US and UK extend talons over Libya - II
by Peter Eyre on 08 Apr 2011 0 Comment

No matter what spin you hear coming out of the US, Washington is very much in control of the conflict in Libya and in control of what goes on at the United Nations, and believe me, we have only seen Phase 1 of their objectives to force regime change and take control of the vast oil reserves in Libya.


The already US-manipulated UN is about to be yet again modified by puppet Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. I have never in my life seen such a weak Secretary General and he is an embarrassment to the General Assembly and those he represents. Perhaps we should reflect on the words of President Obama: “We will not – I repeat – we will not deploy any US troops on the ground”.


Clinton in the meantime made it clear this is not a US led operation (which it is) and that the US will support “all necessary measures” to put the UN Security Council Resolution into place. She made clear that “The US has no intention of sending ground troops in Libya”.


No matter what façade they are both hiding behind, they have every intention of moving on to Phase II of their master plan, but they have to play their cards very carefully as they are not [so they say] leading this conflict. So as they have not managed to bring Gaddhafi to his knees they will apply pressure to Ban Ki-moon to go the next step. He indicated another sitting of the Security Council is about to take place with the manipulation by the US. No doubt we will see the usual gutless nations again abstaining and thus leading the way to an all out assault on Libya - “War”.


Partner’s in crime


Ban Ki-moon urged a coordinated international action to safeguard the interests of Libya’s population and quoted “Speedier and more decisive action was crucial amid serious complaints of rights abused by Libyan officials.” “The international community has acted together to avert a potential larger-scale crisis. I expect the international community to continue to exercise full diligence in avoiding civilian casualties and collateral damage.”


“The Libyan authorities had repeatedly claimed they enforced a ceasefire, there has been no evidence of that on the ground.” To the contrary, fierce battles have continued in or around the cities of Ajdabiya, Misaratah and Zitan among others. He added that the UN Security Council Resolution was not aimed at regime change, but to protect civilians.”


Proof that the US is firmly in control of this conflict: Vice Admiral William Gortney (Pentagon) US Director of Joint Staff emphasized the three current aims of the operation and who was now in command:-

1] Enforcing the offshore blockade for illegal arms now under the control of NATO

2] Enforcing the No-Fly-Zone is now under the control of NATO

3] The protection of people will remain under the control of the US


Point 1 was initially controlled by the US, but now there is no activity. The command in establishing the No-Fly-Zone again was the US and again no activity, so handed over to NATO, and finally the ongoing strikes (the real action) to protect the civilian populations remains with the US, which gives them a free hand to hit whatever …… this leaves the US well and truly in command of the real action!!!


The excessive use of Depleted Uranium via Tomahawk Missile, Bunker Buster and JDAM bombs is a funny way of protecting the civilians of Libya! Vice Admiral Gortney confirmed that all weapons being used are mainly Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, Laser Guided Weapons (such as bunker busters) and JDAM’s etc; e emphasized that as far as he knows that no DU has been used - a very bold statement by such a senior member of the Joint Staff from the Pentagon. He reiterated ‘we are to protect the civilians and not cause them any further harm’ but I believe he his hiding the fact that DU has and continues to be used and that civilians are certainly at great risk.


I have watched a Sky clip of a Tornado attack on an armoured vehicle taken last night and one can clearly see it is definitely a DU round; so much for Gortney’s knowledge of what is really going on in the field of action - genocide


Another video (quality not the best) gives a professional viewpoint on the danger of DU and must be watched in its entirety:


Bob Nichols (US) wrote an article pointing out that New World Order (NWO) is carrying out a massive depopulation plan, especially in the Islamic countries that hold vast reserves of natural resources such as Oil/Gas/Gold/Copper … His account of depleted uranium:

-        Radioactive, poison gas made from uranium was recommended to the American Military in 1943 during World War II by atom bomb builders working on the Manhattan Project run by Gen Leslie Groves.


-        Sixty-one years later deadly, radioactive, poisonous, weaponized uranium oxide gas plays a vital role in implementing the “Total Worldwide Domination Plan” as practiced by the NeoCons and President Bush.


-        What is weaponized uranium oxide gas? It’s any high velocity bullet or shell, any High Explosive Bomb or missile made with uranium metal. The uranium components turn into uranium oxide gas after the high velocity bullet or shell penetrates anything solid and explodes; as much as 80% of it ignites, burns, and aerosolizes into tiny, tiny radioactive pieces and floats in the air as a gas, blown about by the wind. They can stay airborne for years and be re-suspended for years, over and over again.


-        Missiles and bombs that explode as planned are blasted into uranium gas by the bomb’s high explosive (HE). Pretty simple really. Once the uranium metal is worked into the business end of a bullet, tank shell, bomb, or missile the uranium oxide gas is “weaponized,” and ready to go.


-        The feedstock uranium that’s manufactured into war munitions is processed one time to purify it. Less than one half of one percent, a tiny impurity, is removed to make thermonuclear bombs and nuclear reactor cores. This leaves more than 99.8% of the uranium for bullets and bombs.


-        This so-called Depleted Uranium is what the American government is using to make sniper bullets, tank shells, bombs, and cruise missiles. And, the American government just ordered some more depleted uranium weapons. It only takes a few months to re-arm. Who’s next? Iran? Syria?


-        4,000,000 pounds of uranium munitions poisoned Iraq with radioactive gas and dust rendering large parts of it uninhabitable. We Americans have already successfully killed Iraqis as yet unborn with radiation induced birth defects and cancers. This same uranium oxide gas, of course, is also sickening and killing our kids and friends in the Army in Iraq.


-        Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, former Chief of Staff of the Indian Navy, calculated that the radiation in 4,000,000 pounds of uranium is the equivalent of that in 250,000 unexploded Nagasaki Plutonium Bombs

[End of Bob’s extraction]


That very last line gives the magnitude of these weapons now being fired into Libya at a phenomenal rate. We are looking at well over 200 weapons Tomahawk Missiles (US) and Storm Shadow Missiles (UK/France) with around 350kg of DU in each missile - 200 X 350 = 70,000kg of DU being blasted into the atmosphere, not counting the other DU weapons being used to take out tanks and other armoured vehicles, bunker busters to take out deep command centres or radar facilities and JDAM bombs.


All these have already been exhausted in Libya without having any US,UK or NATO forces on the ground. This certainly constitutes a breach of the Geneva Convention in creating a slow genocide of innocent people both on and off the battlefield and the world beyond, a war crime of gigantic proportions – and Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Fox and others talk live on TV that the conflict is about protecting innocent civilians from Gaddhafi – what a joke.


And our coalition troops were sent into battle to feed their greedy geo political growth in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, to become victims themselves.... But then you have to think about the mindset of some of those in power such as dear old Henry Kissinger: In 1973, in General Alexander Haig’s presence, Henry Kissinger, National Security Advisor, referred pointedly to military men as “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy. American General Norman Schwarzkopf from the First Gulf War stated they were not told anything about harmful uranium munitions.


I am currently preparing a war crime report (already filed) in an attempt to bring these monsters to trial. I have spent much time lobbying this topic with MPs at a special conference in the East Midlands - Jamie Reed; Michael Dugher; Emma Reynolds.


As a direct result of the US & Coalition No-Fly-Zone, intense fire power and usage of DU, the rebel army is slowly taking over some locations. This army is totally unruly and without command. Who is behind this rebel army and who is providing them with weapons? I am sure you already know the answer! If this out of control rebel army succeeds with the help of the West, who politically will take over and how much do we know about them? Could it be that we will see even more innocent civilian deaths?


What is likely to happen in the current situation? With help from the West, Libya could split (just like Sudan) with Gaddhafi in the west and a rebel army and unknown (US friendly) government in the east. It so happens that (as in South Sudan), East Libya has most of the oil reserves currently under exploration and production. The second possibility, which the US would prefer, is to apply pressure on the UN once again to allow them to send in ground troops, which obviously would involve a full invasion and associated war. Or that Gaddhafi leaves Libya with his son and goes into exile – this could be a well orchestrated tactic by the New World Order to achieve its ultimate goal.


The very principle and usage of DU weapons will not only kill the genetics of Libya but will kill thousands upon thousands, if not millions, in a progressive slow genocide. This will make the Nazi Holocaust appear miniscule by comparison. What will the UN do next - commit more to the slaughter - so much for the Geneva Convention.



Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph; his website is 

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