US military intervention in Syria could be catastrophic
by Bhim Singh on 06 Sep 2013 7 Comments
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has acknowledged the concern expressed by many across the world on the dangers to peace in case the United States insists on military intervention in Syria. We in India also urge the UN Secretary-General to intervene to save peace as well as the letter and spirit of the Charter of the United Nations, which does not permit interference in the domestic affairs of any Member state.


Article 2 (7) is mandatory for all Members of the General Assembly and is equally applicable to the big powers and permanent members of the Security Council. It was tragic and unfortunate that the United States has been deliberately violating the mandate of the UN Charter - in erstwhile Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and now in Syria. The living example of violation of the UN Charter was the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 when the Bush administration attacked under the false pretext that Iraq was manufacturing/hiding weapons of mass destruction.


This author personally interacted with the Chief Inspector deputed by the United Nations in Iraq in 2001, who admitted that his team was not able to trace any such weapons. It was proved beyond an iota of doubt that the US charge against President Saddam Hussein was false and unfounded and was made only to demonize the Arab leader and liquidate him. Washington succeeded in its game plan. The silence of the United Nations over the Anglo-American attack against Iraq has damaged the credibility of the UN; its silence was suicidal.


In 1999, the US used NATO to commit naked aggression against Yugoslavia with criminal intent to destroy Serbian culture, history and civilization. The NATO committed genocide of thousands of people and the international fraternity allowed wiping out the very name of Yugoslavia from the membership of the United Nations. President Slobodan Milosevic was abducted from his Belgrade residence, imprisoned in a dark cell manned by US commandoes in The Hague, Netherlands. He was ultimately found ‘murdered’ in his cell when the prosecutors failed to establish any guilt on his part.


When I with Ramsey Clarke visited President Slobodan Milosevic in prison, he requested both of us to represent him before the court. The rule of law, as I saw it, stood murdered as the judges presiding over the so-called International Criminal Court trying President Slobodan Milosevic did not allow us (myself and Ramsey Clarke) to represent him, saying, “It is the prerogative of this court to decide which attorney shall represent the under trials before us.” Such is the jurisprudence practiced and preached by the White House when dealing with adversaries or political opponents in world courts. This was the command of the so-called world order ordained by President Bush while attacking Iraq in violation of the UN Charter as well as all the norms of international law.


More than two million people died of hunger and starvation caused by the illegal economic sanctions imposed by the United States of America against Iraq. In his book, ‘Iraq: A Heroic Resistance’, this author exposed the Anglo-American Bloc aggression against the people of Iraq followed by the genocide of innocent people. The US mission in Iraq was to capture oil, land and strategic waters in Iraq and the Arab world. Saddam Hussein was the biggest obstacle to this target and hence they started a worldwide media campaign to demonize him and succeeded in eliminating him (Saddam Hussein). The US proclaimed that it intended to bring democracy in Iraq. Today in Iraq hundreds of innocent people are killed daily by weapons manufactured in the western world. Where were the weapons of mass destruction that the US had detected in Iraq?    


The United Nations is answerable for its silence when NATO fighters and bombers were showering bombs and arsenals on the people of Libya. International Law and the UN Charter were thrown to the winds by the Anglo-American Bloc and European allies. How and under what provision of the UN Charter did the Anglo-American Bloc use NATO forces to destroy the Arab people and brutally assassinate Libyan leader, Col. Gaddafi? The intention was not democracy but the oils of Libya which stands ninth in oil reserves in the world. Where is the democracy in Libya? Where were the humanists when the USA was committing genocide in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria?   


The next target is India. The US has been promoting the Dixon Plan since 1951. To reach India, they are targetting Syria and Iran. Now American media is demonizing President Basher al-Assad, having succeeded in getting rid of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak and also its first elected President, Mohamed Morsi.


Washington does not want to see another Nasser or Saddam or Gaddafi or even Arafat on Arab soil. Its entire strategy has been to demolish leadership in the Arab world and establish US hegemony. The interest is to grab Arab oils, earth-wealth and strategic land and waters all over the globe.


The Anglo-American Axis needs Gilgit-Baltistan to monitor China. This Bloc needs Afghanistan to keep watch on the Russian Federation. The US needs control over Latin America so that all the gold, diamond reserves and earth-wealth in those countries remains in its hands. The West has divided Sudan by fomenting Muslim-Christian conflict as done previously in the Indian sub-continent during British Rule. They divided Cameroon, the Congo, East Africa, and Palestine.


In 1967, Israel in brazen aggression against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Palestine occupied major chunks of Arab land in an international conspiracy and in utter violation of the UN Charter. The Security Council condemned the Israeli aggression and passed several resolutions (242, 338 and others) directing Israel to vacate all Arab lands. Israel not only defied the UN Resolutions but continue its violation of the UN Charter.


The United Nations must answer why it remained quiet on the defiance of the UN Resolutions vis-à-vis illegal occupation of Arab lands and Palestine? Occupation of Jerusalem, Masjid Al-Aqsa and Golan Heights of Syria are examples of Israeli defiance of the UN Resolutions. The offer made by late President Hafiz al-Assad of Syria of ‘Land for Peace’ was ignored. Israel was allowed to establish its occupation of the Golan Heights. But the western world implemented all resolutions against Iraq by using force and committing aggression against Iraq.


Palestinian President Yasir Arafat was cheated by the Anglo-American Bloc even when he went to the White House to shake hands with Israeli leaders and signed the Oslo Agreement with Israel in the presence of US President. What happened to the State of Palestine? The western world has been supporting Israel to expand Jewish settlements in Palestine against the clear mandatory directions and resolutions of the United Nations.


Now the Obama administration wants to attack Syria and liquidate President Basher al-Assad so that no dissenting voice remains against the United States. This fact is established after the clear message from NATO Political Chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen that the attack on Syria shall be ‘short, sharp & tailored’. This means the aim is to liquidate the Syrian leadership and its elected President.


The British Parliament has demonstrated a clever strategy to keep Arab opinion divided. Prime Minister David Cameron lost his motion by 13 votes in the House of Commons, thus showing that Britons have learnt from Iraq and Libya. All Europe knows that the European Community including Britain did not receive even peanuts from the Anglo-American ‘victory’ in Iraq, Yugoslavia or Libya. France perhaps is the only country in Europe which is eager to join the US in its aggression against Syria. When France lost its colonial control over United Syria in 1948, it intrigued to dissect Lebanon from Syria.


The United Nations seems to be going the way of the League of Nations. The leadership of Russia and China can no longer be used or exploited by the Anglo-American Bloc as the international situation is different from World War I and World War II. The Russian Federation is alive to the realities in the Middle East. Russia cannot afford to let a distant White House plant arsenals at its door.


Putin has dubbed the so-called ‘chemical weapons’ theory in Syria as ‘utter nonsense’. China is equally concerned about US intrigues to demolish Syria so that Israel can freely expand in the Middle East. Obama may have compulsions to attack Syria but Obama stands defeated in his own arguments when he welcomes the support of Arab leaders on the one hand and calls for democracy in the Arab world on the other.


India made its stand clear on the eve of G20 Conclave being held in Kremlin, Russia, that she will not support foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Syria. The people of India stand for peace all over the world. India stands for the sovereignty and independence of all nations, and opposes any interference in the domestic affairs of other nations.

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