Good health in the tropics
by Tony Ryan on 08 Apr 2018 2 Comments

‘We are what we eat’. Actually, it is a lot more complicated than that. It has been estimated that we come into contact with some 37,000 chemicals throughout our lives, many of which are ingested or absorbed without our knowledge. And, although there is some understanding about the impact some of these individually have on our health, nobody knows what effect the daily cocktail of toxins we encounter has on our minds and bodies.


Our first line of protection should be government. However, because major political parties are effectively owned by the powerful corporations who donate capital to finance election campaigns, it is the corporations that receive the protection... not us.


The agencies charged with the job of assessing the safety or otherwise of products and services, permit the corporations who produce the chemicals to vet these for safety. Unsurprisingly, few are ever found to be dangerous. This is like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.


Thus, we are told that food preservatives and colourings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and flavour enhancers and conditioners; and packaging; are safe when all independent research shows no such thing. And, because the news media is owned by associates of the same powerful elite who own the corporations, results of reliable research never reach the public.


As a result, people are being poisoned and malnourished to the point by which they are dying in slow motion from malnutrition, bowel dysfunction, coronary heart disease, nerve destruction, pulmonary paralysis, renal failure, kidney disease, obesity, liver disintegration, and dementia. 


Men are becoming impotent and sterile and are partially transitioning into females. Worse, one in 70 children in western countries is suffering from brain damage; and childhood diseases are becoming lifelong sources of pain and death.


Meanwhile, the ancient condition of melancholia, which was never known to last longer than two years, now routinely progresses to permanency and often progresses to more serious conditions such as schizophrenia and even psychosis.


Melancholia, now known by psychiatrists as depression or bipolar disease, is unnecessarily treated with psychoactive drugs, many of which are associated with suicide, murder-suicide, and even mass murder and suicide. Hence America’s mass shootings. Guns are blamed, but the Swiss have more guns but almost no shootings.


Meanwhile, vaccinations, promoted as preventing diseases, have been found to either not work at all or so modify the immune system as to create conditions more dangerous than the original diseases. Evidence overwhelmingly points to vaccinations as the predominant cause of autism.


This is only the briefest description of the destruction of human health being deliberately promoted by a global investment banking elite, which seeks to eliminate 80 per cent of the world’s population. This is the same elite (Rockefeller, Ford, Spencer, Carnegie, et al) who generated the American Eugenics Society, which was the entity behind the eugenics atrocities inflicted by the Nazi Third Reich during WWII.


Today, this elite has been joined by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, who has donated ten billion dollars towards vaccination programmes in third world countries, including India. Reportedly, 47,500 Indian children were paralysed by Gate’s polio vaccine.


The corporate onslaught on the health of innocent citizens is now of such a magnitude that no single article can even begin to address it, and so I will produce a series of articles, each addressing a single element of this threat: food, vaccinations, food colourings and flavour enhancers, preservatives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutritional advice, construction products, herbicides and insecticides, and dangerous and unproven medical procedures and interventions.


Tony Ryan is a socio-economic and cross-cultural researcher in Arnhem Land, NT, Australia

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