How long will Najib remain Prime Minister of Malaysia?
by Matthias Chang on 01 Apr 2012 0 Comment

Internal forces within UMNO are sharpening their knives. The knives are being sharpened before the general election. In the political tsunami of 2008, the knives were sharpened after the general election. The three main factions in UMNO as well as the lesser opportunistic cliques, are staring at the jaws of defeat and are in total disarray. The fog of desperation has descended and now dominates the political climate.

The foundation of this once all-powerful party began cracking in the second half of 2011. It is my belief that the Prime Minister’s faction concluded that they could not rely on their own strength to retain power. There were intense debates as to which overriding strategy to adopt and this was reflected in the numerous flip-flops on major initiatives by the Prime Minister, so much so that ordinary folks observed that Najib’s flip-flops were worse than Pak Lah’s.

It is now abundantly clear that the Malay race card (the last card) must be played and this was confirmed in a conversation which I had with an UMNO political strategist and which I had written about in my article, “Has UMNO Lost The Plot?” posted in my website on 19th March 2012. I had also warned that this would be irreversible. However, it was also agreed that the Prime Minister would continue to project the image of supporting the “1Malaysia” slogan while everyone else would exploit the fear factor that the Chinese are hell-bent to topple UMNO and seize political power. If it was otherwise, the Prime Minister would have put an end to this propaganda.


I am utterly appalled by this deception. I cry for my country and for the next few weeks, I shall have to re-evaluate all my political options in the face of this racist onslaught. I have been hoping, against so many obvious trends, that the people I respect and have worked with in the past would not succumb to this political expedient, but the evidence has been laid bare. And it is heart wrenching for me to admit this.

That this racist strategy is irreversible and is now on full throttle has been confirmed by the “recruitment” of the maverick and dubious blogger Raja Petra. In his latest rant, “The Racist Hidden Agenda”, he has irresponsibly asserted and I quote:

“It is now very clear that ABU [anything but Umno], although about removing Umno from power, is not about seeing a better government. It is about weakening Malay political power. While there is nothing wrong in ousting Umno if those Malays in power are evil and hence need to be removed. But that is not the real reason why Umno needs to be removed. It is because Umno represents Malay political power and by removing Umno then the Malays would be weakened. And this is what frightens me. Are we removing one racist government just to replace it with another racist government? This appears to be the case and the attacks I am subjected to, the manner it is being done and the things that are being said, certainly points to this.”

Surely, he cannot be implying that his nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim is trying to weaken “Malay power” when PKR is a majority Malay / Muslim party. Neither can he imply that PAS’s agenda is to weaken “Malay power” when it is also a Malay / Muslim party. Therefore, this mischief is directed at the Chinese community.

Yet, this very same blogger had in the past asserted categorically in his website, “Malaysia Today” that it was none other than Tun Mahathir Mohamad who initiated the “Anything But UMNO” (ABU) campaign in his effort to oust Pak Lah as prime minister in the 2008 general election. I hope that he is not suggesting that Tun Mahathir Mohamad is anti-Malay and that the Chinese who responded to that call in 2008 were doing so to seize political power from the Malays! In fact, a substantial cross-section of the country responded to that call which resulted in the Opposition parties securing five state governments and denied Barisan Nasional’s two-thirds majority in parliament.

And Raja Petra was the eager beaver doing his part to ensure that Pak Lah’s regime would be toppled. He WORKED WITH ME and other UMNO bloggers on this minimum common agenda. And he was telling the Chinese not to be duped by UMNO’s false promises!

And if truth be told, I was constantly approached by BN Malay kingmakers, politicians, bloggers, etc. on the strategy to “defeat” the Barisan Nasional, but in all those meetings, discussions etc., I constantly held the position that I will not be instrumental in the defeat of the BN government in order to oust Pak Lah and Khairy from power. It would not be necessary. I said that it was enough that BN be denied the two-thirds majority and UMNO would remove Pak Lah. And it turned out as I had strategised.

Raja Petra boasted how he was the “decider” in the opposition ceramahs. This is bullshit. And if truth be told again, he made no headway until one rainy evening in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (at the Penang Village restaurant) when he asked me for advice as to how to “excite” the crowd as they were drifting away. All I said to him was, “spew all your propaganda in your first half-hour speech and observe the response. It will be luke-warm at most. Then, just utter two words, ‘Pak Lah and Khairy’ and proceed to ridicule them, and you will see the transformation in the crowd.” Sure enough, the crowd roared with approval. He repeated the tactic at all subsequent ceramahs as I had observed. And as they say, the rest is history!

Raja Petra is a Manchurian candidate. He carries out the instructions of his “controller” and is always kept in line by his handlers whoever they may be. It is clear that he has new handlers and a new controller!

Why and what are the evidence that he is now under the control of a new handler?

This dubious blogger has, in his previous rants, asserted that UMNO’s propaganda the Chinese will attempt to topple UMNO and seize political power, is a load of bullshit and a fairy tale because such a scenario is a physical impossibility because the DAP cannot capture more than 112 Parliamentary constituencies.

And so why is he now saying that the Chinese’s agenda is to seize power? Why is he echoing this insidious propaganda?

And the basis for Raja Petra’s conclusions is the manner of the criticisms by his once “faithful followers”. But, he has also said on numerous occasions that he CARES NOT FOR THESE CRITICISMS. He just cannot take the heat and it must be a great disappointment to him that he is no longer on the pedestal and treated like a demi-God. He once confided to me that his hardcore followers were “housewives, spinsters, retired teachers” who were responsible for the profanities in the website and were merely pouring out their frustrations in response to my threat of filing legal action against them for calling me a ‘barking dog of Tun’, ‘Tun’s crony’, ‘bastard’ etc.

This is Raja Petra’s evidence of the Chinese racist agenda! This is how and why the Chinese are voting against UMNO.

Yet, on March 12, 2012 (just a week before his Friday, 23rd March rant) he wrote in his website and I quote:


“Anyway who will the Chinese vote for? It all depends on the underworld Chinese bookies, the illegal gambling syndicate. Yes, you better believe it. The bookies can influence the swing in Chinese votes. If there is money to be made in a Barisan Nasional win then rest assured many Chinese will vote Barisan Nasional so that they can collect their winnings the following day. That is how it is going to be. This is something that the Malays have not learned yet. But trust me, the Malays are beginning to wise up to the fact and there is money to be made in betting on the outcome of the general elections.”

There you have it, the irrefutable evidence that Raja Petra is a Manchurian candidate. A week ago he said, the Chinese agenda is to vote the BN for money and the Malay should do likewise. And he has asked the Chinese and Malays to trust him!

And Raja Petra is a Malay / Muslim (maybe half-Malay as his mum is Welsh) and being born in the UK, is also a Brit! So a week ago, before he sold his Muslim soul and was under a different set of handlers, there was no Chinese agenda to topple Malay power. The Chinese as he contemptuously asserted was motivated purely by their gambling instinct and the craving to make money. AND HIS OWN KIND MUST FOLLOW SUIT and worship at the altar of money.

I would urge all Malays to be wary of Raja Petra’s agenda for he is a political chameleon and if the Malays get all excited by his rants and react emotionally, they would fall into his sinister trap.

Let me put the nail in his coffin. This is what he wrote on the 14th March, 2012 and I quote:

“Gullible and Stupid Malaysians”

“Mohd Zin Mohamed is foaming at the mouth and is accusing Anwar of trying to topple the government. He is alleging that foreign parties are getting involved in ‘our politics’. So what? What is wrong with that? Is it not the duty of the opposition to try to topple the ruling government and take power? That is what they are supposed to do. It is their job. Why scream about the opposition trying to oust the ruling party? They do this all over the world. That is called DEMOCRACY. Has Mohd Zin never heard of this word before?”

Here, this scumbag is saying it is alright to topple UMNO. It is an exercise in democracy and his nemesis is leading this regime change! Where is the allegation of Chinese toppling UMNO for “Chinese political power”? Is this idiot saying that PKR and PAS are enabling the Chinese to topple Malay power?

Raja Petra went on to state in an interview with FMT that:

“Everywhere you look, you are touched by the Umno culture. So when I say ‘ABU’, I am not talking about the Malay political party… I am talking about the Umno culture that has spread throughout and infiltrated every aspect of the country. If we just get rid of Umno and not the culture, nothing will change.”

Furthermore, Raja Petra said the EC would never permit the opposition to win the election and seize control of Putrajaya. “They will do all sorts of scams, schemes and cheating and fraud to make sure that Barisan Nasional does not lose,” he said. So to all the gullible Malays out there, please pause and think rationally and ask, In the light of this admission by Raja Petra, can the Chinese seize power in Malaysia?

And if UMNO and its bloggers continue to associate with the likes of Raja Petra, Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali, they will only hasten their downfall and no one is to be blamed, not the Chinese, the Indians and other minorities but themselves for being bigots and following this stupid pied-piper. The fact that Raja Petra is spewing such insidious and seditious bullshit at this juncture is not a coincidence. He has been directed to do so in support of the assertion by another UMNO political strategist that I had exposed in my previous article, Has UMNO Lost the Plot? on 19th March, 2012.

I am very disappointed that Harakah, the organ of PAS deemed it fit to carry Raja Petra’s racist rant, thereby giving credence to this insidious propaganda. Being a Muslim organisation, I would have thought it would be above such trash. It is clear that PAS may have been suckered into this trap. Raja Petra has now joined the ranks of Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali as bigots and barking dogs for hire! In politics, Raja Petra, Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali are the dispensable patsies and once their usefulness is no longer needed, they would be discarded simply as old rags!

Tun Daim had also come out of the woodworks to fan the racial flames when he made similar comments about the Chinese in his interview with the Chinese newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau. This is an indication that UMNO is in disarray and directionless. The vested interests in the party cannot afford to allow the situation to deteriorate further. UMNO is like a runaway train at top speed without a driver. This is most dangerous.

I would not be surprised if the other factions within UMNO are looking into Plan B to ensure their survival. And I believe that Plan B would be implemented before the General Elections.

The Brutus and the Cassius of UMNO are conferring and plotting. That Shahrizat was allowed to continue as Wanita Chief may be the last straw that will break the camel’s back. The end game for the power tussle in UMNO is near and let me say it here and now – the Chinese will not be made the scapegoats for this fiasco.

The Malays will always be in control of the Military, the Police and the Civil Service regardless of whether PAS, PKR or UMNO is in power. It is for the Malays and the Malays alone to decide whether they want UMNO to control “Malay power” or the PKR / PAS alliance to control “Malay power”. They can then decide which non-Malay / Muslim entities they are comfortable with to share power for the wellbeing of the country. This is realpolitik, this is common sense and this is the simple truth.

Part 2 will follow soon..... Another UMNO coup?

Courtesy Matthias Chang,

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