Extermination of rivals pre-set agenda of LDF of Kerala
by C I Issac on 08 Jun 2016 5 Comments

It is a universal conviction that history never repeats. However, in the case of God’s Own Country (the landscape created by Parasurama), for the last five decades, specifically in its political scenario, history repeats itself. Hitherto every five years the people of Kerala were left with no option but to let the same malice which they were forced to throw out during the previous election, to decide their destiny for another five years.


The regime pattern of the State of Kerala is cyclic; left with only two options: UDF led by Indian National Congress and LDF led by Communist Party of India (Marxist)/CPI (M). There is no much difference between the two when it comes to the point of corruption and they are unanimous and undisputed in the avoidance of a third front on the political horizon of Kerala. They are collectively striving, by ignoring all their differences, towards preventing the entry of NDA.


However, LDF goes an extra mile, and is active in the extermination of rival political ideologies and persons, particularly of RSS, BJP workers. Nor do they hesitate to exterminate their own cadres; remember the allusive story of the hacking of CPI (M) Comrade T.P. Chandrasekharan (4 May 2012 at Onchyiam near Kozhikkode).


The core of LDF’s ideological space is the rotten and discarded ‘Stalinism’. They are primarily fascist because they are Communists though they call other ideologies and parties fascists. Basically fascism does not welcome multi-party democratic exercise. It is evident from the erstwhile USSR to Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. Hence the only surviving isle of ‘Stalinism’ in this universe is North Malabar (Kannur) of Kerala.


Kannur is already known to the rest of India as the ‘murder capital’ of India. After this election, Marxists are trying to extend their agenda of political assassination further to NDA-dominated regions such as Trivandrum, Kottayam, Thrissur, etc. The UDF steered by the ever-sinking Indian National Congress is withstanding Marxist wrath by the grace of religious minorities particularly Catholics. Unfortunately, almost all Marxist leaders in the present State Administration from Kannur are saddled with criminal cases such as murder, conspiracy or corruption. The present Marxist leadership in the LDF government of Kerala has an exceptional criminal track record.


The history of political assassinations in Kerala begins with the first communist ministry under the iconic leadership of Comrade EMS Namboodiripad in 1957.  On 12 April 1957 one Abdul Khader was stabbed to death in Alleppey by the Communists backed by the state government. Again on 2 May 1957 one Gangadharan, a toddy tapper (a proletariat) belonging to the trade union, INTUC, was assassinated in Alleppey by the Communists. It was the second political murder of Kerala.


Very soon the destiny of the first Communist Government of India was decided by the people, by what is known as the historic ‘liberation movement of 1958’. Later, the communists realized the potential of the minority religious communities, particularly the Catholic Church. After a decade, again the political control of Kerala came in the hands of communists with the help of the Catholic priest, Fr. Vadakkan in 1967.

Thereafter, they deliberately spared the Congress party which was dominated by Catholic Church and shifted their target towards Hindu organizations, including temples. Thus, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its affiliates came under the wrath of the Marxist Party. Since 1967, the Marxists focused on the extermination of Hindu leaders, particularly school teachers, preferably in the class rooms.


In 1968, the CPI (M) ushered in an era of extermination of RSS workers in Malabar. The first prey of Marxist brutality was a Swayamsevak named Ramakrishnan of Vadikkal, Kannur. From then onwards until now, more than 200 Swayamsevaks were butchered in North Malabar alone. “The dog's tail stays crooked even if he is buried for twelve years”. So far the Marxists of Kerala have not learnt any lessons from their fascist intolerance. Despite all the hurdles created by CPI(M), the BJP opened an account in the Kerala Legislative Assembly. It is beyond doubt a historical victory of the resurgent nationalist forces of Kerala.


It shakes the conceptual balance and political ambitions of CPI(M). Immediately after the announcement of the Assembly election results, they began to celebrate their victory by the extermination of NDA workers and loyalists. Their colorful celebration of election victory is like Diwali celebrations using country bombs instead of crackers. (Kindly remember the story that one Kannur Comrade Jayarajan’s son lost his paw while making a country bomb to kill RSS workers).


CPM celebrations created pandemonium in the three Hindu dominant districts of Kasargod, Kannur and Trivandrum. In Kannur, in the Chief Minister own village, a worker named Comrade P.V. Raveendran, while in the party thandavam with country bomb in the street, lost his balance (perhaps due to excessive intoxication) and fell down and was run over by a vehicle of CPI(M) and lost his life. Anyhow, the CPI (M) is lucky to secure one more sacrificial victim in the galaxy of martyrs. Nevertheless, angry CPI (M) workers vandalized the nearby house of BJP worker Maroli Premjith. It is the best example of the Matsya Nyaya response of Kerala cadre of CPI (M).


In the celebrations of the CPI (M), after the election result announcements, the spineless Kerala Police became mere onlookers to the vandalism and orgy of the ruling party designate. In Thrissur, the victory procession took the life of Vallathu Pramod (38), an NRI on one month leave. Four members from the victory procession in cars attacked a poor man of BJP loyalty on the wayside in broad daylight with bricks and took his life. The four CPI(M) assailants of Vallathu Pramod are notorious criminals of the party cadre. The gutless Kerala police has not yet arrested anybody.


Kasargod, an NDA-dominant district, witnessed CPI (M) workers’ licentious parade on the day the results were announced. The celebration crossed all boundaries of culture and democratic decencies. All hell broke loose in North Malabar after 19 May 2016. The District collector declared Section 144 in Manjeswram, Hosdurg, Kasargod and Khanjahangad taluks.


The day after the election results, Nittor of Kannur district witnessed CPI (M)’s slaughtering parade. They vandalized several places by throwing country bombs on the houses of BJP workers. They chopped off Mani (34) and Preman (35) of BJP who were on their way to a temple for darshan. From past experience one can be sure that the coming days will be CPM- sponsored goon days. The role of the ruling party will be that of a hunter and BJP, BDJS and RSS will be of prey.

The CPI (M) is not ready to spare even LDF-constituent party CPI comrades from its fascist modus operandi. Recently in Kazhakkootam near Trivandrum, CPI (M) comrades put fire to the car of a CPI Cell Secretary. Notwithstanding these humiliations, the unfortunate and slavish CPI is ready to bear all for mere four cabinet minister posts.


The above cited goons’ activities are of seven days of their regime. What will be the outcome of the remaining 1826 days to come? History may repeat itself and butchering of Swayamsevaks will continue unabatedly. As Lord Tennyson sings in the poem ‘The Brook’, “For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever”.


The police, in coming days, as it was in previous LDF regimes, will be scarecrows in the law and order scenario of Kerala.  

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