The fifth “NO” from the Orthodox people to the AngloZionist Empire
by The Saker on 07 Jul 2015 6 Comments

It looks like the “no” vote has won in Greece by a landslide, something in the range of 61% vs 39%. This is most definitely good news for Greece, for Europe, for Russia and the rest of the world. No, I am under no illusions about the kind of pressure and blackmail Greece will now be subjected to, and I have no blind trust in either Tsipras or Varoufakis. I don’t even want to comment now about the economic issues. No, my point is different.


This is the fifth time that an Orthodox nation has said “no” to the dictatorship of the AngloZionist plutocracy which currently occupies the European continent on behalf of the USA. The first time was, of course, when the Bosnian Serbs refused to cave in to the US /NATO /EU threats and decided to take up arms rather than to submit to the transnational terrorist network demanding their subjugation. 


The second time was when the people of Crimea voted “yes” to break away from the Ukronazi Banderastan. The third time was when the people of Novorussia did rise up and voted “no” with the ballot and, eventually, with their guns. The fourth time was when the people of Russia decided to give their total backing to Putin and his categorical rejection of the US /EU /NATO hegemony. And today is the fifth time that an Orthodox nation, the people of Greece, decided to say no to the bankers, financiers, crooks and politicians who serve the 1% and their interest.


??! ???! ??! ???!


The language might change, but the message is the same: we refuse to be conquered by you, we refuse to obey, we refuse to accept your hegemony.  We chose to resist!


Let’s be honest here: the Orthodox world is a mess. Most nominally “Orthodox” people are acting like somebody who has had his light punched out by a crushing blow and who is trying to stand up. And yes, the Orthodox are barely standing up on very wobbly feet. But they are *trying* because their will is unbroken even if their minds are still cloudy and often confused.


Of course, there are the shameful counter-examples of Romania and Bulgaria who are showing the same abject subservience to the Empire as Poland or Lithuania. But when you think of those, always remember that just 20 years ago it was ‘Russia’ which was the most abjectly subservient of all!


In truth, religion probably played no role at all in the vote of the Greek people (Syriza is actually rather anti-religious!). At least not directly. But indirectly, in the kind of ethos and mindset which any religions fosters amongst its members, it is not a coincidence that the five most determined rejections of the New World Order were delivered by Orthodox people.


Likewise, in the Middle-East, it is always the Shia that are at the forefront of the resistance to the AngloZionist Empire. Is that a coincidence too?


I don’t think so.


It was a true joy for me to listen to the EU politicians spew their venom and impotent rage at Greece, threatening them with fire and brimstone when, in reality, it is now the entire EU project which is threatened. Very tough times are ahead for Greece and, just like the people of Republika Srpska in Bosnia, of Crimea, of Novorussia and Russia, the people of Greece will be facing a long and difficult struggle.


But at least they chose to resist and their honor, dignity and liberty mean much more than just the empty words they have become in the post-Christian West.


I spent a lot of time in Greece, especially on the island of Aeghina, and I love the Greek people, their beautiful language, their warm and generous culture, their music and their food. I always felt at home in this beautiful Mediterranean country and today I am extremely proud of the Greek people who delivered a massive slap in the arrogant and ugly face of the Eurobureaucrats. Even though the entire Greek media is wall-to-wall controlled by the plutocrats and even though the EU officials made all sorts of threats against a “no” vote – the people of Greece did just that: they said NO! to the diktat of Merkel and her gang of bloodsuckers.


Today the Resistance to Empire has won a big victory.


Congratulations to you all.




Courtesy The Saker 

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