On the Move: Predicting Europe’s current refugee crisis in 2005 - II
by Israel Shamir on 21 Sep 2015 1 Comment
[Israel Shamir predicted the current refugee crisis in Europe way back in 2005; this article of 13 June 2005 still makes interesting reading – Ed.]



A Mammonite senator for California, Diane Feinstein, imports more and more poor Mexicans into her state. They give her the vote, stay out of politics for many years, they agree to work for less, they undermine organised labour. Ordinary Californians live worse, but she does not care. Some people consider her a Zionist by virtue of her support for Israel.


However, it would be a mistake to call her a Zionist. Historically, Zionists felt that man needs roots. They considered the easy mobility of Jews to be a symptom of deficiency. They wanted to provide the rootless Jews with roots in the Holy Land. Mammonites do not understand who needs roots. They want to uproot everybody. Zionists felt that Mammonite way of life is wrong. Mammonites of all backgrounds adopted the way of life discarded by Zionists.


The Zionists were wrong as they did not understand that without Palestinians they cannot achieve their goal of striking root in the soil of Palestine. They were wrong, as a person of Jewish origin can strike his root anywhere, not only in Palestine. A Jew can become an American, English, Russian as well as Palestinian. It calls for identification with his countrymen, for supreme concern with his land. Every land is a Promised Land to the man who loves it. People who force America to send away billions of dollars to Israel instead of providing for America’s poor are not loyal to America. But they are not loyal to Israel, either. They admire Israel as the model of their world.


Many good men dislike Zionism, for it caused this massive destruction of the lovely land of Palestine and uprooted Palestinians. But Zionism is a local disease. Its big brother, Mammonitis, is a world-wide plague that wants to turn the world into a “Big Israel” with shopping malls and destroyed villages, settlements for the chosen few, and many refugees as a source of cheap labour. Zionists ruined the nature of Palestine, Mammonites ruin the world environment. Zionists uprooted Palestinians, Mammonites uproot all.


Zionists fight Christ. In modern Israel, St Paul and St Peter would be jailed for teaching the Gospel. Mammonites fight every faith, every conviction, Christ and Muhammad, Nationalism and Communism. The enemies of Zionism hope Mammonites will rein the Zionists in, as too-independent policy of Zionists can become an obstacle to the world-embracing plans of Mammonites. But I tell you, God tolerates the excesses of Zionists so you will notice the plans of Mammonites.




This is not the cry of a dyed-in-the-wool Leftie. We can live with some people of wealth, we can survive some amount of privilege. Both the Left and the Right are good and needed by society, just as the left leg and the right leg are needed for standing up. Imagine a springtime meadow in the Jerusalem mountains, a magic carpet of flowers, that calls you to recline on it. If masses swamp it, there will be no flowers left. If it is fenced away, none will enjoy it. These two tendencies: access and preservation, are the paradigms of the Left and the Right. Their correct combination allows many people to enjoy the meadow.


The Right is the conservative force, preserving the power of the traditional elites. They save the landscape, protect nature, uphold tradition. The Left is the moving force of society, the guarantee of its liveliness, of capacity for change, of social mobility. A society without its Left would rot; a society without its Right would collapse. The Left provides movement, the Right guarantees stability. But Mammonites create for their purposes a pseudo-Left and a pseudo-Right, and ruin real Left and Right.


One of the faults of the European ‘real’ Right was its lack of compassion and racist tendency. Their knee-jerk reflex was correct: immigrants destabilize the society. But it is not because immigrants are lesser men, as racists say. Immigrants can be wonderful folk, and still be trouble. The Dutch moved to Indonesia, and plagued the land for quite a while by their presence. They ruined Indonesia heavily. Indonesians went to Holland and troubled it back. The Brits plagued America in the heavy way: they exterminated the natives. Colonial process often leads to mutual plaguing: the Brits despoiled Ireland and were troubled by the Irish.


Racism is wrong, as it claims that some groups of men are inherently better or worse than others. Everybody is wonderful: Zulu and British, Russian and Chechen, Palestinian and French, Pakistani and Turk, while on home ground. On others’ land, these good people become a nuisance. In the days of European imperialism and colonial expansion, racist theories were necessary to justify the one-sided flow of men. Without racism, one could not exterminate natives, take their property, ban their industries, create huge landholdings, and deprive people of basic human rights. But now racism is not needed anymore. As the colonial adventure of Europe is over, the morally wrong and scientifically mistaken theory of racial superiority can be laid to rest.


The real Left should promote the interests of working classes, which means it must object to mass immigration. But, under Mammonite influence, the liberal Left supports immigration for the reason of compassion. Mammonites, normally devoid of compassion, utilise this humanitarian reasoning for their own purposes. It gives them an additional profit: European and American working people are being alienated from the Left. For workers, the dangerous nature of immigration is obvious. Immigrants live in close quarters with the local workers and suffer from their competition for work places. Thus, they are forced to embrace the racist Far Right.


There is a good way out of the impasse, a way that is good for everybody but Mammonites. Stop immigration and open a money-transfer line to the Third World. Africa and Sweden should have the same income. Tax money should flow to the Indians of the Amazon and to the peasants of Afghanistan. Not many Pakistanis will immigrate to Britain, if they had the same (or almost the same) income back home.


The EC is a proof of this: though the Swedes still earn more than the Portuguese, Greeks and Italians, the difference is not that big, and these lands are peaceful, so there is very little inter-communal immigration into Sweden or Germany. As for compassion, true Christian compassion tells you to let people live at home, under their vines and their fig trees, as good as they would live in your land. You would not have very cheap cleaners, but you will live in a cleaner and better land. That would be just, as for hundreds of years Europe and the US pumped wealth out of the South and the East.


The immigrant’s lot is a sad one. After all, immigration is exile, this saddest state of man. Ovid bewailed it on the Moldavian shore, and prince Genji decried in Suma. My Palestinian friend Musa brought his elderly father from the village of Aboud to his new home in Vermont, and the old man began to build terraces, as on the slopes of the Samaritan hills. We are so much a part of the landscape, part and parcel with mountains and valleys. Now, when in the US and Europe there are attacks on immigrants, probably many of them think of their homes they were forced to leave.


While I think that immigration should be stopped and supplanted by transfer of funds to the poorer lands until incomes level, immigrants who have already came over, have probably come to stay. They can become locals: Germans in Germany, French in France, Americans in America, Palestinians in Palestine. The ancestors of European and American people also migrated, and adopted to new ways. Germanic tribes of Franks overran Romanised Celtic Gaul, and together with its old population they formed the modern French.


Descendants of European Crusaders still live in the Palestinian village Sinjil that preserves the glorious name of the Provencal commander Raymond de St Gilles, but they have become Palestinians in every way and are being besieged by Israelis as everybody else. So did the Georgians, brought eight hundred years ago to the Jerusalemite village of Malcha by the orders of Queen Tamar. They became Palestinian, and shared the fate of other Palestinians when they were expelled from their houses by Zionist invaders in 1948.


Human beings are adaptable, and if the immigrants love their new land, they can become locals. I know it: a native of Siberia, I choose to become a Palestinian.




WWIII is a war against variety per se, initiated by the adepts of Greed. They do not like the delightful mosaic of races and cultures; they would rather homogenise the world. They have a practical reason: it is easier to sell goods to homogenised mankind. They have a moral reason: they do not want people to enjoy this beauty for free, so it has to be destroyed. They have a religious reason: the Mammon worshippers feel this jolly plurality is a sacrilege against their jealous god. Beautiful things of old belong in a museum, where they can charge an entrance fee, after the village is destroyed.


In a beautiful adolescent movie, The Never-Ending Story, the many-coloured world of Fantasy disappears into Nothing. This happens to our marvellous world. Old and unique places are being erased and supplanted by shopping malls and scorched land. The Left and the Right should join forces against the Nothing that threatens our very existence.



Courtesy shamireaders


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