Theresa May has clearly overstayed her welcome
by Grete Mautner on 24 Jun 2018 5 Comments

It seems that Theresa May took office only yesterday, but the general public is showing signs of ever growing frustration with this political figure. According to the official record, the sitting British Prime Minister assumed office on July 13, 2016, becoming the second woman in the UK history after Margaret Thatcher to be employed in that capacity.


Her grandfather pursued a military career, while her father was a village vicar who died in a car accident when Theresa was just a student. Soon her mother, stricken with grief, passed away too. In a short while, the young girl learned that she couldn’t have children. To make matters worse, Theresa May has been suffering from diabetes, which forces her to inject herself with insulin four times a day.


Before she assumed office, she was occupying the position of Secretary of State for the Home Department, which is no small achievement in the modern British political scene. Before May took charge of the Home Office, it was considered to be a cursed place. Five of Teresa May’s predecessors took charge of it while being described as promising politicians, but then had to leave, completely discredited and disgraced.


All of the above listed troubles have transformed May in to the person she is today. Some people describe her as frankly boring, yet most experts agree that there has been an abundance of “jolly people” in British politics lately.


To make the matters worse, it’s pretty much impossible to negotiate anything with the sitting prime minister of the UK these days. Fellow Tories say it’s bloody difficult to talk some sense in to her, but May certainly does not approve of this manner of speaking, since she does not use foul language. This means that if Theresa May has made up her mind about anything, it is useless to even try to apply pressure on her, since it will only make her more resilient.


May often reads the papers she’s presented with until three in the morning and would typically respond to working letters on Christmas Day. This is one of the reasons why her subordinates do not particularly like her. However, there’s yet another reason for the people that surround the sitting British prime minister to dislike her – she has trust issues. This basically means that she needs to know what her subordinates are doing at any moment, and she demands from each and every one of them a complete selfless devotion to their duties. That is the reason, most Tories say, why Theresa May has always had a hard time assembling a functional team. According to a well-known British political observer, Charles Moore, the sitting UK Prime Minister is simply incapable of predicting all the problems that may arise from a series of certain actions.


Theresa May has always been sparking public interest with her pretentious dress style. The Telegraph released her own position on this matter, which can be summarized in the notion that one has to stay true to who he is, while staying away from stereotypes. At first, she was admired by her voters for her unconventional view on woman’s business wardrobe, but soon she turned out to be a bitter disappointment for them for dressing way too non-conservative: wearing leopard shoes, thigh-high leather boots while displaying her risky décolletage.


But, despite the fact there’s no lack of public interest towards the UK prime minister, people do not seem to be too enthusiastic about the leader they end up electing. It is noteworthy that the board of directors of Oxford University made a decision to remove the portrait of Theresa May from the geography department’s wall, where pictures of outstanding graduates are displayed to inspire students.


It’s also curious that the de facto head of the British government wasn’t invited to a truly significant event in the life of the whole kingdom – the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, in spite of the fact that a total of 2640 invitations were sent out. In this situation, Theresa May was forced to address both Prince Harry and his bride with a formal letter, while showing no signs of frustration. British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson was pretty vocal in criticizing the sitting prime minister during a closed meeting with influential sponsors of the Tories in early June, reports Buzzfeed.


Further still, Donald Trump refused to hold negotiations with Theresa May at the recent G-7 summit in Quebec because of his personal enmity to the UK prime minister. Many would find this strange a couple of years ago, but today experts agree on one thing – the reason for the rapid downfall of the United Kingdom on the international stage is the behavior and policies pursued by the likes of Theresa May and Boris Johnson. Both houses of the British parliament do not hide their skepticism about the prospects of Theresa May retaining her position.


According to polls, well over 50% of British citizens do not approve of the policies pursued by May and her government. She is criticized for the risky and rather stupid staging of the Salisbury incident, for launching illegal strikes against Syria under dubious pretexts, for the never ending barrage of anti-Russian statements. Some experts believe that this was a way for the British prime minister to try to save face after the disastrous Brexit negotiations. It’s curious that Scotland announced that it’s going to hold repeated referendums on withdrawing from the UK in the event of the official closure of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.


And now there’s new revelations being made in the half-forgotten scandal provoked by routine mass rape of thousands of underage English girls which was a common practice in Britain back when Theresa May was directly responsible for home affairs!


Just a few days ago it became known the House of Commons chose to expand the powers of elected representatives in all matters related to England’s withdrawal from the European Union. Further still, the House of Lords adopted amendments limiting the possibility of triggering a “hard Brexit”. Now British lawmakers are empowered to block any attempts of the government to withdraw from the EU without reaching an agreement with Brussels.


What has made Theresa May to fail so hard that every single force in the Western world seems to oppose her? To explain the position of the House of Lords, one has to take into consideration that the sitting prime minister has exhausted all of her mental resources, so there’s no way she can cope with the tasks she is entrusted with, so now it is easier to get rid of her than to protect her. It’s a costly business to keep a person in the team whose reputation is highly dubious, especially when he was unable to advance on strategically important goals. It’s easier to just put another person in Teresa May’s chair at this point than to keep her around for years on end, and everybody seems to be fully aware of this fact.


Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” Courtesy 

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