Brussels’s Next Balkans Ersatz State: Vojvodina
by Wayne Madsen on 26 Mar 2015 0 Comment

The United States and the European Union are preparing to end the war which they waged against Serbia in 1999. After having amputated it from Kosovo, they are now seeking to take Voïvodine. In order to do so, they are currently modifying its population, setting up a new team in power in neighbouring Croatia, and buying up all the Serbian media.


Voïvodine was, according to the last census, composed of 70% Serbian and orthodox citizens. If the Brussels-based European Union and NATO have their way, the Serbian province of Vojvodina will join Kosovo, previously carved by the European Union and NATO from Serbia as an ethnic Albanian state run by the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), as the next ersatz independent state in the Balkans.


After witnessing Kosovo province carved out of it by NATO troops as a result of European Union machinations, Serbia now stands to lose the fertile Danube basin province of Vojvodina to the border changers in Brussels. If recent comments by former NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and incoming Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic are any indication, Croatia will soon serve as a bulwark in NATO’s plans to wrest control of Vojvodina from Serbia and declare it a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual independent ‘homeland’ for Hungarians, Roma, Slovaks, Croatians, Romanians, as well as newly-arrived Albanian refugees being bussed into the region by the EU from the southern parts of what was once Yugoslavia.


With the greatest discretion, the investment fund KKR bought out, in January 2015, the principal media and television stations in Serbia. KKR entrusted the direction of its think tank to General David Petraeus, the ex-director of the CIA.


Already, Vojvodina is being referred to by Soros-financed media and NGOs as the ‘Hungarian Kosovo’, even though 66 percent of the population of the province is Serbian. With 25 ethnic groups, Vojvodina is one of the most ethnically-diverse regions in Europe. For the NATO war planners and Soros demographic engineers, Vojvodina represents a fertile ground for ethnic conflict and further ‘Balkanization’ of the Balkans.


Hungarians make up only 13 percent of the population while Croats come in at 2.7 percent and Slovaks at 2.6 percent. Soros and neo-con media manipulators have called for Vojvodina to become a homeland for the Roma (‘gypsy’) people. However, the Roma constitute a mere 2.1 percent of the population. Romanian irredentist designs on Vojvodina are laughable when one considers that Romanians represent a tiny 1.3 percent of Vojvodina’s population. Bunjevci (akin to Croats) and Rusyns represent even less of the total population.


Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic spent her entire childhood in the United States. In 1993, she began working for the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then was elected delegate in 2003. She then became the Minister for European Integration, then ambassador to the United States, and finally, assistant general secretary to NATO. She was elected as President of Croatia, a function she has occupied since the 15th February 2015.She is a member of the Trilateral Commission.


After defeating incumbent Croatian president Ivo Josipovic in a dubious razor-thin - some would say a George Soros-style 50-49 percent ‘engineered’ - margin of victory, Grabar-Kitarovic wasted no time in laying down the gauntlet to Serbia in her victory speech. She said that she would fight for the autonomy of Croats in Vojvodina, ‘code’ for supporting the secession of the region from Serbia. Grabar-Kitarovic also announced that she would restore Croatia’s close relations with Germany, no surprise given the historical ties of Grabar-Kitarovic’s Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party to Croatian Nazi Ustashe who set up a puppet state under the Third Reich. Grabar-Kitarovic’s irredentism with regard to Croatians in Vojvodina, especially in the Croat-majority Srem district, and Herzegovina, in what is Bosnia-Herzegovina, represents what is called ‘neo-Ustashism’ – extreme nationalism - in today’s Croatia.


Grabar-Kitarovic also reacted negatively to the recent decision by the International Court of Justice in The Hague which tossed out Croatia’s claim against Serbia of committing genocide in the 1991-95 war between Croatia and what was then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia dominated by Serbia. The ICJ also dismissed Serbia’s counter-claim against Croatia which arose from charges of genocide committed by Croatian forces, backed by US mercenaries, in Operation Storm. The blitzkrieg by Croatian forces and their American advisers against the Serbian Republic of Krajina in eastern Croatia was aimed at ethnically-cleansing Serbs from Croatia’s eastern regions.


Jadranka Jureško-Kero will probably be nominated as the Prime Minister of Croatia.


And in yet another example of the close ties between neo-Nazism and Zionism, Grabar-Kitarovic’s presidential political adviser and the head of her transition team is documentary film maker Jadranka Juresko Kero, yet another American implant in Eastern European governance structures and an individual who avidly supports Israel and the Zionist cause. Juresko Kero has been a denizen of Manhattan’s Upper East Side since 1999.


It is known that if the HDZ is triumphant in the next parliamentary election, Grabar-Kitarovic wants Juresko Kero to serve as her prime minister, giving the nation a governing female duo. While she was ambassador to the United States, Grabar-Kitarovic arranged for sweetheart trade deals between the large Croatian food manufacturing company Podravka and US distributors of, among other products, Croatian beef goulash and chicken paté. It just so happens that Podravka’s North American operations are headed up by Juresko Kero’s husband, Domagoj Kero, the former Croatian Consul General in New York.


Grabar-Kitarovic and her neo-con allies are pushing the meme now heard more often in Vojvodina that the region was never historically Serbian but was part of the pre-World War I Austro-Hungarian Empire. And in a repeat of what occurred in eastern Ukraine after the joint neo-Nazi/Zionist putsch against the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych, the Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet in Vojvodina are being eclipsed by a desire by non-Serbs to re-brand Vojvodina as a Hungarian-Germanic nation that uses the Roman alphabet. In this, the Vojvodina separatists have the overt support of Hungarian nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the new ethnic German president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis.


The signs that Vojvodina is the next target for the neo-conservative-George Soros alliance is clear. The European Union is relocating Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro to Vojvodina. Once they arrive at Novi Sad, the major city of Vojvodina, EU interlocutors give the Albanians 35 euros for taxi fare in order that they fan out across the province and stake a claim for permanent residency. The last census for Vojvodina showed 3,360 Muslims in Vojvodina. However, the transplant of Muslim Albanians from other parts of the former Yugoslavia by the EU is clearly aimed at providing the fuel to spark a Kosovo-like rebellion for independence.


All the various Soros and neo-con constructs are hyper-active in Vojvodina. These include the National Endowment for Democracy and Soros’s Open Society Institute. Bojan Pajtic, the president of the Vojvodina provincial government, is a fluent Hungarian and English-speaker who finds himself at home with the Soros and Central Intelligence Agency-financed NGO operatives in the province who work closely with US Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, the person who helped shepherd Grabar-Kitarovic to victory in Croatia and who stands ready to launch a Vojvodina war for independence among recently-arrived professional provocateurs from Romania, Hungary, Albania, and Roma camps in the Balkans.


If Ukraine is any example, what Nuland and her neocons have in store for Vojvodina will cleanse the province of its Serbs and provide a friendly country for Western oil and natural gas companies to exploit known reserves of the hydrocarbons in eastern Vojvodina, an area known as Banat.


Just as Kosovo was carved from Serbia to facilitate a trans-Balkan pipeline and provide the United State a permanent Balkans military base at Camp Bondsteel, an independent Vojvodina is designed to provide NATO with a ready supply of oil and natural gas from Banat and a fertile Danube valley for the production of genetically-modified foods. Like Ukraine, Vojvodina is being targeted by the Western military-commercial complex for hydrocarbon fracking and Monsanto agri-exploitation.


What is taking place in Vojvodina is nothing less than demographic engineering. There is an attempt to marginalize Vojvodina’s Serbian population much in the way that Serbs living in enclaves of Zubin Potok, Zvecan, Kosovska Mitrovica, and Leposavic in northern Kosovo were all-but-forgotten in the EU’s rush to declare Kosovo an independent Albanian state.


Today, NATO and other Western provocateurs have put the Ukrainian cities of Lugansk, Donetsk, and Mariupol on the front pages of the world’s newspapers as killing zones. If neocon she-devils like Grabar-Kitarovic, Juresko Kero, and Nuland have their way, tomorrow’s blood bath stories will be datelined Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica, Kanjiza, and Subotica, cities that sit astride ethnic fault lines in Vojvodina.


Courtesy Voltaire Network;

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation (Russia)

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