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by Peter Eyre on 18 Jul 2017 2 Comments

Over many years I have tried to understand why they have not found a cure for cancer when billions of dollars continue to be pumped into the many research institutes each and every day throughout the world without a ray of hope being given to the millions of innocent victims who trust their governments, hospitals, cancer clinics, oncologists and cancer organisations in saving them from this terrible disease.


Historically, many gifted professors and doctors have hit the cause of cancer on the head, but in doing so have been immediately silenced by governments health departments, pharmaceutical companies or cancer institutes by either ridicule or simply having their licence revoked or their potential cure shelved by those who make far more money in not finding a cure!


Why would anyone in his right mind wish to cause so much pain and suffering to the victims of cancer when many extremely talented doctors had looked upon cancer in a totally different light and provided potential treatment that did not harm the body, as radiation and chemotherapy do.


Who in his right mind would allow the body’s natural immune system to be bombarded with radiation and chemotherapy whilst at the same time giving patients high doses of morphine to a point that one would have to ask the question as to what actually killed the patient in the final days.


How would you feel if you had cancer or your loved one had cancer and were told that the existing understanding of the origins of cancer was all wrong and that all those mentioned above were covering up the real truth as to what is cancer or what causes cancer to develop? How would you feel if you found out that cancer was closely linked to other serious illnesses such as tuberculosis (TB) or HIV AIDS etc., and was bacterium-based and that a potential cure was available?


How would you feel if you were told that HIV AIDS was first intentionally introduced into the world’s civilian populations by the US Military and had no connection to monkeys or apes? I know it did not come from me, so how come you have become so gullible you believe such bullshit?


So let’s now look at cancer from a different perspective and think of it as being bacterium-based and accordingly consider that it can now be passed on to someone else, i.e. infectious, but also fully understand that it is also curable! Some very notable researchers, who have had their achievements printed in medical journals, came across some very unusual findings in their respective laboratories.  Suffice it to say they all agreed that cancer was indeed a bacterium!


It was during my years of research that I also came across the use of “Phage” to combat some very serious conditions such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, a gram-positive bacterium genetically different from other strains of SA, causing several difficult-to-treat infections in humans) that now exists in many of the world’s hospitals and for which there was no apparent cure... but there is!


Let me put this in a very simple way: If you are bitten by a snake, the hospital identifies the culprit, finds the same venom and uses it as an anti-venom to put back into your already contaminated body to fight the same venom or bacteria.


In a nutshell, if we are infected with bacterium in any form, then, if one is able to find that same bacteria either by extraction from the victim or find it in its natural environment, take it back to the laboratory and create a microbiological culture and eventually re-introduce that bacterium back into the patient’s body, makes perfectly good sense!


The following is an initial list of terrible diseases that have a common bacterium link:

Leprosy, tuberculosis, cancer, scleroderma, Raynaud’s syndrome with a strong possible connection to AIDS.


Couple the above to another relatively unknown treatment called “Phage” for other deadly bugs such as MRSA, or badly infected limbs and tissue etc., and one can clearly see that our government, health professionals, consultants, oncologists, doctors and pharmaceutical industry either simply do not understand what is causing the problem, or alternatively, simply refuse to accept it for fear of impacting on their multi-billion dollar industry, their own ex-gratia payment or salary top up etc.


To give you some idea of the alleged success rate, let’s look at some figures regarding cancer treatment that was carried out some time ago by a doctor who had been working on cancer for decades and who’s initial work was applauded in her many medical journals, only to be ridiculed and closed down when they realised she may well have a cure for cancer...


62 random patients were chosen for her trial whilst accepting that cancer was bacterium-based and could be treated with bacterium extracted from each patient, cured in the lab and re-introduced into the patient. This extraction was from the tumor, tissue, gland, blood or urine .... remember another false declaration by the industry that “Blood is not sterile”.


The 62 patients consisted of the following (including 17 officially diagnosed as terminal) - 21 breast cancer patients of various types, 5 lung cancer patients, 3 uterine cancer, 3 ovarian cancer, 6 colon cancer, 6 melanoma, 2 basal cell skin cancer, 3 prostate cancer, 2 kidney cancer, 1 pancreatic cancer, 1 pelvic cancer, 1 esophageal cancer, 1 larynx cancer, and 6 Hodgkin’s disease patients.


In summarizing these cases, she officially claimed, “an examination of the sixty-two random cases shows that our success rate has been 82%. Considering the patients we called inconclusive, but for whom we were able to be of some help, it is over 90%”. I understand that she also drew attention to the fact that her success rate would have been higher had some of them not been treated by chemotherapy or radiation which directly  attacks the immune system that is so vital in the recovery of patients!


One can see that our governments, departments of health and the thousands of specialists employed in the above and the pharmaceutical industry really do need to be re educated and exposed for their Weapons of Mass Deceit (WMD) and in some cases placed before the court system to be tried for what they are “Deceitful Imbeciles.”


(To be continued…)

Courtesy Peter Eyre, Middle East Consultant, political analyst, investigative journalist and broadcaster; the views expressed are personal

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