Tamil Nadu in the grip of Jihad – XII
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Similar to the documentation of 12 murders carried out by Islamic terrorists in Tamil Nadu, Hindu Munnani has also documented a few major assaults committed by jihadists. All these assaults are brutal in nature and intended to liquidate the victims. The documentary titled “Jihadi Assaults in Tamil Nadu” runs for about 40 minutes detailing a few incidents of brutal assaults. It also carries explanations given by the victims.




Mettuapalayam is a taluk of Coimbatore district situated on the way to Ooty. 


Anandan was secretary of the Mettupalayam unit of the RSS when, on November 6, 2012, he was waylaid while returning home from work along with a friend on a two wheeler. He was attacked brutally at about 6.30 in the evening.


After admitting him to hospital, the police dished out the usual story that the assault was a fallout of a financial deal with one Syed Abu Tahir, who belongs to a fundamentalist organisation and had sent SMS messages saying that those belonging to Hindu Munnani and the BJP would be liquidated during Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.   


However, Anandan testifies in the documentary that he had not known or seen any one by the name of Syed Abu Tahir and that he was attacked by two heavily built assailants. When the public protest against the police gained strength, they shifted their stand and said that the attack was a retaliatory one and not due to the fallout of a financial deal. Subsequently, during the identification parade, as the actual assailants were not present, the police let Syed Abu Tahir free, though there was a pending complaint against him by Hindus for sending threatening messages through SMS.  


Three years have passed and the police are yet to find the assailants! Alleging that the attack on Anandan had turned out to be a dress rehearsal for future attacks and murders of many Hindu leaders, the documentary asks, “How shall one have confidence in a police force which does not have the will or intent to arrest an extremist? Will Anandan’s wife and children have to live in perpetual fear?”




On 14 April 2013, Manjunath, district secretary of Hindu Munnani, was removing the banners from the venue (near Raghavendra Temple) of the ‘Tamil New Year celebrations’ organised by Hindu Munnani. As he was loading the banners and other materials on his auto, he was surrounded and brutally attacked by a group of fundamentalists. He was rushed to the Government Hospital in Ooty, from where he was sent to Coimbatore Medical College Hospital for specialised treatment. The police had later filed a case against him saying that he had spoken in a manner instigating communal hatred.


Manjunath says that he had not spoken so, and that the case had been foisted on him. He adds that he was arrested after recuperating from the hospital and that the Deputy Superintendent of Police promptly paraded him in front of Abdul Samad, the district president of Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, to show that he had indeed been arrested. Subsequently, acting on Manjunath’s complaint, the police arrested five jihadists, while the attackers were more in number. Manjunath laments that the case foisted on him by the police had spoiled his livelihood.




The Ooty incident had a fallout in Coonoor. On 16 April 2013, when Hindu Munnani functionaries were pasting posters condemning the attack on Manjunath, persons from a nearby mosque objected. As talks were progressing, fundamentalists attacked Hariharan of Hindu Munnani. However, the police rushed to the spot and took the Hindu Munnani cadres away, divided them into small groups and dispersed them.


Later, when Hariharan and some Hindu Munnani cadres were proceeding to witness the Chariot Festival connected to the local Mariamman Temple, the sub-inspector of Coonoor police station directed them to take a particular route, where a large group of fundamentalists surrounded and attacked them. In the melee, Hariharan, Venkatraj and Jayakumar were severely beaten with bottles, surgical knives and knives. Venkatraj says a fatwa was already issued against Hariharan and Jayakumar and that the police were informed about it.


The significant aspect of the attack was the use of ‘surgical knives’ which is not a practice in Tamil Nadu. It is said that jihadists in neighbouring Kerala are deft in handling surgical knives. Hariharan says that a couple of dozen jihadists from Kerala were roaming about in Ooty and Coonoor; Venkatraj adds that they have been brought by one Tasleem of Asian Hotel, to train local jihadists. Hariharan refers to a police official who was aware of the impending attack during the temple festival. Terming this planned jihadi attack a ‘retaliatory attack’, the police dutifully filed cases against Hariharan, Venkatraj and Jayakumar.


The documentary laments that the businesses of Hariharan and Jayakumar have suffered because of the police cases while Venkatraj is suffering without a job, the film asks, “What justice can be expected from this government which kills its conscience and declares a planned attack upon Hindus as a reactionary attack and diverts the case from the real motive?”




On 7 June 2013, two school teachers, Vasanthakumar and Malairaj, belonging to the scheduled caste, were apprehended by fundamentalists for the “fault” of entering the Muslims’ street in R.S. Mangalam area of Ramanathapuram.  Both were taken to a mosque, tied up and beaten black and blue. After learning about this attack on the hapless school teachers, a group of local Hindus reached the mosque to catch hold of the culprits. As the culprits attempted to escape by an ‘ambulance’ belonging to the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, the Hindu group surrounded it. However, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, who came that way, made the Hindus disperse and let the fundamentalists escape.


Suba Nagarajan, a local person, alleges that the police are not seriously pursuing this case of assault on school teachers. Underlining the tacit understanding between fundamentalists and Scheduled Caste leaders, the documentary asks, “Why do the SC organisations, which raise voice over SC rights and SC freedom, not raise even a whimper of protest in support of these hapless teachers?”




On 19 May 2013, senior BJP leader M.R. Gandhi was brutally attacked by jihadists while on his morning walk. As he got down from the road in the nick of time, the blow which was to have landed on his neck, missed by a whisker. However, the jihadists rained a few blows on him and ran away.


M.R. Gandhi says that those who assaulted him were well trained and were from outside places like Thiruvithamcode, Idalakudi, Melapalayam and Tirunelveli. He says that terror training camps are active in places like Thittuvalai, Idalakudi, Thiruvithamcode and Madhavalayam of Kanyakumari district.   


Finally, jihadists belonging to Tirunelveli district were arrested for attacking M.R. Gandhi in Nagercoil. We have already seen that men from Kerala joined the locals when they attacked Hariharan, Venkatraj and Jayakumar in Coonoor. Mentioning this, the documentary makes an important point that, “In every area, fundamentalists are given training and sent to carry out attacks in outside areas, while the local Moslems would act innocent and escape. This strategy is being adopted by the Muslim fundamentalists”.




On 26 November 2014, RSS worker Rajkumar was waylaid and attacked by jihadists when going on his bike along Bangaru Naicken Street of Triplicane area in Chennai city. Thanks to his helmet, he escaped, but was hospitalised with grievous injuries.


“Rajkumar was attacked for questioning the molestation of a Hindu woman by a Muslim youth”, says a local person named Narahari. He adds, “A large number of Muslims from the local jamath have gathered in support of the youth and threatened the Hindus”. Another person, Manikandan, says that a local Muslim police official is not taking any action against the jihadists and is supportive of them.




It is more than a decade since Sameera Bano, a Muslim girl, fell in love with Rajaraman, an auto driver, and married him. Despite the pressure exerted by Muslims to convert, Rajaraman refused and remained a committed Hindu. As a way of threatening him, the fundamentalists burnt down his auto near his house in the year 2010.


Unable to digest the fact that Sameera Bano was leading the life of a peaceful Hindu, the jihadists attempted to kill her. On 11 April 2014, when she was drawing rangoli in front of her house, they tried to attack her. She had a providential escape. As usual, the police are yet to arrest the jihadists!           




The fundamentalists planned to ignite a communal problem by beating up a seventh standard student named Siva. When the issue was taken up by the elders, the fundamentalists broke the teeth of a youth named Subash. He was hospitalised.


The incident happened on 25 October 2013. When the small group of Hindus was returning from the hospital very early in the morning, they were suddenly surrounded and attacked by a group of fundamentalists near the Keralapuram Arch. Seven Hindus were hurt in the attack.  


Veludoss, an advocate says, “knives were used and cuts were administered on the limbs.  Attacks like these are alien to Kanyakumari district”. Bhavani, a local woman says, “Some mysterious persons staying at Paaravalai were arrested and subsequently released. For the sake of money offered by the Moslems, police are indulging in such an atrocity with the complicity of politicians”.


The police pacified the Hindus after the attack on Subash and made them return home from the hospital. When a lady, Saroja, confronted the police saying, “We believed in your words and returned home. But, this has happened. We have been betrayed”, the police justified the attack stating, “You should have avoided taking them on”. Bemoaning this attitude, the lady says, “Police force has been muffled.”


A big question mark hangs over the heads of Hindus of Thiruvithamcode.


The documentary ends with the following questions:


Would many of those who have faced such attacks be able to return to work as before? These Hindus of humble means, who were earlier employed with Muslims, are now going for work as road workers, construction labourers and other menial jobs. Even to go for these menial jobs, how would the women be able to commute fearlessly?


Today, many parts of Tamil Nadu are turning into Taliban country like Thiruvithamcode. Whose responsibility is it to save Tamil Nadu from this perilous situation?


The documentary can be seen at the following link:

Jihadi Assaults in Tamilnadu:



(To be continued…)

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