Atom Bomb and the Era of Disinformation
by Arun Shrivastava on 06 Aug 2012 5 Comments

It is basic human nature to cover-up misdeeds that could be embarrassing. Politicians go to any length without remorse, so do military leaders. The dawn of the atomic age in the Alamogordo desert of the United States of America saw the ugliest cover-up by the military-industrial complex, in which even scientists got ensnared, knowingly or unknowingly. Before the atmospheric test, scientists had warned the military leaders of the Manhattan Project that since they can’t estimate the extent of fall-out, people should be evacuated from down-wind areas of the test site. The military leaders including Col. Leslie Groves disagreed, saying they want it done “quietly.”


The radiation drift from the top secret Trinity project was thirty miles wide and extended to one hundred miles. Fortunately the drift was over sparsely populated areas, but all living things received a heavy dosing. That was 16 July 1945, less than a month before the world knew of the ‘atomic age’ from news filtering out of Hiroshima largely due to the efforts of Mr. Wilfred Burchett [1911-1983]; Mr. Thomas Weller’s articles were censored to be published by his son decades later.


MacArthur barred media from entering Ground Zeros in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; they were prodded onto USS Missouri to witness the Japanese surrender. Mr. Burchett slipped out. His 30 hour train journey brought him face to face with Hiroshima and the Atomic Age.


The first line of his article headlined “The Atomic Plague” says it all: “In Hiroshima, 30 days after the first atomic bomb destroyed the city and shook the world – people are still dying, mysteriously and horribly – people who were uninjured in the cataclysm from an unknown something which I can only describe as the atomic plague.” [5th September, 1945; London Daily Express][1]


Thomas Weller’s unpublished Nagasaki story began with a justification for the use of atomic weapons: “The atomic bomb may be classified as a weapon capable of being used indiscriminately but its use was selective and proper and as merciful as such a gigantic force could be expected to be.”[2] Later in the article he sounds a bit like Burchett. He says, “the atomic bomb's peculiar ‘disease,’ uncured because it is untreated and untreated because it is not diagnosed, is still snatching away lives here.”


Burchett, in his home country Australia, was demonized as a traitor, became ‘public enemy number one’ [see endnote #1] and almost lynched by hostile crowds; his passport was seized and for many months he feared for his life. The Weller Papers were censured by the US Government and published by his son Anthony Weller in 2005.  Time’s embedded journalist William Laurence on War Department’s payroll was sent to massage the story for which he was given the Pulitzer.


That was perhaps the start of Washington’s global atomic propaganda war. Japan was effectively silenced to the extent that it actually purchased 54 defective American reactors. Russia followed suit because nuclear reactor and weapons are two sides of the same coin. Washington’s European minions joined the merry band of atomic rogues, France and Britain leading the pack. The nuclear lobby’s disinformation campaigns intensified and became more sophisticated. Senseless scientists pitched in with claims of “too-cheap-to-meter” and all this eventually degenerated into “Keep smiling and radiation won’t hurt” farce that can only be termed as the height of imbecility or the beginning of the era of limitless officially approved straight-faced lie.


Three Mile Island and the CRAC Report


Three Mile Island [TMI] was a partial meltdown that led to evacuation of 140,000 folks in 1979 despite “assurance” of the owners General Public Utilities and Metropolitan Edison in Pennsylvania. Lies after lies after lies emanated from the power utility. Even the well meaning POTUS Jimmy Carter couldn’t sooth the frayed nerves.


How many received lethal dosing of radiation? How many are dying slow death? How many lost their properties and businesses? How many lost infants and growing children prematurely? How many were compensated? Can any government compensate the loss of life, limb, and livelihood?


The CRAC-2 report to estimate potential damage from each reactor followed in 1982. I don’t know whether crack or cocaine is more lethal, but the name was close to the real McCoy. It was an attempt by the US Government to “estimate” the cost of life and property damages from a nuclear accident. It stands to reason why no private insurance company would insure any nuclear reactor.


It stands to reason why Europe is rejecting nuclear power except the nasalized French and pale face Brits. Both former imperial lords, they are slaves to their feudal habits and now these cocker spaniels are selling nuclear power plants to India. Hollande perhaps doesn’t even know why he was installed and Sarkozy dumped like a hot brick; James Cameron can do as much Limbo-rock dancing to His Master’s Voice. Let us see how many tonnes of Uranium they manage to sell from the mines owned by the European Royalty worldwide who also control all the energy multinational corporations; without that control the royalty can’t own race horses.


Their mainstream media sold the lie that if nuclear Navy is safe, by default all nuclear power stations are. Even Admiral Rickover, the father of the US Nuclear Navy, had the sense to say that the entire nuclear armada should be sunk! And even after over ninety serious and often lethal accidents, the Nuclear Navy keeps sailing, because sailors’ lives don’t matter. Elitist K9 must keep shining.


Chernobyl revisited


Elena Filatova is daughter of a Russian physicist who can measure radioactivity as well as any and certainly better than India’s best known nuclear scientists. She drives her powerful motorcycle deep into the Chernobyl dead zone to photograph life after death. [3] I purchased a collection of 600 photographs from Elena. Each tells a story. Her stories tell another story, as graphic as her photographs.


Chernobyl was not even a nuclear accident; it started as a fire because the controllers got a bit tipsy and the reactor blew up. The brave Russian troops risked life; many were baked alive with high radiation dosing. Yet they kept working until the entire reactor was covered – what is now known as the sarcophagus. See Karl Grossman’s review of the book “Chernobyl: Consequences of the catastrophe for the people and the environment”; the complete book can be downloaded here:


About one million people died worldwide from the Chernobyl disaster. The United Nations and its specialized agencies [IAEA and WHO particularly] lied. IAEA maintained that not more than 4000 died; WHO denied any danger from nuclear reactors. Public health experts voicing concerns to public health were told to go. That was expected because the UN has now become a lethal cobra around the neck of every living being on this planet. Slaves to the European elite, they keep promoting the global corporatist and elitist agenda.


The staff of international agencies is very well paid to serve the interest of the world community. They are not paid to be the sales men and women of criminal corporations owned and controlled by the European royalty or even to protect elitist interests. However, they have all behaved exactly that way. And those scientists who tried to expose the sham and cant and nonsense were summarily dismissed or removed from their jobs.


‘Keep Smiling’ in Planet Fukushima


When people have the Death Wish [Hindus call it “Icchha Mrityu”] they usually keep smiling; in Hollywood’s habitual follies, the macho gringos have a scowl pasted across their mouths; they personify indestructible Samsonite suitcase with two legs, two arms and no brains.


Was it the collective death wish of the Japanese political class to censor the planetary havoc from Fukushima? Japanese administrators during the many interactions with the public were not smiling; straight-faced lies with a K9 smile is the specialty of European political leaders, but surprisingly the Japanese also got the contagion. Fukushima and Hiroshima have the same number of consonants and vowels. Must we also use Mr. Wilfred Burchett’s description of a “cataclysm from an unknown something” after more than six and a half decades of the nuclear folly?


The world’s second technologically most advanced nation had no disaster mitigation plan [DMP] from nuclear accident, despite being most densely populated. Actually DMPs are pretty expensive for the reactor suppliers; they kill business. Cost conscious TEPCO also ignored risk analysis; more importantly the outcome of several hazards occurring simultaneously when the algorithms were there to be used except for sabotage.  


India: “Singh is King”      


Bollywood blockbuster “Singh is King” reminded me of a highly radioactive King called Singh and that was true epiphany. Manmohan’s smile is always hidden, a typical feature of a radioactive smile.


The US Government hid the data that clearly established that kids exposed to radiation from above-ground bomb-testing in the USA tested 25% lower on Intelligent Quotient [IQ] tests as compared to non-exposed kids. That actually helps the world’s hyperactive elite to expedite their global dumbing-down agenda. The real global elite have plans to move to the Southern Hemisphere, so highly radioactive is the Northern Hemisphere. That has been kept under wraps.




A nuclear reactor is a physical embodiment of monstrous idiocy; visible symbol of devilish science that would make even Frankenstein tremble. The nuclear era started in a childish manner and ended its adulthood locked in narcissistic self praise. In the process, Governments learned all sorts of ways to keep the people misinformed. When people got to the facts, powerful disinformation campaigns started. And it all started back in 1945. People don’t matter; people simply don’t matter to these devils.




[1] Burchett and my uncle Anand Mohan Sahay [1896-1993] were good friends. It was Sahay who introduced me to Burchett’s writings in 1967, especially his book on Dien Bien Phu. They probably met in Hiroshima where Sahay and his wife rushed from their home in Tokyo to do whatever they could with meager resources. Sahay was co-founder of the INA with Netaji and a personal friend of many Asian leaders of the time, including Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh. In 1951, he became India’s ambassador to East Asian countries. In January 2012, David Bradbury, the Australian film maker, came to Delhi and stayed with me. We shared many hours exchanging notes on various nuclear events. Most importantly, we discussed Burchett’s work on whom David had made a beautiful documentary “Public Enemy Number One” that got him three awards including the Golden Gate for the best documentary.





Arun Shrivastava is an accredited management consultant and highly experienced researcher and writer. He taught Strategic Management and Long Range Planning at the International Management Institute, Delhi. Since 9/11, he has devoted much time to researching New World Order issues. He is South Asia correspondent of Salem-News of Oregon, USA and a regular contributor to Global Research. His email is: 

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