Tamil Nadu in the grip of Jihad – V
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Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath, an organisation termed as a pan-Indian body with lakhs of members by none other than the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, gave a call for a ‘Battle of Badr’ on 28 July 2015. The Egypt-Israel War, Kargil War and the Taliban Offensive were all termed as “Badr Wars” or “Battles of Badr”. The organisation openly called for planned violence, asking men and youth to take part in it while the women, elderly and children were asked not to partake in it.


Jainulabdheen of Thowheed Jamath dared the police, “We are 50 lakh people; you are only 20,000. If we hit the streets what is that you can do?” They put up posters publicly threatening to murder or give qurbani of those who oppose them.


In Tamil Nadu, supposed to be a haven of peace, fundamentalists seem to decide who should canvas votes, how they should go about it and from where they should do it.  As per their wishes, the Tamil Nadu police have declared that Muslim-dominated areas are not to be ‘trespassed’ by election campaigners. The documentary establishes this with reports on a couple of instances. 


The media is put under immense pressure through threats and demonstrations. It should not publish news which is not liked by the fundamentalists. If at all such news is published, the concerned media houses would be threatened and attacked. There are instances of media houses tendering unconditional apologies to Islamic organisations after attacks on them and huge protest demonstrations against them. As a result, the media either refrains from or is very guarded in publishing news about fundamentalist activities.   


In many areas of the State, the Jamaths reign supreme. Even the police and government machineries are guarded in their approach towards them. The Arabian-style punishment of stoning to death was rehashed in Palayamkottai of Thirunelveli district in the year 2007, and a woman killed. In another instance, the poor father of one Thiruvarutchelvan, who was murdered by fundamentalists, had to approach Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath for justice for his son’s death.


Anti-national acts


The documentary shows some of the anti-national acts of fundamentalists with evidences. When Hindus led by the organisation Hindu Munnani, organised for hoisting the National Flag on Republic Day in 2014 in a public ground, the Villupuram police yielded to the demand of fundamentalists and issued an order banning the celebration under Section 30(2) of TN Police Act.


In Parangipettai, fundamentalists instructed minority students not to participate and sing the National Song Vande Mataram during the Independence Day celebrations organised in the local school. The students refused to sing it.


Whenever the Pakistan team wins against the Indian team in cricket matches, the victory of Pakistan is celebrated. In tournaments where Pakistan is knocked out, they celebrate if India is defeated by other teams by bursting crackers. 


They put up posters and graffiti supporting Pakistan-aided terrorists like Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru. They were termed as ‘innocents’. 


As an insult to one of the great sons of India, former President Dr. Abdul Kalam, they advised their community, through social networking sites, not to pray for him when he suddenly passed away.


Breeding ground for terror


Terrorism is planted in the minds of youth through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. These sites were used to the optimum level to create the Ambur riots in June 2015. They are also used to recruit youth for the international terrorist organisation Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Youth are leaving from Tamil Nadu for countries like Syria and Iraq.


Fundamentalists run training centers across Tamil Nadu to perpetrate terrorist activities. People are even converted and trained here. The converts are sent to training centers called “Arivagam” (meaning ‘House of Intelligence’). Many converts are involved in fundamentalist activities, some are used for terror acts, some are juvenile boys.


In order to carry out these terror activities without any hindrances, fundamentalists capture fields of activities like communication and transport. Shops have been taken on auction in most of the railway stations and strategic railway junctions. Most railway canteens are also run by them. There are reports of involvement in hawala activities, indirectly helping terror.


On 7 January 2015, a vehicle belonging to one Mustafa met with an accident near Madukarai in Coimbatore, as a result of which cash worth Rs.2.45 crore was strewn all over the road. The vehicle owner runs a railway canteen in Erode Railway Junction. The money was allegedly being taken to Mallappuram district in Kerala.


In another incident, when police rescued children who were being taken to Kerala by traffickers at Katpadi Railway Station, some Muslims intervened and released the children from the police and sent them to Kerala. Here too, the railway canteen is run by them.


The documentary explains in detail how the important fields of communication, transport and trades are dominated by the community in a planned manner. It is also dominant in fields such as servicing of cell phones and computers and selling cell phones and computer accessories. The youth use these centers to woo Hindu girls as they can access their phone numbers easily and cultivate ties with them. 


They are equally active in the rail and air ticket booking businesses, and have increased their hold over meat shops, tea shops, juice shops, etc., which function during night hours in cities and metros. It is common to see their groups roaming in the middle of the night in major cities of Tamil Nadu. In metros like Chennai, boarding and lodging facilities popularly known as Mansions are predominantly run by members of the community.


They are systematically entering trade and labour unions such as Auto Drivers Unions, Taxi Drivers Unions, Porters Unions, etc., which are well connected with the field of transport. Fearing high handedness, the police refrain from initiating any action against these Trade Unions. Due to this attitude of the police, other groups join the unions, for security.




Besides being places of worship, the fundamentalist organisations seem to use mosques for other purposes also. New mosques are coming up on highways and main arterial roads, to bring the entire State under their control. They are totally disproportionate to the population of the community.


The East Coast Road from Chennai to Kanyakumari has come under the total control of fundamentalists in this manner. The minars of mosques along this coast have become structures for sending signals to vessels in deep seas. Ladders are attached with these minars, to facilitate climbing. As this coastal area is close to Sri Lanka, it aids Pakistani spies and agents who operate from Sri Lanka to infiltrate and smuggle weapons inside our country.


Most of the time, the police do not man the check posts along this road. Even when present, they do not check the vehicles. As a corollary, the fundamentalists have started dominating the marine trade of fish trawling, vending and fish exports in order to capture this coast.


In similar fashion, the fundamentalists have started constructing mosques at a distance of every 60 to 80 kilometers on Chennai-Thirunelveli Highway. They facilitate a planned increase of settlement of their community along the roads which connect to the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Similar settlements are coming up on the highways connecting Karnataka. 


Dindukkal is a strategically important town in providing this connectivity, and settlements around Dindukkal are rising along with a number of fundamentalist organisations. These strategically important thoroughfares have been converted as forts and fortresses of the community, making it impossible for government and non-Muslims to enter.   


Inside, required infrastructures are constructed to facilitate infiltration of foreign nationals, leading to increased smuggling and terrorist activities. These include gold smuggling and fake currency rackets.  


Terror activities are strengthened as Muslims from Bangladesh are settled here. Media reports say that Saudi Arabia has spent Rs 1,700 crore to spread fundamentalism in India. 25,000 clerics have come from Saudi Arabia to give training on Wahabism and fundamentalism.


A Pakistani army officer publicly accepted in a debate on an Indian private TV channel that Tamil Nadu is on the list of separatism. As if to confirm this, fundamentalists put up posters in support of Pakistani terrorists, spread pro-Pakistan opinions and held meetings in support of Pakistan. A map released by ISIS once again reconfirms the conspiracy to bring India under its umbrella as “Khurasan”. As national security becomes endangered, the fundamentalists are trying to infiltrate the police as well.


Naive Appeasement


In this perilous situation, Tamil Nadu government, with the support of main political parties, has made a mindless proclamation offering 3.5% reservations for Muslims in education and employment. While Hindus are charged entry fee to enter temples, subsidy is given for Haj. The Government enjoys the revenue from temples and their assets but provides free rice for the Ramzan feast.


So far, 134 Hindus who opposed terrorism and questioned the injustices committed against Hindus have been brutally murdered in Tamil Nadu. The exclusive documentary on the Jihadi murders clearly establishes the growth of Islamic Terror in the state and how the government is found wanting in its investigations.


Murderous attacks have been perpetrated upon many Hindus. Through the post-mortem reports, the documentary establishes the fact that these murders are Jihadi murders. However, on instruction from the authorities, the Police Department labels these murders as results of land and money disputes, thereby offering an easy escape route for the terrorists.


Ramagopalan and his relentless fight  


In this unequal situation, thousands of Hindu youth are fighting to protect this land of Azhwar and Nayanmar saints. Sri Ramagopalan, founder president of Hindu Munnani, has fought relentlessly for the last 70 years, even after being severely assaulted on occasion. He defeated the attempt to convert Hindus in Meenakshipuram, in Thirunelveli district and blocked the government’s attempt to rename Dindukkal district as Quaid-E-Millat district. He redeemed the Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore.


Sri Ramagopalan nixed Christian attempts to change the name of Kanyakumari district as “Kanni Mary” (Kanya = Kanni) district, and brought back many Hindus to their mother faith, Hinduism. He recreated the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations as a commemoration of Hindu resurgence at all the places where murtis of Sri Ganesha were broken and celebrations stopped.


Standing up boldly against religious conversions, he combatted the deceitful atheist propaganda against Hinduism by the Dravidar Kazhagam and other Dravidian parties. Speaking to this writer, Sri Ramagopalan said,

“Countless incidents like these have happened across Tamil Nadu. We have documented some of them with authentic evidences and come out with documentaries of three DVDs. Please watch them with patience. Please spread the news about the danger awaiting Hindus and the perilous state of Tamil Nadu to every nook and corner of the world/country. We are sure that this Islamic Terrorism would have affected you in some way. Instead of being you and me, let us unite as one and jointly fight this evil.   


Let us save Tamil Nadu and prevent it from becoming Taliban Nadu.”


(To be continued…) 

The visual documentation of the above mentioned features can be seen and downloaded in the below mentioned website link (English) from 30.06 mts to 43.19 mts.


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