Cdr. Kulbhushan Jadhav's meeting with his family
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This is to share some thoughts on the treatment meted out to Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav’s wife and mother by the Pakistanis, in what could easily have been a show of goodwill instead. Firstly let us recount what exactly happened.

(a) Forced removal of any Hindu symbols – choori (bangles), sindoor and mangalsutra.

(b) Forced to change clothes.

(c) Glass partition, ensuring physical separation, as if they would have otherwise blown up the building

(d) Chappal Chori (theft of footwear of Commander’s wife)

(e) Forced not to converse in their mother tongue (Marathi)

(f) Repeated interruptions while the mother was talking to him (being more comfortable speaking in Marathi)

(g) While approaching the site, being forced to disembark before the entrance and unnecessarily walk rest of the distance (refer tweet of @rajfortyseven)

(h) Meeting commenced without presence of the Indian Deputy High Commissioner, who had to fight his way in.

(i) And the media. Who can forget the Pakistani media and their ‘questioning’ of the visitors? (@ANI tweet of 26 December: #WATCH Islamabad: Pakistani journalists heckle & harass #KulbhushanJadhav’s mother & wife after their meeting with him, shout, ’aapke patidev ne hazaron begunah Pakistaniyo ke khoon se Holi kheli ispar kya kahengi?’ & ’aapke kya jazbaat hain apne kaatil bete se milne ke baad?’ (Your husband has played with the blood of thousands of Pakistanis; and, What are your feelings after meeting your murderer son?)


By the way, this was despite an agreement that media won’t be allowed close access to the visitors. Now comes the question, how does one view this. My timeline (Harpreet@CestMoiz) has been abuzz with this since yesterday. As far as my reaction goes, yes I am outraged too.


Outraged, yes. But surprised? No. In fact, on the contrary, I would have been (pleasantly) surprised had the Pakistani security establishment allowed the visit to go in a dignified manner. But that is too much to ask of them. And they didn’t disappoint me either.


Now the question is, where does this insane hostility come from? Of course, they will cry hoarse at ‘Big, Bad India’. I’ll not argue with that since they are welcome to their own point of view.


Over here I’ll just go into why the behaviour towards the two ladies.


There was amazing similarity in which the establishment went about conducting the visit, and the media doing its own bit. This is an interesting phenomenon indeed - the way the Pakistani state brings up its children to adulthood, fed on a potent propaganda right from the word go.


But first let us see how it manifests itself. Here are some public personalities, those that are supposed to be exposed to media and experienced in handling themselves in public.


Shahid Afridi: (WSJ Article: Afridi: Indians have smaller hearts than Pakistanis) Quote, “If I speak truthfully, they just can’t have the kind of heart a Muslim has or a Pakistani has. I think they don’t have the sort of big hearts, pure hearts, Allah has given us”.

By the way, this is the same Afridi one of whose cousins was dispatched by the BSF in Kashmir in 2003


Sohail Tanveer: another international cricketer, and his reasoning at not being selected for IPL in 2009 – Hinduon Ki Zehniyat Hi Aisi Hai (The Hindus’ spirit is like that only) The small issue of Mumbai Terror Attack didn’t figure, though!

YouTube Link:


What is interesting in the above video is not merely the choice of words by Tanveer, but the wholehearted endorsement by the female anchor and the subsequent question by the journo: ‘Didn’t you know about Hindu Baniya – Muh Men Raam Raam Bagal Mein Chhuri?’ (God on the tongue and knife under the arm)


Moving on, here is a Pakistani comedy show where the word ‘Hindu Kutta’ not only comes out matter-of-factly, but also elicits wholehearted laughter from the audience

YouTube Link:


And if you think that the ‘Hindu Kutta’ thing is a one off event in a comedy show, you couldn’t be more mistaken! Late J.N. Dixit, during his tenure in the Indian High Commission in Pakistan was given a live demonstration, that too by a six year old child!

Source of above screenshot:


A six year old child.

Let that sink in a bit.

A kid of someone definitely high up in the Pakistani establishment / society.

A kid not yet old enough to make her own opinions.

A kid with her mind poisoned by her parents

A kid who will no doubt grow up with a blinkered view of Indians as ‘Hindu Baniya’ and ‘Hindu Kutta’.

But is it just her parents that are to blame?


This is where the Pakistani establishment has been at its best – bringing up generation after generation of post 1971 kids with this blinkered world view. I did a three part blog series on that. Here’s a LINK to the second blog post of the series, containing the meat of the matter. Do read. I insist.


We talk about madrassas as incubators of hate, right? Here is what the state sanctioned school curriculum teaches little children in Pakistan. These are some extracts from the blog post linked above.

(i) Hindus worship in temples which are very narrow and dark places, where they worship idols. Only one person can enter the temple at a time. In our mosques, on the other hand, all Muslims can say their prayers together.


(ii) This division of men [among Aryans] into different castes is the worst example of tyranny in the history of the world. In course of time the Aryans began to be called the Hindus


(iii) The Hindus lived in small and dark houses. Child marriage was common in those days. Women were assigned a low position in society. In case the husband of a woman died, she was burnt alive with his dead body. This was called ‘sati’. The killing of shudras was not punished, but the murder of a Brahman was a serious crime.


(iv) Hindus thought that there was no country other than India, nor any people other than the Indians, nor did anyone else possess any knowledge.


(v) Hindus very cunningly succeeded in making the British believe that the Muslims were solely responsible for the [1857] rebellion.


(vi) The Quaid saw through the machinations of the Hindus.


(vii) The religion of the Hindus did not teach them good things. The Hindus did not respect women.


(viii) The Hindus always desired to crush the Muslims as a nation. Several attempts were made by the Hindus to erase the Muslim culture and civilization. Hindi-Urdu controversy, shudhi and sangathan movements are the most glaring examples of the ignoble Hindu mentality.


(ix) The caste system of the Hindus had made the life of the common people miserable. They were treated like animals. Nobody could claim equality with Brahmins.


(x) The Hindus who have always been opportunists cooperated with the English


(xi) The Hindus praised the British rule and its blessings in their speeches. The Hindus had the upper hand in the Congress and they established good relations with the British. This party tried its best to safeguard the interests of the Hindus. Gradually it became purely a Hindu organization. Most of the Hindu leaders of the Congress were not prepared to tolerate the presence of the Muslims in the sub-continent. They demanded that the Muslims should either embrace Hinduism or leave the country. The party was so close to the Government that it would not let the Government do any work as would be of benefit to the Muslims. The partition of Bengal can be quoted as an example.


(xii) The British confiscated all lands [from the Muslims] and gave them to Hindus [This is stated despite the fact that all the large feudal lords in the part that later formed Pakistan were Muslims].


(xiii) Hindus declared the Congress rule as the Hindu rule, and started to unleash terror on Muslims.


(xiv) While the Muslims provided all type of help to those wishing to leave Pakistan, the people of India committed cruelties against the Muslims (refugees). They would attack the buses, trucks, and trains carrying the Muslim refugees and they were murdered and looted.


(xv) The Hindus in Pakistan were treated very nicely when they were migrating as opposed to the inhuman treatment meted out to the Muslim migrants from India.


(xvi) After 1965 war India conspired with the Hindus of Bengal and succeeded in spreading hate among the Bengalis about West Pakistan and finally attacked on East Pakistan in December 71, thus causing the breakup of East and West Pakistan.


(xvii) Hindu has always been an enemy of Islam.


The last two points in the above list beg a closer scrutiny.


Point 17: Hindu has always been an enemy of Islam.

I think the previous tweets have enough examples of how it manifests in the current Pakistani discourse. And no, it is not just a fringe that holds this point of view. Those that think so are being ostriches. It is how the Pakistani state brings up its children. In fact, in 2004 the Information Minister of the Government of Pakistan was forced to apologise to the religious parties in the National Assembly after the Education Minister questioned the relevance of verses glorifying Jihad in Class XI Biology textbooks!


Point number 16: After 1965 war India conspired with the Hindus of Bengal & succeeded in spreading hate among the Bengalis about West Pakistan and finally attacked East Pakistan in Dec 71, thus causing the breakup of East and West Pakistan.


Very cute, I must say! Propaganda by a defeated army to still justify its relevance in national discourse is understandable. But when that propaganda becomes the national discourse itself, this is what happens.


See @shaheenmissile: lol. 1971 you hid behind Bengalis. Kargil you ran off to Clinton. That’s sum (some) victory lol (laugh out loud)

Can one really blame this person for saying what he says? And this despite his OWN government releasing a stamp with the figure of 93,000? (Prisoners of War)


At some level, one does find sympathy for this one being brought up in an environment that hides the truth and works up the hatred inside him in order to shirk its own failures. But sympathy won’t work because we are too far down the road of lies and hatred.


Here’s another one example of this dysfunctional state – A dastardly attack on school children, owned up by a local terror outfit. But no, it was India that did it! No introspection needed when such a convenient enemy is available.


there’s a poster in the funeral prayer for the children says, ‘The blood of children will result in fall of India, US, Israel’. Well, then, all the best to you, I say.

A word about the all powerful army that has ruled Pakistan very nearly since its inception. People tend to say that the army is the only bastion left that is preventing a fall of a nuclear armed Pakistan into chaos. I’d beg to differ a bit It is the fauj that has led Pakistan down the abyss it stares at today. Sane minds in the Khakis, you said? Just read this piece


The Brigadier in question had direct access to Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Here’s a quote from the Brigadier: “We should fire at them and take out a few of their cities - Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta… They should fire back and take Karachi and Lahore. Kill off a hundred or two hundred million people…”


Some more on the ‘sane’ minds of the Pakistani Fauj: note former DG ISI, Lt Gen Hamid Gul, sharing a stage with Hafiz Saeed

’nuff said!


With people like these virtually running the country, can one really blame its common folks for their particular world view? Everything is justified by ‘Indian Terror’. No going into details, not questioning anyone. One word answer – Indian Terror!


Lastly, a word about the so called Track II intellectuals. Here is one sample. The question of “ill treatment” (note the double quotes) is easily brushed aside by ‘But India Also So Bad’. This one justifies the humiliation of a wife and a mother by the diplomatic engagements and denial of the ‘god given right’ for Pakistani artists and sportspersons to make money off India and yet continue spewing venom!


By the way, gauravcsawant’s TL as on 27 December has a very interesting conversation with her (Mehr Tarar). She is a ‘liberal’, by the way.


Oh, and talking about Pakistani artists / sportspersons, see this short, 13 tweet thread on them mooching off Indian money and supporting terror inside India. Some very interesting data points in there. Do Read. I insist again.


In the end, I’ll repeat what I said earlier. Despite all their reluctance, this was a god-given opportunity for the Pakistani establishment to come out as a bunch of pragmatic folks. But like I said, I am not surprised that they made a complete spectacle of it instead.


Regarding Cdr. Kulbhushan Jadhav, I will just repeat what I said some months ago.

I doubt he will breathe a free man again. I’ll be glad if he does, but I doubt.



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