Opening the Vault of Time
by Scott Jones on 12 May 2012 2 Comments

Much has been written about anticipated events in 2012. However, history has shown that predicting future events, and especially the timing of these events, is at best an imprecise art. I suggest that a major factor is that consciousness, particularly collective consciousness, has much more influence and authority over events than we currently recognize. For years I have been greatly impressed by what qi gong Masters and some others have demonstrated that measurably violate accepted theories of time and space.

During a visit to Beijing in 1991, colleagues at the Institute of Somatic Sciences brought together some of China’s leading qi gong Masters and university researchers who had worked with them. Capabilities were demonstrated that most western scientists avoid acknowledging. I was given a book, Qigong Kexuewenji (Collected Works on Science of Qi Gong) and requested to have it translated into English. This I did, but the Beijing University of Science and Engineering Press refused to agree to publication of this English edition. The result was that it received very limited distribution to personal scientist friends. One of these took time to provide written comments on each of the thirty-six experiments covered in the book. On balance, this was a missed opportunity that I regret. Mysteries of nature, limits of human potential and the reality of our past and future integration with the cosmos are critical areas that demand close cooperation to unravel. Survival of humanity is involved.

I believe with high confidence that one specific seminal event will take place in 2012. The date of this event is not currently known. This is because the large number of variables associated with it, and the powerful energy focused upon it with opposite desires and intentions. The emotional field that surrounds it is enormous, as vested interests compete to achieve their goals.

The event will be an unambiguous disclosure that from the most ancient times, and very specifically in the modern era, earth and extraterrestrial cultures have been in intimate contact.

This evening I want to address why countries have deferred to the United States on this subject, and why that is now a dysfunctional and dangerous strategy. Directly associated to that is a special role for China to play in this global and cosmic drama, and an event timeline for that activity. 

The success that China will have in taking a lead in disclosure depends upon global pre-disclosure dialogue and education. Important to that will be achieving consensus on names, labels and definitions associated with contact and disclosure. In these discussions we will see that what appears to be new and unknown are ancient and enduring, and that small changes can have large impacts.

To begin, I want you to know that I carry extraterrestrial DNA, some of which has yet to be switched on, and genes from the stars. If you find that to be exciting, you will be delighted to know that each of you shares that condition with me and with each other. More than one extraterrestrial culture may be involved, but the solid archeological evidence of this comes from the Middle East in the form of thousands of clay tablets that now reside in the great museums of the world and in private collections. Working with these clay tablets and other authenticated sources, the brilliant work of Zecharia Sitchin details the arrival of the Anunnaki from their home planet, Nibiru, and their genetic engineering that resulted in the family of man on Earth.

While Nibiru is a planet in our solar system, we know from other sources that extraterrestrials from other star systems also became players in the development of humankind. These included visitors from Tau Ceti, Zeta Reticuli, Sirius, and the Pleiades. A number of crossbreed species involving Pleiadeans and humans from the past are involved. A number of hybrid species have been developed over thousands of years in order to take advantage of physical bodies in many opportunities for contact and assistance with humans. All of this suggests that physicality is associated with a primitive state of consciousness, and very likely the majority of contact with humans on Earth have involved mental links with unseen ETs in other dimensions or etheric planes. Yes, it is very complex, and most is yet to be learned and understood.

However, seen or unseen, what is an effective protocol for communications with the Visiting Others? The term Visiting Others was a gift from a Native American friend who had a lifetime of contact with assorted extraterrestrials, but mostly with the small Grays from Zeta Reticuli. The reason this subject is important is because for over sixty-years a powerful and successful counter-intelligence program has been run against the citizens of the United States by an elite group that has profited greatly from extraterrestrial contact.

The phases of this program started with persistent denial of any existence of extraterrestrials. However, the world-wide-web, the internet and millions of cell phone cameras overwhelmed the capability of Men-in-Black to intimidate citizens to surrender photographs of extraterrestrial craft. The keepers of these secrets then staged events that were used in order to embarrass the media and take them out of the game. Editors refused to report or to investigate real sightings. Disinformation, blatant lies were used, and a sophisticated program of associating threats and fear with extraterrestrials became part of Hollywood productions.

It is important to remember that disclosure has always been an option that the Visiting Others could exercise without any country being able to stop. That could be as dramatic as a daylight appearance at low altitude of a huge ET craft over Hong Kong or any other of the world’s metropolitan cities that are not likely to try to take offensive action against it. Alternatively, extraterrestrial controlled or influenced disclosure could be profoundly subtle and permanently transforming for all humans. Many believe that if the United States makes a disclosure announcement, it will be made with a dire threat spin attached. The world deserves better.

A handmaiden to every war has been extensive propaganda programs to dehumanize the enemy, and this has been a core part on the counter-intelligence program in the United States. Some of these tactics include the abduction of citizens by personnel playing the role of extraterrestrials who use crude mind influencing technologies to create fearful scenarios for the helpless victims. Such extreme measures can only be understood in terms of shielding the truth that a few are desperate to hide. Great power and profit will be at risk when disclosure takes place.

Who are the Gatekeepers of Disclosure?

There is circumstantial evidence from earth sources and confirming evidence from one ET source that President Dwight Eisenhower was involved in three meetings with extraterrestrials. These meetings were organized by the Pleiadeans, and included a species from Tau Ceti and Nordic hybrids. The ET agenda was to demonstrate to President Eisenhower that a peaceful community of ETs existed, but that a group of international financiers and industrialists were controlling the exchange of technologies for profit and suppressing knowledge of technologies that would address the broader needs of humanity, for example energy, food and health, in such a way that financial profit potential would be minimal.

Eisenhower attempted to establish a separate system of exchange but that was thwarted by the international anti-disclosure cabal. On January 17, 1961, Eisenhower gave his final televised Address to the Nation from the Oval Office. In his farewell speech warning that “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex,” he said, “We recognize the imperative need for this development ... the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist ... Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

The last comment, that only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can assure a balance of security and liberty, applies to the citizenry of every country.

The ETs selected the Unites States after the end of World War II as the most powerful and responsible country to lead the world into a mutually productive relationship with the Cosmic Community. The ETs were particularly concerned about the potential spread of weapons of mass destruction, and the habit of the Nation States system to repeatedly resort to the use of violence to solve political problems.

Greed and corruption doomed the best efforts by President Eisenhower, and no subsequent presidents of either of the nation’s principal political parties have dared to publicly address the issue.

Fifty years after Eisenhower’s failed effort that could have resulted in formal disclosure, the world’s geopolitical landscape has vastly changed. The US empire is still strong, but has been fully captured by the military-industrial complex, more accurately now identified as the military-industrial-congressional complex. Irrational wars of choice have greatly weakened the economy, and public support and respect for the Congress and the White House is at an all-time low. It is past time for another country to take the lead that the US was once offered by the ETs, but failed to perform.

The Next Country to Lead

I have a short list of countries that in my opinion could successfully provide the needed pre-disclosure leadership, and then the critical leadership of disclosure itself, and leadership in the exciting post-disclosure years. The list is drawn from the group of nations who have successfully sent one or more satellites around the moon and are well aware from their photography of the presence of artificial constructed structures in a variety of styles.

That list of countries includes the United States, Russia, countries of the European Space Agency (ESA), China, Japan, and India. Within the ESA, I only consider Germany, France and the United Kingdom capable of doing the job. But I would eliminate France and the United Kingdom because they were briefed by Eisenhower of the ET approach and failed to support and pressure him to follow through, or to take the lead themselves. While I can make a case for each of the other  countries, especially India where I have met with government officials and the academic community on this subject, I will only address China in this leadership role.

The reason I identified the short list of countries that are well aware of the ET presence on the Moon is that we cannot waste any additional time debating evidence of the ET presence. If the US could send and retrieve twenty-one astronauts from moon missions, and have twelve of them kicking up moon dust, we should grant the same capability to ET cultures thousands of years more technologically advanced. The debate should be about what disclosure will mean to Earth and our future in the Cosmic Community.

China’s First de facto Global Reach

There is a most interesting historical example in China’s past when it boldly discovered and engaged the known world from a position of hegemony based upon its superior technological and intellectual attainments. The principal source for this relevant discourse is the brilliant research by Gavin Menzies and his colleagues. Their two books, 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, and 1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance, are a successful challenge to the Eurocentric history that currently dominates in most university curriculum.

Menzies wisely vetted 1421 for accuracy by thirty-six Chinese institutions, academies, institutes, universities, and museums. The evidence supporting his book was considered by more than two-hundred experts. Of these, approximately 85% accepted the author’s argument that Chinese fleets discovered the New World before Europeans. Beyond this profound reversal of accepted belief, his next book, 1434, discloses the impact of China’s geopolitical activism.

China’s objective was made clear in the imperial order of the Xuande Emperor dated 29 June 1430: “The New Reign of Xuan De has commenced and everything shall begin anew. But distant lands beyond the seas have not yet been informed. I send Eunuchs Zheng He and Wang Zing Hong with this imperial order to instruct these countries to follow the way of heaven with reverence and to watch over their people so that all might enjoy the good fortune of lasting peace.”

“To follow the way of heaven with reverence” in raw political terms meant that China fully expected foreign countries to be so impressed with the offensive military capabilities that the Chinese fleet demonstrated, and indeed documentation thereof was freely given, that they would be intimidated and agree to a tribute relationship. To facilitate this, Admiral, Grand Eunuch and Ambassador Zheng He presented foreign rulers with the Xuan De calendar and with charts and navigational aids to enable them to return tribute to China. Menzies’ research discovered that “In the years immediately thereafter, a dozen countries paid tribute to the emperor, including an enormous delegation from Egypt.”

However, there is another reasonable assessment of China’s strategy and expectations. What Zheng He did was highly suggestive of an indigenous Native American potlatch ceremony practiced by tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and the United States. The potlatch was a very important cultural practice wherein the sponsors of a potlatch gave away many useful items. In return they earned prestige, enhanced reputation and validated rank. Prestige increased with the lavishness and the value of the goods given away.

The gifts of the Treasure Fleet were incredibly valuable. The Shoushi calendar contained a mass of astronomical data running to thousands of observations. This was revolutionary knowledge beyond anything the barbarians had been able to produce. Additionally, the Nung Shu, a popular encyclopedia that included vivid descriptions and illustrations of agricultural machinery was gifted. Another gift was a pocket encyclopedia, the Wu-ching Tsung-yao. This was a collection of the most important military techniques, giving detailed accounts of the construction and functions of a vast array of military machines.

In summary, the triune category of gifts opened the world for new discovery, integration and cooperation. It greatly increased the potential of nations to achieve maximum agricultural efficiency, and finally challenged nations to consider the consequences when everyone would have the option for an inventory of the most advanced weapons of war. 

However, there was one gift that deserves special attention. This was the massive encyclopedia Yongle Dadian that had been completed in 1421. Three thousands scholars had worked on it for years. It compiled all Chinese knowledge from the previous two thousand years. It covered every subject on the planet: geography and cartography, agriculture, civil and military engineering, warfare, health and medical care, building and town planning, steel and steel production, ceramics firing and painting, biochemistry including cross-fertilization, alcohol production, silk making and weaving, gunpowder making, ship construction, codes, cyphers and cryptography.

This global model of imperial boldness has no equal. Close to it was the Marshall Plan offered to Europe after the end of World War II when the US was alone on the top of the totem pole of greatness. But the US has discovered that handling greatness without thousands of years of experience is more than difficult, and its cycle of grandeur is in eclipse.

China’ Second Coming: Disclosure’s Opportunities and Challenges

I am ending the evening with an outline of options that China may already be considering in terms of taking a lead in formal disclosure of Earth and extraterrestrial contact, and why it may be doing that.

China has consistently opposed the weaponization of outer space in its official statements, and, along with Russia, has led the initiative to create an international treaty banning all weapons in space through negotiations within an ad hoc committee of the Conference on Disarmament.

I gave a copy of a treaty to ban space-based weapons to China’s Ambassador to New Delhi, India, in April of last year. I provided it to him during a visit to India where I presented the Cosmic Humanity briefing at two academic venues, and at the India International Centre in New Delhi. The Cosmic Humanity briefing was jointly created with Neil Freer who opened the Mexo program last month. He and I look forward to presenting the Cosmic Humanity briefing in China and invite you to assist to make that possible. Details of the outer Space Security and Development Treaty may be seen at where it may be read in many languages including, of course, Chinese. The treaty was created last year by a small group that among others included Dr. Carol Rosin, Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell, astronaut and the sixth human from Earth to walk on the moon, and myself.

A unique feather of the treaty is that the invited Signatories to the Treaty are Nation States, Indigenous Nations and Cosmic Cultures. When China becomes a Signatory to the Treaty it can expect to be joined by more than one Cosmic Culture with a demonstrated interest and capability to assure that space will be weapon free.

In December of last year, China announced a five-year plan for space exploration. It included beginning the work to land its astronauts on the moon. The complete success of all of China’s current space plans and even bolder ones in the future would be assured if China led all nations of the world by announcing the reality of Earth and Extraterrestrial contact, and its desire to work directly with ETs in its peaceful space program.

The ET cultures that I expect would quickly respond to this request for open support would be other than those that have been working with the United States in secretly developing space and other technologies that have not been made available for peaceful use for all of Earth’s humanity. This would certainly be a shock to the world, and particularly disappointing to the US military-industrial complex that has profited so much in secrecy.

There is a signature move that China could take that would be as bold and significant as was done by opening the sea routes of the world in 1434 and sharing knowledge that transformed the world. This would be to direct their university system to research and write a series of White Papers on the consequences to China and the World of disclosure of Earth/ET contact and cooperation. This most helpful pre-disclosure step would begin to prepare the world for events that will end up with Earth taking its rightful place in the Cosmic Community.

An additional helpful step for China to take would be to search their most ancient archives to look for references to extraterrestrial contact with China. As mentioned earlier, we have an abundance of archeological evidence of thousands of years of ET contact in South Africa and in the Middle East. These were the Anunnaki, and we know that they moved east into what is now India and Pakistan, and west into what is now Mexico and Central America. Did they also move into what is now China? Or perhaps another extraterrestrial culture was there, nurturing civilization. If so, who were they? These would be the “gods” of your most ancient legends, but more importantly, your ancestors.

A Post Script: What Do You Say After Hello?

Names, titles and labels are important, and there is a universal tradition of using terms to demean or diminish those who we fear or do not know, or consider being a threat. I raised this issue before and want to end with it now. The most commonly used term for extraterrestrial is “alien.” The very popular American Heritage Dictionary gives five uses of the word, including: a member of another family, people, region or country. A second usage is: an outsider. A third usage may surprise you: (slang) a creature from outer space. If fact, “creature” was not used as slang, but as a direct reference to extraterrestrials in the Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs, often referred to as “the Brookings Report”. 

This famous report was commissioned by NASA and created by the Brookings Institution in collaboration with NASA's Committee on Long Range Studies in 1960. It was submitted to the Committee on Science and Astronautics of the United States House of Representatives in the 87th United States Congress on April 18, 1961, and entered into the Congressional Record. Hundreds of scholars were consulted including two very famous US anthropologists, Professor Cora Du Bois, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University, and Margaret Mead, Associate Curator of Ethnology, American Museum of Natural History.

The point is this. The term extraterrestrial is self-defining: originating, located, or occurring outside the earth or its atmosphere. Earth humans would be extraterrestrials to citizens of Mars, and both would be something created (creatures) and human to their home planet. I have used the term Visiting Others because to me it has a respectful connotation. Perhaps The Ancestors would be both accurate and certainly respectful. To forget or not recognize one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without root.

The Visiting Others, The Ancestors, are more than time travelers; they have learned to control time, it is their most valuable tool. They can move any direction in time. If they think this meeting is important to them, they are here from the past, the present, and the future. To them, the Vault of Time has been opened for millenniums. This too is our future. If that is what you want, let us work together to achieve it.

I thank you for the opportunity to share these thoughts and dreams with you.


Disclosure of Earth and Extraterrestrial Contact: Challenges and Opportunities

Many in the exopolitics community consider that public disclosure of contact between earth and extraterrestrial cultures is a noble undertaking of great service to humanity. It is a reasonable assumption that this disclosure will be a large shock and surprise to many of earth’s countries and cultures. It will not surprise many indigenous cultures with oral histories and creation stories that explicitly honor the reality of these ancient and modern relationships.

It is common knowledge that global religions, and factions within some of the largest religions such as Christianity and Islam, show great diversity in belief and religious practices. It is also common knowledge that these differences have resulted in some of the most senseless and horrific wars. Some of these religions have already expressed what they believe about extraterrestrials. 

Some religions state that they welcome extraterrestrials as brothers, others view them as evil. It may be that both views are correct. Science has estimated that the size of the universe predicts the possibility of a huge number of different extraterrestrial cultures. Within that group, three logical categories are (1) cultures that view Earth with interest and compassion; (2) cultures that have no interest at all in Earth; (3) and cultures that view the Earth with distain and bad intentions. 

It is not a good strategy to simply wait and see who shows up. Currently, no country has publicly stated that they are in direct communication with one or more extraterrestrial culture. However, there are many reports from individuals claiming to have had personal contact with one or more extraterrestrial culture. Some of these reports are certainly true, and some may be delusional.

The reality of private person contact with extraterrestrials presents a problem for the world’s nation state system. Diplomatic contact between sovereign government entities is a reserved area for nation states, at least on Earth. How many of the world’s countries do you think have requested contact with extraterrestrial cultures? 

To reduce the risks that may exist with a request for contact, such an overture should be conditional, and based upon the best available knowledge we have about extraterrestrial cultures and the likely consequences of disclosure to each Earth’s nation state and the thousands of Earth’s unique cultures. 

The concept of pre-disclosure activity identifies an important role for the university system of every country. What is needed is a White Paper from every country that is based upon this question: What will be the impact of contact to my country with one or more extraterrestrial cultures that are thousands of years more technologically advanced than we are? The assumption would be that contact will be non-violent from both sides, and that specific negotiated terms have been agreed upon. 

One key issue will be an agreement that in exchange for the complete elimination of all classes of weapons of mass destruction within a geographic region, the extraterrestrial cultures will introduce non-polluting energy technologies that will meet the region’s total energy needs. For example, one region could include China, North Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, and the Eastern and Central Military Districts of the Russian Federation. Nuclear weapons would be removed in mass by the extraterrestrials without any country having to be responsible for this action. Any non-region country that has not reached agreement with the extraterrestrial community on this issue would have their nuclear weapons neutralized as long as they are within delivery range of any country in the region or parts of the Russian Federation as noted in the region above. An example would be US nuclear weapons aboard aircraft carriers and submarines would be neutralized. When such weapons are outside of their delivery range, they could once again become operational within three days. Extraterrestrials have demonstrated this capability in the United States when they took operational ICBMs off line. This was a non-destructive operation.

The careful reader of the above paragraph will recognize that for this system to work, the extraterrestrials will have to have a capability to determine whether the countries within a region are honoring the agreement to be nuclear weapon free. The way this will work is that the systems producing the electrical energy are conscious source field vortex generators. During the first six months after the agreement has been made, the energy will be at full capacity to villages, towns and cities. No physical grid infrastructure will be required. During these months, every person within the region will be educated by effective subtle messages during sleep and meditation that as long as they fully support the agreement made, the energy will be sustained. They will also be informed that those who make an effort to violate the agreement will quickly lose energy and their identity will be made known to everyone within the region.

What other pre-disclosure agreements do you think would be appropriate, and what conditions would apply?

The model example above has been deliberately selected. We propose that China lead the world in disclosure, and that it be done on regional bases. A regional approach is very practical because the number of countries involved is small, and vital regional issues can be addressed that may or may not be reflected in other parts of the world. Of course, when China makes the disclosure announcement, all of the world’s countries will immediately go into some level of cultural shock. That reality makes the pre-disclosure White Paper concept extremely important.

When China announces the agreements that it has reached with the extraterrestrial cultures, it will set a goal and challenge for all other countries and regions. That will be welcome news to countries around the world that have emerged from the burden of colonialism. They would have evidence that they would not be subject to a neo-technological colonialism. Disclosure and the consequences of disclosure are complex issues, but obviously no more complex than life. It is therefore something that can be addressed and worked through.

The power and global influence of a regional disclosure announcement would be maximized if the announcement was concurrently made by all of the region’s member countries. What has become dangerously irrational is denial of the existence of our extraterrestrial ancestors and their contact with us from the dawn of humanity on Earth.

Dr. Scott Jones (Commander, US Navy, Retd.) worked for the US Government in a Military Intelligence capacity for sixty years. The documents above were discussed during the
Scott Jones’ Workshop session on 10 April 10 2012 at the Council Grove in Hong Kong  
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