The Vaccine - Autism Controversy - I
by Tony Ryan on 04 Aug 2018 2 Comments

This article does not seek to dissuade the reader from being vaccinated, but to provide frustrated truth-seekers with information that is never permitted to appear in the public media. The author claims no qualifications or expertise other than a willingness to undertake the arduous research of those who are in fact qualified and who have also demonstrated intelligence, competence and integrity. This, in the author’s opinion, disqualifies around 95% of ‘health professionals’ and, most certainly, all politicians and ‘health’ bureaucrats.



The history of Autism goes back only 84 years. In 1933, autism was unheard-of. In 1934, the first case of autism was encountered. This occurred months after public vaccination regimes commenced.


Fifty years ago, with vaccination regimes much-expanded, the occurrence of autism was declared one in 10,000. Now in Australia autism is reported as one in sixty-seven; and in the US, one in fifty. The exponential increase has exactly paralleled the expansion of vaccination regimes.


Independent studies showed that unvaccinated populations experience no autism at all. Two independent studies into the 300,000 population of Amish in the US recorded only two cases of autism and these were in children of one family who had spent time away from the Amish community and were vaccinated by non-Amish relatives.


Autism and other vaccine injuries are clearly a serious global phenomenon, one that is injuring and even killing millions of babies and infants. One would routinely expect all governments to spare no expense or effort to urgently identify the cause or causes, and the remedy. Yet not one government is doing this, except to fund research to prove the pandemic is not caused by vaccinations.


Something is very wrong here. The entire point of government is to protect The People from exploitation and oppression by the powerful. Yet here we are, with governments and the media protecting the medical / pharmaceutical monopoly from public scrutiny. Moreover, governments are punishing citizens who question the validity of medical practices, which easily available evidence demonstrates are harmful to children.


Doctors who support these citizens and who duly recognise that the contra-indication evidence cannot be repudiated; are vilified and ridiculed, and many have lost their licences. When governments repress evidence or wrongdoing and death to any normal human being, this can only be described as absolute corruption. However, in jurisdictions where outcomes are regulated solely by evidence, and I refer here to law courts, the outcome is very different.

Court actions in UK, Italy, Sweden, India, Nepal, Hungary, France, the US and other nations have proved instances of injury caused by the following vaccines: polio, mumps, measles, MMR (combo measles, mumps, rubella), H1N1 swine flu, seasonal flu, tetanus (the tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis combo vaccine), and varicella (chicken pox), and the new HPP (Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine with 39 US deaths); while the Australian Government and Australian Medical Association posture inexplicably that such risk either does not exist or is so low as to be of negligible concern.

It is routinely claimed by authorities that the cause of autism is essentially unknown, but is probably of genetic origin.  Given the exponential explosion of incidence over 84 years from a position of no cases at all, one thing we can presume for an absolute certainty is that genetics plays no causal part in autism. The doctor/pharmaceutical/government alliance (known to healthy cynics as the Sickness Industry) has also told us there is no known cure for autism. Read on and learn what consummate and unconscionable liars these people are.


UK neurologist, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, following through on the research of fellow-national Dr Andrew Wakefield, was one of those who made a breakthrough when she cured her own child of autism largely through reintroducing gut flora. I have viewed a video in which a tearful mother told us that her teenage son had just looked her in the eye for the first time in his life and said “I love you Mum”. This is the impact of Campbell-McBride’s therapies and treatments, cures that desperate parents of autistic children would probably kill for, but are denied to them by doctors who place profits above patients.


What follows in the next few paragraphs is, for the sake of brevity, my own interpretation of Campbell-McBride’s and others’ experience and research results:

A pattern appears to have emerged that vaccinations interfere with the natural development of children’s immune systems leading to new chronic infections: typically tonsil, adenoid, and ear infections; but also chronic diarrhoea (initiated by lack of protective gut flora, and then again exacerbated by repeatedly prescribed antibiotics and vaccines). These were conditions which emerged following introduction of vaccines, most especially MMR.

The complex sequence of multi-sourced attacks appears to be as follows:

1] Since the introduction of the contraceptive pill, which is now thought to compromise gut flora, thus-affected women appear to pass on this deficiency to their female babies; who grow up to pass on a more enhanced gut flora deficiency (Gut and Psychological Syndrome, GAPS) to their own children; and so on. This is believed to be inter-generationally cumulative. Such babies, especially if not breastfed, are highly susceptible to infections.


Babies harvest gut and skin flora in the birth canal and, therefore, Caesarean babies do not receive this critical benefit. Breastfed babies receive their second launching of their immune system from initial breast milk, and this quality is self-modifying over the breast-feeding period. (Breastfed babies become susceptible when breastfeeding ceases, which is why breast feeding for four years is recommended; but bottle-fed babies suffer from birth).


Because they have yet to develop an immune system, GAPS babies are incapable of benefiting from vaccines (some opinion has it that no baby less than two years old can benefit from vaccines, period… a thought which makes absolute sense). Worse, many vaccines contain genetically modified viruses with unknown effects (incorporated in the vaccine purely to enable patenting by the pharmaceutical corporations).

2] Routinely, as infections or symptoms occur, doctors prescribe antibiotics and the consequential further or complete elimination of gut flora exposes the child to atypical infections while simultaneously depressing normal immune system development. One strain of atypical bacteria tends to form an exclusive and dominant colony and produces a toxin that damages parts of both the cranial and enteric nervous systems; and sometimes the extent of this damage is exacerbated by other factors (3 & 4).

3] Brain and nerve damage is also influenced by the kind of adjuvants used in vaccines, particularly glutamate, mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde, which appear to independently cause brain damage of their own, hardly surprising as mercury is the second most toxic element after uranium, and glutamate is the substance that regulates early brain development, influenced by the overall immune system

(See Dr Blaylock:

4] Common and (in this context) highly toxic vaccine adjuvants and additives are: aluminium, monosodium glutamate, sodium phosphate, phenoxyethanol, gelatin, sulphites, yeast protein, antibiotics, RNA and DNA from animal and human tissue cultures, squalene, ethyl glycol (anti-freeze), triton disinfectant, phenol, and polysorbate 80. Additional chemicals implicated in autism are preservatives 280 and 283. Many of these are extremely toxic in minute doses and at least two of these seriously retard or stop infant brain development. So why are these substances used in medical treatments for babies, children and pregnant women?


There is one very obvious answer: because they are cheaper adjuvants than the expensive alternatives. This then is partly about profit. These multi-sourced interactive attacks on the brain and nervous system tend to explain the wide spectrum of autism manifestations; possibly exacerbated by aspartame, food MSG and, without doubt, by bottle-feeding of babies (all legal dairy milk contains rBST).

5] A fourth series of effects can be sourced in the active component of the vaccine itself. The polio vaccine administered in India has so far caused 47,000 cases of paralysis, inexplicably dubbed non-polio paralysis by typically dishonest medical scientists.

6] A fifth cumulative or even primary concern is contaminants in vaccines. Jonas Salk himself admitted in a video interview that there were 37 contaminants in his polio vaccine, ranging from animal protein to pathogen particles. (Having explained this he cackled insanely, and then died). Autism is not the only issue of contention.


Claimed vaccine efficacy itself has been a fraud. Objective research of two centuries of disease incidence reveals that all of the diseases claimed to be reduced or eliminated by vaccines had declined dramatically long before vaccine programmes were established (i.e., small pox et al); largely due to improved public nutrition, personal hygiene, and treatment of injuries. The claims by the pharmaceutical corporations and medical industry are bogus.

Immunization-Graphs-Complete.pdf (application/pdf Object) and

The high percentage of already vaccinated disease victims demonstrates that vaccines simply do not work (i.e., pertussis and tetanus). Some vaccines actually cause disease. Chicken pox vaccine, for example, causes previously unknown childhood shingles, more dangerous and infinitely more painful than the original childhood disease. Objective analysis of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) also reveals vaccination to be the cause.


The most immediate logical conclusion is that all suspect vaccines should be immediately taken off the market. This is my only recommendation, one that government has ignored for seven years now…

Each government should immediately establish an independent and transparent research facility to examine the short and long term effects of all pharmaceutical and commercial products that are ingested by humans.


Vaccines that do not work, or that cause disease, or pose high risk of autism or Guillain-Barre Syndrome (H1N1 swine flu vaccine) must be condemned and discontinued. Currently, almost all safety checking is done by the pharmaceutical corporations themselves and all of it is very short term (i.e., a few weeks rather than years).


Australia and NZ’s reliance on America’s FDA is naïve in the extreme, or as many would say, cynical, considering how many FDA executives have career origins in the pharmaceutical corporations they are purported to regulate.

Antibiotics should always be followed by restoration of gut flora; which might prove vexing as 70% of all antibiotics used are for animal feed: i.e., factory farming, feedlot farming, and for dairy cows milked other than for raw milk.


(To be continued…)

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