Eerie Prescience of Donald Trump
by Israel Shamir on 05 Apr 2017 1 Comment

If President Trump would say “The sun rises in the east and sets in the west”, undoubtedly the New York Times will sarcastically laugh and claim that the ignorant redneck who became the president thanks to Putin the Killer’s interference, is not aware of not-so-recent advances in astronomy that make his sentence truly absurd. There was no statement, not a single Trump’s twit [tweet] that the mass media did not debunk and made a subject of mirth.


However, as time goes, we learn that Trump knows things other people do not know or do not dare to say. Here are three statements of Trump that caused disbelief and indignation but later on, they turned out to be absolute truth.




In February, Trump said: “You look at what’s happening in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers [of immigrants]. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.” His enemies almost died of laughter. “What has he been smoking?” – asked Carl Bildt, elderly Swedish statesman, the leading pro-NATO Russia-basher of this country. Swedish devotees of the NWO competed for the silliest response: “we went to sleep at 9 pm”, “a moose has been sighted”, “we ate too much”.


A few days passed, and this complacency was destroyed by immigrants rioting in a Stockholm suburb. They burned cars, women were molested, peaceful Sweden has been turned into a trouble spot. It was even worse in Malmo, the third city of Sweden, practically vacated by Swedes. Immigrants took over its urban centre, while the prosperous Danes had bought its leafy suburbs. Swedish media tried to keep these events under wraps, but failed. It appears that immigrant crimes have a special code R291, making it forbidden for the press to publish. The riots and the displacement of native Swedes are a real problem in Sweden, and they are likely to impact the Swedish vote next year.


So Trump was right, and his debunkers were wrong. Thanks to the obedient Swedish media, the government played the game of “Tout va très bien, Madame la Marquise”, “everything is fine”, but Trump knew what was brewing and he did not hesitate to say that. In a few days it became clear that he was right; but surely his detractors did not apologise and did not acknowledge their fault.


By the way, an important Swedish newspaper has published an attack on yours truly. They did not like that I “designated” Trump’s triumph as a historical turning point, “the Jewish century” was now at an end, and Europe will rise from “the liberal tyranny”, and in particular, “the happy slaves” in Sweden would have the strength to rise up against the stifling media and fanatical feminism.” To make clear that I am a rotten egg, they added “a racist and holocaust denier”, just like Trump. This is a mark of disobedience. They can’t get off this topic, for some reason.




In March, Trump Tweeted “Obama had my “wires tapped in Trump Tower just before the victory.” And the mainstream media exploded in laughter. Their headlines called it “unsubstantiated insinuations” or worse. (One could think that their accusations of Russian interference were ever substantiated!) It took a few days and proof emerged.


This was obvious from the very beginning to whoever listened to Edward Snowden and to Julian Assange of Wikileaks. The secret services surveil everybody and everything. Not in vain, after Trump’s victory, Obama allowed the CIA and NSA to spread their illegally obtained data among other agencies without judicial control. This was done to facilitate future leaks of poison and make the location of the leak nigh impossible, or quite difficult.


Anyway, the claim of Trump has been validated by Devin Nunes, the brave head of the House Intelligence Committee, who saw proof of the surveillance and reported it to his President. (A propos, Nunes was the man who openly supported the Liberty survivors and the enquiry of the Israeli attack on the American vessel. Even brave people are usually hesitant to quarrel with the Israeli Lobby, but he did. Such a person can already do anything, even report to his president that he was wiretapped.)


The agencies indeed wiretapped Tramp and his assistants, and they spread the data widely. After the inauguration, the data was leaked into CIA-related media. At first, it was not even denied: on January 20, the New York Times carried a front-page story with the headline: “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides” saying, inter alia, that “American law enforcement and intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communications and financial transactions as part of a broad investigation into possible links between Russian officials and associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump.”


This surveillance and its leak caused the Flynn affair. I have learned what Flynn actually discussed with the Russian ambassador. I haven’t seen this being reported in the US media: they darkly hissed of Flynn “discussing sanctions” with the Russian. The truth was somewhat different. Flynn called the Ambassador when Obama in a fit of fury expelled dozens of Russian diplomats in 24 hours just before the New Year’s Eve, and forbade them to use their holiday vacation premises. Obama did it in order to poison the US-Russia relations, for as you know, the NWO-beholden Democrats want at least a cold war, or preferably a nuclear one with the Russian bear. Obama tried his worst to spoil the relations to such an extent that even Trump would find it hard to heal.


Flynn did his best (I presume on orders of Trump) to calm the Russians. He offered and procured help: the expelled diplomats needed a plane to leave on very short notice, and seats weren’t available. Flynn fixed it. Flynn told the Ambassador that Trump would roll back Obama’s punitive measures related to the expulsion. The Ambassador passed the message to Putin, and Putin, always a gentleman, refrained from tit-for-tat expulsion of the US diplomats from Moscow, as he would definitely do otherwise. Putin even invited children of the US diplomats to a Christmas event in Kremlin. So Flynn acted for the benefit of America and its diplomats, and saved the two great countries from much aggravation. He deserves a medal for his work, not a dismissal; and it is really shame that Trump could not keep him.


The newspapers keep denying the wiretap, but they do so in a tricky way: as surveillance did not literally “tap wires” (for there are no wires between mobiles) they swore it did not happen. This is an old trick, practiced by Autolycus, grandfather of Odysseus, and he learned from his father Hermes how to cheat under oath.


So Trump spoke truth, and he proved it in a most impressive way.


Jews Under Threat


The third case of Trump being ridiculed and fully vindicated is the most remarkable one. There were recently many threats against Jewish institutions all over the US. The Jewish media connected the threats with Trump’s election. They called it a “wave of threats”, “second wave of threats”, “third wave of threats”. Apparently, dozens, if not hundreds of Jewish institutions received intimidating calls and threats.


The Jewish journalists are usually Trump-haters. Not for some specific Jewish reasons: they are for immigration, for race-mixing (always excepting Jews), for re-gendering, and for finance. For them, Trump’s attack on financier George Soros, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, and Goldman Sachs Chair and CEO Lloyd Blankfein has been an anti-Semitic attack as they are Jewish.


So it was easy for them to blame Trump for the threats. At his press-conference, Trump made a short work of Jake Turx, a Jewish reporter who insinuated that Trump encouraged anti-Semitism. He said that the Jews probably did the threats themselves, or something to such effect. The Jewish media exploded once again. How did he dare?


The ADL, the Jewish wannabe gestapo, wrote: “anti-Semites alleged that Jews themselves are behind the numerous bomb threats to Jewish institutions as a way to garner sympathy for being a victim and that the Jews are using the cemetery desecration to force President Trump into making a statement about anti-Semitism.”


The Pennsylvania Attorney General claimed that Donald Trump said to him that Jewish people might be behind the threats and attacks on Jewish Community Centres to “make others look bad”, another liberal-Jewish publication alleged and concluded: “The President of the United States should never be claiming that threats and attacks are “false flags.” America needs a president, not a bigoted conspiracy theorist in chief.”


And then Trump called upon the FBI and had them sent agents to Israel. There, in a rather small southern town of Ashkelon, lived a young hacker with his five computers and three antennas who made all the threats single-handed. What’s worse, he did it for two years, and Israeli police did nothing to apprehend him – until they saw FBI agents. Then they immediately arrested the guy who spilled the beans right away. Apparently FBI knew all about him, but while Obama was at the helm, they did nothing.


If he were a goy, Jews would call to crucify him – and Trump. But as he was a Jew, the responses in the Jewish media were very kind and understanding. He was a very young and very patriotic young man, he was sick, and he did not understand what he did, but he surely acted for perceived benefit of the Jews.


So indeed the threats and attacks were “false flags”, as these awful anti-Semites and bigoted conspiracy theorists had claimed.


For the following quotation I’ll thank Steve Sailer, who dug it up. David Schraub wrote in the Jewish magazine Tablet (they did once a hatchet job on me): “On March 1, I penned a column excoriating Donald Trump and other mainstream conservatives for suggesting attacks on Jewish sites - bomb threats, vandalism, and otherwise - were false flag attacks designed to discredit the right.


“Later that week, Juan Thompson - a former journalist for the left-wing outlet The Intercept - became the first man arrested for calling in some of these threats, allegedly in the hopes that he could blame his ex-girlfriend for the crime. Clearly, I lack the gift of timing. Today, Israeli officials announced the arrest of a 19-year-old with dual Israeli-American citizenship who is alleged to have been behind many of the remaining bomb calls.” End of quote. (He lacked the gift of timing, but he did not lack chutzpah, for instead of apologising he insisted he was basically right. As I wrote once, being Jewish means you never have to say I am sorry.)


So now you see that you have a prescient President? And not only prescient, but a man of iron will, too. Obama knew that the threats were coming from Israel, but he never dared to say that. Trump is nobody’s fool. There are signs that he will even solve the unsolvable Jewish-Palestinian conflict. His velvet glove hides an iron fist. The Israeli right has been so happy about his election, but now they feel that perhaps they made a wrong choice. For the first time ever, American diplomats visited not only Ramallah, but Palestinian refugee camps as well. It appears they try to deal with the Jewish settlers directly. And among settlers, there is a not inconsiderable fraction of people who want to settle with Arabs and live as equals among them. So I am not pessimistic about a Middle East peace.


Trump ordered giving up the regime change drive in Syria, and this is already a good thing. It would be better if he were to forget about the Middle East completely, but probably the US military would not allow that.


And Trump is not alone. It is true that mainstream media is against him, but the real sector of the US economics stands behind the President. I was told that negotiators of Sony-Ericson have tried to make some deals with American companies and unwisely they referred to their work for the CIA (they manufactured wiretap devices or similar). To their great surprise, the American businessmen were underwhelmed and had sent them home without signing the deal. Partnership with the CIA means partnership with the liberals of the WaPo and the NY Times, and it is not the flavour of the month among American industrialists.


With such strong backing, it is too early to despair of Trump. He still can emerge the winner in his struggle against secret services and their media. And do not forget: the next time newspapers ridicule Trump’s twits [tweets], hold your laughter for a while. He is eerily prescient.


Courtesy Israel Shamir

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