The Vaccine - Autism Controversy - III
by Tony Ryan on 06 Aug 2018 1 Comment

Crushing people who are genuine healers and medical saviours is a long-established medical tradition in Australia. The doctor who first blew the whistle on Thalidomide, Dr William McBride, was banned from practicing medicine until 1998… almost half a century. He was not recognised for his courageous role until 2018, when an ABC TV journalist unwittingly released the truth.


A West Australian doctor who successfully treated cancer victims with Black Salve (aka Cansema), a 2000 year old remedy now enhanced with DMSO, was also deregistered. Although veterinarians have also used this since forever, it is now illegal for them to buy or sell this product. Yet, as this author can attest, Cansema dissolves skin cancers (including clinically-diagnosed advanced squamous cell carcinomas) in just twelve days, at a cost of a few dollars.


Australian doctors, like doctors elsewhere, can best be described as members of a ruthless professional mafia, who imprison competition and whistle-blowers, and routinely kill their victims. To those who might regard such a view as extreme, I challenge them to put the evidence included in this article before any medical doctor and observe the anger, repudiation, aggression, and flat refusal to test the evidence for validity. Their guilt is ipso facto.

Processing the evidence


If you did not read this article, the following graphs alone are an indictment of the vaccination industry. The curves parallel the history of disease mitigation as presented by Public Health courses throughout most of the 20th century. There has never been any attempt to deny the accuracy of the graphs. Doctors merely pretend they do not exist.

A series of graphs showing impacts of vaccines are in stark conflict with official claims:
Immunization-Graphs-Complete.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Doctors are regularly paid off by pharmaceutical corporations… the correct word is bribed.
Eli Lilly admits to more than $200 million dollars worth of doctor payoffs

Dr Blaylock Vaccines and Autism Part 1 of 14 - YouTube

Concluding comments: Vaccines are never 100 per cent protective because they provide only temporary, typically inferior immunity compared to that your body would receive from naturally contracting and recovering from a disease. This becomes a question of balance: advantages of the vaccine as opposed to negative effects. Although tetanus vaccinations were initially presumed by me to be efficacious, it was nevertheless difficult to obtain a tetanus shot not contaminated by diphtheria and pertussis. Check diphtheria on the graphs; it caused an increase in incidence.


One might well ask, why? While researching for an uncontaminated tetanus shot we were provided with evidence that makes even tetanus vaccines unsupportable. Tetanus will be covered later in the article.

Your Gut Flora Affects Your Physical and Mental Health

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride on GAPS Nutritional Program

In Memoriam: Infant Deaths and Vaccination

Vaccine Study |

Not only does Campbell-McBride’s prevention recommendations and treatment work, there are also successful treatments for advanced cases…

Pharmaceutical industry crimes

GlaxoSmithKline pleads guilty to criminal fraud charges, pays massive $3 billion in fines

Harvard Study Shows the Effects of Fluoride on Children's IQ

Immunization-Graphs-Complete.pdf (application/pdf Object) seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems

In Memoriam: Infant Deaths and Vaccination
Understanding gut flora


Ninety per cent of the genetic material in our body is not ours, but from the nearly 100 trillion bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms that compose our microflora. Our microflora influences our genetic expression, our immune system, weight, mental health, memory (PLEASE NOTE, THOSE WHO FEAR DEMENTIA), and our risk of numerous chronic and acute diseases, from diabetes to cancer.

It is becoming increasingly clear that destroying our gut flora with antibiotics, vaccine adjuvants, and poor diet, are primary factors in rising disease rates. Recent research suggests intestinal inflammation may play a crucial role in the development of certain cancers; accelerated by sugars.

Avoiding antibiotics and beef derived from feedlot cattle dosed with hormones: rBGH in meat and rBST- poisoned milk cows (Posilac); and avoiding sugar by adhering to a low-sugar diet, along with plenty of unpasteurised fermented foods and/or a high-quality probiotic supplement, are crucial elements for restoring and maintaining both our gut’s inner ecosystem and our overall health.


Growing our own vegetables or buying organic, are other essential measures. We make these recommendations because these echo the advice offered by organisations and individuals who have impressed us with their competence and integrity.

The question on the lips of citizens who view the evidence


Why are the medical profession, government, and the pharmaceutical industry so adamantly opposed to independent and transparent national research into these issues? Conversely, why are doctors and scientists of integrity, who point to independent research results implicating medical products in human injury and death, always subjected to character assassination, vilification, and occupational blacklisting; along with ‘medical science’s’ refusal to address the evidence they produce (see links on Dr Andrew Wakefield)?


This is especially the case with vaccine problems, GM food effects on health, contraindicated drugs and other pharmaceuticals, and even routine medical procedures that, alarmingly, have never been supported by evidence or testing (60% of). It is in the public interest, therefore, to present this compilation of evidence to all Australians. As an Australian citizen I declare the right to draw my own conclusions, while you, the reader, can equally judge for yourself. Such self-protection assessments do not require medical training; merely average intelligence and the capacity to read and to think analytically; avenues which are the inalienable right of every citizen.


As has been pointed out by expert immunologists, vaccinations do not provide the same protection as natural resistance gained from the disease itself. In spite of expert assurances over several decades, that vaccinations will one day rid humanity of disease, increasingly it has been found that regular boosters are required; that some vaccinations do not work at all (i.e., flu, pertussis); and that others (Chicken pox) produce effects worse than the original disease (i.e., childhood shingles, which can destroy eyesight). Ingri Cassel of the VLF in Idaho provided information on tetanus history and vaccines Tetanus – The Disease and the Vaccine, which means the tetanus vaccination too is now rejected.

The AMA has always adopted the self-serving attitude that only qualified medicos have the right to decide whether or not remedies, treatments and procedures are good for us; which is plainly an elitist, corrupt and anti-democratic stance. I am not proselytising my own opinion but I do insist that it is my right to make my own decisions, in the interests of protecting my health and my life; and that of my children and grandchildren.

Moreover, the doctors who lobby government for mandatory vaccinations, a practice (i.e., mandatory medical intervention) universally condemned following its use by the Nazi’s Dr Joseph Mengele’s during WWII, will undoubtedly one day challenge their stance. It is difficult to identify whether these doctor’s lack integrity, are simply deficient in intelligence, or are willingly ignorant of any research that opposes their self-serving mercenary views. As the internet enables a wider cross-section of the nation to comprehend autism and its relationship with vaccine damage and mismanagement of antibiotics, it will be for the courts and the electorate to judge culpability. Like many Australians, I look forward to protection of children from such injury, and proper care for those already afflicted.


To offer some encouragement as to how easy it is to apply the science of tipping point to the vaccine controversy, for seven years I peppered the Sunshine Coast media with rebuttals to the oft-appearing promotion of vaccines by local doctors. Initially, I was reviled and ridiculed by fellow readers, but by year seven it was the doctors (invariably in troll form) who were being ridiculed. The Sunshine Coast now boasts 30% of the population who refuse to be vaccinated.

The provided links have stirred governments to act in Europe and in the Russian-influenced states; but not in the US or Australia. No doubt, this failure will eventually provoke legal challenges directed at the AMA and Federal and State portfolio holders. We look forward to their prosecution and imprisonment.


Tony Ryan is a social and geopolitical researcher and cross-cultural analyst, specialising in Aboriginal development issues in Arnhem Land. Believing firmly that one must live one’s subject matter to deserve credibility, he has had previous careers in cattle, education, journalism, crane operation, trade unions, welfare, community development, landscaping, safari operation, real estate, and publishing.


Disclaimer: I am merely a health product consumer and I make no claim to be an expert in anything whatsoever and cannot, therefore, be judged as expert or professional. Thus, the Australian Medical Association’s usual method of silencing critics... prosecution for practicing medicine without a licence... cannot be applied to me.



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