US-NATO raining WMD’s on Libya
by Peter Eyre on 12 Jun 2011 0 Comment

If I recall the remit of the UN 1973 Resolution was to create a no-fly zone and that was already established over a month ago. However, the second reason was to protect the people of Libya and to save lives. We heard both Obama and Cameron give the usual spin on the lawns of Lancaster House in London where they again said they had saved lives and would continue to turn up the pressure to enforce the UN Mandate. What the world does not understand is that the existing war is not saving lives and is actually slowly killing the genetics of Libya, adjacent countries, and the world beyond, by excessive use of depleted uranium weapons.


I have lost count as to how many cruise missiles they have fired to date, but I know in the initial stages of the war it was over 300 … Highly populated areas are being bombed, and the radioactive fallout of nano particles will drift over this area and then over the entire city and the region beyond.


So Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Sarkozy how many lives are you saving? Your actions in Libya are an act of genocide and should be charged as war crimes.


We must fully understand the consequences of this deplorable war that the United Nations has approved and its subsequent use of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the innocent population of Libya, with emphasis on the city of Tripoli. This is not a war to enforce a “No Fly Zone”, it is a war to force “Regime Change” which is in violation of UN 1973 and breaches at least four articles of the Geneva Convention.


When the heart of Tripoli received around 18 cruise missiles, Weapons of Mass Destruction in a highly populated city, how can UN allow this? Cruise Missiles, Bunker Busters, JDAM and Hellfire Missiles (as used by the Predators and soon to be used by Apache Helicopters) are all in violation of the Geneva Convention based on the following criteria:


-        Depleted uranium weapons are recognized as radioactive poison gas weapons developed illegally under the Manhattan Project in World War II by the United States Government. Already illegal and in violation of the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol, in 1943 depleted uranium weapons were described as a “highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant,” recommended for development in the declassified Manhattan Project memo dated October 30, 1943.


Leuren Moret (a US nuclear lab whistleblower) describes how DU violates the Geneva Convention:

-        Depleted uranium poison gas weapons fail the “Territorial Test” because radioactive toxic aerosols they produce on the battlefield escape from and continue to act off of the battlefield.  


-        The “Territorial Test” is one of four tests used to determine the legality of weapons under international humanitarian law, and requires that weapons must not leave the territory of the battlefield (territorial test), continue to act after the battle is over (temporal test), be unduly damaging to the environment (environmental test), and be unduly inhumane in causing death and suffering (humaneness test).


-        Depleted uranium radioactive poison gas and particulates produced on the battlefield, including sub-micron sizes, that are carried by air masses and rapidly become components of global atmospheric dust, leaving the area of the battlefield: indiscriminately, permanently, and cumulatively contaminating air, water, soil, food, and civilian populations at local, regional, and global distances from the battlefield.


-        Depleted uranium weapons fail the “Temporal Test” since they continue to act after the battle is over. Depleted uranium radioactive poison gas and particulates including sub-micron sizes, have a half-life of 4.46 billion years. It takes ten half-lives (4.46 billion years ½ life for Uranium 238) for small amounts of radioactivity to diminish to an insignificant amount. In the case of the high tonnage amounts of depleted uranium weapons used in Iraq since August 2, 1990, to the present, it will take longer than ten half-lives or more than 44.6 billion years for the global radioactive pollution from this pernicious poison to diminish.


In Libya, they have fired well over 300 missiles that each contain around 350kg of DU in some shape or form which amounts to at least 105,000 kg! Now imagine the millions of nano-particles in transit around the Mediterranean Region, UK, Europe and beyond, not counting all the other DU weapons such as bunker busters and bombs or secondary contamination.


Leuren continues:

-        Depleted uranium weapons fail the “Environmental Test” being unduly harmful to the local, regional, and global environment. The depleted uranium radioactive poison gas and particulates, including sub-micron sizes, unduly harm the environment by becoming globally mixed in one year, poisoning regional water sources where they are rained and snowed out into glaciers, lakes, and rivers such as in the Himalayas where the headwaters of nine major rivers of SE Asia originate. There are 1.3 billion people downstream from the Indus (Tibet, Pakistan, India), Ganga-Brahmaputra (India, Bangladesh), Yangtze (China), Yamuna (India), Ganges (India), Sutlej (Tibet, Punjab of India, Pakistan), Meghna (India, Bangladesh), Mekong (China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam), and the Irrawady (Myanmar).


Unfortunately the UNEP, WHO, ICRP, IAEA, Governments, DOD’s and many other authorities (not forgetting the pharmaceutical industry) have failed to understand the health implications when DU/LLR is inhaled into the body. They have together concocted a trail of deceit and failed in their duty of care to protect the world’s populations.


Dr. Alan Cantwell of The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta declares that
 33% of the babies born this year will be diabetic by the year 2050. In an article, “DNA and Mitochondrial Time Bomb”, he said: Diabetes, which is expanding almost exponentially in the world today, can in part be traced to the increasing radiation to which we are all being exposed. Every physician knows that radiation can lead to cancer, but making a connection between depleted uranium (DU) and diabetes seems ludicrous at first glance, is anything but. Most medical doctors have never heard of this, but neither have they paid attention.


Unfortunately, exposure levels are increasing dramatically with each ton of vaporized depleted uranium, but that is not stopping the American and British governments from manufacturing, selling and using depleted uranium weaponry.


“Depleted (DU) uranium is highly toxic to humans, both chemically as a heavy metal and radiological as an alpha particle emitter, is very dangerous when taken internally,” writes Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Canadian Epidemiologist. A new study, conducted by biochemist Dr. Diane Stearns at Northern Arizona University confirms that, separate from any radiation risks, cells exposed to uranium will bond with the metal chemically. Uranium and phosphate have a strong chemical affinity for each other and the DNA and Mitochondria are loaded with phosphate, so uranium is a DNA and Mitochondria deep penetration bomb. The same report gave a very stern message to governments and authorities:


“As it is with the autism epidemic, the medical establishment and the government are stonewalling investigations and understanding of the runaway train that diabetes is fast becoming. We are officially recognizing the tragedy of skyrocketing diabetes rates in adults and children, but the multiple causes are being ignored and so treatments are not appropriate and prevention efforts a joke. What we have to see clearly is that diabetes is actually an extremely serious warning to civilization, it is an announcement that the rising tide of radiation, mercury, other deadly chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs are poisoning humanity”.


As we have seen (Lebanon 2006, Gaza 2007/8) the US is still providing Israel with weapons containing uranium components that hide under the title “Conventional Weapons”. Yet these weapons really fit into the category of “Dirty Weapons”. Dr Chris Busby has received samples from both above locations confirming the use of both depleted and enriched weapons by the IDF.


US-UK-France: The No-Fly-Zone Partners in Crime


We now see a rise in diabetes and cancers in Northern Israel and soon that story will be repeated in Central and Southern Israel. Dr Chris Busby was the first person in the UK to spill the beans on the increased levels of radiation that had gathered over England as a direct result of the “Shock and Haw” attack on Baghdad. He has connected the everyday radiation exposure to modern ailments we see today: “There have been tremendous increases in diseases resulting from the breakdown of the immune system in the last 20 years: diabetes, asthma, AIDS and others which may have an immune-system link, such as MS and ME. A whole spectrum of neurological conditions of unknown origin has developed.”


The Keith Baverstock World Health Organization European Centre for Environment and Health noted that: “The risk to the lung of exposure to DU dusts cannot be inferred from the experience gained from uranium miners or from survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, upon which the current ICRP radiological protection standards are based”. The report said it has been convincingly demonstrated that changes, similar to those caused directly by irradiation, can be wrought in cells growing close to a cell that has been irradiated. The implication of the combined chemical and radiological transforming capability of uranium and the bystander effect means that, in estimating its significance in causing cancer, the simple assumptions based on committed effective dose, i.e. committed absorbed dose to the lung, modified by a radiation weighting factor, or the fact that the radiation arises from alpha particles, as has been adopted in recent reports by the Royal Society (RS 2001), the WHO (WHO 2001) and UNEP (UNEP 2001) would be an inadequate basis for predicting risks.


Baverstock was a very experienced expert who worked for the WHO. Because of the sensitivity of Baverstock’s report the article was suppressed and withheld from public viewing.


The UN, WHO, ICRP, IAEA, Governments, DOD’s and NATO etc. still fail to accept that DU/LLR is extremely dangerous (especially when inhaled). How can the respective DOD’s and Senior Military Officers play down the risk from DU when they themselves sent experts to carry out the training of combatants? US Army Reserve Col. J. Wakayama (Office of the Secretary of Defense – Director of Training - Combat Support) gave an official slide presentation at Fort Belvoir, Va. on 20 August 2002 where he read out the dangers of exposure to DU. DU causes - Lung cancer, cell damage, targets the kidneys and bone, the cultured human stem bone cell with DU also transformed the cells to become carcinogenic, urine samples containing uranium are mutagenic, DU can be deposited in the bone causing DNA damage, long term respiratory effects such as lung fibrosis, immune deficiency, extra risk of leukaemia and other cancers. He put great emphasis on the risks to children playing in rubble/ dust and the damage to the environment i.e. soil, water etc.


It is pertinent that persons attending contaminated locations are not protected by the conventional protective clothing, especially gasmasks as they only screen out larger particles. DU aerosols are about 0.1 microns. The genetics of the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and Pakistan is at risk because aerosols do not respect international borders.


The following report brings even more damaging news regarding DU’s capability: Uranium travels nerves from nose to brain (Environmental Health News dated 31st July 2009) Tournier, BB, S Frelon, E Tourlonias, L Agez, O Delissen, I Dublineau, F Paquet, and F Petitot. 2009. Role of the olfactory receptor neurons in the direct transport of inhaled uranium to the rat brain. Toxicology Letters doi:10.1016/j.toxlet.2009.05.022.


Synopsis by Paul Eubig, DVM:

The report states radioactive uranium that is inhaled by soldiers on the battlefield and by workers in factories may bypass the brain’s protective barrier by following nerves from the nose directly to the brain. Nerves can act as a unique conduit, carrying inhaled uranium from the nose directly to the brain, finds a study with rats. Once in the brain, the uranium may affect task and decision-related types of thinking.


This study provides yet another example of how some substances can use the olfactory system – bypassing the brain’s protective blood barrier – to go directly to the brain. Titanium nano-particles and the metals manganese, nickel, and thallium have been shown to reach the brain using the same route. Military personnel and people who work in uranium processing plants are exposed to the weak radioactive element via wounds or by breathing. Exposure may affect brain function; cognitive skills are lowered in soldiers who carry uranium-laced shrapnel.


The researchers – taking advantage of the fact that uranium can exist in different forms, or isotopes – used rats to compare how the element travels through the body if it is inhaled or injected into the blood. The animals breathed in one isotope at levels similar to those encountered on a battlefield where depleted uranium weapons are used. They were also injected with a different isotope. Researchers compared the levels of the two isotopes indifferent regions of the brain. The inhaled isotope accumulated at 2 to 3 times higher levels than the injected isotope in the olfactory (smell) paths from the nose to the brain and in the frontal cortex and hypothalamus of the brain. The front part of the brain controls executive function, which is the broad ability to gather information, make decisions and initiate action.


The scientists then chemically damaged the olfactory nerves in the nose. The rats with damaged nerves had three times less uranium in the olfactory system than the rats with intact olfactory nerves. This suggests that inhaled uranium can travel directly from the nose along the olfactory nerves to the front of the brain.


The US, UK, NATO and Israel are using these weapons on a daily basis, not only in action but also in training exercises and on firing ranges around the globe. The US and Israel are now contemplating an attack on the nuclear facilities in Iran. Do they understand that to use uranium based weapons on a nuclear facility will have catastrophic effects on the entire Middle East and the world?


Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South East Asia as a petroleum consultant; he lives in the UK and writes regularly for the Palestine Telegraph; his website is

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