Who will be helping to stink up the GOP's Big Tent this year?
by Gary G Kohls on 04 Nov 2012 0 Comment

As Mitt Romney so scandalously was recorded as saying to a bunch of his multibillionaire supporters/bribers/campaign investors (in his attempts to take over the Oval Office), 47% of American voters will never vote for him because of their failure to pay income taxes and their so-called reliance on government programs. The GOP agenda, of course, is to privatize everything, raid everything, cut out the economic safety net for those who have suffered bad luck and maximize corporate profits by cutting wages, cutting benefits for the working class, giving tax breaks to the wealthiest members of the elite 1% and essentially “letting the devil take the hindmost”.


When I heard Romney’s statement, I wondered if subtracting 47 from 100 and getting 53 had any meaning. Does Romney’s calculation mean that 53% of American voters will never vote for Obama? I know that question represents bad logic even if it is good subtraction, but that thought does beg the question, “who are the ones in the 53% group and will they never vote for Obama?”

Answering that question should help inform voters this “silly season”, which may actually represent a serious turning point for the 200-plus year American democratic experiment, where right-wing propaganda reigns and slick distortions, irrelevancies, outright lies and assorted half-truths are being told over and over again on TV by nefarious and obviously very wealthy elite groups, businesses and individuals who, thanks to the five pro-corporate, right-wing Republican members of the Supreme Court (via their 2010 Citizens United decision) no longer have to reveal who they are or what are their motives in spending millions of their obviously plentiful dollars influencing voters in deciding what political party gets placed into positions of power.


The political recipients of such campaign bribery, both for the Democrats and the Republicans, obligates them to implement the usually-hidden agendas of those “investors” in the next legislative session, or, if we’re talking about the Oval Office, the next executive orders, bill-signings, pardons and, perhaps most importantly, the next Federal and Supreme Court judicial appointments.


So who might be the ones among the 53% that will NEVER vote for Obama?

Who will be stinking up Karl Rove’s and the Koch Brothers’ democracy-threatening Big Tent this year?


For starters, here is a short list of types of independent or moderate Republican voters who, consciously or unconsciously, may adhere to certain voting characteristics that will put them in league with a group of virulent, democracy-threatening, anti-Obama voters that will be stinking up the GOP’s Big Tent this year: (Please note that this list contains most of Dr. Lawrence Britt’s 14 characteristics of fascism that have been shared by some of the most nefarious thugs in the history of European fascism.) For more information see http://globalresearch.ca/articles/BRI411A.html.


The “America Uber Alles” nationalists and the “my country right or wrong” uber-patriots who couldn’t care less about the $3 Trillion price tag of the Cheney/Bush Recession, wars and the uncounted war crimes that are being committed daily by American troops in invaded and occupied sovereign countries overseas, nor do they seem concerned about the human rights abuses for which our government is responsible both inside and outside our borders.

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFBExh9eABQ and watch WikiLeaks’ “Collateral Murder” video at http://www.collateralmurder.com/.


The unrepentant anti-black, anti-Latino, anti-oriental white racists, who favor male domination and exercise discrimination against women (often because of religious dogma) and various minorities (such as gays and lesbians) were carefully taught their bigotry. They may be closet segregationists, whose ancestors could have been slave owners, Ku Klux Klan members or White Citizens Council members. Many still carry trans-generational resentment against liberal abolitionists for having lost the Civil War to the North. See: http://stoprepublicans.blogspot.com/2007_05_30_archive.html


People who seem to be unconcerned about the Reagan-era (and beyond) Big Bank, Big Business, Big Agriculture takeover of the nation and the eventual extinction of small family businesses, small family farms, rural communities and public lands by huge, conscienceless, multinational corporations and their elite, “Greed is Good” ruling class. The Koch Brothers’ takeover and massive funding of the far-right-wing whites-only “hate group”, the Tea Party, is another example of corrupt crony capitalism “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” said Lord Acton; and wealth is power.


People who may be unaware of the virtually complete takeover of the mainstream media by a few multinational corporations who exert their “divine right” to censor-out certain news items that reflect badly on their agendas. Hence America’s big problem with Goebbels-style deceptive and biased journalism that mis-informs and dis-informs the electorate (and cripples democracy), making it easier to kill off labor unions and justify lowering taxes for the ultra-rich. For more see:



Right-wing religious extremists whose secretive lay and church leaders have been stealthily infiltrating the government for decades (by taking control of the Republican Party) and who are deceiving voters and their obedient and often unaware church followers by secretly plotting to subvert and then ultimately overthrow democracy via the “merger of church and state” (in direct opposition to the US Constitution) and the formation of a theocratic state. For more information on this treasonous plan, check out “Christian Reconstructionism”, “dominion theology”, Christofascism and theocracy at:


Unaware voters who seem to have no problem with America’s secretive national security state that makes a dangerous police state reality increasingly likely in the future. Many war profiteering corporations and the domestic secret police, not to mention the CIA, the various assassination squads within the Pentagon’s domain (including the prospective use of domestic drones) are all aspects of the US military’s endless war agenda - which enriches the militarists but sooner or later will bankrupt the rest of us, both financially and morally. For more, watch:



People who have anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-environmental biases and thus may be global warming deniers and irrationally despise “smart uppity blacks”, uppity women, whistle-blowers and prophets. For more info on the veracity of global warming and the right-wing, anti-science deniers, see:



Voters who are unaware of the widespread presence of corrupt crony capitalism and its almost completed takeover of the government and the vast majority of its politicians in both major political parties. Corporate control of government meets Mussolini’s definition of fascism and there is little doubt that the worst corporatist offenders are in the Republican Party, which has the ignominious distinction of utilizing the tactics of dirty political tricks and fraudulent elections far more than the Democrats.


The big reason for most of the vicious anti-Obama voters: “We Don’t Want no Niggers in the White House no More”


A few weeks ago I wrote an essay that I titled “The GOP’s Hidden, Unspoken “Big Tent” Agenda: “We Don’t Want No More Niggers in the White House”, in which I tried to make the case that many voters who favor Mitt Romney over Obama may be closet racists, although many of them would probably deny the fact, given the political incorrectness of openly espousing racist agendas.


Anybody with an open mind who watched the GOP primaries in 2012 couldn’t help notice how viciously Romney was attacked by all the other Republican candidates. He was accurately accused of being a closet moderate during those debates. Absolutely none of the other Republican candidates had any respect for him and his views. Each and all despised him, claiming that he wasn’t sufficiently right-wing and that average Republican voters would stay at home on November 6.


Any yet, as soon as the primaries ended and Romney had claimed the nomination, every one of his previously mortal enemies did the Reagan blessing, the laying on of hands, and endorsed the one they had just finished trashing and essentially calling him a RHINO (Republican In Name Only) and a heretic. Their sudden, enthusiastic and very hypocritical support of the pure white Aryan Romney followed quite soon after Karl Rove and other GOP operatives chose the not-ready-for-prime-time Paul Ryan -, he of the Munster Family’s widow’s peak hairline, the Ayn Rand devotee (and therefore committed to a pro-war, libertarian, anti-democracy, “let the devil take the hindmost”, pro-corporatist agenda), who also has no problem with economic inequality.


Romney’s Mormonism and his ancestor’s polygamist past suddenly became a non-issue for Southern Baptists and other Christian Fundamentalists, who had previously despised Mormonism, some leader openly proclaiming that it was a “hell-bound” non-Christian cult.  


So why is the right-wing leadership of the GOP (tellingly, most of them are from the previously segregationist South), suddenly so supportive of Romney and Ryan and so hateful towards the Center/Right Barack Obama, who has been implementing many of the GOP’s own nationalistic, pro-corporate, pro-Wall Street, pro-Free Trade, pro-militarist agendas?  


Answer: There is a (not-so-) hidden get-out-the-vote strategy in the Republican Party which can easily influence the dis-informed masses, many of whom do not want to or are not able to think for themselves, but are certainly jealous of uppity blacks, uppity women and uppity intellectuals. Minnesota legislative Republicans have cunningly used, in a classical Republican Dirty Trick, two constitutional amendment ballot proposals to get out the social conservative, anti-gay vote in the hopes of having a chance of defeating the popular Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar. For the revealing interview confirming that notion, from a GOP insider, see:



Republican Colin Powell provided the evidence that clinched my anti-Obama/racism hypothesis. In a recent interview he said: “The real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander-in-chief and president, and everything to do with the color of his skin.” “That's despicable,” he added, at:



Courtesy Gary G Kohls

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