were allegedly demanding money. The husband of the minority teacher filed an FIR at Moralgonj police station on 9, but no one has been arrested so far (Bhorer Dak 13 June 2010)


-        A rape victim was imprisoned in the name of ‘safe custody’ for a week! The alleged perpetrator, member of Jubo League, the youth wing of Awami League, on 13 April 2010 proposed marriage to the victim. He then went to her residence on 9 May 2010 around 3 p.m., and abducted her. She was repeatedly raped and kept at different places in Kurigram and Rangpur. On May 22, the victim was admitted to Upazila Health Complex Kaunia, after she became seriously ill; she was released on May 28 and again abducted and raped by the suspect. He left her while they were on their way to Khopatiunder village at around 9 p.m. on May 29. On 31 May the victim filed an FIR against the alleged perpetrator at Kaunia Police Station. Police sent her to the department of Forensic Medicine of Rangpur Medical College Hospital on 1 June for medical examination and to the Senior Judicial Magistrate Court in Rangpur to record her statement. Thereafter, an order was issued to send her to ‘safe custody’ and she was taken to Rangpur Central Jail were she remained from 1 June until 8 June. While in ‘safe custody,’ she was denied any psychological counselling, and on 8 June she was taken from the Ranjpur Central Jail to a safe home run by the Rangpur-Dinajpur Rehabilitation Service (RDRS) where she was given two sessions of counselling. On June 9, she was once again taken to court where she was released from safe custody. The alleged perpetrator together with the Jubo League leader of the local Upazila unit was later arrested.


-        Golapi Bala, 8, daughter of poor daily-wage earners, was raped on 20 May 2010, an event reported in the national daily newspapers. Police have not even identified the rapists. Her parents filed an FIR on 24 May, wherein it was stated that the family and relatives had gone to see the village fair at Amgram. On the way back, a young man aged about 20-22 took the child to a bush and raped her, covering her mouth so she could not call for help. The victim said she could recognize him if he is brought before her. The case was investigated by Bangladesh Minority Watch and Global Human Rights Defence at village Pakulla, Rajoir, Madaripur.  


-        Susoma Rani Mondal, 17, a student of class X, was kidnapped on the way to the house of a classmate, Hena Khatun, on 6 April 2010 at 11 a.m. The kidnapping was witnessed by Bishnupada Mondal, Netai Pada Mondal and Ashim Kumar Mondal of the same locality and a case registered (Shymnagar P.S. case No. 16 dated 12 April 2010). The alleged culprits were named as (1) Mohammad Rezwan Gazi, 22, son of Habibur Rahman Gazi, (2) Khalil Gazi, 40, son of Ahmed Ali Gazi, (3) Amjad Hossain, 32, son of late Surat Ali Gazi, (4) Mujibar Gazi, 46, son of Ahmed Ali Gazi.


-        On 18 May 2010, criminals murdered an indigenous woman, Bito Rani Tripura 35, wife of Karka Ranjan Tripura, and her 3-year-old daughter Monjuri Tripura, at Rohindra Para village, Panchhari upazila, district Khagrachhari. Police said the criminals chopped the mother and child with sharp weapons on finding them alone at home. Locals rushed to the spot when Bito Rani's elder son Donojjoy Tripura, returned from school and raised on alarm on seeing the blood and the bodies. No arrests have been made.


-        A 24-year-old rape victim is fighting for her life at Khagrachhari Adhunik Sadar Hospital. She was gang-raped by unknown youths at home at Rangapanichhara village under Mohalchhari upazila on May 14, after a gang tied her husband up with a rope. Locals arrived on hearing the cries of her 3-year-old child Jewel. They took the unconscious victim to hospital


-        Five year old Beauty Biswas, d/o Bidhan Biswas alias Dulu Biswas, studying in class I, was raped at night on 12 March 2010 by Badsa Mollah, 27. She bled profusely and cried aloud, and though Badsha Mollah tried to strangle her, people heard and saved her. The incident took place at village GachBaria, Lohagora, Narail. Bangladesh Minority Watch, Dhaka, investigated the incident on 3 April 2010 and recorded statements of witnesses, the victim and her guardians.


-        Sumitra Dutta, 14, a student of class IX, was abducted on 16 March 2010 on the way to school. When police failed to trace her, the local people demonstrated before the local administration at Serajgonnj to demand immediate recovery of the child. She was finally rescued on 2 April 2010 (The Daily Ajkaler Khabar, 1 April 2010)


-        A 16-year-old girl was imprisoned after being gang raped by 8 members of the youth wing of BNP on 19 March in Patuakhali district when the girl and her cousin were on their way home on a rented motorbike driven by one of the suspects. At around 7 pm, they reached the road of Lohalia, under Bauphal police station, where four identified and armed members of the Muslim Jubo Dal Cadres in collaboration with the motorbike driver forced the girl and her cousin off the road, brutally beat the cousin who fled the scene. The girl was abducted and taken to a nearby field of Joynal Choukider where she was brutally raped by at least eight men; her mouth was covered with cloth to prevent her seeking help. The perpetrators threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the incident. Two of the accused have been arrested. But the accused are threatening the family to withdraw the case, and the police are not providing adequate protection and support to the victim and her family. Instead, the police are trying to protect some of the accused by refusing to file charges against them.


-        Deepa Rani Kundu, 23, daughter of Uttam Kumar Kundu, was kidnapped by some Muslims on 14 March 2010 while going to a Youth Training Centre at Pal Para. Deepa is a brilliant student of English (Honours, final year) of Government Azizul Hoque College, Bogra district, and a good singer. Her father is a middle class businessman, mother a staff nurse of Private Medical Centre, Bogra. Her father requested the Officer in Charge of Bogra Sadar PS to rescue his daughter, but the OC advised Mr. Kundu to file a General Diary (number 881 dated 14 March 2010). When the OC still did nothing, Mr. Kundu filed a case on 21 March 2010 (no. 88 P/2010, Nari O Shishu) before the Women and Children Repression Tribunal No.1 at Bogra. He named the perpetrators as 1) Mohammad Zahangir Alam, 25, son of Mohammad Mokshed Ali, 2) Mohammad Selim, 27, son of Mohammad Mokshed Ali, 3) Mohammad Mokshed Ali, 56, son of late Oshir Uddin of Parbatipur Railway coloney, district Dinajpur, 4) Ms. Halima Begum, 50, wife of Md. Anwar Hossain, 5) Md. Anwar Hossain, 58, all of Ulipur, Thana Road, Sherpur P.S., Bogra. So far, the victim has not been rescued, nor anybody arrested. Mr. Kundu reported that from 26 March 2010 onwards the perpetrators were continuously demanding money to free Deepa and threatening to make her pregnant, but the police did not even record his complaint.


Latest Information: Advocate of Kurigram Bar Association, Rafiqul Islam Raju, informed that the victim and perpetrator No. 1 Mohammad Zahangir Alam made an affidavit stating that they were married according to Shariat law and Deepa had accepted Islam and changed her name to Zinna-tul- Ferdous. (Case no.010-GHRD-HRCFBD-009-006; Case number: AIR - Court case No.44-P/2010 (Nari Shishu) at Bogra Tribunal).


-        Arporna Rani, 16, a student of Birampur Government Grils High School, was returning from school on 14 March 2010 at about 2 p.m. when, at village Chandipur Moupukur, she was kidnapped by four men, 1) Md. Sekandar Ali, 20, of Devipur, 2) Mohammad Selim Mondal, 24, of Devipur (Doulapara), 3) Sree Kartik Chandra Sarkar, 20, Moupukur, 4) Mohammad Ariful Islam, 19. On being informed by witnessed, the family of the victim approached the families of the perpetrators, who promised to rescue the girl, but nothing happened (Daily Janata, 1 April 2010).


-        Anju Rani Das, 16, a student of class IX, was kidnapped from the custody of her elder brother on way to a relative’s house at Boga Union of village West Kaina within Baufol police station, and gang-raped on 19 March 2010. The perpetrators were named as Hanif Howlader, 38; Bashir Mollah, 30; Forkan Howlader, 25; Mohammad Masum alias commander Masud, 28; Jamal Khan, 35; Mohammad Liton, 25; Abdul Mannan, 30, and Md. Abul Kalam, 32. The victim lodged an FIR at Boufol police station (case No. 20 dated 20 March 2010 under section 9(3)30 of Women and Children Repression Ordinace, 2003 and 341/379 of Bangladesh penal code) against the perpetrators. Two of the eight perpetrators have been arrested (Amader Shomoy, 21 March 2010).


-        Popy Rani Sarkar, 16, d/o Tola Ram Sarkar, was kidnapped on the way to Tolaram College at Joypurhat on 28 Feb. 2010 by four men, viz., 1) Md. Shahee Noor, 20, son of Md. Abdul Karim; 2) Md. Ariful Islam, 23, son of Md. Nantu; 3) Abdul Karim, 45, (all residents of village Rashidpur, Panch Bibi, Joypurhat) and 4) Md. Enamul Hoque, 32, son of Mozammel Hoque. After recovery the victim said she was abducted by Md. Shahee Noor (Daily Janata, 4 Mar 2010).


-        A 15-year old indigenous girl was abducted outside of her home on 26 Feb 2010, and gang-raped by five locals at Bandra village in Moddhonagar police station in Sunamgong district. The girl was found unconscious later. On 27 Feb., the family tried to lodge a complaint against the perpetrators but the officers at Moddhonagar police station refused to file it. Later, with the help of a community leader, they managed to file a complaint and a case was registered against the five perpetrators, but none has been arrested to date and the girl and her family are being threatened to withdraw the case by influential persons. Http://


-        A police constable Shahabuddin (Constable Number 23240) sexually assaulted a minority woman, Shika Rani Das, 35, wife of a dalit watchman on 16 Feb. 2010, was caught by locals and suspended from service. Shahabuddin entered the home when her husband was away and raped her. But police said no case was lodged as the victim was not interested to lodge a complaint (Daily Manabjameen, 18 Feb 2010)


-        Indrani Sikdar, 18, was kidnapped on her way to college from her hostel at 73/F Green Road, Farm Gate, Tejgaon police station, Dhaka, around 12.30 p.m on 17 Jan. 2010, according to her father, Gopal Chandra Sikdar, 48, of Magura district. He shifted to 9/23 Humayun Road, P.S. Mohammadpur, Dhaka, to seek legal assistance to recover his daughter, and made a general diary entry (number 1056 dated 18 Jan at Tejgaon PS). Mr. Sikdar was informed over telephone on 19 Jan. 2010 that his daughter is in the custody of Asif Shakil and that he should not to file a case against anybody. On 19 Jan. 2010, Indrani Sikdar made a telephone call to her sister-in-law crying for help and said she was abducted by Asif Shakil, 24, son of Ali Hasan Farook of village Chopdarpara, P.S & District Magura, and some others, and is detained in a room in an unidentified place. Mr. Sikdar then lodged an FIR at Tejgaon police station on 22 Jan 2010 (case No. 33 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003) against Md.Asif @ Shakil and other co-accused responsible for abduction of Ms. Indrani Sikdar. So far, police have not traced the victim girl nor arrested any of the alleged abductors (Bangladesh Minority Watch)


Sitangshu Guha is a freelance journalist & human rights activist; his email is For more information, visit or e-mail

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