Indian tragedy: Muslims sell girls to foreign men
by Ahmar Mustikhan on 10 Mar 2018 8 Comments

A heart-wrenching Indian tragedy. Recently, Sabiha Banu, 15, of Mangalore, was married (read sold) to Abu Bakr Al Moum, 55, of Nigeria, who is probably 10 years older than her father. Just the other day, I and Chris Gay, managing director of Engage Africa Now, were discussing about the sexual slavery of minor Baloch boys and women in Balochistan, Hindu women in Sindh province, and Punjabi women in Punjab, stronghold of the Pakistan army. Chris Gay told me human trafficking is a grave issue in India as well.


In India, Muslim exclusivity is a major problem. Even today, if a Muslim girl marries or dates a Hindu man, he is most likely to be killed savagely.


In February, there were reports (on NDTV and other media) that the family members of a Muslim girl had killed a very young and handsome Hindu male in Delhi, the Indian capital. The young man, Ankit Saxena, 23, had been dating a 20-year-old girl for around three years, against the wishes of her family, because they are from different communities.


The reports cited police sources to assert that Ankit was attacked allegedly by his girlfriend’s parents, uncle and minor brother. Apparently, the victim was beaten badly and then slashed with a knife. The road was full of blood where he collapsed.


“I was going to meet him and then someone told me he had been stabbed with a knife. We were going to marry. He called me and told me he wanted to marry me, so we were meeting,” the young girl later said in front of television cameras. She was sent to a shelter after refusing to return home, citing threats to her life.


Carl Clemens, public relations director of the American Friends of Balochistan, is visiting India these days. He opined that Ankit Saxena’s killing “was one of five such cases within a single week that the media reported.”


In one case in October 2017, the father and bsrother of a 19-year-old Muslim girl were arrested for the murder of Lakshman Singh Kalura, 32, who was found dead with his legs crushed along the railway tracks close to Railwala town, 13 kms from Hardwar. The killing enraged the majority Hindu community and forced the 17 minority families in the area to flee, as reported by the Indian Express.


The bigotry of Muslims has long been a problem and was in fact used by the British to divide India. In 1947, they opted for Pakistan for “Islam” and fought with their Hindu neighbours who were opposed to the idea of partition on religious lines. But the Muslim League raised the slogans, le kar rahainge pakistan, marr kar lainge Pakistan, seena taan kay lainge Pakistan, or, in other words, “We will get Pakistan (at any cost by dividing India); We will get Pakistan even if we have to die for it; We will boldly take Pakistan.”


These Muslim protagonists of Pakistan, instead of proudly calling themselves Hindustanis, adopted a fake name Mohajirs, or immigrants, in southeastern Sindh province. Since Muslims had ruled over many parts of India they suffer from an Islamo-fascist imperial mindset that considers Hindus inferior to them. Around 100 million Hindus fell victim to Muslim genocide spanning eight centuries.


Congress mistake in 1947


In 1947, the Congress president at the time, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, under instructions from Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, refused to support a free Balochistan. Azad had made an impassioned plea to Indian Muslims not to leave their motherland. But many of these Muslims still left for Pakistan where they are today treated as second class citizens and fifth column of India.


The author is a US-based news analyst and founder of the American Friends of Balochistan. He writes on Islamic extremism, environment, and persecution of Hindus and Christians in Pakistan. The views expressed are personal 

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