Does the British public agree with Cameron’s aggression towards Iran?
by Peter Eyre on 05 Feb 2012 5 Comments

I wonder what is written in his awe inspiring speech – could it be: “We are immensely proud of your efforts to protect the streets of the United Kingdom, but one thing I must tell you is that you are all actually here to protect our geo political plan which is to rape this country of its resources and more importantly to protect the opium crop that is so vital to our economy.”


Henry Kissinger once said “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” “That is exactly my own sentiment, and remember when you return home, and that is assuming you will, (after being contaminated with the depleted uranium weapons we gave you) we will turn our back on you once your initial treatment budget has run out:”


We can clearly see that our Prime Minster (just like his US ally) has a very aggressive foreign policy, but do we the public agree with that policy? It is my sincere belief that if this went to a referendum a very clear message would emerge to tell our PM to “butt out” of Middle Eastern affairs and bring our troops home. I have always believed that it is better to trade peacefully with the Islamic world than to intimidate them.


It is time we stopped this “Islamaphobia” and make the British public aware that there is no terrorist threat to the streets of this country and any such threat is likely to come from within our own government or some other government’s secret service. The current stance against Iran is totally unacceptable and could result in this country forcing yet another war that we can ill afford.


Iran is a very strong willed peaceful and prosperous country; having spent some time in Tehran I find Iranians a charming race and the spirit of the people can withstand any pressure or demands from the outside world. There is a clear indication that many other countries no longer agree with the push for sanctions and at this particular time Iran is sending back a very clear message that it will not be bullied by those countries that seek to rape it of its natural resources.


Iran is like any other independent sovereign country that is signatory to the NPT. It wishes to control its own destiny and at the same time have the right to develop and protect its own future and standing in the world. The US, UK France and Israel for example have been allowed to develop their own nuclear programmes, totally unchecked. On the question of the NPT, the US in particular is currently mass producing smaller tactical nuclear weapons up to a dial up value of 5kt. These smaller nukes are not covered under the NPT and the US has indeed used these weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Israel also has a case to answer with around 400 nuclear weapons in the stockpile and is believed to be producing 10 such weapons every year at its Dimona plant. Whilst on the topic of Israel I will clearly show a classic example of how that country can abuse any UN Resolution: It was Israel that sent technicians down to South Africa in violation of the UN sanctions and helped that country develop 10 “Battlefield Ready Nuclear Bombs”. The US and UK turned a blind eye to this development and knew that Israel and South Africa were in violation of the UN sanctions.


It was David Cameron (current Prime Minister of UK) who with Sir Ken Warren went down to South Africa (on an all expenses paid trip) to illegally purchase three of those weapons and then siphoned off £ 17.8 million of British Tax Payers money. It was Britain that through gross neglect allowed those three nukes to be stolen from an insecure compound in Oman and to be resold on the “Black Market.”


Iran is perfectly justified to continue whatever programme it chooses in much the same way as India and Pakistan. In my opinion, imposing sanctions on any country is not only a breach of international law but is in violation of the Geneva Convention because it causes a major humanitarian ”domino effect” to not only the country concerned, but to many other third party countries.


We saw this in Iraq when the west imposed such sanctions and caused a humanitarian disaster that had to be modified in a “Food for Oil” programme. The then allowed those same western countries to pilfer the money raised from that programme into their own greedy pockets… this amounted to billions of dollars...


It is time for the world to accept Iran as a major player in the Middle East and allow it to represent the Islamic World in a fair and balanced way. We see most of the Arab League members now becoming puppets to the west and not looking after the best interests of their own people. We have also seen the “Arab Spring” that was and is a western design plan to divide and conquer the Middle East.


Iran should and will stand its ground in defiance of any sanctions by the US, UK and EU, knowing that many other countries will stand by it in resisting any conflict. Iran has incredible wealth in natural resources and will become a regional “Power House.” Military speaking it is very strong and will balance the scales against the massive western build up in the Persian Gulf, and why not?


The West supported Iraq in the Iraq-Iran War and assisted Baghdad to have Weapons of Mass Destruction; the West gave and funded Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) to be used against the Kurds and the Iranian people. So having explained the hypocritical values of the US, UK and EU, we can see the same trio once again “Sabre Rattling” as with Libya and Syria - only this time it is Iran.


Such an aggressive foreign policy has no place in this world and Iran is no country to take lightly in the military sense. When one reflects on the arrogance of Cameron, Hague and UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, we can see them trying to bait Iran in to some sort of action; but the Iranians have much more intelligence than to be spoofed into action.


It is clear that the West continues on a war footing by intentionally sending more naval vessels to the Persian Gulf; no doubt they will loiter around the Straits of Hormuz just to rub more salt into the wound. Britain has said its warships are entitled to violate Iranian territorial waters in the Strait of Hormuz at any time in an open defiance of the international law.


Iran has never gone to war with anyone in the past two centuries, and no doubt the US and UK with the help of Israel will again create some outstanding False Flag incident to justify yet another action, just as they did in 9/11 and 7/7. My advice to Iran is to continue on whatever path it chooses and ignore the ”Imperialistic Greed” from the west and its “New World Order” hidden agenda which is:

-        To control the world’s natural resources

-        To control the markets for those resources

-        To control the trade routes, sea lanes and pipeline routes for those resources


It is encouraging to see that India, an ally of the US and UK, intends to continue to buy Iranian crude oil and now will pay for that crude in Gold and not US Dollars. China is also supporting Iran in providing super tankers for the export of its oil. We must cast our minds back to the west’s original “Geo Political Tactics” in trying to stop Iran from building a pipeline and exporting its natural gas to Pakistan and India. The Iran Pakistan India (IPI) pipeline was the most commercially viable option to deliver a vital energy source to the vast populations of these two energy starved countries.


Prior to the attack on Afghanistan, the US had alternative plans to create the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline that was to have been a joint venture between the US and the Taliban – yes, Taliban. But as usual the Americans got greedy and the offer made to them was not acceptable, so the deal collapsed.


It was from that moment that the Taliban became the Enemy as the US considered them as an obstacle to its “Geo Political Plans”. After this, the US invented the fictitious militia they called Al Qaeda and the war on terrorism started. We know there are no terrorists and any threats are within our own governments in the form of the many “False Flags” that they create.


As a footnote to this article, it is clear that the West does not want Iran to become an economic giant or to spearhead the Middle East as a major role player. It is also commonly known that the US is attempting to keep its head above water in protecting the falling US Dollar. Futuristically, the US Dollar is doomed as other major powers are quite prepared to ditch the US Dollar for gold or some other currency. India is already entering into an agreement with Iran on this issue and other countries may well follow.


The recent shutdown of Press TV in London is a clear indication that the UK does not like the Iranian TV channel revealing the truth to the world and exposing London’s deceitful and corrupt ways.  


Finally, there is the question of who suffers most when severe sanctions are imposed. In this particular case it will hit the EU hardest with a sharp increase in the price of fuel, which will reflect in the price of commodities. Once again the ordinary person in the street will suffer, especially those on low incomes, and aged citizens will not be able to cover their basic costs of living when it comes to gas, electricity and water etc. That in itself is a violation of human rights.


Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and is now a Middle East consultant; his website is

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