Exposing Church imperialism: “Unteshwari Mata Ka Mahant”
by R L Francis on 23 May 2015 3 Comments
Hardly had the controversy over Mother Teresa subsided than author PB Lomeo opened a new chapter, raising serious questions about the functioning of the church within Christian society. In a book titled, Unteshwari Mata ka Mahant, Lomeo discussed the life of Father Anthony Fernandes of the Society of Jesus, (SJ), who devoted decades of his life to increase the flock, and exposes, layer by layer, the treatment meted out to priests and nuns who dare to disobey the dictates of the church.  


The book makes some startling revelations about the Catholic Church system and details the modus operandi of conversions in North Gujarat. One must the sharp insights of the foreign missionaries who quickly noted that the camel was the most important animal in the region. It is the lifeline of the desert area. Hence, they created a new goddess, Unteshwari Devi, as protector and patron of camels in the region. She became the ‘kuldevi’ of the camel-dependent Jesus followers. 


The camel soon became an integral tool to meet their larger objectives. With the help of foreign funds, they purchased an 107-acre tract of land in Budasan village, Mehsana district, and constructed a chaburata, which they proclaimed as Unteshwari Mata chabutara.


When Father Anthony Fernandes came to know that his main task was to convert people of Northern Gujarat to Christianity, he was devastated.  He had never expected to be given such a task. He realised that all welfare-related activities such as health or education were hogwash. They were instruments to lure poor people. Domestic missionaries were even two-steps ahead of foreign missionaries as they wanted a share of the pie of foreign funding. Father Anthony realised that all development activities run by the church had the single aim of converting more and more tribal people to Christianity.


Father Anthony Fernandes is no more; he died on 11 May 2014, in Varanasi. He was a true priest, true Indian and a true nationalist, who was born and brought up in Mahatma Gandhi’s Gujarat. He grew up listening to religious songs of Narsingh Mehta - Vaishnav Jan te Tene kahiye ji Peed Paraye Jaane Re. He became a priest to serve the people. Northern Gujarat receives a small amount of rainfall and is very poor. He hoped to help the people, but, when he learnt the true motive of the church, he started resisting. Sadly, he was a lonely fighter in the system, and suffered many travails, including conspiracies to eliminate him.


Christianity has always been passionate about winning the world. Anyone who has tried to oppose it has been forced to succumb before its imperialistic power. The church is following the same policy in India. Any nun or priest who dares to oppose the church system has met with the fate of Father Anthony Fernandes. The church never accepts dissent. This is why many priests and nuns joined hands to set up the ‘Catholic Church Reformation Movement’ to save people from exploitation.


The famous Gandhian, Shree Kumarappa (a Catholic), was of the view that western powers had four pillars: Army, Airforce, Navy and Missionary, through which they hoped to conquer the world. There is one more hidden pillar - ‘Media’ - that helps them in the post-colonial era. They all have a deep knowledge of the resources of the developing and under-developed countries, and use it to their advantage.


The book exposes an innovative way to a steal camel. More interestingly, it outlines ways in which the culture, social unity and harmony of a community can be disturbed. The missionaries welcome a converted girl marrying within her original caste in the hope that she will ultimately convert the whole family, even group, and this has sadly been the experience in many places.


Many of us have heard the term ‘Parallel Government’. But it is only on reading Lomeo’s book that once begins to understand what parallel government means. Indeed, the Vatican appears to be running a portion of its global empire from the 107-acre plot in Mehsana. The story of Father Anthony Fernandes is also a story of the triumph of that empire.


The parallel empire of Vatican started in 1945 when a Vatican ambassador was installed in the country. It has great control over bureaucrats in the country as also the Indian media.


This book is a must read for all those concerned with nationalism and the sovereignty of the country. It is also a powerful message to citizens to return to their natal fold. It powerfully exposes the pathetic condition of converted Christians and the dangerous policies of the church system. The author also offers a solution to stop this trend. He says every religion has been established to act as a safety valve, but when it becomes a tool in the hands of vested interests, it harms humanity as a whole. The time is ripe to understand and expose the real intentions of missionaries so that humanity can be saved.


The author is president, Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM)


Unteshwari Mata ka Mahant

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