Tamil Nadu in the grip of Jihad – IV
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The Hindu Munnani (Hindu Front) documentary showcases how the fundamentalist organisations continue with their activities and how the government machineries yield to their pressure and turn a blind eye to their atrocities.


Fundamentalists who attacked Hindu religion, culture and temples and claim that ‘idol worship’ is against the tenets of Islam, demanded a memorial for iconoclasts Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. History is replete with evidences of atrocities like forced conversion of millions of Hindus and mindless destruction of thousands of temples by both Tipu and Hyder. Turning a blind eye to history and with eyes on the vote bank, the Tamil Nadu government allocated Rs.2 Crore for the construction of memorials for Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali.


Late Pon Muthurmalinga Thevar was freedom fighter and nationalist, closely associated with Netaji Subas Chandra Bose. He is worshipped like a god by the Thevar community. Thousands of people visit his memorial every year. In a bid to create caste conflict between Dalit and Thevar community people, miscreants (suspected fundamentalists) desecrated the Thevar statue in Ramanathapuram.


While they could not succeed in Ramanathapuram, they utilised the self-styled Dalit leader Thol. Thirumavalavan to remove the Ambedkar statue at Pazhaiyapattinam in Cuddalore district. The documentary shows how Thirumavalavan acted to appease them.


Islamic Fundamentalists as Habitual Violators of Law


The documentary shows many instances wherein the fundamentalists have violated the law of the land. While the Indian Law says 18 is the marriage age limit for women, Jamaths conduct marriages for women who are under 18 years of age. In Perambalur district, they conducted a protest demonstration against this law.


Wearing helmet is compulsory for motorists. Only Sikhs are exempted because of their turban. But Islamists violate the law by wearing topis and skull caps, which need not be compulsorily worn by them apart from prayer time. As a testament of the government’s ineptitude, the police do not act against these violators even as they take action against others on the spot.                    


Once, a Muslim woman stole some cloth from a textile shop, Chennai Silks, in Chennai’s T. Nagar area. When the proprietor took action against her, fundamentalists stormed the shop and communalised the issue, threatening to boycott Chennai Silks. In another incident, fundamentalist organisations issued a fatwa against a shop, Nisha Stores, that it must not sell burqas. These incidents, the documentary says, show that fundamentalists decide who should do business and what business they should do and how it should be done.


Tamil Nadu has reached a stage where the police dare not arrest Muslims who break the law. The documentary shows with evidences how, if a Muslim is arrested, police stations are stormed and attacked; police jeeps are burnt and violence unleashed; hence, the police do not take any action against them. The film shows a clipping of a fundamentalist in a demonstration: “This is not a Muslim nation; but there is a limit for our patience; if anybody acts against Muslims, we will hit the streets and slaughter them”.


Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath, an organisation termed as a pan-Indian organisation with lakhs of members by none other than the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, gave a call for ‘Battle of Badr’ on 28 July 2015. Egypt-Israel War, Kargil War and the Taliban offensive were all termed as “Badr Wars” or “Battles of Badr”. The organisation openly called for planned violence, asking men and youth to take part in it while the women, elderly people and children were asked not to partake in it. Jainulabdheen of the Jamath dared the police, “We are 50 lakh people; you are only 20,000. If we hit the streets what you can do?” They put up posters publicly threatening qurbani of those who oppose Muslims.


In Tamil Nadu, supposed to be a haven of peace, fundamentalists seem to decide who should canvas votes, how they should go about it and from where they should do it.  As per their wishes, the Tamil Nadu police have declared Muslim-dominated areas not to be trespassed by election campaigners. The documentary establishes this with reports on a couple of instances. 


The media is under immense pressure through threats and demonstrations. It has been told not to publish news which is not liked by the fundamentalists. If at all such news is published, the concerned media houses would be threatened and attacked. There are instances in the State of media houses tendering unconditional apologies to Islamic bodies after attacks on them and huge protest demonstrations against them. As a result, the media either refrains from or is guarded in publishing news about fundamentalist activities.   


In many areas of Tamil Nadu, Jamaths reign supreme. Even the police and government bodies are guarded in their approach towards them. The Arabian-style punishment of stoning to death on streets was meted out to a woman in Palayamkottai, Thirunelveli district, in the year 2007. In another instance, the poor father of one Thiruvarutchelvan, who was murdered by fundamentalists, had to approach the Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath for justice for his son’s death.


Anti-national acts of fundamentalists


The documentary shows some of the anti-national acts of the fundamentalists, with evidences. When a group led by the Hindu Munnani organised the hoisting of the National Flag on Republic Day in 2014, in a public ground, Villupuram police yielded to the demand by fundamentalists and issued an order banning the celebration, under Section 30(2) of TN Police Act.


In Parangipettai, fundamentalists instructed students of the Muslim community not to participate and sing the National Song, Vande Mataram, in the Independence Day celebrations in the local school.


Whenever Pakistan wins against India in cricket matches, the fundamentalists celebrate Pakistan’s victory. In tournaments where Pakistan is knocked out, they celebrate if India is defeated by other teams by bursting crackers.  


Fundamentalists put up posters and graffiti supporting Pakistan-aided terrorists like Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru. They were termed as ‘innocents’.  


As an insult to one of the great sons of India, former President Dr. Abdul Kalam, they advised their community, through social networking sites, not to pray for him when he suddenly passed away.


Tamil Nadu as breeding ground for terror


The documentary deals in detail with terror modules being operated by Islamic fundamentalists and the pathetic response of the State Government. In May 2013, fundamentalists participated in a public meeting organised by Tamil separatist, Seeman, and invited Kashmir terrorist Yasin Malik as chief guest to commemorate the Eelam War. The State Government was caught napping and, waking up at the eleventh hour, couldn’t do much about it.


When a group of fundamentalists was caught weapon training in a grove on Periyapattinam seashore in Ramanathapuram district, the police released them without even filing a case.


Police stumbled upon illegal production of arms and bombs in an isolated area called Piranmalai, Sivaganga district. Secret weapon training in Varusanadu area of Theni district has also been reported in the media.


Terrorism has been planted in the minds of youth through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. These sites were used to the optimum level to create the Ambur riots in June 2015. These sites are also used to recruit youth for international terrorist organisation such as ISIS, which is threatening the whole world. Tamil youth are leaving home for countries like Syria and Iraq.


Fakir Mohammed Altafi, a leader of Thowheed Jamath, challenges his former colleagues in the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), amidst shouts of ‘Allah O Akbar’: “I am challenging you. I came out of your organisation only. I have come out from the same camp where you also learnt the lessons of weapon training. Come on, Man! Show me the same knife which you had shown to Khaja Mohideen. Inshah Allah! By the grace of God, none of you will be alive!”


The documentary shows this clipping as proof of the fact that fundamentalist elements are receiving regular training, including weapons training.


(To be continued…) 

The visual documentation of the above mentioned features can be seen and downloaded in the website link from 9:10 mts to 31:39 mts.  


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