NACO and the harvesting of Hindus
by Krishen Kak on 20 Nov 2008 2 Comments

NACO is the Indian government’s National Aids Control Organisation. Dr S Solomon is an Indian AIDS "expert" with extensive Western sponsorship and wide Indian connections

At an international conference in Kuala Lumpur, Dr Solomon made four statements about India that should have merited NACO’s attention (

First, she reported a rise in promiscuity and, therefore, a rise of AIDS amongst young Indians. Second, she was "fine" with increasing sexual promiscuity in India because it is a "recent liberal value".  Third, she advocated male circumcision as "the only tool" to deal with AIDS in India.

Fourth, she emphatically blamed "Hindu fundamentalists" as blocking the use of "the only tool" to deal with AIDS in India:
She said this is evident in Hindu activists' opposition to circumcision which is proven to help inhibit HIV transmission on the grounds that it is against tradition and religion of Hindu-majority India. Solomon said she does not expect India to accept circumcision for preventing HIV infections.

A recent government study to gauge the acceptance for circumcision triggered a massive backlash by Hindu fundamentalists, who called it "obnoxious" and "a conspiracy." "If you go out into the streets and say I will do this (circumcision) to reduce HIV, there will be a chaos," she said. "Vaccines have failed. Microbicides have failed.”

Dr Solomon is a former president of the AIDS Society of India. Her claims about AIDS in India were reported around the world.  NACO is not reported to have responded to them. Since she profiles Hindus, it is fair that a Hindu responds.

First, Dr Solomon’s claim of a rise of AIDS amongst young Indians is based only on anecdotal "confessions" to her.  Yet she did not hesitate generalizing internationally on such a basis.

Second, as to increasing sexual promiscuity being a desirable liberal value, Dr Solomon’s medico-pharma-commercial Western sponsors do not advocate increasing sexual promiscuity in their own countries. “The fact that complete abstinence itself… is the most effective preventative measure against… sexually transmitted diseases has never been in dispute” and “the US government steered more than a billion dollars to abstinence-only education programmes between 1996 and 2006” (  Yet, for India, Dr Solomon seems to think abstinence (or brahmacharya) is "conservative" and so "hampers" the “only” anti-AIDS tool she advocates - male circumcision. Why?  

Third, the efficacy of male circumcision (or male genital mutilation – MGM) as an anti-AIDS tool is very controversial:
The United States has one of the highest rates of male circumcision and also one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the developed world, suggesting that circumcision is not helping. Conversely, Finland and Japan have some of the lowest rates of circumcision and also some of the lowest rates of HIV/AIDS. In Australia, the AFAO has now concluded that male circumcision has no role in the Australian HIV epidemic.

If a fully informed consenting adult feels that circumcision is right for him, then that's a personal choice he should be allowed to make. In practice, though, most circumcisions are forced onto others against their will, and even voluntary adult circumcision is likely to do more harm than good.

The multi-country Mishra study concluded that circumcision may actually increase transmission of the AIDS virus, however, which is what many earlier studies found. The Brewer Study published in March 2007 also concluded that circumcision in Kenya, Lesotho, and Tanzania increases the transmission of AIDS.

Medicaid reimbursement for circumcision in thirty-four states and a lucrative market for infant foreskins also provides financial incentives for circumcision [in the USA].

Most of the boys and men who have undergone genital mutilation live in 28 African countries, the Middle East, the USA, and parts of Asia. They are also found in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Today, the number of boys and men who have undergone male genital mutilation is estimated at 650 million. It is estimated that each year, a further 13 million boys are at risk of undergoing MGM (

It's taken the Muslim world a couple of decades, but people in leadership positions have started to tackle the reality of HIV/AIDS among Muslim populations...`Islam and Muslims exacerbate the spread of AIDS,' said Professor Amina Wadud of Virginia Commonwealth University 

Infant circumcision in the US is largely covered by health insurance. It declined rapidly in the UK after the National Health Service was set up in 1947, and doctors delivering babies were no longer able to charge extra for doing it...

The International Coalition for Genital Integrity's Medicaid Project surveyed all US states in 1999, and was able to account for 181,292 circumcisions costing a total of $20,255,217. According to HCIA-Sachs, Medicaid funded a total of 310,403 circumcisions, implying a total cost to the US taxpayer approaching $35,000,000.

Intactivists commonly claim that greedy doctors promote infant circumcision for purely financial reasons. There is clear evidence for this. The same survey found that where Medicaid paid more than $US60, circumcision was nearly twice as likely as where it paid less than $US50... But the financial incentive to circumcision is not only from the payments for the operation. The foreskin itself is valuable... ($$$.html).

The World Health Organisation said: "If male circumcision is confirmed to be an effective intervention to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV, this will not mean that men will be prevented from becoming infected with HIV during sexual intercourse through circumcision alone. Nor does male circumcision provide protection for sexual partners against HIV infection” (

Female circumcision as an anti-AIDS measure, for which there appears to be some qualitatively comparable data, is recommended neither by Dr Solomon (a woman) nor by any Western women themselves nor by Western agencies. Amnesty International has recognized female genital mutilation as a human rights violation since 1995, but not male genital mutilation. Why not?

Male genital mutilation that is far from accepted in the West as an anti-AIDS tool is being touted internationally by an influential West-funded Indian agent as "the only tool" for India. Why? Any resistance to MGM of Indians is profiled by her internationally as that by "Hindu-majority" India. Why?

For answers, consider the following: 

Adult male genital mutilation in India will necessarily be of Hindus (Muslims are mutilated at birth), and never mind that "it is likely to do more harm than good".  Dr Solomon declared internationally that "Vaccines have failed. Microbicides have failed", yet she continued to work for (and be paid by?) Western agencies experimenting with vaccines and microbicides in India. Why?  

It is easy to blame, as Dr Solomon does, “Hindu-majority India” for obstructing Western medico-pharma-commercial initiatives to save ourselves from a scourge that ravages the West. But Hindus, with long experience of rapacious Western missionary-colonialism, are certainly entitled to examine the sinister teeth of Western gift horses.

When we learn there is an enormously lucrative and growing demand for human foreskins in Western markets with huge profits to be reaped by the West, specifically in bio-research and bio-surface technology, pharmaceuticals and insulin manufacture, organo-genesis and artificial skin manufacture, tissue engineering, even cosmetics,
it is a reasonable inference that Western missionary and commercial interests continue to converge in India, and their agents here see millions of unmutilated Hindu males as a harvest ripe for the cutting (See

NACO is headed by a senior civil servant drawn from the elite Indian Administrative Service.  It remains curiously silent about all these issues brought to its notice as well as to the notice of the appropriate ministry of the Indian government. Why?

NACO endorses the involvement in its work of “Faith-based Organisations” (  NACO’s website does not name any of these organisations, but data from elsewhere is available:

Believing in HIV: Faith Based Organisations in India”, an Oxford University study
(, asks:

Can better understanding areas where  Indian FBOs encounter difficulties, assist donors and policy makers know how best to partner with FBOs to ‘optimise’ the faith-based response to HIV/AIDS?

It goes on to note that because “defining Hindu groups using FBO concept is difficult”, it is “more valid to examine other faiths individually”.  Then the only others it examines and lists as working in India are Christian, with connections to notorious international evangelical missions. 

It claims that “five thousand Catholic institutions provide a remarkable 22% of health infrastructure… 80% of healthcare in India is private, and FBOs are largest private sector” and possibly they “provide the majority of HIV treatment, prevention and care activities”.  It approves NACO strengthening its links to FBOs. And while in their own West, circumcision is to be a choice of a fully informed, consenting adult, in India FBOs focus on prostitutes, homosexuals, truckers, “coolies” - and, yes, Dalits. Significantly, none of the three latter is identified as high-risk by NACO
( So why do FBOs in India target them? 

Let us look at some of the names given in the Oxford University study.

The Jeevan Sahara Kendra, Mumbai, is sponsored by a Scottish missionary society that is registered as a company and calls itself EMMS International.  It was formed by the merger of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society and the Emmanuel Hospital Association (UK), and it operates as “Emmanuel Healthcare” (

The Emmanuel Health Association is spread over “North, North-East and Central India” and has widespread Western mission connections. It is registered as a society in India but gives its budget in Western currency - “just over two million pounds Sterling”. The AIDS care it undertakes is unambiguously “in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ so as to manifest Him through word and deed” ( 

St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, is part of the St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences set up by the Catholic Bishops Conference of India.  The Oxford University study identifies it as “reliable sources of HR”; its logo with a reclining figure (a patient?) reaching out to a cross surmounted by the motto “He shall live because of me” unmistakably affirms its proselytising agenda ( 

There are many others, both Catholic and Protestant, as well as HOPE and World Vision that need no introduction in India, and none make a secret of their evangelism.

Given all this, it can hardly be irrelevant that Dr Solomon’s own name is indicative of an Abrahamic connection.  Recall that two of the Abrahamisms require male genital mutilation as an identifying article of faith.

There is ample record of the global history of Christianity as a violent missionary-colonial enterprise. Wherever it has gone, it has erased indigenous identities. Our own country still suffers an extremely aggressive West-based and West-funded politico-evangelical war against us in which our own Macaulayan elite operates as the aggressor’s fifth column. This is evidenced by this elite’s supine atithi-devo-bhava silence before the Pope of Rome’s brazen in-our-faces challenge in Delhi during our own sacred festival of Deepavali 1999 that:

With the Church throughout the world, the Church in Asia will cross the threshold of the Third Christian Millennium marvelling at all that God has worked from those beginnings until now, and strong in the knowledge that "just as in the first millennium the Cross was planted on the soil of Europe, and in the second on that of the Americas and Africa, we can pray that in the Third Christian Millennium a great harvest of faith will be reaped in this vast and vital continent

Efrain Rios Montt is, among other things, an ordained minister of the evangelical/Pentecostal Church of the Word. American President Ronald Reagan certified him “a man of great personal integrity and commitment.” Such a man declared that “the true Christian had the Bible in one hand and a machine gun in the other.” Montt’s Church of the Word is sponsored by the California-based Gospel Outreach church

The California-based India Gospel Outreach “is a partnership of Indian and Western Christians facilitating mobilization, training, sending and supporting Indian evangelists and church planters to reach all of India for Jesus Christ” and “is dedicated to planting a dynamic church in each of India's 3,000 ethnic groups and 27,000 zip codes”.  Its pro-American Indian founder has no hesitation educating Americans that Sonia Gandhi and her Congress Party are good for India and that the BJP is not,  that “radical Hindus” are anti-Dalit, that there is “the emerging threat of AIDS” in India, and that American corporates should donate generously for AIDS prevention in India 

Just as “God” is the cover for the Abrahamic violently this-world imperial enterprise, so “AIDS” is a cover for Abrahamic proselytizing enterprises in India. They are not in the occupation of care-giving; they are in the business of conversions. And note the political involvement and the devious strategy of projecting jati as an ethnic group.

See all the Abrahamic interconnections. See the parts of the country in which they are focused. See the constituencies at which they aim. See their armoury against us. Enormous amounts of foreign money and goods pouring into our country, guns used (as in Orissa), and now they want to add surgical scalpels.     

And see too their official Indian patronage.

All the information above is in the public domain.  Knowing this, the Indian government’s National Aids Control Organisation still actively solicits “faith-based responses” to AIDS care in India. 

Can there be any doubt that NACO is furthering itself as a tool in the Abrahamic battle for a great - and enormously profitable - harvesting of Hindu foreskins within the larger and longer Abrahamic war to harvest Hindu souls?  

The author is a retired civil servant and co-editor of “
NGOs, Activists & Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry” (Chennai: Vigil Public Opinion Forum, 2007)

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