Cosmic Implications of Paranormal Research
by Scott Jones on 21 May 2011 0 Comment
Interest in the US Military and Intelligence Community

This is an opportunity to discuss information about the cosmic linkage between the US military and civilian intelligence Remote Viewing programs, and ancient and modern history of Earth and Extraterrestrial contact. The subject is much broader and more interesting than the title implies. Specifically, what motivated the military and intelligence communities to get involved in paranormal research should challenge us to get engaged with the most important issue facing humanity today.  


Applied paranormal, or psychic phenomena, is just one tool set in a warrior’s quiver. There is absolutely nothing new or exotic about it. Every aboriginal culture has used it to locate food and water sources, and to warn against threats to survival. It is as natural as breathing. It is non-local awareness, an opening to the infinite.  


When society became more complex, this skill was recognized as a great equalizer, and kings and priests naturally took action to control it. The tools of control were powerful and effective. Practitioners were labeled witches and declared a threat to society. Religions determined its practice to be ungodly and therefore prohibited.


In the United States, that is still the condition, and fully explains why a very successful, small remote viewing intelligence operation was moved from one intelligence organization to another, and finally defunded and has disappeared. I was intimately involved with this program, and fought to keep it funded when I worked on Capitol Hill for a powerful US Senator. 


However, throughout its relative short operational life, the remote viewing program routinely attracted energy and information from the infinite about extraterrestrial phenomena. This caused problems. One Special Access Program, Star Gate, became entangled with another program that was and still is so secret that it almost has a sacred status, and very likely was taken out of the government and parked somewhere else so that there is no money trail to follow.


Amazingly, old king and priest issues still arise with this program. The new king is a consortium of military industrial corporations who are profiting greatly from the Earth / Extraterrestrial connection. And religion has become a wild card that will come into play when disclosure formally takes place, perhaps before 2012, of the Earth/ Extraterrestrial connection.


It is most fitting that India takes a leading role in recognizing and embracing the complete reality of this ancient contact, as it is beautifully acknowledged in your most respected epic literature. The same gods who came down in India were also visiting other parts of the ancient world. And it appears that some never departed, and others have now returned. Current universally accepted archeological and anthropological evidence of this is profound, but it tells only a part of the complete story.


The significance of the complete story is vastly more important than adding knowledge to educational curricula. Some time soon, I believe, Earth, in a physical sense, will be challenged by the return of a native planet of our solar system, PLANET X / NIBIRU called Nibiru, Planet of Crossing, as described in detail in the major document, the Enuma Elish¢, and others from Sumer, or as most astronomers refer to it, Planet X. 


Approximately every 3,600 years, this planet in its extreme elliptical path returns in its passage through the orbits of the inner planets. But this is more than an astronomical story. The highly evolved culture of the Anunnaki that developed on Nibiru, selected Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago for a vital purpose to its survival, and that culture was intimately involved in the creation and evolution of humankind in Africa, and we subsequently spread throughout the world.


The return of Nibiru presents opportunities and challenges, and honoring the reality that the Anunnaki and other extraterrestrial cultures have returned to Earth.


We expect that an authoritative announcement affirming extraterrestrial presence on Earth by 2012, if not earlier. We are unsure who will make the announcement. Many assume it will be the United States, but a number of countries have their own body of knowledge about Earth and extraterrestrial contact. The United Nations is now reported to have been briefed by the United States, and the visiting and resident extraterrestrial cultures certainly have their own agendas. All countries should look at the evidence and join in a global dialogue designed to prepare all segments of society for the impact of knowledge that a few have worked diligently to keep secret for over sixty years. Their motives for doing this include the power and profit that accrued from exploiting this special knowledge.


Some of the current generation of secret holders has decided that the old policy of secrecy has become dysfunctional, and somehow the world needs to be informed. We independent global citizens envision a potential future when the citizenry of Earth has earned an invitation to stellar ranks. For that to happen, the dialogue about the work to be done must include every voice, most certainly the voice of India.


Let us begin to answer the great questions of life: Who are we? Where did we come from? And most vitally: where are we going? We are, in fact, brothers, and sisters, in a most profound and literal sense.


This presentation was prompted most immediately by the catastrophic earthquake event in Japan. Explaining the relationship between the Japanese catastrophe and the alien situation will elucidate the enormity of the planetary crisis already unfolding that calls for disclosure of and release of the advanced alien-based technologies vital to the survival of our species.


Here is our general position with regard to the overall alien situation:-


We have been observed, monitored, contacted by a variety of alien species for thousands, probably millions of years. We are being offered stellar citizenship as a species. We have been shown the rules: no weapons in space; you matriculate as a united, peaceful species --- not as tribes, nations or civilization: but as a species --- or you will not be allowed in. We are most handicapped with regard to peaceful planetary unity by the Babel-factoring absolutes of the my-god-is-better-than-your-god, fear-of-God religions syndrome and our still primitive, competitive orientation. 


We can and must break that subservient godspell. Over the last 150 years we have recovered our real history from the archeological digs and sealed libraries of Mesopotamia and know now that the transcultural gods known to all the ancient civilizations were not only real but humanoid, alien: the Anunnaki. They impinged their genes on homo erectus, thereby genetically engineering us as an intended slave species to work their gold mines in Africa. Two of them, half brothers, in charge of their colony here on the planet, were eventually fused into the monotheistic God, Elohim (a plural used as a singular) of the Hebrews: Enki was Adonai/the Lord, Enlil was Jehovah/Yahweh of the Old Testament. 


Breaking the subservient godspell frees us from “religion” which is now clearly seen as the extension, sublimation of our ancient master-slave relationship and awakens us to generic humanity with its potential for peaceful, species planetary unity and acceptance into stellar society.

[A full treatment is contained in my partner Neil Freer’s book - Sapiens Rising: The View From 2100. This 21st century is already unfolding as our species’ Century of Transformation to the new human]. 


There is, however, a major obstacle to overcome besides breaking the godspell: the matter of our tenth planet as home planet of the Anunnaki and as a physical threat to Earth and our species.


We are accustomed to think of the alien “cover up” as meaning the suppression and withholding of the information concerning the presence of alien species, alien contact with various groups, alien agendas initiated at the time of the Roswell, New Mexico July 1947 event. However, when one surveys the entire planetary situation, it is clear that there are three major alien related cover ups, distinct but intimately related: First - that of the general alien presence and contact as mentioned; Secondly - the denial and suppression of our recovered real (Sitchin-Gardner paradigm) history as a part alien, slave species genetically engineered by the Anunnaki; and third - the silence concerning and suppression of the existence - and, as we demonstrate here, threat - of the tenth planet of our solar system, Planet X. Beginning with open-minded consideration of any one of the three inevitably leads to integration of the other two.


All three items are being suppressed because some major power structures, religions, political, military, economic, corporate and even academic institutions are threatened by redefinition, diminishment, or even cancellation. All three major items must be disclosed. Real disclosure must be full disclosure or the best interests, perhaps even survival, of our species will not be served.


The cover-up of the existence and threat of our tenth planet, X / Nibiru


Our focus in this brief is prompted by the recent Japanese catastrophe because its scope, depth of destruction and urgency make it a small scale but accurate forecast of the planetarily cataclysmic event which will happen due to the effects of the tenth planet, Planet X when it enters the inner solar system.


The thesis here is simple: climate change and the rapid increase in intensity of glacial melting, megastorms and violent earthquakes, is being caused by the early effects of our system's tenth planet, Planet X, known already to the Sumerians as Nibiru, as it comes in from apogee. The outer end of its orbit defines the outer edge of our system and it comes to perigee, in its 3600 year orbit, between Mars and Jupiter, in a huge, narrow elliptical orbit tipped below the ecliptic by about 30 degrees (see: The Twelfth Planet; Genesis Revisited). We submit that the global warming - global cooling “debate” is innocent or deliberate misdirection, and that the topic of global warming is best addressed under the broader context of history and various obvious cover-ups currently in place. 


The threat to Earth and our species is caused by the gravitational and geomagnetic forces exerted by the Uranus size Planet X during some, but not all, Passings depending on the relative positions and proximity of the Earth and Planet X to each other and to the Sun, as it enters the inner solar system. The Flood event, as recounted in the Old Testament, was a Passing causing cataclysmic effects on the Earth. The excellent book, Cataclysm!, by Allan and Delair, documents the planetary-wide crustal upheavaling, pushing up of mountains, draining of seas and creation of new ones, around 9500 BC, its local Middle Eastern effects only being spoken of in the Old Testament in near-childrens’ story fashion. An estimate is that perhaps only a scant 1000 humans survived over the entire planet, evidenced by geological and archaeological findings and a sharp spike drop in novelty in our genetic records.


Those controlling the information by whatever means would like us to keep arguing about Planet X’s existence, or as maybe a brown dwarf or twin to our Sun, or to accept the militarily controlled NASA disinformation that it doesn't exist and there is no incoming and certainly for the general population to stay caught up in the misdirection of global warming-global cooling being caused by CO2 or methane or some other item - rather than being understood as extenuating effects as they actually are.


The Sumerians knew of it and all the planets in our solar system -- without telescopes: they were taught by the Anunnaki who were capable of solar system travel 450,000 years ago -- and the details concerning Planet X were recorded in their records and libraries. A printout (in wet clay subsequently dried hard) of the image of cylinder seal VA/243, East Berlin Museum, celebrating the donation of advanced agriculture to humans also contains a complete depiction of our planets centered around the Sun, upper left between figures and includes the tenth planet, Nibiru (Sumerian: the planet of Crossing) home planet of the Anunnaki. The cylinder seal is 4500 years old [see pix]. 


The Dutch-NASA (Infrared Astronomical satellite telescope) IRAS search team obviously rediscovered Planet X and announced it 6 times, the last time in the NY Times of Jan 11, 1983 where Ray Reynolds, team astronomer, said that “astronomers were so sure of it that all that remained was to name it”. At that point the suppressive shades were lowered. By 1987, John Anderson, head of the Pioneer project (two search vehicles sent out in opposite directions from the earth) reported that they had found nothing. In detail, he said that meant definitively there was no brown dwarf, no twin star to our sun but there was indication of a planet causing perturbations of the outer planets leading him to believe that Planet X does exist.


By the early 1990’s, Robert Harrington of the US Naval Observatory, aware of the information from the IRAS, the Pioneers, the visual records of the residuals (noticeable wobbles in visual observations of the outer planets), the results of computer studies by himself and Van Flandern, and having read Zecharia Sitchin's book The Twelfth Planet, invited Sitchin to his US Naval Observatory office for an extraordinary meeting that resulted in confirmation of each other’s research.


Knowledge of the outcome of this meeting is most important. It details where the extensive archeological research of Sitchin is tested by the most modern and critical discovery of astronomy.


Researcher Mark Hazelwood, in the late 1990s, called every one of the major observatories in the US asking what they knew about Planet X and every response was a stonewall or denial of any knowledge. He lucked out with one in Canada, got a young woman astronomer intern on the phone who said Yes, we know about it but we are not supposed to talk about it - upon which someone snatched the phone out of her hand and said It's not our focus and hung up.


Why the obvious intimidation of the astronomical community and silence and suppression of the information from the new southern hemisphere Antarctica observatory? Two reasons: it is known that Planet X is the home planet of the Anunnaki and it is known that when it returns on it’s 3600 year orbit around our sun as a member of our solar system to perigee between Mars and Jupiter it sometimes, depending on the configuration of the Sun and Earth and planets, can cause utter devastation of Earth (see Cataclysm! by Allan and Delair) and it is incoming …, and they are not warning the population.


The time of arrival of Planet X at perigee is currently a matter of some wide differences of opinion. It is mentioned as short term 2013-20, to longer term 2058 by Sitchin’s calculations. The difficulty of precise determination is due to it being a twelve body (planetary and sun) gravitational interaction problem, taxing even supercomputers. 


If Planet X is acknowledged and its physical and orbital characteristics match those already taught to and known by the Sumerians, then the question is inevitably going to be: If their planet is real then the Anunnaki must be real so shouldn’t our history as created by them be understood as real? The Vatican, Muslim, Hebrew, Christian religions don’t want to hear that because it will lead to the next question: If they were real then we’re not the two Anunnaki brothers, Enki and Enlil, Adonai, the Lord and Jehovah Yahweh respectively of the Old testament fused together as Elohim (a plural used as a singular), i.e., the God of the Judeo-Christian religions as Sir Laurence Gardner so clearly demonstrated and the “God fearing” religions just the sublimation of our ancient master slave relationship and not supernatural at all.


A moment’s reflection will make clear that this is not atheism, does not even address the question as to whether there is some reality, entity, Being who is responsible for all that is, multiple universes, beyond beyond and infinity -- which should remain the focus of human inquiry -- it just rectifies some very significant politics, clarifies our relationship to the Anunnaki as our parent species and opens up our perspective on alien, intrasolar system and stellar society -- as already part alien ourselves.


The exploitation of the people by the “elite” that we ascribe to greed and ruthless contempt may, from the perspective of their being aware of the threat of Planet X through their intelligence gathering, be understood as a whimpering last ditch gathering of the last penny and supplies as they anticipate retreating to their underground cities.


The Egyptian revolution has already prompted the phrase “the last of the Pharaohs” and, taken against the context of the Grail Bloodline of enhanced human kings meant to take their place initiated by Enki, that has a more profound meaning to it than understood by the pundits using it currently (


The ancient record of extraterrestrial/earth contact and involvement started in Africa and over many generations and parallel thousands of years spread to every part of the inhabited world. Inanna (Ishtar, Ishtarte, Athena), as a member of the Anunnaki ruling class, was given domain over the northern Indian territory, Mohenjo Daro her palace. She is shown here not in her jewelled Indian representations, but in her vimana flying garb, complete with oxygen pack and helmet, visor up. Two excellent books, still quite unappreciated, When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone and The Masks Of God by Joseph Campbell, have taken us a long way to matching the personalities of the gods of the East and the West. Recognition of the Anunnaki worldwide presence explains a great deal about our various cultures and their contemporaneous forms.


While there is evidence that the United States currently has a special role to play in this unfolding drama, we stress that the issue transcends all concepts of political and geographic demarcations and agreements. All nations with radar supported commercial air traffic control systems are well aware that the term UFO, Unidentified Flying Object, has become a generic, imprecise label for objects that respond to reflected radar energy, and demonstrate acceleration, speed and maneuverability characteristic beyond the capability of all disclosed military and commercial aircraft. The fact that some of these maneuvers involve gravitational loads that would be fatal to human occupants and destructive to all known aircraft materials and engineering, suggest that off-earth technologies and explanations are involved.




In the US, the Gold Standard for UFO/ET, knowledge strangely remains what really happened outside of Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Air Force Lieutenant Walter Haut was the Air Corps base Public Relations Officer who issued the press release that was headlined “Flying Disc captured by Air Force.” Twenty-four hours later he also released a correction: the flying disc was actually a weather balloon. However, Haut’s terminal press release was made in May 2007, a year after his death. His family released his written deathbed statement that said in addition to seeing wreckage of the craft when it was brought to the air base; he also saw the bodies of the crewmembers. It was an Extraterrestrial event. The first two press releases from Haut resulted from what he was told to do. His last written statement was from his felt responsibility to truth and to civilization.


More research has been done on the Roswell crash than any other UFO event. Much of the research is highly professional, and the story is still unfolding. We will discuss a few of the most relevant events in the United States, selected for important multiple reasons. The Roswell event has been identified because it is the benchmark for the beginning of a “problem” for the United States that has grotesquely grown. That “problem” now includes the remains of a 63-year old counterintelligence program directed against the US public. That program was designed to mute media and public interest in what Roswell really met. Its devastating success has created serious other problems, the resolutions of which compound the difficulty of removing the cloak of secrecy, and revealing the truth of a grand reality.


Causalities along the way include serious Constitutional issues of an unidentified group arrogating itself to a position where it alone decides who will be allowed to know any critical details about what is actually going on vis-à-vis alien/earth contact. And some, perhaps many presidents of the United States have been excluded from this knowledge. To keep this secret, we know that draconian steps have been taken that were serious violation of the laws protecting individual rights.


The US Air Force has been forced into an untenable role to explain extraterrestrial events as being something else. This profound, protracted secrecy has resulted in a group and their allies accruing considerable political and economic power and influence. They are loath to surrender it, even for the good of the world. If they are forced to be partners in the truth, they may attempt to cloud the truth in fear.


The Condon Report of 1966-1968, is important because it placed a stop sign for academe in the United States to become involved with the extraterrestrial issue.


The US Air Force was desperate to get out of the UFO business. It wanted to reduce to a minimum pubic interest and discussion about UFO phenomena and what it might represent.  Its strategy was to recruit a respected university to do a scientific study of UFO sightings in anticipation that their findings would be that all but a few sightings could be explained by natural phenomena, and the remainder unexplained because of a lack of data. Harvard, the University of California, Berkeley, MIT, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill declined. Because of the suppression of real information, UFOs were seen as a suspect field of study, and some were afraid of controversy if they mishandled the study. It was clear to all that the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis was a hot button. Few scientists would even discuss the possibility.


In the summer of 1966, physicist Edward Condon at the University of Colorado agreed to consider the $313,000 Air Force offer. After an Assistant Dean of the university’s graduate school program wrote a memorandum explaining how the University could perform the project to arrive at a predetermined conclusion without risking their reputations, enough professors and deans agreed to the project. At the beginning, only one of the twelve person staff had any personal interest in the subject and none had any experience or knowledge of previous UFO studies. The Air Force had not provided any significant guidance to Condon until the project stumbled through several months of drift. Finally, the Air Force was asked what it expected from the Condon Committee. A few days later, Air Force Colonel Hippler wrote on Air Force letterhead that while he was not writing in any official capacity, he suggested that ultimately the project ought to be able to come to an anti-extraterrestrial hypothesis conclusion. Hippler wrote that the Air Force wanted to get out of the UFO business, and that an official study reporting that there was nothing unusual about UFO reports would be the best way to accomplish this.


While the fix was in from that point, some members of the Condon team with strong support from the effective private UFO organization, NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) headed by Donald Keyhoe, did careful work that was completely ignored in the Summary report written by Condon. In retrospect the Air Force got exactly what it paid for, ultimately $500,000, a self-serving non “scientific report” that enabled them to announce the end of Blue Book, that itself was a cover for the Air Force’s real research and concern about UFOs and who was flying them.


The point we want you to consider from this rare example of academe involvement with UFO related research, is the critical role of leadership. The rank and file members of the Colorado project were open-minded academics who were curious about UFOs and very willing to examine the evidence objectively. Unfortunately, the project lacked leadership and open-mindedness at the top. Dr. Condon considered the whole thing a joke, something to have fun with, but he did little or no investigating of his own. Instead, responsibility for running the project was delegated an Assistant Dean who was not a scientist and demonstrated more interest in university politics than in promoting a thorough scientific study.




The nuclear weapon/ET connection is strong and provides a body of evidence that must not be ignored. The issue is not primarily that it supports the ET hypothesis. Of course it does that, but a much larger issue arises. When the Condon Report was delivered to the Air Force, it terminated Project Blue Book. That program had been created to investigate reports of UFOs, but the Air Force wanted to get out of any interaction with the public on this issue. Part of the Air Force announcement concerning shutting down Blue Book was: ‘…no UFO report investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security …”


While the Condon research was being done, this happened. On March 16, 1967, over the ICBM missile fields under control of the Strategic Air Command units at Malmstrom AFB Montana, 735 miles north of the University of Colorado campus, excited Air Force surface security units reported strange lights maneuvering in the sky near a Launch Control Facility. This sighting was immediately reported to the Missile Combat Crew Commander, sixty-feet underground in the Launch Control Capsule. A few minutes following the first sighting report, the following exchange took place:


-        “Sir, there’s one hovering outside the front gate!”

-        “One what?”

-        “A UFO! It’s just there. We are all looking at it. What do you want us to do?”

-        “What? What does it look like?”

-        “I can’t really describe it. It’s glowing red. What are we supposed to do?”

-        “Make sure the site is secure and I’ll call the Command Post.”


Within minutes, the alarm klaxon sounded, and the two underground missile crew commanders watched red lights come on indicating that they had lost six to eight missiles to a ‘No-Go’ inoperable condition.


This event is complex and more extensive than we have indicated. Other missiles went off line, and as far as we know from extensive interviews with Air Force personnel who were directly involved with the event, there was no physical damage done to the missiles or their guidance systems, and all were eventually returned to operational status.


This has happened more than once at US missile sites and a similar report, without details, claims that Russia has also experienced the same situation. The Malmstrom AFB event is extremely well documented, one book is co-authored by the Air Force officer who watched his missiles go off line. The message being sent, and the lesson to be learned is simple. “We want to remind you that nuclear weapons are a problem for you to solve. We can quickly solve it, but we expect you to take care of the mess, the serious threat to your survival, that you have created.” Wouldn’t it be exciting if similar events took place in India, Pakistan, China and North Korea?


This issue, of course, is a global issue and must be addressed that way. There are a number of important UFO/ET events that have taken place in other countries; Mexico and Brazil have reported extraordinary events; same for the UK and Belgium. The French, not willing to enrage the US on this point have flirted with words. Their ninety-page, 1999, COMETA Report concludes that the physical reality of UFOs, under control of intelligent beings is quasi-certain, and assesses that only one hypothesis takes into account the available data: the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitors.


From 1985 to 1991, I was Special Assistant to Senator Claiborne Pell. During most of that time he was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. One specific responsibility I had was to visit research facilities in foreign countries to learn what consciousness research they were doing, and what they were learning. Consciousness research was not a code word for UFO/ET research. We settled upon that because my first visit to a laboratory in the old Soviet Union where I knew that consciousness research was being done was also involved in research UFO/ET phenomena. The lab director explained that so much of what they were learning about the ETs was psychic in nature that it was only logical to look at the two fields together. 


During a visit in 1990, when it was obvious that the old Soviet Union was disintegrating, I was given 48 hours of detailed briefing by scientists and engineers on their research, some of which obviously had been supported from recovered crashed ET vehicles. I asked for a sample of crash material and was directed to a research facility in Leningrad. At the end of that visit I was given a small metal sample. Before I left Moscow I offered the lab director $5,000 dollars for a slide of ET tissue. His response was that his lab did not have that and he did not think he could get it from the lab that did. That turned out to be the case and I probably avoided spending some unpleasant time in Moscow’s notorious Lubyanka KGB prison. The lab director had identified one of his staff that was known to be a KGB agent. We agreed that this was an intentional disclosure to intimidate him, and he conceded that he did not know whom else in his lab might be KGB controlled.


In a subsequent visit to China I traded a piece of the Russian sample in exchange for one that they stated “might have come from an ET craft.” During that visit I had a revealing conversation with a Member of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In a circuitous statement he suggested that some years ago China had been receiving highly classified information from the United States on this subject and, for unclear reason, was cut off from that information flow. He had described the very large and sophisticated system that China has to collect UFO/ET information. I asked him why China didn’t take the lead on this subject, and let the world know what they had discovered. His response was, “When the United States makes a disclosure announcement, China will be a close second.”


Those of you who are interested in more details about the US White House role in all of this, please look at the introduction of the Plan C section of my website. That details the meetings at the Clinton White House when I was working with Mr. Laurance Rockefeller, urging President Clinton to open the books on what has just been presented. The issue becomes the power of the Secret Government in the United States.


The group in the United States that controls information about extraterrestrial contact and activity within the country also decides who is allowed to know that information. Even the president of the United States can be denied that information. This is a serious Constitutional issue for us, and it has a direct impact on the rest of the world. We are sure that if the president of the United States demands that he receive a briefing on the subject of extraterrestrial / earth activity, he will be given one that is designed to meet a minimum requirement of truth and detail. It frankly depends upon the president’s standing within the military/industrial complex.


There are hundreds of other powerful examples to cite that are evidential of the reality of Earth and extraterrestrial contact and intercourse. Every student of the aerospace industry knows about the creativity and reputation of Lockheed’s secret division known as the Skunk Works. It has designed a number of aircraft that demonstrated technologies beyond the edge of known capabilities of the time. This included the famous U-2 aircraft that successfully over flew China and the Soviet Union on reconnaissance missions for years. They followed that success with the SR-71 Blackbird, a Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft that forty-six years after its development still holds speed and altitude records. This was followed by the F-117 Night Hawk stealth bomber that could not be detected by radar. 


It is reasonable to assume that the Skunk Works have developed additional weapon systems that have not been revealed to the public. In 1993, the head of the Skunk Works, Ben Rich, made this provocative statement: “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity … Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” 


When Rich made that statement, he was a terminal cancer patient, and obviously was willing to make a statement for humanity that must have been upsetting to those who wanted that information kept secret. Key questions are: did the United States use knowledge gleaned from crashed extraterrestrial craft to develop technology that would enable us to travel among the stars? Or perhaps extraterrestrial scientists and engineers have been working in the Skunk Works along side of terrestrial counterparts. What else have we learned from science and technologies that are thousands of years more mature than what is being taught in Earth-based universities, here at MIT? How much of this knowledge is being shared with other countries? When will it be shared with all countries?


Throughout this briefing, you have been thinking: what does this knowledge mean to me, my family, my country, and Earth-based civilization? Who knows about this knowledge and what are they doing about it? One additional example will answer some of these questions. One global organization, the Catholic Church, has followed this field for generations. With its own sophisticated astronomy department, it is part of the global astronomy community that is secretly tracking the inbound Planet-X. It is responding logically to this knowledge. It is preparing for disclosure and protecting its base. The Vatican has officially stated that ETs are brothers, and importantly, very likely free of original sin. That spiritual determination was aimed at some Protestant evangelicals who have determined that ETs are the fallen angels, demons.


The alien cultures that appear to have assisted the United States with military technologies may not be the groups that can completely control disclosure. The aliens’ disclosure of themselves becomes rapidly more overt and insistent. Our Anunnaki parents may return soon, hopefully before Planet Nibiru itself. The common consciousness is assimilating our part alien heritage written in our DNA SPIRAL genome more and more rapidly with enthusiasm and species-wide generic resonance. The new human consciousness is dawning, especially in our precocious children who look to us questioningly for the deeper reality they instinctively seek.

The resolution of the perennial questions, conflicts, contradictions and anomalies of the now outmoded godspell paradigm through full disclosure is no less than revolutionary. Full disclosure takes us beyond religion, science, astrophysics, genetics, evolution and consciousness as we have known them. Academia must free itself from the bonds, totems and taboos of the old paradigm to teach the new generations stellar reality.


Our objective is to start a dialogue between and among all countries, especially those who may not have been included in secret meetings at the United Nations on this subject. Every voice must be heard. The challenges and opportunities ahead must be shared by all. The transformation that is mandated if we are to survive, closes the door on the dysfunctional system that predicted winners and losers.


Whatever social, political and economic transformation is required to vouchsafe the survival of humanity must include the best thought and public voice of every nation, or it will lack the power and integrity needed to make this civilization saving shift. I am here to ask India to lead, not in secrecy, but with a bold, open voice that asserts that collectively we will do what is required to earn an invitation to take our rightful place in the cosmic community. I would like to hear that voice now – thank you.


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Recommended Reading

-        Zecharia Sitchin: Earth Chronicle Series: The Twelfth Planet, Stairway to Heaven, Wars of Gods and Men, The Lost Realms, When Time Began, Genesis Revisited

-        Laurence Gardner: Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the Grail Kings, The Origin of God

-        Neil Freer: Breaking the Godspell, God Games: What Do You Do Forever?, Sapiens Rising: the View From 2100

-        Allan and Delair: Cataclysm!

-        Merlin Stone: When God Was A Woman

-        Rene Noorbergen: Secrets of the Lost Races

-        Joseph Campbell: The Masks of God (Series)


Dr Scott Jones (Commander, US Navy, Retd.), made the above presentation at India International Centre in New Delhi on April 20. The talk was well received, with the audience asking many questions and engaging in a lively discussion with the speaker. On the morning of the 20th, Dr. Jones met with Dr. Manmohan Sharma, Secretary General of the Indian Association of Parliamentarians for Population and Development (IAPPD) and its Chairman, Prof. P.J. Kurien, eminent physicist and MP (Lok Sabha) who sits on the Parliamentary Defense Commission. Dr Scott worked for the US Government in a Military Intelligence capacity for sixty years

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