Political Revolution and Self-Deceit – I
by Raymond Zwarich on 10 Jul 2016 2 Comments

A large segment of the American Left seems to remain trapped within the compulsions of rote ideology. Despite all the blazing brilliance of the minds of American leftists, (we could hardly have a higher degree of raw human intelligence at our disposal), our collective mind cannot properly apply itself, in a self-aware manner, to the nuances of our predicament. 


Self-aware strategic thought and behavior remain beyond our capacity. We cannot ‘act’. We can only ‘react’. We lack the self-awareness to understand that it is our reactionary mindset itself that makes us entirely predictable, and therefore easily manipulated, by our brilliantly clever and immensely powerful Enemy. Our Enemy knows that if he does ‘A’, we will very predictably, and reliably, do ‘B’. 


In “What Comes After the Sanders Campaign?”, published on Portside on July 1, (http://portside.org/2016-07-01/what-comes-after-sanders-campaign-three-views), three eminent and distinguished American leftists tell us that it is imperative, above all else, that we keep on reacting in this same rote and predictable way. These eminent and distinguished leftists clearly do not realize that what they are suggesting is that we should keep dancing, like puppets, on the ends of the very strings that our Enemy holds in his own hands. 


Pick your Poison


The two candidates that comprise our current dilemma in the political arena are both odious to a decent respect for the best interests of the common citizens. Both are dishonest in the extreme. Neither presents proposed solutions to our predicament that will address its dangers, (from the perspective of the best interests of the common citizens), in a rational way, and thus both would likely only bring more disaster down upon us. Neither can be trusted in anything they say. Telling people what they want to hear, and lying for political expediency, is just what they do, and each does it with no trace of conscience or shame. 


One, however, has challenged the very foundations of the neo-Liberal agenda, of globalization and cruel domination, that has been perpetrated upon the world’s common people by the world’s Elites, (led by the US Power Elite), for these past several generations. This candidate has pointed directly at the ways and means by which this agenda only serves the Elites, and only brings miseries to the common people. 


He has openly challenged the policies of world domination that these Elites have pursued, pointing to the disastrous results produced by overthrowing stable regimes, in any nations that will not obey us. He has pointed out with great emphasis that these policies of overthrowing sovereign governments has only created the chaos in which the forces of deadly calamity have thrived. 


He has advocated for cooperation with all the world’s great nations, through tough negotiations that represent our own people’s best interests. He advocates for “making deals”, tough deals, that serve our own people’s best interests, with the very nations that our self-serving Elites have targeted for destruction, and are imminently willing to risk apocalyptic war to defeat, (simply because these powerful nations defy our imperious commands). This is the candidate that the collective American Left has decided we must defeat at all costs. 


This is NOT a man to be trusted, to be sure. He is clownish in his deportment, and presents an attitude that lacks what we think is a proper respect for our nation’s diverse peoples. He is dangerous in that he is willing to foment violence by his followers in order to lend power to his position. That is the mark of a fascist, and none of us fail to see that.


The other candidate, however, enthusiastically serves, full on, and without a trace of reservation, the interests of our true Enemy, the US Power Elite. She has taken hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes from them, and has already acted in various capacities, as the nation’s First Lady, as a US Senator, and as Secretary of State, to serve them wholeheartedly and with great vigor.


She is a full-on proponent of the neo-Liberal agenda of globalization. She speaks with great gusto and deep conviction of US world domination, (by the “one exceptional and indispensable nation”), as if it is our obligation and destiny. She has already led the way in the destruction of entire nations, killing masses of people without conscience. She has laughed and celebrated as the predictable deadly calamities for those nations’ peoples have ensued. 


She now openly advocates for the destruction of more nations, for the killing of more people, to enforce and expand US World Rule. Though she is lying now, (without compunction), for political expedience, she is a four-square champion of trade agreements that are as resounding as the Magna Carta in their effects, agreements that rob government itself of power, and gift that power directly to mega-corporations, to private interests that are completely beyond the power of mere citizens to affect or control. 


In the latter, in lending all the power of government to directly augment and enforce the power of private interests, she has gone even far beyond the petty arousal of violent ‘fascist’ instincts in her followers. She has duped her followers into supporting an openly avowed proponent of the very policies that are the heart of highly organized Fascism itself. And even as she does, she smiles and insists that she is a ‘progressive’. 


And this is the candidate that the American Left, (including the stalwart leader of what we are imaginatively calling a “political revolution”), has decided that we must help elect. This candidate’s Party, which like the candidate herself, has taken the bribes from the Power Elite, and fully supports their agenda, is the one to whom we think we owe our allegiance. 


Why? Why this vial of poison instead of that one? Why the highly skilled operative who gives her direct support to our Enemy, rather than the bumbling clown who at least pays lip service to opposing our Enemy?


Why, at this very moment when our Enemy has been momentarily thrown into some measure of consternation by having his power base challenged, or at least severely re-arranged, have we decided that the candidate who directly represents the interests of our Enemy is the “lesser of two evils”, the one to whom we must lend the weight of our own energy and efforts? Why does “Dump Trump”, an effort to support the avowed champion of our Enemy, make more sense to us? 


Why have we decided that her odious opponent, who has rebelled from under our Enemy’s control, and is directly challenging our Enemy’s most basic agenda, is ‘more evil’, and therefore must be the object of all our fighting spirit and energy? Why fight this one, rather than the other? Why fight either? Why not fight our Enemy himself? Why do we agree to fight on ground that our Enemy has chosen, rather than on ground that favors us? Why fight the fight our Enemy wants us to fight, against this surrogate or that, rather than fight our Enemy himself? 


Dog Whistles and Puppets Strings


We are behaving exactly as our Enemy has expected that we would. We are cooperating, without reservation, in our Enemy’s most basic application of the oldest existing strategy of social control, “divide and rule”. We hate Trump so much for what we have decided is his “racism, misogyny, and xenophobia”, (the very issues that our Enemy uses with such consummate skill to divide us), that we cannot even hear, we do not seem to even perceive, that he is presenting a direct challenge to our Enemy’s most basic positions. Trump is shaking the very foundations of our Enemy’s basic agenda, but we remain willfully unaware of that.  


We never point to this. We never mention it. It’s as if we are not even aware of it. 


Trump is saying these things, out loud, in broad daylight, and it’s as if we have disconnected our minds. We have gone deaf. We do not even hear him say these remarkable things. We have struck ourselves dumb. We cannot see that we could seize and turn these open and brazen challenges to the Power Elites, in the minds of the citizenry, to serve our own cause. We cannot do that because we have disconnected our own self-aware powers of mind in favor of our passions. We can only obey our own highly emotionalized compulsions, reacting, like reliable puppets, to those who hate us by (so predictably) hating them in return. 


We respond, like reliably trained hounds, to these ‘dog whistles’, (“racism, misogyny, xenophobia, oh my!”), even as we decry the ‘dog whistles’ to which Trump’s own followers respond. 


It is in our failure to properly ‘identify the enemy’, (which I have tried to point out is the most basic tenet of warfare), that our own failure and downfall is even now being wrought. We have agreed to fight the forces that our enemy wants us to fight. This clever and powerful Enemy has used race issues, gender privilege, immigration issues, gay rights, and every other kind of ‘identity issue’ he can stir up into a well-hyped froth, (even recently making a major international cause-celebre out of ‘transgender rights’, which affect less than one third of one percent of the population), to divide us into as many rival groups as possible. 


Our enemy has used these ‘identity issues’, as well as the other reliable, well-tested, highly emotionalized, and aptly named ‘wedge issues’, (abortion rights, gun control, etc etc), to divide us into so many rival groups, each at the others’ throats, that NONE can see that we ALL share the SAME Common Enemy. We fight each other, and thus our Common Enemy rules over us all. 


This is a VERY old story, folks. How many times have we each read it? And yet still we have not learned? “Divide and rule”. It is as old as civilization itself, and yet here we are, swallowing this age old bait, (hook, line, and sinker). Even with all the brilliant mind-power at our disposal, we have allowed ourselves to be made, yet again, into puppets, dancing on these very strings that our Enemy holds in his own hands. (Our Enemy must surely chuckle in well-earned satisfaction at this sight). 


We hate Trump SO much for violating our cherished precepts of ‘identity politics’, (precepts we have come to hold so dear that we have lost our self-aware powers of self-possession and discernment, and have given ourselves over to irrational emotionality), that we cannot even see that between the two candidates before us, Trump is the candidate that challenges our enemy’s position of power, and Clinton is the one who supports it with all of her strength and enthusiasm. 


The dog whistles are calling on every side. We respond dutifully to the ones we hear. We choose Clinton, (the one who had laughed girlishly, and ghoulishly, over her contracted murder of a sitting head of state of a sovereign nation 



Senator Sanders fought the good fight, and he fought it well, but in the end he proves himself to be the reliable ‘judas goat’ candidate that so many warned at the outset that he was. He was sent out among the sheep, (unwittingly, not suggesting that his fight was not completely genuine and sincere), to keep them busy, to occupy their energies. In the end, here he is, reliably (and so predictably) leading the sheep back into the Enemy’s corral.  


And on the American Left we have twisted our intelligence to follow our emotions, and thus think that by picking the one poison, which is every bit as fatal as the other, by supporting the party and electing the candidate who directly supports our Enemy’s agenda, in every detail, we are somehow serving OUR cause. 


(To be concluded…)

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