One year later….
by Arun Shrivastava on 11 Mar 2012 1 Comment

Tokyo station has dangerously high radiation level prompting Bob Nichols to headline his essay “Evacuate Tokyo.”[1] Even as you settle down to absorbing the latest shock, Fukushima Diary by Lori Mochizuki continues to push us all deeper into the deep hole of depression. But the world has promised to keep smiling. Over 33,000 have already left Fukushima, settling down wherever they can find a space, keeping young children as far away from the danger zone. Mothers warn young daughters “Never have a baby.” At the dosing level, spurt in avascular necrosis [AVN, aka bone death] can’t be ruled out as sporadic reports confirm and AVN is directly linked to even ‘safe level’ medical dosing of radiation.


Serious concerns of the ‘thoughtless’ world are being dismissed by world leaders who still believe that ‘thinking sections support nuclear power.’


“Keep smiling and radiation will go away,” that is modern nuclear physics 101. Madame Marie Curie forgot to smile.


Radiation exposure causes genetic mutation, has nothing to do with your ability to smile. In men, sperm count drops fast so they keep popping blanks while screwing. The virile Israeli studs are down to 20% of their potent best; dead zone, that piece of shit called Israel. Poor Jews; the Zionists did them in. What happens to women is even better: they produce children with ten fingers in each hand, three eyes, six hands, and occasionally brain dead baby or a piece of meat for fetus. The Japanese mothers are wiser.


Keep smiling because the thinking section wants nuclear power plants. Like rat traps, nuclear scientists and engineers will keep getting into the NPP-trap, and screwing the hell out of their progenies as reports keep leaking out of India’s nuclear power plant ‘housing colonies.’


I wasn’t sure of the havoc Fukushima caused in the United States. Joe Mangano and Janette Sherman report laid to rest that diffidence. [2] They say “Deaths rose 4.46 percent from 2010 to 2011 in the 14 weeks after the arrival of Japanese fallout, compared with a 2.34 percent increase in the prior 14 weeks. The number of infant deaths after Fukushima rose 1.80 percent, compared with a previous 8.37 percent decrease. Projecting these figures for the entire United States yields 13,983 total deaths and 822 infant deaths in excess of the expected numbers. An updated analysis using the entire year 2011 raised the excess deaths to 21, 851,”


Similar spikes have been reported by independent Indian researchers post atmospheric testing and Chernobyl; the institutional analysts need to be institutionalized in an asylum for nuclear rogues.


Mangano and Sherman further report, “After the Chernobyl meltdown, not all biological systems were studied, but of those that were – wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, plants, fungi, bacteria, viruses, humans, etc. – all were altered, many irreversibly. Genetic damage and reduced viability across species continues to be documented.”


The Japanese researchers can do better. The Japanese Government can do even better while keeping a constipated smile pasted across the mouth. Fortunately Indian foods keep India’s politicians and ‘the thinking section’ safe from constipation, while their American, French and British counterparts suffer from verbal diarrhea from military fundamentalism, terrorist fundamentalism, religious fundamentalism… and nuclear fundamentalism.


The thinking section of India who, as Manmohan Singh says, support nuclear power did not think about reporting the fact that hundreds of miles south of the southern coast of India, radioactive contamination was detected. Worldwide too. When Buddha keeps smiling how can the sub-continent be contaminated? Gods have ensured that radiation dosing is not uniform; it only hits the Americans and Europeans. The Japanese have developed immunity after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


That is nuclear physics 109, advanced warning system on how not to report radiological contamination. Optional paper, opted only by Government sponsored and media controlled engineers and scientists. Let people die.


Dead nuclear scientists don’t lie; they keep smiling.





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