9/11: Year 12+, Obama continues the colonial wars... and Syria is not the end
by Arun Shrivastava on 13 Sep 2013 7 Comments

The world can’t forget the events of September 11, 2001. We now know that the long war was planned many years before the events; the actual taking out of seven nations – Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan – was prepared soon after. But the plan is even bigger and includes India, China and Russia. Note that these are the world’s longest running serial, genocidal wars.


On the eve of last week’s G20 meet at St Petersburg, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the “processes that are unfolding in the world mean that resolute action is needed on our part.” He also said that chances for peaceful resolution of the Syrian issue are slim yet the effort must be made. The meet was abruptly called off, perhaps following some heated exchange between Putin and Obama; no one is confirming that. But something did happen.


The UN Security Council remains deadlocked over handling of Western leaders’ naked assertion of plunder power. The Elders, founded in 2007 by Nelson Mandela, are opposed, each for his or her own reason as a last ditch credibility-saving device.  Nobel Laureates like Jody Williams [US], Shirin Ebadi [Iran], Mairead Macguire [Ireland], Rigoberta Manchu Tum [Guatemala] and others may say their little pieces but they don’t matter.


The tin-pot dictators or even the spineless ‘democratic’ leaders like the presiding deity of scamsters in India or the presiding deity of Japanese mafia can remain completely silent; both nations have zero credibility now. Noam Chomsky recently said that British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Cameron and US Presidents Obama and Bush should be tried for war crimes. In fact he includes Harry Truman as a war criminal for dropping atomic bombs on willing-to-surrender Japan. Why did Chomsky leave out the German, French and Italian leaders and most importantly the Israeli leaders since 1949? Doesn’t he know that Benjamin “9/11 is good for Israel” Netanyahu is a sociopath, a most dangerous salesman of lies, poison and death exposed by British journalist Alan Hart almost two decades ago?


In law and ethics, the essence of ‘war’ is to disarm an aggressor, not to violate the innocent. Under the American hegemon, ‘war’ now seeks to make the targeted nation ungovernable and destroy society at the most basic level of secure family life. In this global plunder agenda, synthetic leaders like Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and lesser men posing as statesmen are the visible faces controlled by an invisible sociopathic gang of European banksters nominally headed by a British royal. Michael Parenti was spot on when he said [at the launch of his book] that the US armed forces should bomb London, Brussels and Paris... and the White House! [1]


Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya are classic examples. Syrians are going through hell. Argentina, planted all over with Genetically Engineered [GE] crops, is finished; it will be an ecologically dead zone within a decade without a bomb having been dropped. Chavez was likely murdered; they have weapons that kill without leaving any evidence and they have a history of killing or removing nationalist leaders. All targeted nations face a similar fate.


US-AFRICOM has 79 military bases in Africa to ensure continued resource plunder. And the warmongers are now everywhere in South Asia, pulverising East Asia with globalist-corporatist’s Trans Pacific Partnership, basically a blue print to destroy the economies through controlled trade and commerce with complete freedom to destroy these nations at the genetic level. These wars are examples of complete annihilation of nations without historical precedent.


‘Manchurian candidate’ Obama is escalating that process; he was carefully ‘inserted’ into the White House. Calling him a liar is passé; they all are, but Obama is ‘special.’ This Afro-American POTUS, born of white American Ann Dunham to a black Kenyan father and then brought up by his Indonesian step-father Soetoro, has travelled on at least two non-American passports – Kenyan and Indonesian. And no one in Columbia University class of 1983 remembers anyone by the name of Barack Hussain Obama or Barry Soetoro or whatever. The name Barack H Obama does appear in a British document in their National Archive. 


Great debaters are always remembered by college mates. Barack perhaps acquired his skills during the years prior to his exaltation as the new Caesar; remember that CIA also ran MK-ULTRA and MK-NAOMI, two mind control projects. [2]


So what is Syria all about that worried me enough to write this piece on Al-Qaeda, 9/11 and now Syria? Osama bin Laden died of kidney failure in December 2001 in a US military hospital where he was under treatment. Al Qaeda is a US intelligence asset; the bin Laden family are close friends of the American political and financial elite. POTUS Baby Bush’s Afghanistan occupation had nothing to do with Osama or Al Qaeda. It was land grab south of the Central Asian oil and gas region and capture of strategic mineral resources of Afghanistan.


The third reason was to grow opium poppy and process it into heroin and cocaine for the western markets. Worth 600-700 billion dollars at street value per year, the consignments are shipped to Europe and USA in protected aircrafts and the drug money laundered through Western banks that are operating in India as well. Guesstimates run from US dollar 1.5 trillion to 5 trillion worth of drug money laundered through the world’s top banks including one which was investigated by Her Majesty’s investigators and actually fined.


Many banks have been investigated in India as well, from the time Manmohan Singh took over as Finance Minister and heavily fined by RBI investigators. The Revenue Intelligence unit of the Income Tax Department has far more hard data than the financial incompetents in RAW or CBI. That should explain why Raghuram Rajan, the Western banksters’ major domo, has been sent to ‘fix’ the Manmohan-Montek created economic mayhem. Tighten your belt for economic apocalypse.


The amount of money from CIA’s drug operation is sufficient to fund the entire US armed forces’ overt or covert operations from 1000 bases and thousands of lily pads around the world without any Congressional appropriation. And they control the Golden Triangle as well. The global drug trade, in reality, is the globalist-banksters’ fiefdom. 


Obama sent US Navy Seals, guided by “a fleet of satellites”, as America’s Fox News reported, to finish off “Usama bin Laden.” Not to be left behind, Hollywood landed in India and found Abbottabad-like locations in and around Chandigarh to shoot the exploits of Navy Seals under a ghost Commander-in-Chief’s direction killing Osama and then dropping the body in the Arabian Sea. It could have been Lake Mead, but Obama became a hero in that sheeple-land.


Al-Qaeda and its affiliate Al-Nusra or any professional brute or murderer [the Salafists are even better] ready to rape or kill is out there in Syria, paid a million dinars to kill as many innocents and claim the status of ‘opposition’ just because a bunch of criminal western leaders have decided to give them respectability. This has been revealed by moderate Muslim clerics. And Obama, Cameron, Hollande, and Merkel want to intervene in support of Al-Qaeda!


The NATO chief wants to fight with Al-Qaeda to overthrow a legitimate Syrian Government backed by its people. And Obama wants to send US troops to fight the Syrian Government as Al-Qaeda’s ally. As Putin remarked, ‘Suppose it is found out that the Chemical Weapons [CW] that are classed as Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD] were used by Al-Qaeda or Al-Nusra in Syria, what would be the West’s stand?’ That’s what is being debated around the world with hard admissible evidences.


Ten long years have gone by between Iraq and Syria and it all ties up. The CW-WMDs were ‘never found’ in Iraq but led to US-NATO attack, deaths of over 1.2 million innocent civilians, exodus of around five million Iraqis to neighbouring countries. In actual fact the CW-WMDs were there hidden in a bunker at Balad Air Force Base, discovered by Frank ‘Greg’ Ford in 2003 with clear markings of company that manufactured it and country of origin including the bill of lading.


The CW-WMDs were manufactured in the USA and shipped by a company called Carlyle Group. When Greg found out and reported this to higher authorities, all hell broke loose. Greg also reported, as a medical doctor, that prisoners were being tortured by Americans in Iraq. These are war crimes.


According to the UN weapons inspector Hans Blix, the WMDs were made in the United States and brokered and shipped by the Carlyle Group from Houston, Texas to Iraq for use on the Anfal Kurds and the Iranian armed forces, Greg Ford claims. In his declaration Greg says, “For reasons that I do not understand, members of the armed forces of the United Kingdom, not the United States, were ordered to remove and destroy the weapons”.


Why the British soldiers when the markings were clear? We know it now: British Prime Ministers and American Presidents as powerful stakeholders in the Carlyle Group. [3]


VX is a lethal nerve agent, and there is no known antidote, whose production and stockpiling was outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.


Are the four western leaders aware that it is not rabbits being gassed in a cage; children are being kidnapped and gassed by Western-backed anti-people and anti-government forces in Syria. The western powers are destroying the future generations by any means at hand.


Can these leaders submit any evidence to force the international community to take action? Who is that ‘international community’? If, as Wayne Madsen says, “it is well known that [a US President is] decided by a dozen men sitting around a table in a hotel room,’ the ‘international community’ is also a few around the coffee table in a super luxurious hotel in Washington, London or Swiss chalet; the rest of the world is prodded on to accept.


George [Baby] Bush’s ‘Global War on Terror’ is unravelling under Obama’s St Petersburg fiasco. Appealing to the American people and the Congress to punish Syria for using chemical weapons supplied by Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar that killed over 1400 innocent children, women and men by rebels being openly backed by US and NATO forces is unlikely to pay dividends. Two million bikers drove into Washington DC to commemorate 911; they were turned away by the Police. For the past six or seven years, American veterans [over a million strong] have been writing of gross violations of international law and war crimes of British and American leaders. Rumours are emanating from Washington that senior Generals and Commanders have warned Obama that he could be ‘hanged for making the US soldiers fight side-by-side the Al-Qaeda.’


Last year, I travelled across the Himalayas and the foothills; at some places accompanied by senior intelligence analysts, at others alone. The purpose was to gauge the penetration of three groups of international trouble makers who have a long history of engineering ethnic, religious and caste conflicts in third world countries. I disclosed bits and pieces in my article on Nepal and named (a) the UN-Framework Team, (b) Soros funded INGOs and NGOs and (c) the Vatican. All three groups work in a well coordinated manner under close direction and supervision of CIA, MI6 and Mossad. There are others working on breaking India and south Asia; the enemy is within, colluding with the perpetrators. These issues will be covered in another article. 



1. Parenti has said this several times during his lecture tours. His book ‘The Face of Imperialism’ is worth a read.

2. All evidences were gathered by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, a former Naval Intelligence officer, and can be seen in his book “The Manufacturing of a President” sub-titled “The CIA’s Insertion of Barack H. Obama Jr, Into The White House

3.  Frank Greg Ford’s court declaration is here: http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/09/19/50430.htm?fb_action_ids=285574731556657&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=timeline_og&action_object_map=%7B%22285574731556657%22%3A285619184885382%7D&action_type_map=%7B%22285574731556657%22%3A%22og.likes%22%7D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D

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