Rosa vs. The Rodents
by Frank Scott on 22 Jun 2012 0 Comment

The social disease that is capital’s political economics has become more dangerous as global demands for real democracy and an end to majority servitude puts ruling regimes in a near frenzy. Power of the few over the many has never been more threatened than at the present moment and rulers are moved to even more crazed behavior than usual. It’s as if rats on a sinking ship were all suffering terminal illness, but were armed with nuclear weapons and convinced that rodents were superior to all other life forms and must survive for the ship to remain afloat. Humanity needs to be more critical and militant than ever before because the dangers we face are more serious than ever before.

A nearly hysterical media mind assault is working to create support for further military madness in Syria via western intervention beyond the sneaky manner it has already taken. This would likely bring not only much greater tragedy to the Middle East, but almost without doubt extend victimizations and horror to the Middle West. The imperial regimes in the USA, Israel and their lap dogs in NATO and the Arab feudal dictatorships want Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Russia, China and any other entities which stand in the way of their total domination to bend to the will of the West or die. The trillions of dollars and millions of lives wasted in previous wars have taught rulers only that they need more bloody murder in order to maintain their status as rulers.

The rest of us need to insist that what we have paid and are still paying in lives and dollars for these wars is a moral and financial price we cannot afford and will refuse to pay any longer. The fact that growing numbers are saying just that is provoking further craziness by the rodents who still barely control the ship as it flounders more desperately in raging waters.

Authority vindictiveness directed at those who alert the public to what goes on behind the plastic curtain of consumer capitalism’s steady destruction of earth - and even outer space where commercial efforts are underway to spread garbage and profit - is evident in growing police state suppression. The trial of Bradley Manning and the renewed threats to Julianne Assange are the tip of an iceberg that has formerly covert democracies moving closer to overt fascistic suppression of freedoms once thought the birth rights of their citizens.

These two heroic figures are treated as treacherous criminals by the increasingly oppressive rulers of the West. Individuals are too often glorified or demonized by our culture in order to deny social responsibility and privatize the marketing of profits and losses, but Manning and Assange are true representatives of mass society and their individual personalities are far less important than the social work they do and have done for humanity. They need to be defended by any who truly want another world far better than the present one.

The continued assault on inefficient and failed attempts at humanizing capitalism via social democracy by regimes advocating austerity programs are countered only by weak opposition holding out for the kind of government bailout that worked for the New Deal of the 20th century. But another tax payer financed salvation of private capital is a desperate grab at the past. It saved the system for a generation, but it’s time has run out and awareness of that fact is necessary or humanity’s time will run out as well.

Trying to save the failing system of minority profit at majority loss with further burdens for that majority, will only serve the make the rodents a little fatter while they spread their disease and threaten all with nuclear destruction as the ship keeps slowly sinking. The burden absorbed by tax-paying majorities to “save” minority billionaires through their banks and their governments is no longer tolerable. The sooner we create public banks, higher minimum wages, caps on what individuals can amass in private fortunes and an end to malevolent military policies that rob us of trillions while profiting a relative handful of vampires who thrive on human blood, the sooner democracy will prevail and bring about an environment that benefits all and not just a small portion of humanity.

Time has run out for the “master race-chosen people-we’re special-you’re not” western domination of the planet. We all need to note that ending in order to make the changes necessary for a future that offers all of us a better life. If humanity can survive this global crisis, there may well be a new era of success for the race, and not just a small minority that deems itself above all others. But the actions of democratic movements all over the world need to connect with greater numbers in populations under assault, but manipulated into screeching at scapegoats instead of taking action against real criminals. The faster the global movement gets out of the grasp of established manipulation, breaks down barriers that divide humanity into controllable minorities, and connects ideals and dreams into collective actions, the sooner humanity will see a better day.

Many years ago Rosa Luxemburg said we faced a future of “socialism or barbarism” and sadly, barbarism has ruled since then. But its days must be numbered or not only socialism, but life itself, may become victim of the rodents as global ships of state simultaneously sink in the total collapse of a financial, moral and environmental ecosystem.

Frank Scott writes political commentary and satire online at Legalienate; his email is;

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