Glass house of Professional Christianity
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Contrary to popular belief, Christian priesthood is not a vocation; it is a profession

This was stated to the missionaries by Swami Vivekananda himself:
You train and educate and clothe and pay men to do what?  To come over to my country to curse and abuse all my forefathers, my religion, and everything.  They walk near a temple and say, "You idolaters, you will go to hell."… And then you who train men to abuse and criticise…..And whenever your ministers criticise us, let them remember this: If all India stands up and takes all the mud that is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean and throws it up against the Western countries, it will not be doing an infinitesimal part of that which you are doing to us…

For many centuries now, professional evangelists have been abusing and criticizing Hindu devotion and Hindu divinities as sexual psychopaths and worse. Their Bible sets the standard – for example, it vilifies us pagans as worshippers of "the beast" who represents the Devil (Rev 13.2; 20.2).  We are liars, dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, and idolaters (Rev 22.15).  Ministers of the Bible take it forward: a recent sample being the obscenities mouthed about our gods by a ministry in Karnataka:

Urvashi – the daughter of Lord Vishnu – is a prostitute. Vashistha is the son of this prostitute.  He in turn married his own Mother. Such a degraded person is the Guru of the Hindu God Rama…When Krishna himself is wallowing in darkness of hell, how can he enlighten others? Since Krishna himself is a shady character, there is need for us to liberate his misled followers…It was Brahma himself who kidnapped Sita. Since Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were themselves victims of lust, it is a sin to consider them as Gods…When the Trinity of Hinduism (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are consumed by lust and anger, how can they liberate others?  The projection of them as Gods is nothing but a joke

When Vishnu asked Brahma to commit a sin, he immediately did so. How can such an evil Brahma be a Creator of this Universe? How is it possible for both the sinner and the entity, which provoked the sin to be gods?... God, please liberate the sinful people of India who are worshipping false Gods that believe in the pleasures of illicit ‘Vyabichari’ relationships

Not a single professional Christian leader is reported to have condemned the abominations uttered by their professionals against our gods and us. Coincidentally, recently the Vatican expressed concern about the pedophilia, sex-abuse and psychopathy prevalent amongst its professionals [].  

One suspects the Vatican’s concern has more to do with its loss of the $2 billion or so that it has had to disburse to its sexually-abused victims of just the last few decades alone. Concern over such a loss would be in keeping with the Church’s historical role of organized banditry –
They came with the Bible in one hand and the gun in the other. First they stole gold. Then they stole the land. Then they stole souls [].

It has been said of the missionaries that when they arrived they had only the Book and we had the land; now we have the Book and they have the land... When the missionaries arrived they fell on their knees and prayed. Then they got up, fell on the Indians, and preyed [Vine Deloria, "Custer Died For Your Sins", University of Oklahoma Press, 1988:101].

Yours is religion preached in the name of luxury. What an irony of fate!... It is all hypocrisy that I have heard in this country…You cannot serve God and Mammon at the same time…Better be ready to live in rags with Christ than to live in palaces without him [Swami Vivekananda,

Note that the Popes have always lived in mammonish luxury in imperial palaces.  

Pope Benedict XVI claimed he was “deeply ashamed” of the sex-abuse by his professionals. The Vatican preaches that God’s design for sex is for Christian husband and wife between themselves for the purpose of procreation. For many centuries “church authorities taught that intercourse should be face-to-face, man-on-top” (popularly called “the missionary position”) as being the only natural position for humans (in some American states, it is the only lawful one). Other positions (such as retrocopulate or ventro-dorsal – “doggy style”) are bestial or uncivilized [e.g., ; ; ;]. 
It follows that any sex that deviates from this would, in the Vatican’s terms, be sex-abuse or sexual psychopathy.    

We know there is neither sex nor marriage in heaven (Mark 12:25). To make up for the sensual abstinence that will devolve upon missionaries when they reach their heaven, it seems that on earth they engage in variety for sexual fulfillment, following biblical role models!  The Church’s troubles arise not from what it admits is sex-abuse, but from a modern civil code that empowers unwilling recipients of sexual attention from missionaries to seek retribution. Already, the Church’s coffers have been depleted by two billion dollars.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Christian ministers revile our gods as sexual psychopaths. But they themselves live in glass houses.  Here is a pagan look into one of those glass houses, that of the sexual psychopathy of their own god and their own progenitors. 

The Bible tells us, in Genesis, that on the sixth day of Creation, Jehovah created the first human, Adam, from “the dust of the ground”.  From Adam’s rib, Jehovah created Eve, and the two humans copulated (copulatus = to join together) and produced two sons, Abel and Cain.

Cain copulated with his wife. Since, till then, no other human female had been created, it follows that Cain’s wife had to be his own mother. Cain’s son by her was thereby his half-brother too.

Therefore, we have a common ancestor, who split in two, and the origin of the human race – and of missionaries – is in the incestuous copulation of these two, and then incestuously of their descendants across generations. Thus, in primordial incest lies the founding of the Christian belief-system.

Among the cross-generation incest recorded in Genesis is that of Lot and his two daughters to produce a son each; of Reuben with his step-mother Bilhah; of Onan with his widowed sister-in-law Tamar; and of Tamar with her father-in-law Judah to produce children, one of whom, Phares, was a direct ancestor of Jesus (Luke 3.33). Such is the ancestry of Jesus.

There were also “giants in the earth in those days” (Gen 6.4), but there is no mention at all of when and how they were created or conceived post-Adam, so they had to have been pre-Adam. Now, according to Luke 3.38, Adam was the “son of God”, which would make him the brother of Jesus. Jesus was produced parthenogenetically by Mary. There was no human female prior to Adam, and Jehovah is not autogamous. It follows, per Luke, that Adam was probably Jehovah’s son through a giantess.   

So, unless you prefer the myth of the first male human having been created from dust and the first female human from a bone, it has to be inter-species sex that, according to the Christian belief-system, produced the human species [cf. “Human Ancestors May Have Interbred With Chimpanzees”,].

Jehovah decided to destroy the human race, with the exception of Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their wives, who survived aboard the Ark. After the Flood, the children of Noah's sons and daughters-in-law reproduced amongst themselves to repopulate the earth. All evangelists today have descended, by biblical definition, from these incestuous unions.

Noah then punished his son Ham and Ham’s descendants with slavery for "what his younger son had done unto him" when Noah lay drunk and naked (Gen 9.24, 27). The punishment for this homosexual incest became the missionary justification for enslaving Africans centuries later [].

Recall we are still in the Genesis (from the Greek for "birth", "origin") chapter of the Christian tradition.

Abraham – whose name is given to the monotheisms as “abrahamisms” - copulated adulterously with his wife’s maid. Jehovah later “visited” Abraham’s barren wife Sarah, and it is thus that she conceived and bore a son, Isaac (Gen 17.17; 18.11, 14; 21.1-2), who is therefore a half-brother to Adam. By then, Abraham was advanced in years and we find him requiring his manservant to “put his hand under the thigh of Abraham his master” (Gen 24.2, 9). Jacob copulates adulterously with the maids of both his wives and then, in his advanced years, had his son Joseph too put his hand under the father’s thigh (Gen 47.29).

Jehovah appears obsessed with the male body. Indeed, the Christian god’s distinguishing linga can well be said to be the human male foreskin – He demands it (Gen 17.10-14, Joshua 5.2-3, 8-9) and is prepared even to kill for it (Exodus 4.24-26). His interest in male pelvic physiology and culture extends to large penises and copious ejaculation (Ezekiel 16.26, 23.20), the testicles (Lev 21.20, Deut 23:1), the anus (1 Sam 5.9, 6.4-5), masturbation (Habakkuk 2.16), premature ejaculation and nocturnal emissions (Leviticus 15.2-17, 32; 22.4), and drinking urine and eating faeces (2 Kings 18.27, Isaiah 36.12). He mooned Himself to Moses (Exodus 33.23).

Christian scriptures are thus replete with the professed adultery, homosexuality, incest and more of the faith’s leading characters. The Church notes what it calls sex-abuse and psychopathy amongst its human professionals. But what about the comparable sex-abuse and sexual psychopathy replete in the very text that defines the faith? 

Yet Christian ministers, living in such a glass house, throw stones at us pagans.

David committed adultery with Uriah’s wife Bathsheba, and after she conceived, ensured she was widowed (2 Sam 11). Jehovah commanded the public rape of David’s wives (2 Sam 12:11-12). David’s son Ammon raped his half-sister Tamar (2 Sam 13.14). David’s son Absalom copulated with his father’s concubines (2 Sam16.22). Recall that Jesus “cometh of the seed of David” (John 7.42), i.e., of the seed of an adulterer.

Jehovah “visited” Elkanah’s wife Hannah “so that she conceived, and bare three sons and two daughters” (1 Sam 2.21). This made them Adam’s half-brothers and half-sisters and their mother an adulteress. And at least three same-sex couples lived in biblical bliss - Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi, David and Jonathan, and possibly Daniel and Ashpenaz

Solomon was exceedingly amorous. He “loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites”. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:1-3). The Song of Solomon is soft-porn – it glories in fellatio (2.3), cunnilingus (4.16, 5.1, and 7.2 in the original Hebrew), oral sex generally (5.1), incestuous desire (5.1-2, 8.1), and possibly even fisting (5.4). 

There are references in the Bible to Jesus and a man’s “living water” that flows “out of his belly”. Since only a man produces it, it has to be semen (and not urine). In John 4.7, 10, 17-18, Jesus asks a woman to give him water to drink, and then he himself offers her his “living water”. She says she has no husband and he reminds her she had “five husbands” (four fingers and a thumb – cf. Song of Solomon 5.4). In John 7.37-38, Jesus asks “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” 

Given the biblical incidence of homosexual practice, the sexual metaphor in the Song of Solomon (“his fruit was sweet to my taste”, 2.3), and that only a male produces this “living water”, it follows that one male drinking another’s “living water”, and his own flowing out copiously in response, can only be fellatio with semen ingestion. 

A plain reading of the Bible reveals Abraham, Judah, David and Solomon (all direct ancestors of Jesus) to be what the Church calls “sex-abusers” or “psychopaths”. As for Jesus himself (assuming his historical authenticity), there is in addition the peculiar circumstance of his conception and the authority that the Church confers on this – though Apocrypha 4.3 of the Wisdom of Solomon is quite explicit about lineages produced from unidentifiable fathers (or, perhaps because more than ten generations have elapsed, this is no longer relevant in his case - Deut 23.2). Then there are literally the thousands of wives of Jesus, including his own mother Mary who is also his daughter

The Bible is so full of sex-abuse and psychopathy that the King James Version [], edited to make it suitable for young Christians by “omitting all references to illicit and deviant sex acts [becomes] roughly the size of a theater program” [].

Hongkongers, noting the Bible’s “sexual and violent content, including rape and incest”, have demanded its classification as “indecent”, so that “only those over 18 could buy the holy book and it would need to be sealed in a wrapper with a statutory warning notice” []. 

It is certainly appropriate “that the definitive version of the Lord’s Word was written by that unrepentant sodomite, King James, and therefore contains far more graphic descriptions of intimacy than any heterosexual author would ever have inserted

Yet Christian ministers dare throw stones at us pagans. Recall some of the stones thrown at us recently:
Urvashi - daughter of Vishnu – prostitute -  Vashistha - son of  prostitute - married his Mother - degraded person - Guru of Rama -  Krishna in  hell -  shady character -Brahma kidnapped Sita - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva -  lust -  sin to consider them Gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - lust and anger -  projection as  Gods – joke – evil Brahma -  sinful people of India -  worshipping false Gods – illicit  vyabhichari relationships.

It is time we pay them back in their own coin. For it is the Christian god in their own Bible who ordains:
…life for life / Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot / Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe (Exodus 21.23-25).

…beast for beast / And if a man cause a blemish in his shall it be done to him / Breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth: as he hath caused a blemish in a man, so shall it be done to him again (Leviticus 24.18-20).

Jesus himself demanded:
…those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me (Luke 19.27).

True to these biblical injunctions, nowhere, but nowhere, in the world where professional Christianity has conquered, has it permitted significant pagan populations to survive. Nowhere in the territories of this abrahamism is there a meaningful survival of any paganism. There is not one significant exception to this worldwide historical fact.

Swami Vivekananda, continuing his text cited earlier, knew this:

With all your brags and boastings, where has your Christianity succeeded without the sword?  Show me one place in the whole world. One, I say, throughout the history of the Christian religion -- one; I do not want two. I know how your forefathers were converted. They had to be converted or killed; that was all…
"We are the only one!" 
And why?
"Because we can kill others."

Therefore was Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati butchered.

Does the Vatican State permit us to propagate our paganism within its territory? 

It is time we pagans forced a total and nationwide ban on professional Christian evangelists being allowed to perpetrate their violence against us and our gods in our own country.

Krishen Kak is a Hindu  pagan

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