The Chemophobia and Humanitarian Interventionism
by Waiel Awwad on 26 Aug 2013 11 Comments

The Iraq captivity keeps on hunting me from time to time especially when I was supposed to be handed over to ‘Chemical Ali’ (Ali Hasan Almajid Altikriti) to be executed because I was embedded with the US forces. We managed to escape and the tribe leader who helped us escape also runaway from his home with his children, fearing retaliation.


Even though this was a decade ago, during the American invasion to Iraq, the name of Chemical Ali was enough to make you shiver from head to toe because they tagged him with attacks by chemical weapon on Iraqi villages during the Saddam Hussein regime.


During a visit to the hospital to take an x-ray with a patient, you will be kept in another room so you are not exposed to radiation. As a war correspondent and a physician, it will be difficult to digest this stage-managed piling of innocent children in front of cameras to display their dead bodies, carrying them with bare hands, with no masks or anything to protect oneself, and achieve dubious aims by generating sympathy to implicate the Government of Syria even without any proper investigation and collecting of data to find out what chemical was used, who used it and why so many children were slaughtered for no fault of theirs as they were not even aware why they were targetted.


For the common man who saw this carnage and was fed with false facts will only believe it was the hand of the regime. Thus, the objectives of the warmongering nations are achieved, as the giant media houses try to justify another “Humanitarian Intervention” under the pretext of saving humanity when both their hands soaked with the blood of innocent Syrians.


The attempts to implicate the Syrian government took a step back in the UN Security Council when Russia presented data proved that the rebels were responsible for firing two chemical rockets into those areas under their control, which caused these killings. Even the United States has cross-checked this with its own satellite data and found amounts of truth that are difficult to deny or ignore.


Even war-loving France changed its position and called for a thorough investigation to find out the truth. Had it not been the Russian firm stand and facts, we might have witnessed another Yugoslavia and Libya in the making. This was a big blow for those countries claiming to be champions of Human Rights – they are caught killing a person and then walking to his funeral!


They knew the game plan and the plot to implicate the Syrian regime, a fact they cannot hide because of the amount of frustration for not being able to dislodge the Syrian government by force despite all the arms and mercenaries they are training and sneaking into Syria from Turkey, Lebanon and now Jordan – the new frontier to sabotage Syria, closer to the capital Damascus.


How can the regime kill its own people? Syria is being ruled by the same party for more than 45 years, and this regime has built modern Syria, offers free and compulsory education, free health services and subsidized commodities! Now why would it opt to kill own children? What a gimmick!


Our aim is to eradicate illiteracy, poverty and retain the secular identity of the state. This insane amount of killing in the streets of Syria has never been seen in the history of mankind. All these killings are carried out by criminals and religious fanatics fed with the spoon of Wahhabism that rejects all others and considers them Infidels (Kafirs).


According to the UN special envoy Alakhdar Elbrahimi there are more than one lakh mercenaries in Syria and the European Union admits that 15,000 blue eyed jihadis are fighting along with terrorist organizations linked to Al Qaeda in Syria. A force which clearly is the only one currently ruling the streets of Syria, and trying to eliminate other groups, a fact acknowledged by many countries that are now approaching the Syrian Government secretly to ensure that not one of them goes back alive to their native country and blows himself /herself there.


The war propaganda and media is being used as a weapon of mass deception to build public opinion to justify military intervention in Syria and elsewhere in future. This tactic has been used for ages and they will continue to use it. This yellow journalism will be exposed like the yellow rains on Vietnam, Fallujah in Iraq, South Lebanon and Beirut attacks by Israel and then on the Gaza strip – the largest open prison in the world. History will not forgive those using misleading headlines to justify intervention.


A Saudi girl, 15 years of age, returned victorious to her country after she responded to a fatwa issued by her clergy for “Jihad Nikah”, so that the jihadis can perform better in their “Holy War “against Syria. She was only one among many from different nationalities who went into Syria for the same purpose and horrific accounts of their dehumanizing group sex acts have already been reported. Although many clergies called this prostitution and Islam prohibits such heinous crimes, many such persons are finding their way to Syria, thanks to recruitment by fanatic imams and channels showing the heroic acts of those terrorists and fabricating atrocities by the Syrian government to justify their call for more volunteers to go to Syria.


This led to the nurturing of more than 1400 terrorist organizations now fighting in Syria  and causing havoc, looting, killing, raping, slaughtering innocents – all in the name of their “God/Allah” and their masters funding and training them and sending them to blow themselves up and kill as many as possible for being “Infidels”.


In Aleppo a few days ago, a family was celebrating their daughter being a top scorer in Class XII. One invitee wearing a suicidal belt blew himself to kill the girl, her mother, and a score of the invitees. This is what these dark forces want to repay Syrian achievements in the field of education.


The culture of Jihad was established in Afghanistan and now the same actors are replicating it in Syria. They are trying to fuel it in Lebanon on sectarian lines to counter the Hezbollah party which is resisting the Israeli occupation. A bomb blast recently took place in the Shia-dominated part of Beirut and now two bomb blasts targetted people coming out of Friday`s prayers in Tripoli.


Terrorism has inflicted the region and will gradually spread to Europe, Russia and other parts of the world because Islam phobia is already engulfing Europe and they are in search of an enemy after communism. Unfortunately, those who claim to be the custodians of Islam are responsible for the bloodshed all over Islamic countries, flaring up sedition (Fitna) among Muslims, and in countries with Muslim minorities who are now prosecuted and targetted.


The countries responsible for the killings in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq will pay a heavy price in the near future and will be punished for their crimes against humanity. May the Almighty have mercy on the souls of the victims of a greedy world.


Dr Awwad is a senior international correspondent based in South Asia 

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