Kenya Mall shootout: some observations
by Mitch Medina on 09 Oct 2013 0 Comment

You’ll never guess what showed up in a crooked car repair shop right next to our clinic.  About a dozen of the Westgate car wrecks. How do I know the repair shop is crooked? Because when we started working in that area, we took our own cars to that place. They stole good parts out of our vehicles, replaced them with counterfeits, and didn’t fix the original problem. Needless to say, we stopped using the place, but not before learning an expensive lesson.


How do I know that the cars were from Westgate? Because the wrecks (about 10 of them) had obviously been crushed by something heavy that fell on them from above -- specifically the roofs of the three-storey Westgate parking structure, which collapsed under unclear circumstances towards the end of the 4-day incident. These were no ordinary wrecks.


Did the terrorists blow up the parking structure? Did the Kenyan security forces bomb it to squash the terrorist who they thought were inside? Did it collapse because of a fire, allegedly of mattresses from the Nakumatt Department Store, and supposedly started by the terrorists, which burned for about 5 days, and was still smoking for couple of days after the incident was declared over?


What I can tell you is that I heard a loud “boom!” from where I live, about a kilometer away from the mall. No explanation of that boom has been offered, and I can’t answer the questions I posed above.


But as sure as Kenya is Kenya, some of the Westgate car wrecks at showed at the crooked repair shop near our clinic. How did they get there? W-a-a-a-l, your car insurance doesn’t cover “acts of terror”, unless you buy a special rider, and pay extra. Needless to say, most people never read their policies, and didn’t know they weren’t covered.


So, car-owners found out that their insurance companies wouldn’t pay, they simply abandoned their vehicles. So, enterprising elements of the security forces sold the wrecks to the crooked car repair shops -- probably a plurality of them, and not just the one we know.


What are the repair shops going to do with the wrecks? Cannibalize them for parts, working or not really working, and sell them to other people when they bring in their cars for repair. How much did the cops get for each wreck? Obviously, I don’t know, but my guess, from long experience, is that $100 would have been more than enough to buy one wreck, and $500 would get you 10 of them.


So, now that we know what we know, are we going to do anything about it? Most definitely not. If we went to the cops to report what we’ve seen, other cops would go after us, not to mention the crooked repair shop, which is totally capable of hiring ordinary thugs to rob or destroy our clinic, and kill or rape our employees -- which include my wife. So Shamireaders know what happened to the Westgate car wrecks, but outside of ourselves, the people who did the crooked business, and probably a few other serendipitous observers, nobody else does.


Welcome to Kenya! I’ve been working here for 13 years, and for all that time, I’ve been saying “You have to love Kenya to help Kenya, because Kenya fights you when you try to help it, every day”. As I was writing this epistle, the local news was running on the TV in the background.  Their quote of the day?


“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm” – Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)




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