IRAN War: The planned democide by American and European leaders
by Arun Shrivastava on 06 Jan 2012 6 Comments

 The US, NATO and Israel Defense Forces are ready to attack Iran with nuclear weapons. Covert wars had already started during Libyan attacks. The Union of Concerned Scientists recently have warned that, should the USA use nuclear weapons in Iran, of say 1 megaton yield, it would kill 35 million people in Iran and another 35 million will die of radiation fallout in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

[See video animation, 1]

A simple representation of the computer simulation [see link at 1] shows how radioactive wind will blow first 48 hours. Hot, dry air, blowing from arid-plains of Iran, Afghanistan will carry radioactive dust into the Indian sub-continent, and blow right across the northern Gangetic plains. A group of thirteen top physicists, including five Nobel laureates, in the United States had warned President George W Bush not to use nuclear weapon. [The URL of the letter given below, 2]

The warning initiated by Jorge Hirsch, a professor of physics at the University of California at San Diego, was signed by more than 1,800 physicists who have categorically rejected the new US nuclear weapons policy of preemptive use of nuclear weapons even against non-nuclear states, aggressor or non-aggressor, alike.

Scientists are generally a-political. They follow a philosophy that their discipline seeks welfare for humankind and, therefore, they seldom directly get involved in politics of science or technology. What is unprecedented here is that a group has come out against the Bush administration’s policy of (a) using nuclear weapons, (b) using the weapons preemptively, i.e. without any overt or covert threat of aggression, and (c) against nations that are non-nuclear, and who are defenseless against the aggression of the United States of America.

The mainstream media, globally, has been complicit in the incessant western warmongering. It has failed to warn the people of the dangers inherent in such illegal and irresponsible act of the past and present US administration, British administration and the French administration. Not unprecedented, though. Hence the actions of the Union of Concerned Scientists and the group of physicists in taking the extraordinary step of directly communicating with the people and with the administration is not merely commendable, it is an indictment of  western democratic institutions.

How will nuking of Iran affect the Indian sub-continent and the world?

Since I am an Indian, one of my main concerns since 9/11 has been the impact of US policies on survival and sustainability of West Asia and the Indian sub-continent. The people of the sub-continent have millennia-old history of trade and commerce with West-Asia. Interaction with Europe is merely three centuries old… and that interaction has led to death, destruction, mayhem, misery, exploitation, devastation… and now utter decimation stares us in our face.

There are many ways warm air blows from the west Asian region into the sub-continent. Strong surface winds from West Asia, picking up sand and dust, blow right across northern India, including India’s capital New Delhi. This is normal warm air current as winter ends, spring crawls up and summer begins, but just before the Monsoon winds arrive from the South. During winter we have bone-chilling, strong surface winds in northern India coming from the west Asian region. There are currents that blow across the dry west Asian region and enter the Himalayas via the Karakorum Range. Particles of dust picked up by these winds are rained out or snowed and these flow through the hundreds of perennial rivers originating in the Himalayas. Worth noting is the fact that the air currents from this region also blow across Europe.

When Iran is nuked, these winds will suck up radioactive dust and deposit them right across northern India, including the Himalayas.

Since the US started its unprovoked aggressions in West Asia, post 9/11, depleted uranium carried by these winds has already contaminated vast regions of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. It is the geography, and history is never far behind; they are not coming to Asia on a humanitarian mission. They need our resources and want to eliminate each one of us.

Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq amount to two nuclear attacks on Indian people by two elected US Presidents in less than 10 years. The third one is not far behind. Since Depleted Uranium particles were traced at Aldermaston, UK, by Dr Chris Busby; effectively the entire Europe has also been dosed with ionizing radiation from the Iraq Wars, and hence the US and NATO forces have attacked their own civilians too. Attacks by NATO forces on European civilians amounts to treason.

21 countries in West and South Asia affected from radiation contamination can say something more serious: the civilians in these 21 countries have been attacked by the US and NATO forces without their respective governments being an aggressor. It is a demented extension of “the right of preemptive action” by utterly depraved US, British and French administrations, an outright policy of genocide, or omnicide, choose your own term. But none of these people ever raised a finger against the US or any western nation; majority still believes that Americans are civilized. Does it matter now?

If you are an American, don’t ever forget that the United States of America has been directly committing war crimes since 1991. Each political leader since 1991 is directly or indirectly involved. Every military commander is involved. Every soldier is involved. Using the Nuremberg principles, a trial would result in millions of indictments for genocide.

How many will likely be killed?

How many will be killed or maimed for life is an academic question. Nuking of Iran will destroy the environmental sustainability of the entire sub-continent possibly within a few months, if not weeks. Over 850 million people already dosed from ionizing radiation will be exposed to yet another dose of nuclear radiation. At least a billion will die in Asia alone, slowly, not even knowing why.  

No one will be spared, anywhere. The radioactive wind will surely kill and maim, first, people in Iran, then across the Indian sub-continent, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, and then travel round the world and keep killing people all over the world for decades. Including the people in the United States.

The recent report revealing that Chernobyl alone caused over 1 million deaths across Russia and Europe, affected 400 million in 13 countries in Europe and vast regions of Asia and Africa supports the thesis that the agenda of global depopulation is far advanced.[3]

Why should civilians die?

Need anyone remind the western leaders that the essence of war is to disarm the aggressor with least harm to unarmed civilians? And, as the Union of Scientists and the Group of Physicists have strongly come out against the preemptive use of nuclear weapons, there is a powerful moral undertone to their pleas. Hugo Grotius (1583-1645), in his magnum opus “De jure belli ac pacis” [on the law of war & peace], says:

"Fear with respect to [any] power is not a sufficient cause. For...self-defense to be lawful it must be necessary; and it is not necessary unless we are certain, not only regarding the power of [an aggressor], but also regarding his intention; the degree of certainty which is required is that which is accepted in morals." [parenthesis and underline, mine] Huigh de Groot; The Law of War and Peace; Chapter 22; V1.

It should also be noted that it is a principle of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence that the probability of being attacked does not confer the right to attack any one. It is repugnant to every principle of morality, mores and law and equity. For, if that were not so, any one could shoot any person walking in the street on the presumption that that man had dreamt of killing him, and, therefore, the man is a potential aggressor, and, therefore, he must be killed. Well, the present US, French and British administrations are working on just this principle in the international [as well domestic] arena. The Tavistock Institute has done a wonderful job in turning the White ruling classes into sociopaths; yes sociopaths, that conscienceless breed of humans who destroy entire societies.

Post script

Those of you who wish to know of the pain and suffering that nuclear weapons and radiation contamination can cause should revisit Chernobyl issue and you’d know that the entire region will remain uninhabitable for the next 600 years.[4]

Please find time to view photographs from a very brave lady, Ms Elena Filatova, daughter of a Russian physicist, who travelled on her motorbike to Chernobyl and took many pictures. If we don’t take action, the world would soon look like the ‘scapes shown in Elena’s photographs.

Ghost town:

And please note the first babies have already been born after Fukushima. The fear is that Fukushima babies will suffer birth defects, lifelong illnesses, and so will their parents. AVN is showing up in Tokyo; avascular necrosis or AVN also known as bone death is the direct outcome of radiation exposure; many children have been diagnosed with AVN.

Despite well known long term effects of nuclear radiation, should the US, NATO and IDF decide to go ahead with using nuclear weapons on Iran, as they have done in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and earlier in the Balkans, what options do Indians and Asians have?




[3] Yablokov, AV, Nesterenko, VB, & Nesternko, AV; ‘Chernobyl-consequences of the catastrophe for people and the environment’; New York Academy of Sciences; Vol. 1181; 2009


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