There will be no Third World War
by Thierry Meyssan on 03 Oct 2015 0 Comment
The liberal hawks and the neo-conservatives have been unable to provoke the confrontation with Russia for which they were trained during the Cold War. Finally, the voice of reason has prevailed. While discrete negotiations are under way to seek an end to the crisis in Ukraine, Russia and China are preparing to convince the United States and their allies to participate in a global alliance against Islamic terrorism. After 5 years of tension, both the project for the seizure of power by the Muslim Brotherhood - the “Arab Spring” - and the proclamation of a Caliphate have failed. Peace is saved. 


For Hassan el-Banna, the Muslim world has been corrupted by the modern world and Western decadence ever since the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate (Treaty of Sevres, 1923). In order to retrieve this “golden age”, he created a secret society, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose sole objective is the restoration of the Caliphate by means of jihad. In December 2010, supported by Qatar and the CIA, the Brotherhood launched the “Arab Spring” and attempted to seize power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria. After a year of pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, the Brotherhood was suddenly rejected by all these states. Certain members of the Brotherhood then decided to risk everything, and proclaimed the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq.


Within a week, all the Western leaders, one after another, relinquished the objective that they had been collectively pursuing for almost 5 years – the overthrow of the Syrian Arab Republic and its democratically elected President, Bachar el-Assad.


We are obliged to admit that if everything has changed since the signing of the 5+1 agreement with Iran, it is not simply because of the will of the Supreme Leader of Iran, nor that of President Putin, but also because their wishes coincide with the wishes of the White House.


During the first quarter of 2012, the United States and Russia, noting the stupidity of the Muslim Brotherhood’s project to seize power - the “Arab Spring” - imagined a new distribution of power in the “Greater Middle East” which they began to implement with the Geneva Conference. But President Obama proved himself incapable of honouring his word. One week later, François Hollande called the “Friends of Syria” to re-start the war, then Kofi Annan made an international spectacle of resigning his functions as a mediator, while France, Qatar, Jordan and Israël launched the operation “Damascus Volcano” and assassinated the heads of the Syrian National Security Council.


It became clear very quickly that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CIA director David Petraeus and the new director of Political Affairs for the UNO, Jeffrey Feltman, had been pulling the strings since the beginning. We had to wait for the end of the US election campaign and the re-election of Barack Obama before he was able to block - or arrest - General Petraeus, and fire Hillary Clinton. As for Feltman, he remained in the shadows and continued his sabotage of White House policy by assuring everyone, by way of his subalterns Lakhdar Brahimi and Staffan de Mistura, that the Republic would be defeated and forced, sooner or later, to accept total and unconditional surrender.


Obama’s policy (appeasement with Russia and the re-orienting of US troops towards the Far East) was brutally destroyed by the success of the “Colour Revolution” in Ukraine, in November 2013. This operation, which terminated the process of destruction of Ukraine and the isolation of Russia which had begun as soon as the USSR was dislocated, was triggered without the knowledge of the White House.


The United States prepare their secret operations years in advance, and launch them when the political opportunity presents itself. This time, someone gave the order without referring to the US National Security Council. The result was a crisis without precedent – the independence of Crimea, which refused the coup d’état, it’s incorporation into the Russian Federation, the revolts in Donbass and Lougansk, Western sanctions against Moscow and the retaliatory sanctions by Russia against the Western powers. In short, the interruption of all East-West relations.


Curiously, President Obama seemed to allow his “hawks” to impose a policy that he had not chosen himself. However, he continued the secret negotiations with Iran which he had initiated at the beginning of his second mandate. As the talks dragged on, it was not until July 2015 that an agreement was reached [1].


Since that date, we have been watching a thaw in the relations between Washington and Moscow, and a solution to the Ukrainian crisis – the Minsk accords. Their implementation began when, on the 26th September, Russia signed an agreement to supply gas to Ukraine. There has also been a political reversal in the Near East. We therefore find ourselves, de facto, in the same position we were in on the 30th June 2012, during the Geneva Communiqué.


Except that during these last three years, Syria has been extensively destroyed, losing more than 200,000 souls, and the Muslim Brotherhood has proclaimed the Caliphate for which they have been waging a jihad since 1928. Their ambitions now menace the whole region.


In any case, the resistance of the Syrian People and its allies – in particular, Hezbollah - and the determination of Iran and Russia, have given President Obama the time to regain control of his house. The ex-right-hand man of David Petraeus, General John Allen, who had managed to escape from the purge of November 2012, has just been sacked. He was the Commander of the “anti”- Daesh Coalition. Jeffrey Feltman’s work documents are now circulating among the members of the Security Council.


Certain wise and courageous men have avoided this artificial conflict, the “Arab Spring”, from degenerating into the Third World War.


Keep in mind: 

-        The “Arab Spring” was aimed at installing the Muslim Brotherhood in positions of power throughout the Arab world. In reaction to their failure, some members of the Brotherhood proclaimed the Caliphate with Daesh. 

-        The liberal hawks and the neo-conservatives want to provoke a war against Russia. With this aim, they favoured the “Arab Spring”, later opposed the idea of peace in Syria, then organised the “Colour Revolution” in Ukraine, before supporting Daesh in Iraq and Syria. 

-        It has taken President Obama three years to clean up his administration – and the job is not yet finished... 

-        There exists an agreement between Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and the Ayatollah Ali Khameneï for re-establishing peace in the Near East.



[1] In previous articles, I have already analysed this agreement as a catastrophe for the anti-imperialist Resistance in the long term, and as a hiatus for the region in the short term. But that is another story. (Author’s note.)


Courtesy Thierry Meyssan; Translation Pete Kimberley 

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