If UN allows Syria to fall, UN must close shop
by Shenali Waduge on 25 Jun 2013 8 Comments

Massive fabrications went into preparing the grounds to militarily invade Iraq. There were no WMDs, Saddam had no links to 9/11 or Al Qaeda and he may have been dubbed a “dictator”, but he did not do any of the damage the US and Allies have done to the Iraqi people. So who really is the villain?


Now President Assad is being called all sorts of names – whether true or not is irrelevant in the light of the manner in which the West is carrying out a proxy war in Syria.


We must look at the situation not from what the Western media or its Governments tell us, but by the TRUTHS of all the military interventions in the past. They were all LIES and nothing but LIES, and these lies destroyed an entire nation and ancient civilization. Now the world cannot allow the West to tell any more lies.


Can President Assad’s wrongs be corrected by arming Islamic rebels and then using the brunt of the Eurocentric international laws at their disposal to do what the West likes to people and countries they decide to violate? If the UN is going to simply allow another repetition of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, it is time for the people of the world to demand closure of the UN system and for nations to prepare for self-defense. The UN is only working for the West and its cohorts. The UN member states must demand reparations for the damage that the US and West has caused in all the nations they militarily intervened in under the bogey of “humanitarian intervention” or R2P (right to protect).


Illegality of arming rebels


Libya was an open case of the West arming rebels and being obnoxious enough to publicly state so. The UN Charter and Resolutions 1970 and 1973 says it is illegal for any entity to arm rebels. Violating this means a breach of international laws. Can we count the number of international laws the US and NATO has violated/breached? What has been done by the UNSG about these violations? Absolutely nothing. Navi Pillai’s slip is showing too. Did the puppet UN Secretary General even issue a statement that arming rebels cannot be permitted? Of course not.


What is the legal principle on which the UN Charter was built – to AVOID war and ENSURE peace. Has the UN followed its main principle? Certainly not.


So when local peace dove agents come flicking pages of the UN Charter, Human Rights manuals don’t forget to ask some of these questions.


Hillary Clinton lied when she said Resolution 1973 substituted Resolution 1970 no different to the lie that there was a war zone in the Balkans. As such Obama, Clinton, Sarkozy, Alain Juppe, Cameron and Hague stand guilty of deploying military equipment against forces which were not attacking civilians in Libya.


How many nations are to fall for the people of the world to demand a stop to this bloodshed? Are we not guilty of allowing murder by simply watching it take place? Is the future of our children to live in a world that is full of the debris caused by the nuclear weapons and chemicals being used with impunity? Are our children to be deformed and subject to various health and physical ailments that we are to subject them to pharmaceuticals for life? While we will continue to need to be treated for eating foods that are equally contaminated with water suffering similar fate? Where do these perpetrators think they can live, eat and drink after they have poisoned the world? A handful of selfish egocentric and money-hungry people cannot be allowed to ruin the world of 7billion people. Attacking nations, killing people, dropping bombs appear to be games for them but what is the damage they are causing to some of the ancient historical civilizations of the world? These criminals should not be given even an invitation to speak or grace any occasion. People should shun them to give a message and all those who are linked to them should be equally treated.


Hillary admits the US created Al Qaeda – if that is so what is the nonsense behind the “war on terror” and who are we really fooling? Even 9/11 may say was a set up. What has been the cost of a trillion dollar war on the American people and subjecting millions of others to various tortures mental and physical?


If the US Government is linked to the Al Qaeda and they in turn have links to other terrorist organizations all of which are radical Islamic groups being indoctrinated to kill people especially Muslims by Saudi money this troika is a dearth to the entire world. So when we ask why are Muslims killing Muslims it does make sense but it hasn’t yet made sense to most Muslims who do not wish to accept that their Arabian brethren are actually killing their own people. The Wahhabi connection is prevalent in all. Muslims need to accept that Saudi has spent over $100billion over 20 years on spreading its radicalism. Boston bombers and the men who killed an unarmed British soldier in the streets of London all have links to Al-Muhajiroun. All it takes is to look at all the conflicts of the world and the fact that in virtually all the conflicts are between Muslims. Syria’s conflict has now been turned into an open fight between Sunni’s and Shias. But the sectarian element is something that has been planted by the West – just as they have pinned the minorities against majorities as a tool for interference. The Wahhabis hate Sufis, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus and atheists too.


The rebel jihadists number over 40,000 and these same men are being imported from country to country with the blessings of the West to be used as supposed “natives” angry with “its” government. These same lot were used in Libya too aided by Saudi and Qatar on behalf of the West. In a guerilla warfare where the enemy does not apply conventional war methods and strategies why should the Syrian army especially when the enemy has been handed unconventional and illegal weapons?


The fact that these jihadists are not delivering results has obviously prompted the West to go for their next option with the no fly zone. We saw that take place in Libya. But the 500,000 strong Syrian military is a more formidable opponent than Gaddafi’s forces.


Why would 40,000 extremists need to be imported to Syria if Syrians were opposing their leader? For starters the rebels are not even Syrian and probably are those who had been fighting in all of the conflicts that were known as the “Arab Spring” manufactured according to the West and funded by its Saudi ally.


Why would these extremists need to be given arms, ammunition and training by the West if there was no sinister plan involved?


People need to start asking these questions and not simply watching fellow human being been targeted and destroyed. The conniving, the lies, the bloodshed must now stop. Media is equally to blame for helping spread fabrications instead of exposing the truths. If the West doesn’t like Assad – well tough luck. Most of Asia don’t like the West and what they do but we have to put up with them. It doesn’t mean that anyone can arm, train and fund people to cause mayhem and these are the very countries that beckon nations to sit at conferences, shake hands and talk of a solution over a cup of tea!


A question for HRW and Amnesty both mouthpieces of the West’s democracy dogmas may like to answer how West is transplanting democracy in Africa and Middle East through supposed “humanitarian” intervention and handing over the reigns of power of these nations to Islamic radicals who plan to create anarchy in the entire region?


Israel would surely like to wonder too whether all these Islamic radicals being placed by the West surrounding Israel is actually to neutralize Israel’s strength and when friends who are used to double crossing for profit one can never guess which way the pendulum is shifting.


The US is nothing but a rogue state. A nation that dropped 2 nuclear bombs on Japan and thereafter dropped leaflets of warning they would use force cannot stand on any podium and preach human rights and morality – it is a nation whose Governments have had no morals. Whatever Government has changed, the US has attacked nations or deposed democratic leaders, install puppets, says it doesn’t talk to terrorists who they created, says its citizens have freedom of speech and the Americans actually think so but then comes the NSA leak and now we know that Americans are being bugged and so too is the entire world and the US thinks the whole world are fools to buy all their lies – but the world has been fools and this is where we now need to change the status quo.


US led attack on Syria started in 2011 – 2 years on the Syrian army is teaching more than a lesson or two and now the rebels are in retreat having lost ground and strategic areas as well.


As Russia’s Putin asked David Cameron “I think you will not deny that one does not really need to support the people who not only kill their enemies, but open up their bodies, eat their intestines, in front of the public and cameras,” Putin said at a joint news conference in London with Prime Minister David Cameron.


“Are these the people you want to support? Is it them who you want to supply with weapons?”


As for the UN – it is an organization that has been hijacked by powerful nations to be used according to their whims and fancies using laws that were defined by then and applies to everyone other than them. If the UN memberships are simply to attend annual sessions and take a group photo with beaming facing while elsewhere millions of people are dying for some sort of reason that is not natural then we need to now question how valid and necessary the UN is.


It is now time to stop the bloodshed and killing. People are not bait for a handful who enjoy seeing others suffer and to give a clear signal to say NO to the practice of profiteering from wars UN members must now demand awarding reparations for all the damage that Syria and all other nations that faced a bogus humanitarian intervention had to suffer – otherwise it is better that we look for stewardship elsewhere other than US, UK and EU nations that contributed all these years to campaigns and bloodbath for no country that they intervened in can boast of leading better lives after the West landed.

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