Netanyahu and Obama blinked and lost the war of nerves - Huge strategic victory by Iran
by Matthias Chang on 12 Mar 2012 0 Comment

[FF Editorial: I hate to say it, but, I did say it – Israel and US don’t have the balls to launch a war against Iran. I have also repeatedly said that Israel don’t have any nuclear weapons. This is further corroborated by the report in the Israeli daily, Maariv, of the closed-door meeting between Obama and Netanyahu. Allegedly, the war against Iran would be called off by Netanyahu in exchange for some weapons which the US agreed to give to Israel!


If you believe in this fairy tale, it is clear that you have not understood Sun Tzu’s Art of War. If Israel has nuclear weapons, she would not need any other advanced weaponry, including the latest bunker-busting bombs to wage a war of survival against her enemies. The war propaganda was that Iran posed an existential threat to Israel. Israel has cried wolf – that she

would in those circumstances exercise the “Samson Option” – but she has failed to do so repeatedly.


This is in essence propaganda warfare, a legitimate form of warfare. For Sun Tzu did say that if a Commander can win a war without engaging in warfare, he is a great commander. In the annals of military history, none of the Israeli commanders can ever claim to be “great commanders” notwithstanding the so-called “victory” in the 1967 war. That war was achieved not on her own strength but with the massive assistance of the US in all aspects of the war. When Britain, France and Israel wanted to seize the Suez Canal, all President Eisenhower needed to do was to tell these cowards to back off and they turned tail. Therefore, Israel’s military might has been greatly exaggerated as part of the global propaganda war.


And the slavish and stupid Saudis were made to believe this crap so as to induce them to agree to sell oil in US$ toilet paper in exchange for “guaranteed protection” against Israeli threats as well as threats from fellow stupid Muslim regimes.


Israel and US nuclear blackmail has just been exposed as a dud. The threat of war is likewise a dud. For five decades, Israel got away with this stupid propaganda and the cowardly Sunni Muslim regimes just wilted because they are a bunch of moron, scumbags and sycophants of the Zionist Anglo-American war party. These Muslim scumbags can only shout “Allahu Akbar” but they have no faith in Allah whatsoever. It was a show. If these Muslim regimes had faith in the justice of their cause, they would not need the protection of the US and the puppet master, Britain.


All the Sunni Arab leaders fell one by one like bowling pins. Only the heroic Shiite Muslims, specifically the Iranians have displayed true courage and conviction in the face of the most intense nuclear blackmail in history. Syria has learned from Iran and is standing up to the bully tactics of the Zionist Anglo-American war party. War mongering was so intense that even well meaning progressive forces fell prey to this insidious propaganda. Their protest against the threat of war added to the psychological pressure on Iran. But, the Iranians are made of sterner stuff. They have shown that the US, Israel and puppet master Britain are all paper tigers, that nuclear weapons are paper tigers. The Iranian held their ground, stood eyeball to eyeball with these cowards and the cowards as expected BLINKED!


The other country that took on the might of the Zionist Anglo-American war party and won was the heroic Vietnamese people under the inspiring leadership of Ho Chi Minh.


The days of the Empire is numbered. The Saudis and the Qataris are now shitting in their pants. The protection afforded by the Zionist Anglo-American war party is questionable and the Arab main street has finally seen that the Emperor and his cronies have no clothes. The Sunni Muslims throughout the world have been misled by their scumbag Rulers (whether secular or monarchists) for over five decades. If, and it will be a big if, they want to redeem themselves and gain some token of self-respect, they must topple these murderous and barbaric regimes propped up by the Zionist Anglo-American war party. They cannot be considered true believers of Allah unless and until they have cleansed their souls of the sin of

collaboration with the Great Satan and humbly follow the path of the Shiite Muslims who have single-handedly defended the dignity of Allah.


Time is running out for the Sunni regimes. If the Sunni majority in these countries don’t dump these scumbags, the Shiite minorities will bury them instead and have the right to reclaim the Holy Mecca under their custody as the Sunnis have betrayed the cause of Islam by selling their souls to the Great Satan. It is when the Holy Mecca is free from usurpers and returned to the righteous that GLOBAL PEACE WILL PREVAIL.


The Sunni regimes in the entire Middle East and elsewhere without exception are the creatures of the British Imperialists to serve their strategic interests. These regimes and Israel (another creature of British Imperialists – via the Balfour Declaration) and the manner in which they practice their respective religions are the two sides of the same Zionist Anglo-American coin. They are the REAL ENEMIES – and the ideological enemy may be termed as “Zionist-Islamo-Fascism” (the combination of Talmudic Judaism and Wahhabism).


Islam rejects completely this cancerous mutation, the invention of the Zionist Anglo-American war party and financial elites.


The article below, a commentary on the report by the Israeli daily Maariv proves beyond all doubt that the war mongering of Netanyahu and Obama rings hollow and their nuclear blackmail is a paper tiger.]


US/Israeli Arms Deal: No Attack Until After Election?

Better bunk-buster bombs and more on the table

By Common Dreams staff


The United States has offered Israel 'advanced weaponry' in exchange for a commitment to hold off on an attack on Iran until next year, leaving room for US presidential elections, according to a report today in the Israeli daily Maariv. The deal was allegedly placed on the table during Obama and Netanyahu's recent closed-door meeting in Washington.


Agence France-Presse reports:

Citing unnamed Western diplomats and intelligence sources, the report said that during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington this week, the US administration offered to supply Israel with advanced bunker-busting bombs and long-range refuelling planes. In return, Israel would agree to put off a possible attack on Iran till 2013, after the US elections in November. [...]


The United States and Israel are at odds over just how immediate the Iranian threat is. Netanyahu said on Monday that sanctions against Iran have not worked, and "none of us can afford to wait much longer."


A key difference between Washington and Israel has emerged on the timeline available for a military strike against Iran, with the Jewish state warning that the weaponry available to it gives it a shorter window for action.  In response, the report said, the US administration offered to give Israel weapons and material that could extend its window to act against Iran. In particular, it would offer bunker-busting bombs more powerful than those currently possessed by Israel, which would allow the Jewish state to target Iranian facilities even under solid rock.


Reuters reports:

The risk of an Israeli-Iranian war troubles President Barack Obama, who is up for re-election in November and has cautioned against kindling more Middle East upheaval. A Gulf conflict could send oil prices rocketing upwards.


Netanyahu told Obama at a White House meeting on Monday that Israel had not yet decided on military action against Iran, sources close to the talks said. Netanyahu has hinted that Israel could resort to force should Tehran -which denies suspicions that it is covertly trying to develop atomic bombs - continue to defy big powers' diplomatic pressure to curb its nuclear program.


A front-page article in the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv on Thursday said Obama had told Netanyahu that Washington would supply Israel with upgraded military equipment in return for assurances that there would be no attack on Iran in 2012.


RT reports:

The US diplomats allegedly believe such step would enlarge the “opportunity window” for Israel to try to solve the issue of controversial Iranian nuclear program diplomatically. Speaking to the Israeli prime minister in the Oval Office on Monday, President Obama once again reaffirmed his personal "unprecedented commitment" to Israel's security.


The newspaper does not report on whether PM Netanyahu agreed to accept the proposal. On Wednesday Netanyahu told Fox News Channel he actually does not think a war with Iran is inevitable. "The paradox is that if they actually believe that they are going to face the military

option, then you probably will not need the military option," Netanyahu said. The sides also discussed new steps to be taken to isolate the Islamic Republic internationally even further.


At a media briefing in the White House Obama told journalists that America will apply more pressure on Iran despite the fact that “we provide a door for the Iranian regime to walk through," Obama said.


Israel has been stressing for years that the real aim of the Iranian nuclear program is not peaceful energy, but the creation of an atomic bomb, and furthermore, the destruction of the Jewish state. Tehran has consistently denied such allegations, allowing the IAEA to inspect its nuclear facilities in an attempt to prove that its nuclear program is solely peaceful.


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