Operation Enduring Stupidity
by Frank Scott on 10 Mar 2014 0 Comment

Official American policy regarding the Ukraine, Russia, Putin and democracy has left the realm of ignorance and can only be described as stupid. Even the pressure of running an empire and maintaining capitalism are not enough to excuse present behavior and actions, previously labeled by some as demented but presently, and however more dangerous, no more or less than complete stupidity.


Defined by the dictionary as “the quality of being stupid”, that word needs to be clarified in meaning:

Stupid - in a state of stupor, lacking normal intelligence or understanding, slow, dull witted, the quality of incapacity to perceive or learn.




Labeling the President, Secretary of State, Congressional gas bags and a wanna be President as stupid might actually be kinder than calling them murderous hypocrites, but the quality of being stupid is an important component part of the skills necessary to play the roles of a murderous hypocrite.


Listen to the Secretary lecturing about democracy and civility while presiding over a most uncivil and anti-democratic excuse for humanity that bombs and kills all over the globe with the largest military force and budget in history, or the President forced by his employers to mouth off with comments about freedom even he must know make no sense while his regime throws a Catholic nun in jail for three years for non-violently trying to warn of the nuclear menace and puts Private Manning in the slam for thirty five years for daring to tell Americans what he felt they should know about their country’s bloody crimes in foreign places. And possibly worst of all given her already under way billionaire coronation as future first empress of the nation, the feminist pretender calling Putin’s actions an equation of Hitler’s, this pleasing to the gallery of mentally poor readers in America but causing severe stomach cramps and hysterical laughter all over the rest of the planet.


Whatever the flaws and faults of the Ukrainian regime, an elected President was deposed under the gun and without even a pretense of an election. If Lord Obama were thrown out of the half-White House by a mob of Tea Party “Patriots”, would there be such support from supposed liberals and progressives? If a force of righteous Occupy Wall Street types threw him out on his butt, would conservatives and slack jawed Ayn Randites rise up in support of these anti-capitalists and call it democracy? And would media stenographers be presenting and echoing the mouthings of experts (?) who should wear propeller beanies to identify their mental capacity as “analysis” of affairs in a nation so far way and foreign that people who know little or nothing about Canada and Mexico can be led to believe after listening to and reading such garbage that they are now expert on a place many could not find on a map?


Hint: it’s right next to a very big place called Russia.


Does a snake have wings?

Is a bluebird blue?

Are you kidding?


If you are a member of the Low IQ Club and are not already on the paid staff of our disabled regime, please send in your resume to fill some of the positions soon to be open by those who will be leaving under the stress of mental breakdown and/or legal actions.


Is it any wonder that Americans who know all about Academy Award winners, losers, their mates, dates and latest publicly revealed private conversations, know so little about the world that they swallow garbage poured into their heads about the menace allegedly created by Putin, while remaining relatively deaf, dumb, and blind to the horrors of the imbeciles running them and their nation into planetary brick walls?


Hey, in this economy, a job’s a job.


Frank Scott writes  political commentary and satire which appears online at the blog Legalienate http://legalienate.blogspot.com; email: fpscott@gmail.com

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