What do Julian Assange and Andrea Davison have in common?
by Peter Eyre on 17 Aug 2012 3 Comments

There are two, not one, political asylum seekers in the Ecuador Embassy in London - the founder of WikiLeaks and a yet unknown entity Andrea Davison who gets little or no coverage! We are all led to believe that the information made available via WikiLeaks is explosive in its content and in some cases an embarrassment to certain leaders and countries. However, most of the highly sensitive information is totally out of date and no longer serves any purpose in today’s fast moving world… I would go a step further by saying all of this WikiLeaks garbage was a well orchestrated plan by the CIA and other intelligence agencies to make it appear to be a scoop; yesterday [16 Aug] Julian Assange received political asylum from Ecuador, though how that works out is yet to be seen finally. There is no word on the fate of Andrea Davison.


It is clear to me however that Andrea Davison has certainly more to offer the British and international media than Julian Assange could ever dream of. Andrea Davison is an ex Arms-to-Iraq investigator who had direct access to No. 10 Downing Street, and more importantly, should have been a “Star Witness” at the Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry), but was never called despite the fact that she did give evidence at the previous Scott Inquiry (held in camera).


This elusive lady’s knowledge could easily bring down not only the current Prime Minister and his government but also many of the past PM’s and other senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords. So, who is she? Here are her very own words and her story with the title, Arms Spooks and Danger, dated 1 July 2010:


Dr David Kelly and Andrea Davison have several things in common; both were experts on Biological Weapons and both were involved in the arms that went to Iraq and WMD’s and both were whistleblowers.


Andrea was an intelligence adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on Arms to Iraq and also gave evidence to Scott Inquiry into Arms to Iraq, It was her whistle blowing to the then opposition leader Neil Kinnock that revealed that the then Conservative Government was selling arms to Iraq. In December 2009 she was getting a file together to send to the Chilcot enquiry.


David Kelly was allegedly ‘suicided’ in 2003 after meeting Andrew Gilligan, a BBC journalist who had spent some time writing about the war in Baghdad. The Hutton enquiry was established to cover-up this dark deed and save Tony Blair embarrassment. For more details read



US Air Force officer Mai Pedersen’s, Dr Kelly’s friends and colleague recently wrote to the attorney general Dominic Grieve saying that Mr. Kelly could not have committed suicide. Two weeks earlier Andrea Davison had written to Dominic Grieve asking him to look into the seizure of all her documents into Arms to Iraq.


A spokesman for the Attorney General stated “The Attorney remains concerned about this issue and is keen to explore how the matter might be taken forward with ministerial colleagues.” No comment has been made about Andrea’s documents.


In January this year 13 male officers raided Andrea’s home with a warrant issued under the Proceeds of Crime Act. They took from the building everything of value, confiscating her passport, drivers licence, all the keys to her property and vehicles, and 7000 documents about Arms to Iraq, amongst a treasure trove of other documents and valuables including her watch. 6 Months later none of these have been returned.


Following the raid, organized by Derby Police in an effort to discredit her, Andrea’s home and car has been broken into. Her car tyres have been let down several times and doors that were locked have been opened and widows likewise. She has had three break-ins that were reported to the police but no-one has been found.


Andrea is afraid she may be ‘suicided’ and cannot protect herself because in April the Court made her virtually penniless by issuing a Restraining Order. This Court Order prevents her from spending any of her own money and also invidiously prevents her paying for legal advice or assistance to challenge the Courts Order. Without a passport and made penniless by the Order of the Court she feels they are driving her towards suicide, but states they will not succeed.


End of Andrea’s article


The same day [1 July 2010] Andrea Davison did her second press release in relation to the death of Dr. David Kelly, titled, EVIDENCE SHOWS DR DAVID KELLY MAY HAVE BEEN MURDERED BY BROWNS GOVERNMENT


Here, she pointed out that US Air Force Officer Mai Pederson, who was part of Dr Kelly’s inspection team in Iraq and his close friend until his death, says Dr Kelly could not have killed himself. Mai was previously prevented from giving evidence to the Hutton Inquiry, the farcical cover-up arranged by Tony Blair to get himself of the hook. Mai emphatically states Dr Kelly, 59, could not have cut his own wrists due to an elbow injury.


In a letter to the new Attorney General Dominic Grieve, Mai also said Dr Kelly had difficulty swallowing pills, casting serious doubt on the Hutton Inquiry conclusion that he swallowed 29 painkillers before slitting his left wrist. Mr. Grieve who is known to be a fair and good man, has already said he believes the case could merit a further inquiry.


Dr Kelly was found dead in woods near his home in 2003 after the Government exposed him as the source of a BBC report questioning Tony Blair’s government’s case for war in Iraq. The evidence concerning the post-mortem of Dr Kelly has been classified for an amazing 70 years, making the cover-up blatantly obvious.


Insiders know there is a dark underbelly to the Intelligence game, and David Kelly like Andrea Davison may have been caught up in a web of deception with powerful people out to destroy their ability to harm them. David Kelly may have lost his life via the same team who also murdered Jonathan Moyle and Jonathan Aiken’s PPS Milligan. Their trade mark is the bizarre. Or again, he may have been driven to suicide. Let us hope that Dominic Grieve will heed her call and stand against any cover-ups by the former Government and the ongoing action against Andrea Davison.


One has to understand that Andrea Davison was fighting for her existence with not only having such a complex background in areas of highly sensitive intelligence, but her own fraud, which I reported in a previous article. One could say that both Andrea and the British Government were in a possible position to “Blackmail” each other, with Andrea being in possession of highly sensitive documents that would have devastating implications for key political figures and the government attempting to bring her to trial for massive fraud etc.


Ms Davison attempted to bring things into the public domain with the following article titled,



Briefly, this states that the Iraq Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot is calling on Andrea Davison to supply sensitive evidence which was seized by the Derby Police mid-January 2010. Andrea is struggling to know what to do. As when she gave evidence to the Scott Inquiry into Arms to Iraq, she expected to do so in total secrecy, but the actions of the Derby police have made this impossible.


The Iraq enquiry was set up by Gordon Brown to examine the United Kingdom’s involvement in Iraq, to establish as accurately and reliably as possible what happened, and to identify lessons that can be learned. The Inquiry period is from 2001 up to the end of July 2009. Gordon Brown (then Prime Minister) told the House of Commons, “No British document and no British witness will be beyond the scope of the Inquiry.” The Government assured the full co-operation of the relevant Departments.


But Brown either colluded, organised or aided and abetted Derby police seizing documents, mid-January 2010, which were pertinent to the inquiry, implicating himself in a cover-up. Five weeks later he would himself be called to the Inquiry to give evidence.


These Iraq documents were seized by DC Steven Winnard on 13 January, just weeks before they were due to be presented to the Iraq Inquiry. Hywel Williams, MP of Plaid Cymru, whose party led the call to impeach Tony Blair in 2004 because of Blair’s decision to engage in an illegal war with Iraq, is making enquiries, but so far without success.

UPDATE: The Iraq Inquiry closed and all attempts to get the ‘arms to Iraq’ documents to the Inquiry failed.


Gordon Bowden and I have been writing about this for some time, yet the main line media has failed to cover the topic. We are currently involved in our own court case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London because Ms Davison took exception to our stories that accused her of fraud and she took us to court on grounds of defamation, but that’s another story.




Ms Davison had an incredible amount of very secretive documents in her possession that had the potential to put many ex and current Prime Ministers in prison for life and many other very senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords. So why is the world’s media ignoring Ms Davison? I would like to continue exposing exactly what this woman knew as proof that our government and opposition are making sure that the media does not get hold of this story.


Here is more information that Ms Davison herself produced and published in her own words with the title: MI5 DESTROY THE BLAIR BROWN IRAQ DEFENCE, ARE THEY NOW WAR CRIMINALS, dated Jul 20, 2010:

Andrea broadly stated that the former head of MI5, Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, in her evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry showed Tony Blair’s evidence that “Toppling Saddam Hussein helped make Britain safe from terrorists” was false. In her testimony, she said what every intelligence service in the world knew, that Iraq was no threat and did not have the capability to use WMDs. Whilst she did not say that Saddam had mobile biological weapons units in the southern marshes, it was revealed in a memo to John Grieve, Permanent Secretary to the Home Office, in March 2002, that Saddam was not likely to use chemical or biological weapons unless “he felt the survival of his regime was in doubt”.


Britain and the USA supplied Iraq with a military industrial base which included the facility to produce chemical and biological weapons, and deliver them. Britain supplied large amounts of VX gas and the tech transfer which resulted in a bio-engineered flu virus transposed with a biotoxin. Following Desert Storm much was transported to Sudan, Iran and Libya.


The intelligence reports from around the world did not suit Tony Blair’s agenda; he made war on Iraq causing the radicalisation of British Muslims and thereby increasing the threat of home-grown terrorism – as warned by the intelligence reports he chose to ignore. Some of those reports were written by Andrea Davison.


Manningham-Buller also said Iraq had posed little threat before the 2003 US-led invasion, and insisted there was no evidence of a link between former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. “There was no credible intelligence to suggest that connection and that was the judgment, I might say, of the CIA,” she told the inquiry. “It was not a judgment that found favour with some parts of the American machine.”


Manningham-Buller revealed that there was such a surge of warnings of home-grown terrorist threats after the invasion of Iraq that MI5 asked for – and got – a 100 per cent increase in its budget. She told the inquiry: “Our involvement in Iraq radicalised, for want of a better word, a whole generation of young people who saw our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as being an attack on Islam.” She added: “Arguably we gave Osama bin Laden his Iraqi Jihad so that he was able to move into Iraq in a way that he was not before.”


Her words are in stark contrast to the claim that Mr. Blair made in front of the same inquiry on 29 January this year, “If I am asked whether I believe we are safer, more secure, that Iraq is better, that our own security is better, with Saddam and his two sons out of office and out of power, I believe indeed we are. It was better to deal with this threat, to remove him from office, and I do genuinely believe that the world is safer as a result.”


Sir Menzies Campbell, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, added: “I should be astonished if Mr. Blair were to return to give further evidence, but questions will remain as to what it was which prompted him to disregard the reservations of officials and their advice. If only Britain had been as well served by its politicians as it was by Eliza Manningham-Buller then we would never have got ourselves into the illegal mess of Iraq.”


Only 16 days before Blair gave evidence to the Inquiry, documents were seized by Derby Police from Andrea Davison, proving that the Government knew there were no WMD’s in Iraq at the time of the second Iraq War, along with Intelligence reports which would have ended Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s carefully laid tissue of lies.

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London at the time of the 7 July bombings, said: “Eliza Manningham-Buller’s evidence is a damning indictment of a foreign policy that not only significantly enhanced the risk of terrorist attacks in London but gave al-Qa’ida the opening to operate in Iraq too.”


Evidence showed that a year before British troops went into Iraq, Eliza sent the Home Office a memo which – though phrased in official language – demolished the idea that Saddam Hussein’s regime represented a credible terrorist threat to the UK: “We assess that Iraqi capability to mount attacks in the UK is currently limited.” Lady Manningham-Buller also hinted at disagreement between Blair’s office and MI5 over the dossier that the Prime Minister presented to Parliament in September 2002, to prepare public opinion for the likelihood of war. “We were asked to put in some low-grade, small intelligence to it and we refused because we didn’t think it was reliable,” she said.

Andrea’s article ends


In one of her last articles before she was gagged, IRAQ INQUIRY DENIED EVIDENCE BY NEW GOVERNMENT, dated 2 Aug 2010, Andrea Davison points out that the Iraq Inquiry closed its doors for the summer recess on 30 July without being given the documents held by Derby Police (seized from Andrea on 13 January this year under the Proceeds of Crime Act). Her MP, Hywel Williams tried to help her. On 27 July, Andrea wrote to James Brokenshire, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Crime Prevention, for the urgent return of the Documents so that submission could be made to the Inquiry.


It is time the world’s media paid attention to the Ecuador Embassy in London and asked whom they are hiding within, and ask our government and Prime Minister “Who is Andrea Davison?”



Before she was gagged and forced to take down her webpage, Andrea herself released some very sensitive letters letter into the public domain. These prove beyond a shadow of doubt that all that she did was known to Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and current PM David Cameron, that her activity breached the Nuclear Explosions Act and possibly the Official Secrets Act!

This covers an illegal trade in nuclear weapons, in which Dr. David Kelly and Andrea Davison were involved. The letters can be read at



The detailed stories can be read at




Andrea Davison’s demand for the seized documents was ignored she was put on trial and found guilty of 27 charges. She did not attend the Mold Crown Court and so the police issued a bench warrant for her arrest, which is when she turned up at the Ecuador Embassy in London and sought political asylum, as did Julian Assange when faced with extradition.
The question remains if the Police or Government ask the embassy to release her so she can continue to give her vital evidence at the Chilcot Inquiry. Unlikely, as this would be the downfall of ex Prime Ministers and the current PM and many members of the Government.


Among the seized documents relevant to the ARMS TO IRAQ inquiry, were documents pertaining to Project Babylon (supergun) file; Biological weapons and delivery systems in Iraq; location of planes and WMD’s following Desert Storm; mobile biological weapons laboratory in Iraq; UK supply of biological and chemical agents to Iraq; evidence given in secret to Lord Justice Scott; note books concerning arms to Iraq; production line facilities in Iraq for CBW; Gulf War Syndrome; arms running through Yugoslavia; Electromagnetic Warfare (Star Wars); Iraq’s nuclear programme; hard evidence and papers on investigation by Ministry of Defence police (fraud squad) with which she was assisting NATO.


There was also the correspondence from Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Gerald Kaufman, Lord Douglas Hoyle, Lew Smith, Stan Crowther covering several years, mostly about Arms to Iraq and Yugoslavia, plus correspondence with Tony Blair about child abuse in Children’s Homes in North Wales and Cheshire. And innumerable other documents of a similarly sensitive nature.


So Andrea Davison may be the ‘real’ person Britain is trying to get the Ecuador Embassy to give up, under the cover of arresting Julian Assange!



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Peter Eyre, a former British Naval officer, worked at NATO headquarters, and is now a Middle East consultant; his website is www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

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