The explosion that trashed India’s sovereignty
by Arun Shrivastava on 15 Feb 2012 33 Comments

The important thing about the attack on an Israeli diplomat’s car [109 CD 35; blue number plate with CD meaning Diplomatic Corps] is that it happened within the square mile of sanitized Delhi that rules over 1.2 billion Indians. This is an intensely patrolled area; at every intersection you will find a fast police car with armed policemen to cordon off an entire street or several streets within seconds of any terrorist event.

Therefore, it is simply inconceivable that a lone rider on a motorbike stopped by the Israeli diplomat’s car, attached an explosive device, and scooted from the scene before the car blew up. And all of this within seconds. Either the policemen were sleeping – all of them, at the same time – at quarter past three; or something else happened.

The lone eye witness who saw something being attached could have been any one, or anything, we don’t know. On Aurangzeb Road, which is an address to die for, every hour 1500-2000 cars move. By counting the stately mansions on this road, you can arrive at an approximate figure of India’s current billionaires. 

About fifteen years ago, one of the residents of Aurangzeb Road, a well connected big industrialist, was offered several million dollars in monthly rent and a deposit of Rs 500 million in any bank anywhere in the world. This is one of the most beautiful homes on Aurangzeb Road and the person who offered the deal was the then Israeli Ambassador to India. Some folks are extremely pushy and today the Israeli Embassy is located somewhere on Aurangzeb Road.

Within hours of the attack on the poor lady diplomat, the Israeli Government was spewing venom on Iranians. And within hours, an embarrassed Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna, recently back from his Tel Aviv sojourn, came out with a guarded statement that ‘investigation have started’ [whatever that means]. By evening the American Zionist lobby indicted India for its illicit relationship with Iran despite puritanical international sanctions.

Need Indians remind the Zionist lobby that India’s relationship with its neighbours goes back six millennia [i.e. 6,000 years x 365 days=2.19 million days] if not earlier? Zionist Israel arrived in these parts about six decades ago and that too illegally. Zionist bankers bank-rolled the British occupation of large part of Asia [East, South and West] and extracted their pound of flesh by dispossessing the Palestinians. Perhaps they made an offer that the Palestinians refused, just as the Indian businessman on Aurangzeb Road; and so they acquired a prime property in West Asia by force.

How many Iranian nuclear scientists have been done in by the Mossad? Hourly, we hear that Iranians must be stopped from becoming a nuclear power. Hourly we hear that Iran is a terrorist country; switch on the neo-liberal imperialist TV channels-CNN or BBC or Fox - and the presenters are usually frothing with spittle drooling from the corner of their slavish mouths.

What was the role of Mossad in Mumbai mayhem on the night of 26th November, 2008? The killing of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg brought about a global outcry almost in unison against anti-semitism and the vicious designs of Islamic terrorists. And within hours Abraham Foxman, Director of the Anti Defamation League, came out with his own variety of venom:

“This brutal attack once again shows that terrorists single out Jews. The attack is a reminder that the world must stand up against all terrorism, because in the end no one is safe until terrorism is combated in all its manifestations.”

It never occurred to this foxy Foxman that a determined terrorist would spare Chabad House for two victims when he/she can attack thousands living illegally in the remote villages in Kullu valley and around Dharamshala [Dalai Lama’s de facto capital]. Over 10,000 Israelis, mostly from the armed forces, come here, live illegally, smoke pot and screw around. Very soon, Yiddish, the Ashkenazi lingo, will become the second language in these parts. I know these villages very well.

Why has the Chabad House been under investigation in India? In February this year, the Israeli couple running the Mumbai Chabad was told to leave India? 4000 Chabad Houses in 73 countries, ostensibly to provide support to visiting Israelis, perhaps to supply pure Kosher meat, in reality a huge global network of ‘Crack.’ And this is not an isolated event. Since Mumbai mayhem, many Israelis all over India have been told to leave.

Is the Delhi car bombing related to the pressures being brought on by Israelis [the tail] that wags the dog [London and DC] for India to rethink buying oil and gas from Iran violating the “international sanction” imposed by a few imperialist powers? Blow up a few more high profile Israelis in the square mile of the power centre of India and world’s mainstream media would blow your TV screens, so loud would be the condemnation of Islamic Jehadists from Iran. Holding 1.4 trillion dollars of ill gotten gains in Zionist banks, the Indian political class will capitulate. Or lose their cash and properties in Monaco, London, Paris, and Cayman Islands.

Hasn’t it already? When 9/11 happened, the senile PM Vajpayee wanted to be “selected” as a key partner in West’s sham GWOT. His Home Minister, another senile politician Lal Krishna Advani, went to Tel Aviv a year earlier to forge an alliance to fight Islamic terrorists, giving a vital operational base to the Mossad in sensitive Kashmir. Headed by Eli Katzir of the Israel Counter-Terrorism Combat Unit and Israeli military intelligence officials, a new era of “cooperation” with world Zionism started and with each passing year the Indian intelligence framework got more and more deeply penetrated by those very forces that engineer terrorist acts worldwide.

Don’t Indian intelligence agencies know what is going on? Of course they do; just as top operatives in the CIA and FBI know what is going on; the serious ones within French, German and British intelligence also know what is going on.

And they all know that Car No 109 CD 35 has served the purpose of terrifying the political class within the square mile. And the folks who live within that square mile have stashed too many billions in Israel-friendly banksters’ banks not to take it rather seriously.

Arun Shrivastava is an accredited management consultant and highly experienced researcher and writer. He is South Asia correspondent of Salem-News of Oregon, USA and a regular contributor to Global Research. His email is:

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