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by Arun Shrivastava on 05 May 2014 2 Comments

Narendra Modi’s win with sufficient majority to form a strong national government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is essential for India’s national security. His win will prevent the balkanisation of India and political chaos in South Asia. The 2014 Parliamentary elections that began on April 7 are drawing to a close; results will be out on May 16.


Narendra Modi: broad policies and achievements


On different occasions, Modi has elaborated his broad strategy on nine issues:


-        Make India food and nutrition secure and exporter of food. GMOs shall not be allowed. Monsanto, USAID, and US Government and major GMO seeds, chemicals and food transnational corporations [TNCs] have direct stake in this. [1][2]

-        He advocates a policy of self-reliance in weapons. India is a major market and he is opposed to external dependence. [3]

-        He will not allow privatization of public assets. He has turned around loss making Gujarat State Public Sector Units [SPSUs] by infusion of appropriate technology and professional management. Five Gujarat SPSUs are in India’s Fortune 500 list. [4]

-        He may not allow Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] in retail, in which Wal-Mart, Tesco and others have interest, on the grounds that multi-brand retailers kill small businesses and local jobs. He made that clear in an important India Today business conclave. [5]

-        Modi will de-concentrate cities with urbanised villages slowing down slumisation of Gujarat cities. High speed internet connects all villages. Participative, micro-managed rainwater harvesting and watershed protection is making Gujarat water surplus.[6] Soil health card, essential for keeping soil nutrient balance at peak level, combined with timely advisory from agriculture scientists has ensured 10% annual growth rate in agriculture. This has facilitated diversified income sources from agriculture and small industries in the village itself. An example is the diamond industry. Earlier, workers went to Surat - the diamond capital of India - to cut, polish, and finish diamonds and lived in slums. Now, traders send packets of diamonds to be finished in hundreds of small, mechanised units owned by villagers who work from home. Free time can be utilised to tend to their small farms. [7]

-        He will come down hard on illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Muslims have changed the demographic profile of Assam. They misuse borderlands in West Bengal for growing opium poppy and export narcotics to the West. Even in the peaceful Himalayan state of Sikkim about 150,000 Bangladeshis immigrants have infiltrated and live in forested areas committing all sorts of crimes. This has to stop.

-        Islamic terrorists infiltrating from Pakistan and Nepal will be dealt with severely.

-        ‘Development for all, appeasement for none’ is his philosophy. India is the only country that subsidises its Muslim population’s pilgrimage to Mecca, condones crimes of Jesuits, and tolerates harassment of Hindu sages. Modi will not appease any religious minority.  

-        On foreign policy, he has merely said that ‘the world has changed and old parameters don’t apply, nations will decide their priorities on the basis of trade, commerce, and technological support’ as equal partners.


Modi’s policies run counter to neo-conservative agenda of globalisation and free market, particularly UN Agenda-21. He has nearly achieved four key objectives of sufficiency in energy, water, food, and jobs but much remains done in the social sector. With the second highest installed capacity [23,226 MWe] and consistently high capacity factor, the State has surplus power. [8] Zero-tolerance for terrorism has ensured safety for people; there has been no incident since 2002.


Following the Bhuj earthquake of January 2001, his party made him Chief Minister [October 2011]. Bill Clinton talking to NGOs said ‘he can even raise 100 million dollars but where is the plan?’ NGOs had no plan. Modi had. The economic rehabilitation he achieved made people elect him as Chief Minister three times. [9] A significant section of Muslim population also supports him. Journalists once rabidly against him now admit that his record of governance is far better than that of secularists’-run States. The economic vibrancy attracts migrant workers from all over India. Those from Bihar and UP earn Rs 6,500 per month working as unskilled labour, according to a Varanasi industrialist.


Perceptions from abroad


Modi shows clear preference for closer economic cooperation with China, Russia and Europe. Way back in 2006, he visited Russia and had discussions with officials on three issues: (a) a road-rail link via Iran, (b) access to Gujarat ports for Russian ships, and (c) collaboration with Gazprom for exploration and production of gas. [10] Some years ago [2011] a series of meetings with Chinese leaders took place over four days in Beijing and Shanghai. Political meetings were held in the Great Hall usually reserved for Heads of the States, an exceptional honour, which means top Chinese leaders look forward to working with Modi. Similarly, he went to Russia three times for important consultations. This is perhaps the first time that Russia and China have officially accorded such a warm reception to a state Chief Minister from India. Shinzo Abe’s hobnobbing with Modi is unlikely to pay strategic dividends unless Japanese strategic perspective changes.  


These visits have thus far focussed on investment in Gujarat from Russia, China and Japan, and strategic collaboration with the first two. The European Union invited him to attend the European Parliament in November 2013, but Modi has a distinct ‘Asia centric’ policy. [11]


Some analysts view him as the ‘greatest friend’ of Israel in India. In fact, India has a long history of offering safe haven to Jews running away from persecution. Even today tens of thousands of Israelis live in the Himalayan region. Israeli investments in microchips, pharmaceuticals, irrigation, and agriculture will further expand just as trade related activities with China and Russia. [12] However, Israeli surveillance firms operating from Gujarat is an area of concern that needs probing.     


Investors agree that he is serious, unlike any Indian politician. A French journalist living in India succinctly put it: “Modi has the same nationalistic streak as Putin and [they will] not allow outside interference in the development” [of their respective countries]. Modi has the mind of a strategist with his own vision, mission, and mastery over cross-sectoral programming and convergence which is unique. That irks Delhi’s elite, INGOs, NGOs, and many of Modi’s own Bharatiya Janata Party colleagues.


Political situation here


Modi’s campaigns of the past six months clearly show that the majority cutting across caste, religion, and political ideology want him to lead the nation. However, a powerful group of Nehruvian secularists, also known as secularists, and Muslims oppose him. Modi is still blamed for the post-Godhra Riots. His opponents, backed by the Western Crime Conglomerate [WCC], worked for 12 years using every state machinery to hold him personally responsible for the riots. They failed. One of them, Teesta Setalvad, famous for using abusive language, even committed perjury.[13]


Who are these secularists? This is something that we should redefine. The short answer is they are Zionist-backed, rabidly anti-Hindu, and insanely pro-Muslim and pro-Roman Catholic groups within academia, media, and the political class that owes its existence to the dispensations of Nehru-Gandhi clan and metropolitan glitterati. Their leaders speak the same language of violence against Hindus as the Banderas do in Ukraine against the Russians. The Indian secularists are pro-active partners of WCC found in every developing country.


When the spurious Global War on Terror [GWOT] started [Sept-Oct 2001], the Secularists and Indian Muslim groups, financially supported by the same WCC, did not oppose the Zionist warmongers, but started a full-fledged onslaught on India’s Hindus. Even Arundhati Roy made seditious statement favouring secession of Kashmir for which a warrant of arrest is yet to be served on her. This group is so well organised that during the Mumbai terrorist attacks, if Ajmal Kasab had not been captured alive, plans were afoot to blame Hindus for ‘falsely implicating Muslims’ and brand Hindus as the real terrorists. WCC’s proxy wars in India have already claimed 90,000 lives since 1990, but that is not secularists’ problem.


Even after 800 years of Muslim mayhem and 200 years of British Colonial exploitation with salivating Vatican in tow, 80% of India remains staunchly Hindu. That is the deep structure of hatred fomented by the British and that is still a reality.  


These secularists internationalised Muslim, Dravidian, and Dalit (Scheduled Caste), issues, an old colonial ploy that fractured Indian society. In 1857, it took unified Hindus and Muslims to kick the British in India within three months; few escaped alive. Since then the British agenda of fomenting Hindu-Muslim divide has worked very well. [14] A Christian, Muslim or Dalit death in India is sensationalised overnight globally by the Western presstitute led by the BBC, as if Hindus are born criminals. [15] Blaming them for anything wrong, atrocity literature has gained academic respectability in the West, particularly in the Sorosised UN system.  


The secularists got a boost when the organisational abnormality called NGO was created in 1989. Between 1993 and 2002, just 53% of the top NGOs received around 3 billion dollars according to Home Ministry data and reports; unaccounted transfer is incalculable. The major amount went to Christian church and international NGO-linked local NGOs. [16] This NGO-military-industrial-financial complex has the resources, manpower, international connections, and media support. They have training, motivation, and intention to destroy India as a Hindu entity.


Gene Sharp, the intellectual godfather of banksters’ minion and nation-destroyer George Soros [known as Financial Tantrik or occultist in India], advocates two clear strategies according to the situation. If “disarray, uncertainty, illegitimacy, weakness and dependence in the target group and its supporters” exists, a single campaign is sufficient, but longer and more difficult ‘struggles’ may be needed in other circumstances, in part simply to create the conditions for a more successful struggle.” The preparatory phase in South Asia was ‘identity politics’ starting 1990. Replace the word ‘struggle’ with ‘socio-political chaos and violence followed by R2P’ and you have production line, NGO led, sudden collapse of nations. India ranks high on Soros’ hit list and ripe for Gene Sharp, Johann Galtung and the Jesuits to execute a ‘longer and more difficult struggle.’


India was priority targeted in 1996 when the nationalist BJP became the largest single party without a clear majority in Parliament. Not one of the twelve ‘secular parties,’ lapdogs of British imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists, supported BJP. With India destabilised from 1996 to 1999, the NGO brigade was placed on fast forward in South Asia. Hindu Nepal was destabilised by US and EU funded Maoists and NGOs in 1996. The ten-year long civil war eventually turned Nepal into an un-governable ‘secular state’ in 2006.


To celebrate the dismantling of a Hindu state, the Soros-funded Action Aid organised a mass meeting of 30,000 Leftists, Maoists and rag-tag bands of opportunists in Kathmandu’s central park. A few years later, Bhutan’s WCC stooge Tshering Tobgay replaced pro-China Jigmi Thinley in a major strategic coup. [17] Nepal has failed to give itself a Constitution to this day and Bhutan is now an IMF-WB slave. [18] The key issue is that Nepal was a trailer for a bigger operation in India. The timing had to be right.


The decade long decay


The United Progressive Alliance [UPA] won two consecutive elections [2004-09 and 2009-14]. I suspect both elections were stolen by Electronic Voting Machine [EVM] manipulation. [19] Manmohan Singh, who can’t win even a neighbourhood welfare association election on his own, was inserted as the Prime Minister under tremendous US pressure. Italian Sonia Gandhi [nee Edvige Antonia Albina Maino], leader of the largest alliance partner, the Congress, did stake claim to the Prime Ministerial post but was reminded by then President Dr Kalam of the uncertainty of her citizenship. She had to remain content as India’s de facto ruler with the complicity of the Anglo-American cabal, the Vatican, the spineless secularists, grovelling academics, pimps, and prostitutes in high places. Even mafia-owned Italian banks started operations from India. She managed to her choice as President of India.


Antonia Maino’s personal history is as interesting and intriguing as that of Barak Hosein Obama [aka Barry Soetoro]. Her father Stephano Maino was a Fascist and later became a Nazi sympathiser and spent a few years in a Soviet Russian jail. During Stephano’s long absence a girl was born to Paula Maino and named Antonia [an Italian name], now known as Sonya [a Russian name]. [20] They were poor people. After barely completing her primary education, she went to England to work as an au pair and worked as a waitress to augment her income. Gallivanting with Cambridge students, she eventually befriended two rich Indians - one was Rajiv Gandhi [future Prime Minister] and the other Madhav Rao Scindia, scion of one of the wealthiest Maharajas.


It is credibly alleged that Sonya-Sonia was backed by Vatican strongman Paul Marcinkus, Archbishop of Rome, who was involved in serious offences [aka Institute for Religious Works]. Declassified KGB files show Sonia received two billion dollars. Dr Yevgenia Albats, Harvard Russian Scholar, has referred to KGB payoffs to Gandhi family in her book The State Within A State: The KGB and Its Hold on Russia.’ [21, 22] Sonia’s name has figured in allegations of antique smuggling and, with Jesuits’ help, plundering ancient sacred temples for their treasures. Now there are allegations of a temple-plunder scandal in the famous Padmanabh Temple of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, after a Jesuit influenced court order in 2011 led to the opening up of the vaults with treasures estimated at Rs 1.2 trillion. [23] When temple vaults are opened, treasures disappear and reappear in private collections of European and Indian elites. A predominantly Hindu Kerala today is battleground of Jesuits and Saudi-backed Muslim extremists for control and domination over Hindus with the blessings of the Roman Catholic Signora.


Worse is HONEST Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s blanket permission to TNCs and local companies to plunder the nation, allowing massive theft of mineral wealth, pushing Monsanto’s GMOs, opening the food sector to imports [that’s how GM foods got into India], allowing foreign banks unfettered transfer of black money through illegal channels, sleeping over large scale theft of thorium from Kerala, and compromising India’s intelligence network by collaborating with Mossad, CIA, MI6 and Saudi Wahhabis to the extent of compromising counter-intelligence work on proxy wars. [Herein lays Modi’s contradiction]


In one of the most devious acts, Singh gave away trillions of rupees as subsidy while the industry paid about half as much by way of corporation taxes, signed a secret deal with Sarkozy promising billions of dollars worth of nuclear business for France’s AREVA and a secret four-party nuclear deal engineered by Dick Cheney and Shinzo Abe in 2007. [24][25][26][27][28] Each of these issues is worth a good size book.


India was consigned to a decade of decay, decadence, and systematic dismantling of institutions of governance and national security under the duo’s despicable stewardship.


Western presstitutes glorified the duo. Manmohan Singh was deified as Obama’s economic Guru. As early as 2010 it was obvious that Sonia and Singh’s UPA would be wiped out in the 2014 hustings. The Western Crime Conglomerate pushed its NGO army on fast forward, first targeting the Delhi elections [December 2013] and then the national elections [April-May, 2014]. The tool was to be Aam Admi Party, the secularists and the terrorists.


Their objective is to disrupt India’s political process and create a hung Parliament.


Anti corruption movement and emergence of Kejriwal


Day light robbery in 2009. At least nine separate multibillion-dollar swindles took place, many with direct complicity of PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi. Some brought international shame like 2G Spectrum allocation, Commonwealth games, coal mine allocation scam, and corrupt defence deals like Augusta/Westland helicopters, the Korean cockamamie POSCO steel  deal, and Tatra trucks, to name a few. [29] Neither Manmohan nor Antonia accepted any responsibility. Kakistocracy continued. Crossing all limits of political corruption, the brazen duo encouraged a kind of insouciance of ministers and officials that was unknown in India, perhaps matched by only Russia under Yeltsin. For once, a few in the mainstream media did their duty and, with hard evidence, exposed some of these frauds.  


I suspect that UPA leaders, top bureaucrats, complicit academics, genuflecting mainstream media, and crony capitalists were led to believe that India will go Russia’s way, broken up, and enslaved. In 2012-13 a senior leader, repeatedly contacted by a senior officer of the US embassy, was offered ‘any post he desired’ [cabinet minister, ambassadorial post, anything] provided he gave up his opposition to GMOs and American investment in key areas of Indian agriculture. If a leader not even part of the government could be approached so blatantly because of his popularity, what enticements were offered to the existing cabinet ministers? In fact, in nearly all important civilian and military appointments and posting, the unseen hand of WCC is too obvious. Military intelligence and Intelligence Bureau [IB] both confirm this.   


India’s elite were convinced that nothing would ever happen to them no matter what they did or conspired to do, exactly as the events unfolded under Yeltsin. The abusive language they were using was quite akin to those of rogues like McCain, Victoria Nuland and Yulia Tymoshenko. [30] Ill-gotten money deposited in a haven changes semantics.


That triggered ‘India Against Corruption’ movement led by Anna Hazare [2010-11], a man picked up from a village, whose activism gave rise to a strange phenomenon of un-Hindu candlelight vigil whenever a mishap occurred [rape, murder, whatever]. A Serbian intelligence analyst alerted that the protests in Delhi indicate George Soros and Vatican’s involvement. Anna Hazare was WCC’s first pick.  


When Yog Guru, Baba Ramdev, joined Anna Hazare’s movement, it galvanized India and scared the hell out of Catholic Sonia Gandhi’s coterie. A plot was hatched to attack Ramdev at a public gathering on the night of June 4/5, 2011 in Delhi. The attack was barbaric. [31, 32] 


Soon after, Sonia Gandhi left for USA with her brood for treatment of a ‘mystery illness,’ stayed there for about five weeks. [33] Her party officials announced departure and arrival, not the media. Why? No one has a credible answer. What illness? No one knows. Rumours flew in Delhi about transfer of cash and valuables; she travels by private jets without leaving any record, but airport officials know.


Arvind Kejriwal was nowhere in sight as a leader of any consequence up until the crackdown on Ramdev. He was close to the Sonia Gandhi coterie and had excellent personal relationships with members of her [unconstitutional] National Advisory Council. However, things suddenly started to move in rapid succession. Ramdev retreated for a while after the attack. Kejriwal dropped Anna Hazare in November 2012 and usurped the anti-corruption movement. The Aam Admi Party was formed the same month and registered in March 2013. The mainstream media promoted him as a crusader while the scams continued.


The Western Crime Conglomerate carefully inserted Kejriwal into the political mainstream. Money was transferred via the same old banksters’ tax-free foundations led by Ford Foundation, but this time huge amounts were reportedly transferred from Gulf Countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi. Funds were transferred to private households and the households given 10-15 per cent cut to deliver the money to AAP. [34] A Jewish-American Shimrit Lee, George Soros’ protégé, worked with NGO KABIR for four months and it is suspected that through her AAP gained a strategy for constitutional mayhem. Shimrit was not even 25 when she worked here, but managed to produce a political analysis on India within four months! How many foreign political pundits can do that?     


Kejriwal’s AAP contested Delhi elections and won 28 of the 70 seats. Short of a clear majority, he formed the Delhi Government with the support of the same corrupt Congress Party against which the nation-wide anti-corruption movement had started. 49 days later, he resigned, unable to work within the constitutional framework. Declaring himself an anarchist, he promised good governance. It exposed Kejriwal’s lack of basic grasp of anarchism and good governance. Despite his shameful performance, financial support continued to pour in and his confidence soared. He was propped up to contest the national election in January 2014.


In less than six months, an unknown ragtag band formed a Government in high profile Delhi State and emerged as a challenger to Naredra Modi. In fact, ever since Modi was chosen as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate [September 13, 2013], the AAP agenda changed overnight. The corrupt UPA leaders were forgotten; Sonia Gandhi was forgotten; Manmohan Singh was forgotten; even the former Delhi Chief Minister under whom at least 20 billion dollars were siphoned off during the Commonwealth Games was forgotten. Evidences Kejriwal claimed he had against Government ministers were buried. He is now contesting against the Western Crime Conglomerate’s principal target – Narendra Modi. There is no corruption charge against Modi yet, but Kejriwal has singled him out as ‘the most corrupt politician.’ Even the Supreme Court constituted special tribunal exonerated him of any complicity in 2002 Godhra Riots.


A senior journalist, MJ Akbar, said, “After ten years of most intense scrutiny and involvement of government agencies in the hunt, no way they could link Modi personally. I have to admit that this was wrong.” But the WCC funded NGOs led by Action Aid, Shabnam Hashmi, Teesta Setalvad still want to hang him, ignoring ‘secularists’ like Mulayam Singh Yadav of Samajwadi Party who stated that rape should be condoned because “boys make mistakes.” [35]


Threats and Challenges


The forces arrayed against the patriot Narendra Modi are the Vatican, INGOs, many Indian NGOs, UN-Interagency Framework for Preventive Action [aka Framework Team or FT], USAID [and its mandated institutions like National Endowment for Democracy, Soros’ Open Society Institute, MacArthur, etc] and Ford Foundation.


They are not acting individually but in a well-coordinated way for disrupting the 2014 Parliamentary election and eventual destabilisation of India. ‘Breaking India’ is an old agenda just as ‘Breaking Russia,’ stealing Siberia, destroying China, has been their wet dream. This Western Crime Conglomerate has already prepared a map of dismembered India. [36] It is, therefore, logical that any individual or institution receiving money for whatever ostensible humanitarian work has the blessings of the WCC and the financial means for fomenting political, social, cultural, and economic trouble.


Ford Foundation is headed by Kavita Ramdas. Her father, former Admiral Ramdas, mother Lalita Ramdas, sister Sagari Ramdas, form Kejriwal’s coterie. Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh and Yogendra Yadav form the core group; others have left or were removed. It’s a secret group now run by Ford Foundation and financed by WCC.


The seeds of chaos were sown with the insertion of effete Jawaharlal Nehru as India’s first Prime Minister. We have been forced to live with one spineless PM after another. Modi’s win will change the strategic architecture of Asia. We shall know in a few days. An American journalist recently said, “When would America have a leader like Narendra Modi?.” That sums up many things.


End notes:


[2] GM seeds, Agricultural productivity and political fraud

[3] India rises as world’s biggest arms buyer



[6] Any participative watershed and rainwater harvesting project takes a minimum of 5 to 7 years to achieve full health. And it is impossible for any government to implement a participative agenda across the state at one go. So, projects are staggered and within the next five years one should see dramatic changes in each targeted watershed.   

 [7] UN and PRIO reports condemn Gujarati traders

There has been sharp increase in atrocity literature targeting Gujarat, Gujarati businessmen and Modi personally. The research work by Norwegian Peace Research Institute, Oslo [PRIO] was used to make a Hollywood movie with Leonardo Caprio “BLOOD DIAMOND” that implicates Gujarati businessmen of complicity in dealing with stolen diamonds from war-torn Africa. PRIO was established by Johann Galtung, a shady character with close working relationship with George Soros, and the western crime conglomerate. He is a regular visitor to Delhi and Kathmandu. So is Soros’s daughter.    

[8] Power-packed performance

[9] Bill Clinton was camping in Bhuj promising huge assistance but these NGOs, a sub-specie of “DISASTER CAPITALISM” did not even have a business plan. This was widely reported in the mainstream media.

[10] Modi visits Russia, discusses corridor through Iran

[11] European Union lawmakers invite Modi to attend Parliament in Brussels

[12] India 2014 Elections: Narendra Modi, Israel's Best Friend In South Asia

[13] Evidence against Teesta Setalvad [Many stories and court documents here]

[14] Western historians claim that Gandhi’s non-violent ‘Satyagrah’ gave India independence. They forget that Subhash Bose’s Indian National Army [INA] invaded British India, defeated them in many battles but was defeated around the time of the end of WW2. There were 80,000 British soldiers in India and 2.5 million demobilised Indian soldiers. The alternative history is that, just as in 1857, if the British did not leave, there would be massacre. I interviewed the man who actually raised funds for INA, signed deals with the Axis powers and was even dropped at the first freed Indian territory which was Andaman and Nicobar Islands by Hitler’s German Navy.

[15] Secularism and secularists of India are as spurious as western ‘liberals’ and ‘democrats’ but they are a useful arm of the British imperialists. Note that at the time of 1857 mutiny, there were about 53,300 British officers and soldiers of East India Company in India. Within a few months, only 30 left India alive. It was a combined Hindu-Muslim mass uprising with 700,000 people in leadership position and 4.5 million active participants across India. If the 60-odd debauch and degenerate Nawabs and Maharajas had not supported the British recapture of India, the British Empire would NEVER have survived. It was effectively dead for six months here. The Anglo-American historians should stop peddling lies. 


[17] Wayne Madsen: Obama’s «Asia Pivot»: The Himalayan Angle

[18] My earlier reports on Nepal published on Global Research

The Political Crisis in Nepal: Balkanization gathers pace

Towards a “Colored Revolution” in Nepal? Foreign Interference Triggers Political Chaos

“Color Revolution” in Nepal: The World Converges to “Observe Elections”

[19] Electronic Voting Machines [EVMs] have been proved to be susceptible to remote theft of voting data. When a Boeing 77 [MH370] can be remotely hijacked, so can an important national election.

[20] Documentary evidences are with the Supreme Court

Soetoro and Maino [many similarities]

[21] Edvige Antonia Albina Maino’ relationship with Vatican is extensively documented here by an independent researcher. See this document:

See Vatican’s complicity in protecting its banks’ drug money laundering operations

[22] Unpleasant truths about Rahul Gandhi [aka Raul Vinci]

A key paragraph in Jethmalani essay: “KGB archives after the fall of the Soviet Union reveal that since 1982, when Indira Gandhi was still the Prime Minister, Soviet trading agencies were channelling funds into a company controlled by her son and Rahul's father, the future Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Harvard Russian scholar Yevgenia Albats has clearly narrated this in her book, The State Within A State: The KGB and Its Hold on Russia. The Swiss news-magazine Schweizer Illustrierte (11 November 1991) provided more details. Citing newly opened KGB records, it reported that Sonia Gandhi, widow of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, was controlling a secret account worth 2.5 billion Swiss francs in a Swiss bank in her minor son's name.

Ms Albats had full access to secret files of the KGB, and disclosed in her book that KGB chief Victor Chebrikov in December 1985 had sought in writing from the central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), “authorization to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi.” CPSU payments were authorised by a resolution, CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20 December, 1985; and endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers. These payments had been coming since 1971, as payments received by Sonia Gandhi's family, and “have been audited in CPSU/CC resolution No. 11187/22 OP dated October 12, 1984”.


It is estimated that the value of the monumental items is close to Rs. 1.2 trillion (US$20 billion), making it the richest temple in the world. The antique value could be worth ten times the current market price of metals and precious stones, perhaps inestimable.

Also see a very important report by senior journalist Sandhya Jain, here:

[24] When cronies plunder scarce resources

Coal Scam: Plunder of a National Asset

Thorium Fuel Illegally Exported from India

[25] At science meet, PM pitches for GM crops

[26]Team from Israel to train Punjab Police SSG

[27] Nicolas Sarkozy and Manmohan Singh in nuclear deal - BBC

[28]Japan India nuclear deal

[29] 20 political scams that shamed India

[30] ‘Remove Police for 15 minutes and we will kill 1000 million Hindus’

This short video is of a public meeting in which Owaisi, whose brother is a sitting Member of Parliament, says that we Muslims can kill 100 crore Hindus [1000 million] in 15 minutes and the audience claps. This was in Hyderabad. He uses such foul language about Modi that I do not want to translate. 

[31] Sonia Gandhi’s night of shame

[32] Ramlila crackdown an assault on basic democratic values: Supreme Court

[33] The Omerta on Sonia Gandhi’s illness

[34] Ashwini Upadhaya was Aam Admi Party’s manager. In an extensive interview to media he exposed the inner working of the Western Crime Conglomerate funded Aam Admi Party.

[35] Mulayam on Rape: Boys Make Mistakes

[36] ‘Breaking India,’ a review of the book by Arvindan Nilkanthan and Rajiv Malhotra

The book is actually based on detailed research work by Arvindan Nilkanthan, but because it was grant assisted by Rajiv Malhotra, he also got the credit. Rajiv’s problem is his concept of re-organising Hinduism and, unfortunately, he has suggested that it should be restructured like a monolithic Vatican or Islamic sect. Such structures are unsuited to accommodate the various strands of thought within Hinduism. Russia issued warrant of arrest against the Rothschild banksters and George Soros several years ago, both key figures in economic and financial plundering of Russia.

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