Nepal: Foreign interference and political logjam
by Arun Shrivastava on 10 Oct 2012 116 Comments

When people forget history, mystery repeats itself. History tells us that Nepal evolved a sophisticated democratic system over two thousand years before Aristotle’s Greece did; the mystery is that ethnic identity federalists are still groping for a viable one and the Maoists want Stalin’s collectivist solution.  Nepal’s ancient political institutions and culture flourished because the people were wise. History tells us that Nepal’s ancestors evolved a sophisticated participatory decentralized Panchayati Raj [local self government] in ancient Nepal, then known as Kirat Pradesh, to which the Limbus and Licchavis also contributed later.[1] The mystery is that modern Nepali leaders and the 602 educated and westernized members of Nepal’s Constituent Assembly could not write even one page of a Constitution; they can’t because the Maoists and ethnic federalists have chosen to serve western predatory capitalist interests. 


What is not a mystery is that wherever the ‘custodians of chaos’ INGOs, NGOs, USAID, Ford Foundation, DfID, George Soros-funded human rights organizations and other foundations go, they make the target nation ungovernable. That is the situation in Nepal today.


Perfect non-performing assets


Marxist-neoconservative and innovative war-tourism initiator, Prachanda [aka Pushp Kamal Dahal], says India’s interference has brought Nepal to a political logjam. The Delhi-educated current Prime Minister Bhattarai, also a Marxist-neoconservative, says ‘power is not in his hands’. Mohan Baidya Kiran and Madhav Nepal say that they don’t want Indian cars and Hindi movies in Nepal. These are irresponsible assertions and these leaders don’t represent Nepali people.


When a Nepali makes money, he/she invests in Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, etc, because they find their investments safe with steady gain in property value; thousands of Nepalese own businesses in India. The Maoists should actually ban investments of corrupt Nepali leaders who find it safe to buy property in India and deposit cash in Liechtenstein banks. Yami should know, so should Prime Minister Bhattarai and their cohorts. Question is: would they invest in Xijang (Tibet), Beijing or Shanghai, or any place north of the border? If not, why? The true relationship between nations is determined by where the hot money goes.


Nepali actors like Mala Sinha or Manisha Koirala have done India’s Bollywood proud, to name a few, and many more will follow in their footsteps. Singer Udit Narayan [born in Bhardaha village, Saptari district, Nepal], cameraman Binod Pradhan and Pradeep Gurung are much sought after. If creative artists from Nepal wish to shine, the place and opportunity is right at their doorsteps. Even Pakistani artists come here, so do Sri Lankan and Bangladeshis. Mohan and Madhav can ban Hindi movies, but they can’t prevent a talented Nepali from succeeding in Bollywood, and when they succeed in Bollywood the people of Nepal have a right to soak in Nepali success. Why haven’t they banned the insidious Zionist-CIA funded Follywood?


As far as banning Indian cars are concerned, the communist leaders are utterly illiterate about the business of car making.[2] By 1980, the intermediate technology based automobile industry had integrated so closely across the world that not one country could say that they make 100% of an automobile. There was no 100% British automobile by the 1980s and no American by the end of 1980s. Motown Detroit is finished, so is the Midlands region of England, once home to 46 independent car manufacturers. Cars are manufactured in India because of lower labour cost; design, engineering and CAD/CAM comes from a dozen countries.[3] It’d have made more sense to offer Nepal as a base for car making instead of banning a non-existent 100% Indian car.


Prachanda is right about India’s menacing interference, though. A lowly state minister of India during the seven-month rule of Prime Minister Chandrashekhar [November 1990 to June 1991] told the Nepalese Government to appoint one Mr. X as Nepal’s ambassador to country Y. That Mr. X had no diplomatic experience or training, yet was entrusted with a vital assignment in a sensitive region.


Prachanda, Mohan Baidya, Madhav Nepal and all who think that India’s interference is a problem should seek solutions from wiser counsels in Nepal and, if necessary, join Shanghai Cooperation [SCO]. Kathmandu is not in any marital bond with New Delhi to follow traditional nuptial obligations until death. The India-versus-China fixation is Nepali leaders’ problem, but how many Nepali leaders have a workable and practical economic policy that would help the people of Nepal?[4] Should Nepal adopt corporatist neo-conservative agenda being palmed off as ‘economic policy’ by Man Mohan Singh? After all it was the Maoists who agreed to World Bank-funded water privatization project for Kathmandu; Nepali people stopped it.   


The Agenda of INGOs and NGOs


Nepali people should note that all International NGOs and international aid and Human Rights agencies working in Nepal do so in a coordinated manner with six specific objectives which are:


·         To manipulate and discredit the dominant religion and eventually cause its destruction;  

·         To strengthen the cult of Christian Fundamentalism[5]; the attack on Hindu temples, the abusive statements of NEFIN leaders denouncing Hindus, the database and map created by the Joshua Project funded by Christian fundamentalists, are all a coordinated process to the third point, which is essentially   

·         To destroy national identity and national pride by instigating ethnic and caste divide

·         To prevent people and their leaders from deciding their own destiny by means of one engineered crisis after another, and then posing as “managers of the crises” or even allowing a situation of drift; the 10-year long civil war and four year long attempt and utter failure to draft a new Constitution is the most glaring example

·         To pave the way for predatory and environmentally destructive capitalist system and simultaneously weaken the traditional socio-cultural system of managing common pool resources with equitable benefit sharing which will destroy the ecologically fragile Himalayas, and  

·         To penetrate and subvert Nepalese government and security structure


Each of the six is a huge issue and hundreds of hard evidences exist, but the main point is that over the past two decades the INGOs and NGOs often in collusion with the Maoists, the international aid agencies and the UN system are well on way to achieving all six agendas. It’s been two decades of calibrated moves and the gun powder can be lit any time.    


The creation of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) by former western colonial powers, especially Europe’s ruling elite’s and their current muscleman USA, happened extremely rapidly, which means that planning must have started at least a decade earlier. Kathmandu was a logical choice for ‘Custodians of Chaos,’ being the heart of the Himalayan region, at the door step of major Asian nations where participants from South Asian nations could arrive without visa problems. The 19th century vintage champagne of ‘divide and rule and plunder’ has a new bottle made by the INGOs, NGOs and the Maoists.


The ostensible reason for creating an army of NGOs was that the Governments in third world countries have failed to provide critical educational, healthcare, welfare and developmental services and that these services will be better served by NGOs. Not one ‘reformer’ or ‘thinker’ proffered the other option of improving efficiency in the government so vital in developing countries.


Another solution being imposed on the world is outsourced government functions through Public-Private-Partnership [PPP]. In the USA, even the prison system works on PPP with, as some analysts suggest, Government guarantee of 90% occupancy, which means the American Police must arrest its own citizens on the flimsiest of charges, a depravity not seen anywhere in the world. The real purpose of NGOs is to pave the way for one world government and make legitimate government redundant.


The problem of Maoism and ethnic identity federalists


The problem of Maoists and ethnic identity federalists is that both groups are inextricably ensnared in the agenda of INGOs, international development agencies and Soros-funded human rights institutions. Their employees enjoy relatively higher standard of living as compared to common citizens. Once a society has this sort of linkages, it is difficult to throw them out. Nonetheless, NGOs and INGOs have become Trojan horses in all developing countries with the single objective of breaking as many nations as they can into economically ungovernable entities while the natural resources are plundered. And all the diplomats from West Europe and USA are deeply involved in this.


Maoists in Nepal should know that no matter which country right now, the European elite and their muscleman USA have systematically destroyed many socialistic movements in Europe itself. NATO conducted a lethal secret war against genuine socialists and reformers in Europe, financed by the same European feudal powers who bet on spurious Maoists because they are the best bet for chaos in South Asia. [5] There is plenty of convergence of interest between Maoists and Christian church too because Vatican is involved in financial frauds, criminal money laundering and undermining poor tribal people around the world and that history is also well documented.


The basic premise of Maoist political economy to impose a collectivist society is actually fascistic and neo-conservative agenda, which even their leaders don’t understand or don’t talk about it.[6]


While the Indian leadership has drifted perilously close to the same fascistic western alliance and financial system, at least the Chinese leadership is making a serious attempt to create a parallel financial system: they have recently announced that oil and gas will be traded in Yuan and Russia has promised them as much oil and gas they want and any country can opt out of dollar hegemony. 


Has any ethnic identity federalist or Maoist leader said that Nepal should opt out of dollar hegemony or the hegemony of Indian rupee and purchase oil and gas from China paid for in Yuan? Is Bhattarai’s power located in Capitol Hill or Buckingham Palace or Delhi? Has Prachanda any economic agenda of keeping India out that would benefit Nepali people? If Nepal starts buying oil and gas from China, a litre of petrol would cost much less.[7] Nepali leaders including those in NEFIN and other rag tag band talk only politics; they don’t have an economic agenda.


The true characteristics of Western alliance system


When things happen rapidly it is called mystery; when history does uncover mystery, it is always too late. Nepali leaders should know that both China and India put together are far less corrupt than western leaders. The corruption of western leaders is expressed in decimation of nations without any parallel in modern history; the US NATO forces are in overt or covert wars across the world mainly in resource rich but poor countries. The western leaders are sociopaths who destroy entire societies.


These western leaders arecongenitally defective human beings of a sort that is making [America] and many other parts of the planet go completely haywire nowadays. These were people born without consciences, and suddenly they are taking charge of everything …… And they are waging a war that is making billionaires out of millionaires, and trillionaires out of billionaires, and they own television, and they bankroll George Bush, and not because he's against gay marriage” are lines written by Late Kurt Vonnegut in Custodians of Chaos’ in A Man Without a Country: A Memoir of Life in George W Bush's America; 2005.[8]


The people of Nepal should know that the custodians of chaos are their own leaders, Maoists, NGOs and INGOs and all these institutions are funded by global predatory oligarchy. Four years and one hundred million dollars later the people of Nepal are still waiting for a Preamble and Objectives’ Clause of their Constitution. It is up to the Nepali people to kick the non-performing leaders out of positions of authority especially when they say that ‘power is not in their hands’ and, similarly, the insidious and pernicious influence of international development agencies. People must resolve the Matrix; bite the blue or the red pill.




[1] U.N. Sinha; ‘Development of Panchayats in Nepal;’ originally published by PC Dwadash Shreni & Company; Year not given but perhaps between 1966 and 72. The book is out of publication but a few copies are in the university library of Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. This research work was supervised by Dr BD Mahajan at Saugar University.


[2] I have also said that Nepali politicians have zero knowledge of global financial fraud and drug money laundering by British and American banks and they are working in Nepal.


[3] The car industry today is truly globalized. Except for high end cars, all passenger cars are assembled from components from diverse places.    


[4] If Nepali people allow this sort of behavior of their leaders, it is they who should sort it out instead of blaming Delhi’s spineless western minions.


[5] This is an extremely serious issue and extensive research exists, most valuable contribution is from Dr John Coleman, a former British Intelligence analyst. Also note that the scientific committee of the Vatican approved GMOs in May 2009 without going into proper technical assessment and despite the opposition of many Archbishops. There is plenty information that the Jesuits also have a military command centre and it is not surprising that the largest beneficiary of foreign funds in India is the Christian Church as the Indian Home Ministry records on FCRA show.


[6] Nepali people should note that both CPM and CPI have colluded with the same entrenched corporatists in India as the Maoists are doing in Nepal. CPM caused Nandigram to accommodate the interests of some of most vile, fraudulent and crafty multinational corporations; CPI colluded with Indira Gandhi during the emergency. D Raja supported nuclear power when even hard headed nuclear scientists know that it is failed technology. The Maoists in Nepal are no better.


[5] Since the end of World War II, the western powers have covertly and often overtly destroyed socialist societies and removed democratic and popular leaders in Asia, Africa and Latin America. What they did in Europe has been documented by Dr. Daniel Ganser in his ‘NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe’ published by Routledge; 2005. Daniel Ganser is a historian and senior researcher at the Center for Security Studies, Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. The book is an excellent academic work and documents "The best kept, and most damaging, political-military secret since World War II" (Observer, 18. November 1990). Since then, NATO’s role in Europe has been exposed in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Turkey. The coordinated attacks on socialists was planned and executed by the Pentagon and NATO by what some call the Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC).


[7] Despite Iranian offer to sell oil and gas against rupee payment, which was negotiated by the Indian Ministry, the Reserve Bank of India instructed them to buy oil and gas only in dollar. If Indian authorities wish to slave for the western powers and tow their line, why should Nepal follow that?


[8] Late Kurt Vonnegut refers to a book called ‘The Mask of Sanity’ by Dr. Harvey Cleckley, professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Medical College of Georgia, published in 1941. In this book Dr Cleckley talks of Psychopathic Personalities, humans that are without conscience. These people kill without remorse or guilt, famously projected in ‘The Silence of the Lamb’ and the Matrix.


Arun Shrivastava is an accredited management consultant and highly experienced researcher and writer. Since 9/11, he has devoted much time to researching New World Order issues. He is South Asia correspondent of Salem-News of Oregon, USA and a regular contributor to Global Research. His email is:  

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